Classic Performance: James Worthy’s Game 7

Darius Soriano —  August 6, 2011

There’s a reason his nickname was Big Game James. In one of the biggest games of his career and the contest the Lakers needed to win the NBA’s first back to back championships since the Celtics dynasty, Worthy was a monster.

Darius Soriano

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8 responses to Classic Performance: James Worthy’s Game 7

  1. The crowd rushing the court at the end? Ah, the good old days when people were civil.

  2. What a great video about the old times, in particular with Big Game James. Yeah, I opened the living room windows, got a nice breeze going through, and fired up the Worthy highlights of the 1988 Finals Game 7 here at FB&G, just wonderful, huh? I remember watching the 80’s decade of Lakers games in Manhattan Beach, at the mall off Rosecrans in a restaurant named Gino’s East of Chicago, munching on deep dish pizza. Scott was quite a sniper back then, we could use him now days.

  3. god damn laimbeer was a punk. generally i can’t stand any celtic, but when parrish smashed laimbeer to the floor, that was sweet.

  4. haha there’s a reason why james worthy was my favorite player back then.

  5. Worthy of his name. Argh the lockout is too long even if we wouldn’t have had a game by now anyway 😉

  6. Big Game James! This brought a much needed smile to my face. Those showtime title years were legendary.

  7. I was there at my only finals game at age 14 with my mom about 21 rows up center court. It was insane and I’ll never forget it. There will never be another showtime. IMHO that was basketball’s golden age.