Thankful For What I Have

Darius Soriano —  November 24, 2011

I rarely invoke my personal life in this space. After all, this is a Laker site not a place for you to read about me. However, on this Thanksgiving, I find myself reflective in ways beyond how the Lakers will solve their point guard issues or who they’ll sign as a fourth big man.

You see, just a couple of days ago, my daughter reached the ripe age of 4 months. In that short time, I’ve watched her grow, reach developmental milestones, and fill my life in ways I didn’t even know possible. I have so much in my personal life to be thankful of that it’s not even funny. Every day I reflect on this and can’t help but smile at how lucky I am.

Drifting back to basketball, the other side of that of course, is that for longer than my daughter has been alive the NBA has been locked out. Transactions and games have been replaced by meetings on BRI splits, press conferences with both sides calling each other liars, and now lawsuits being filed. So, unless you’re being cynical or sarcastic, there’s not much to be thankful for as a Laker fan or an NBA fan today. Sure, back channel negotiations are happening and the idea of a 66 game season has been floated as a possibility should a settlement/agreement be reached this weekend.

However, until something actually comes out of those talks I’ll not get my hopes up. Instead, today, I’ll focus on the things that really matter: family, friends, and a good meal (or two). After all, basketball will be back at some point. There will be plenty of time to discuss the Lakers, be it X’s and O’s or who they should sign in free agency. Plenty of time to relish the wins and complain about the losses.

Today, though, I give thanks for everything I do have rather than wasting another day worrying about the things I don’t. I hope you all do the same and enjoy today with whoever you choose to spend it with.

Darius Soriano

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  1. Great post, Darius,

    and have a great Thanksgiving.

    I do believe that you will soon have a dream Laker Christmas to distract you from your daughter–and I’m usually the realist/pessimist.


  2. Darius, hug and kiss your daughter as much as you can. It goes much faster than you think. My son is now 6 yo and he’s a very good kid, but the “baby” era is awesome and, again, it goes way too fast.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you very much for all the articles that you wrote that made my day so much better.



  3. But can your daughter play PG 🙂


  4. Wonderful post, and Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. Hey D – best to you and the fam on a food-deluxe day. As you know, I’m a proud pops too and I remember those early days like they were yesterday. Today, my daughter’s telling me funny stories about her friends while I’ve got all four burners and the oven going. Good times – except for all the dirty plates I just retrieved from her room, haha!

    Thanks to you and the larger FB&G family – for good writing and great comments and threads – and for the support and tolerance shown for my funky Slava journal. Happy turkey-day everybody!


  6. From our family to all others in the Lakers universe, Happy Thanksgiving! “…the jello’s a-jiggling.”


  7. Congrats Darius. Kids are truly a blessing. Thanks for the great writing and oversight here at FB&G.


  8. Thanks for all you hard work Darius,and hope the other Darius will soon get his chance to play with the Lakers.


  9. Son just turned a year old. I know what it feels like, been there just 8 months ago 😉