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Phillip Barnett —  August 25, 2011

Henry Abbott over at TrueHoop has a fancy chart diagramming the 2011 NBA CBA Negotiations. The Player’s Union and the League are set to meet within the week, and you can read about some of what the Union has been up to here and here. Grantland’s Malcolm Gladwell has a great “big picture” piece on NBA Ownership here. has a great piece about how nothing put Jerry West at peace except playing basketball. From the story:

“If you didn’t come into the game breathing fire every night, Jerry couldn’t understand it,” said former Lakers teammate Tommy Hawkins. “And I never saw him have back-to-back bad nights. Until he could replace a bad performance with a good one, his soul was not at rest.”

Mike Trudell has a retro game diary of a Lakers-Warriors game from 1991 in which Magic Johnson scored 44 and Chris Mullen scored 41. For those of us not old enough to have watched Magic, this is a great piece to get a little view of how great Magic was during his playing years. Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer takes a look at the Game 6 of the Lakers-Pistons 1988 Finals – the game that Isiah Thomas dropped 25 points on a busted ankle here.

Matt Moore of CBS Sports ranks Kobe the NBA’s sixth best player: With any luck, this summer’s treatment on his knee should allow Bryant to keep on trucking towards Michael Jordan’s all-time point scoring total, a chase that will captivate the NBA’s media as he gets closer and closer. At this stage of his career, it’s less important where Bryant falls in the top-100 and more important where he winds up in the Greatest Of All Time discussion. While he will almost certainly continue to fall on the former, he should only keep rising on the latter.

With FIBA Eurobasket set to start next week, the LA Times’ Mark Medina believes that Pau Gasol will benefit from playing with his Spanish teammates.

Phillip Barnett