Chris Paul Deal Back On?

Darius Soriano —  December 10, 2011 — 132 Comments

Here we go again. The deal that was dead, is seemingly back to life with the Lakers, Hornets, and Rockets re-engaged in talks to try and find an alternative to the vetoed deal that the NBA won’t be able to nix. From an ESPN report:

The New Orleans Hornets’ three-team trade with the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets that would land Chris Paul in L.A. has been resubmitted to the league office for approval, according to sources close to the talks.

The specific changes to the original trade scenario were not immediately available, but sources told that a reconfigured trade has been presented by the league-owned Hornets to NBA commissioner David Stern in hopes that he’ll approve this construction after vetoing Thursday’s trade in principle.

At this point, it’s not confirmed what changes would be made but the perception is that if the Lakers were to take on more salary in the trade while giving up a combination of young players (Ebanks and/or Caracter) and draft picks may give  the NBA – in their position as Hornets owners – enough of what they’d want to sign off on the deal.

(As an aside, I don’t see how the Lakers taking on more salary matters in any way to the NBA – L.A. too should be allowed to make trades that reduce their payroll commitments. After all, with increased revenue sharing means the Lakers will be handing over boatloads of cash to the rest of the league, why should they also have to take on salary in trades that will only boost their luxury tax payments back to the NBA as well. But, I digress.)

We’ll track the action throughout the day, but use this thread to talk everything the potential of Paul coming to the Lakers.

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132 responses to Chris Paul Deal Back On?

  1. Dont see how making the Lakers take on more money and give up unattractive young players makes this deal any better..assuming the early reports are accurate

  2. How much do you wanna bet that we’re going to “take on more salary,” by getting Okafor in exchange for young players like Caracter and Ebanks? It’s going to be hilarious when we get a better trade out of this situation because of Stern.

  3. the only way we make this trade is if we don’t trade bynum and get okafor back..

    then trade ofakor for josh smith or andre igoudala.

  4. Chad Ford says Okafer not being sent back to Lakers, Odom and Gasol still going out….what on earth is different? Is ariza being shipped back or something?

  5. okafor would be an fantastic coup…

    but failing that, what F/C FAs could the lakers sign with their trade exceptions (assuming still getting those). after the david west presumably locked up by celts, didn’t see any quality options available on FA trackers.

  6. well if we get ariza we have too many SF’s unless ariza is the back up 2 guard

  7. i wonder if jerry b. is playing some deep game here, including his recent trip to the hospital. keeping odom, and sending two rooks? how is that not a clear improvement for the Lakers (over the original deal)?

  8. Commissioner Gilbert will reject any trade that doesn’t leave the Lakers absolutely bereft of talent. I am not actually a Lakers fan, but I was a huge NBA fan until Thursday afternoon. What a sad, ugly farce. Goodbye, NBA.

  9. hilton armstrong- former paul teammate @ NO
    kwame- wouldn’t be tooo bad
    aaron gray- a big body, former NO
    mbenga- warm/live body. great post-championship interviews.
    pryzbilla- intriguing.

  10. Odom is STILL in deal, according to Ford and stein. Hornets very much want him.

  11. I think the league is going to give us Ariza (who we don’t need) instead for Okafor.

    It’s going to make getting Dwight Howard harder because Okafor is a solid NBA center who we could trade for cap relief/space while Ariza is an overpaid small forward which no team in the league really needs.

  12. 5,

    cjm, what I read Odom is still in the mix to NO but just added young players possibly ebanks and caracter. Lakers get Paul and Okafor to match the salaries. All speculations until the King bless it with his scepter, we’re again taken for a ride. Let’s pray that he’ll amend by resurrecting the lost deal as well as his reputation.

  13. Have we confirmed how many teams are involved? I hear just LA/NO and I also hear the original LA/HOU/NO.

  14. I don’t see how we make a trade like this *without* getting someone like Okafor in the process. There has to be a plan for getting at least a serviceable PF if we are giving up Pau and Lamar. Funny how we would go from lamenting our woes at PG to lamenting them at PF. “if only we were a better rebounding team”–I can hear it now.

  15. Bean-
    HOU still very much involved, and their part in the original trade hasn’t changed, giving up/giving same players.

  16. david stern with this much power does scare me though. he will try to gut the lakers to make sure we can’t get dwight howard

  17. 12, Bean

    Here is the details of the new re-work trade

  18. Well… it would be a huge risk… since we’d lose our championship caliber frontcourt… but we’d free up some cap space being in a position to improve and rejuvenate the team even if DH12 didn’t come and Bynum knees didn’t hold. So it’s a risk worth taking… CP3 bringing showtime back in LA is worth it even if that means losing 2 great all-stars like Pau and Lamar. If not only for the 20 milions saved in luxury taxes (and remember tax’rates increase 2 years from now) just for one reason… are we sure this group the way it is can still win? No we aren’t… and how many shots at a championship an aging group of 30+ players would have in the following years? Maybe one/two… remember we made jj barea an all-star last year… so maybe it’s worth trying hard to restructure the team around Chris, Kobe… Drew or DH12 (best case scenario) or someone else via free agency (worst case scenario).

  19. that link does not have any details of the new trade.

  20. I’d have to think there’s no way Kupchak will sign off on a trade that leaves us NOTHING at the 4-spot

  21. I didn’t like the trade in its first form but I DO like the one with Okafor (if it finally works this way). First and foremost, if Bynum doesn’t get traded, he moves as the the 2b offensive option of the team and provides the team with one of the best defensive backcourts of the league.

  22. I hope Okafor comes back because I love having defensive minded players on the floor, it’s the way to win championships.

  23. this trade would only be the beginning of trades.. if we get okafor teams need a center. i think

  24. 19,

    As you can see nobody have seen the new submitted deal by Demps. That’s the best we can get which is a combination of a rumor + speculation w/ common sense taken into play. Who else would be the young players with the Lakers except those four guys?

  25. the deal just needs to hurry up. i think the league is waiting for a dwight howard move so the lakers can’t get both players.. hurry up stern

  26. Not sure if getting CP3 and/or Howard would be the smartest move basketball-wise, but it would be damn exciting.

  27. 20-He did that in the first trade. So maybe amend your statement to provide that he wouldn’t make this trade, leaving nothing at PF, unless a move to obtain a PF is ready to go.

    I would suggest that one possible PF is Hedo Turkoglu. If we can latch onto some trade exception, then make it Bynum, Blake, and trade exception for Howard and Turkoglu. I tried that ESPN trade thing and what with the Sasha trade exception, well, add another 5,382,620 in trade exception and the deal would work.

  28. 26)
    And I’m not sure hooking up with a super model would be the best move. Are you nuts. Hahaha

  29. I think NO wants young players and draft picks, because i think Stern wants to sell this team to new owner who doesn’t want to pay big money to players.

    Kurt Rambis said that Lakers need point guard for new offense of Mike Brown. We understood that, but Paul had knee surgery, he is small, can he play 82 games a year plus playoffs ? Please don’t think that if JJ Barea can play in NBA Finals, Paul can do too. JJ Barea is just backup point guard, he can rest during the regular season, Paul can’t do that .

    Lakers should be carefull when trading for Paul. Will David Stern let Lakers getting Howard after having Paul ? In my opinion, i like PG Williams of NJ more than Paul, and Lakers only need PG who can have 7,8 asst, 13 pts a game, because Lakers have big guys inside. The only guy should go is Gasol, because he cares playing for Spain more than Lakers.

  30. 27) it’s ok, but they tend not to bathe regularly…in my experience. the worst part is having to explain even simple jokes to them.

  31. the numbers work if the rockets take pau and okafor; the hornets take thabeet, dragic, jordan hill, lamar, and k-mart; and the lakers take scola and chris paul.

  32. @ 29

    Houston is doing this so they can clear cap space for a run at Nene. Morey wants to pair him up with Pau.

  33. robin: they can amnesty okafor.

  34. The details and “other pieces” of course matter a great deal in the short run, but this is, in my mind, a deal about one thing above all: succession. There is no way this deal occurs in isolation. DH12 is the next piece, and I believe Dr. Buss could not care less, ultimately, about the rest of the details. I believe that he believes that any scenario that ends up with DH12, Paul, and Kobe on the roster is the End Game. This year, Kobe is obviously still the most indispensable player of the three, but starting next year, he moves gracefully from 1 to 1A, ultimately, to two (or 1B if it makes him feel better. Dr. Buss’ last Legacy Move, and it will be up to Mitch’s capable skills to fill out the roster with what the Lakers need.

    It’s the only way to justify giving up Lamar, Pau, and Bynum. Okafor coming would be an absolute gift if we were able to flip Drew for Howard. One of the major tactical flaws of last season (indeed, the last few seasons despite the championships) was the notion that having Pau meant we had a backup 5. You need to be 4 deep with bigs, and Pau “sliding over to the 5” extracted more from him than many realized, imo.

    I do not know enough about the complimentary players’ contracts to speculate about who’s gonna get who, but to me, here are the best scenarios in order.

    1.Paul, Okafor, Howard.
    2.Paul, Howard, and whatever.
    3.Lamar, Pau, and Howard.

    Paul in with no Howard or no Lamar/Pau is not worth it, imo, and I believe Dr. Buss feels the same way.

    Ultimately, I believe that the Lakers’ roster heading into this season sans Paul/Howard had a 1 championship ceiling moving forward, and that the best hope for that 1 championship was this year. Despite the optimism of Darius and others, my gut was telling me that the Lakers just didn’t have enough to win this year, barring ridiculous luck with other teams re: injuries and playoff draw.

    It would be a harsh comedown if the Lakers don’t end up with Paul/Howard after all this.

  35. Can you amnesty a guy you trade for? I was not aware of that.

  36. How long is it going to take the league’s office to act on this thing?! Especially since they must have preapproved it to avoid a second debacle….

    Come on guys!

  37. I don’t think Okafor can be amnestied…

  38. i feel like paul addresses two critical problems for us. first is the need for a playmaker to break down the defense and give players with limited offensive abilities higher percentage opportunities. second, he’s an extremely good rebounder for his size, which will help us close out defensive stands and create extra possessions.

    adding howard isn’t critical because paul by himself addresses our weaknesses.

  39. To be clear: No player acquired in this trade can be amnestied. The provision can only be used on players that were on your roster as of July 1st of this year. So, if the Lakers want to get rid of any of the players that they acquire in this deal, they’ll need to waive them outright (with their salary still counting against the cap and luxury tax) or they’ll need to trade them. However, any trade of a player that you’ve just traded for must be traded *alone* in a deal until a window of time passes (I believe it’s 30 days).

    More CBA stuff just so we’re all on the same page: The Lakers can’t combine their traded player exception from the Sasha trade (or any TPE they may receive in this potential deal) with any other players to make salary numbers work. This is why even if the deal were to go through as it was put together before the veto, their TPE would not have been big enough to absorb Hedo’s contract from Orlando. The Lakers would still need to have enough *player* salary to make a trade w/ Orlando work. And, I still expect for Orlando to want to dump Hedo in any Dwight trade. They just amnestied Arenas and if they remove Dwight and Hedo from their cap they’ll be in fantastic shape from a cap perspective.

    I think if we’re going to discuss the ramifications of a trade, we should at least be working under the rules of the league.

  40. Darius, is this true for exemptions as well? Specifically, I understand that we are not allowed to include Emeka in a trade for… anyone… but if we were to receive NO’s big (9M) exemption instead of Emeka, could we instantly trade that along with with Drew for… (cough) another player?

  41. lil pau,
    From what I understand, the TPE could not be combined with any other asset to make a trade. What would happen is that the TPE would be used in one deal with that team and a separate deal that worked under the cap would be used to acquire a player.

    This is why I used the Hedo example. In the deal that was vetoed, the TPE the Lakers would have gotten was worth about 9million. That isn’t a big enough exception to absorb Hedo’s contract.

    If you’re looking for a deal that works under the cap for Howard and Hedo should the Lakers lose Gasol and Odom it’s this:

    Orlando gets: Bynum, Luke, Blake, draft pick(s)
    L.A. gets: Howard and Hedo

    That’s a questionable deal for Orlando (though Luke’s deal expires one year before Hedo’s and Orlando chased Blake last season before he signed w/ LA and Orlando settled on Chris Duhon) but that’s a deal that works under the cap.

  42. am i wrong in thinking that the huge s*** storm caused by blocking the first Paul trade, means that the league is effectively prevented from blocking the howard trade (if such a trade is in the works)?

  43. this is totally off topic, and probly a rehash (and I’m certainly nothing like a moderator); but..

    why do so many insist on referring, in their replies, to a post number when the numbers are invariably skewed? this does nothing but obfuscate and/or disrupt the flow.

    please, quote some (con)text, or at least address your replies to an individual!

  44. tsuwm,
    It’s a holdover from an era when not many comments got stuck in moderation or were approved pretty quickly. As a moderator, I can say that comments are getting stuck in moderation more often so you have a point.

  45. is okafor really a good match with bynum or howard?

    sure bynum has range, but he is best utilized under the basket (and is a much better back to basket player than okafor is).

    Howard has little offensive game besides cleaning the glass and shooting from 5-feet in –how does that work with okafor?

  46. I think Kevin (16) is right. Gilbert and Cuban and other owners are trying to strip down our assets because they don’t believe the Magic will accept Bynum for Howard straight up.

    Why do links never seem to work? I hope we’re getting Okafor back but I really doubt the league would make us stronger, and I don’t think Demps want to give up a solid center. If it did happen, think the Sixers would trade Iguodala for Okafor?

    Off-topic: I’m as sick of the Kardashian-Humphries stuff as anyone, but this interview is HILARIOUS:

    This is what happens when an NBA player used to answering “How do you feel about this win/loss?” gets asked real questions. He answered every question talking about his focus. Freeze it at 2:32 and look at his deer-in-the-headlights look. He doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

  47. Wow. Billups is pissed. When asked about crappy teams trying to bid on him, he said:

    “A leader can be as disruptive as he can be productive..This is about me now. People take my kindness and professionalism for weakness. They think I’ll be OK with (getting claimed). I won’t be OK with this…I’m tired of being the glue guy.”

    Would it not be a better move for this year to keep our championship frontline and plug the hole at PG with Billups? Even if he is vastly overrated at this point.

  48. Lakers wouldn’t be able to afford Billups. I doubt he is going to want to sign for the minimum, and thats all the Lakers can offer.

    Wouldn’t the big fear is that he goes to Miami?

    He may be slightly overrated, but can still shoot lights out and construct an offense.

  49. Woj Tweet:

    Dwight Howard has requested that the Orlando Magic trade him to the New Jersey Nets, league sources tell Y! Sports.

  50. 50)
    How would Lopez’s 4 million dollar contract bring back all that howard and Hedu contracts?

  51. Woj is also saying that the Lakers are trying to obtain a 1st round pick to ship to NO. Not sure what assets they would have to give up to get a 1st round pick, but a 1st round pick, Pau and LO leaving and getting back CP3 leaves the cupboard pretty bare imo. I don’t do this deal if that’s what is winds up being. Especially since Howard is looking like he’s going to go to NJ. I like Bynum, but no way he can be the sole big man on the roster.

  52. anyone else love what the celtics have done this off-season? they’re creating a very interesting, unorthodox team by moving away from traditional centers.

  53. The Nets are under the cap. I believe the have the ability to take on a max contract right now without doing anything. If they amnesty Travis Outlaw, that opens additional cap space that should give them room to absorb Hedo’s deal as well.

  54. @50

    Nets are way under the cap.

    It would be pretty easy to work out.

  55. If Billups isn’t claimed off the waiver wire, will he still get paid his original contract by the Knicks? If so, I could see him signing for less money with us. But yeah, the big worry is him going to Miami.

    The Nets are under the cap. My impression is they don’t have to match salaries if under the cap. However according to the trade machine, Dwight/Turk would put the Nets $100,000 over the cap, which would require salary matching. If true, I’m sure the Nets could waive a small contract and clear enough space to take on the contracts

    Edit: nvm, already answered

  56. If Billups isn’t claimed off the waiver wire, will he still get paid his original contract by the Knicks?



  57. they’re at $39M. cap is $58M. Turk + Howard = $29M. by trading lopez($4M) and using the amnesty on outlaw($7M), they create the $11M in space they need to absorb Turk and Howard.

  58. billups has to use an oxygen tank at the end of games, so i really don’t care where he plays — he is done. he didn’t even last two games into the first round of the playoffs, last season. christ.

  59. Rick Bucher reporting that a 4th team (not named) has been included in this trade … And if the Woj report is accurate and Dwight IS requesting to be traded to Brooklyn, then it’s imperative that we get back a big (Okafor ?) in this trade.

  60. I’m a Lakers fan so I almost forgot teams are ever under the cap.

    I’m sorry. I won’t beleive Howard will be traded to the Nets even after it happens. His best friends are CP3 and Kobe, the Nets package isn’t as good as the Lakers as Lopez is a slightly above average Center, and the Nets are not the Lakers. It just would make zero sense. And we need a PF back even if we get Howard. We eventually need a starting PF.

  61. Howard has supposedly said a couple of times that he “doesn’t want to do the Shaq thing.”

    We will see.

  62. Just like I thought… Magic would rather have Bynum. This could be a misdirection so there’s less pressure on the league to stop the CP3 trade. If Howard wanted to gontonthe Nets he would be there already. He is waiting for this CP3 deal to be finalized for a reason.;_ylt=AvhW0crZH5WZGjvUflDQNRw5nYcB?slug=aw-wojnarowski_howard_requests_trade_magic_nets_121011

  63. In order to land Howard, Lakers will have to figure out how they will absorb Hedo’s Contract.

  64. are we talking about ESPN now?

  65. @ 62 he might not have a choice. I don’t see how Brook Lopez, a center who grabs about 6 boards per game, would be enough to entice the Magic. Yes they’ll get 2 picks, but if Deron and Dwight are on that team those picks are meaningless in theory as they’d be late 20’s at best. The Magic are under the luxury tax with already amnestying Gilbert Arenas, I don’t see how the Nets taking on Hedo’s contract makes this a deal the Nets can’t pass up. Ken Berger also cited other sources close to Howard who said his outside interests are better served in LA and he knows that.

  66. 68)
    I agree. It all doesnt make sense. Why would the Magic want Lopez over Bynum and why would Dwight want the Nets over the Lakers? That’s why this is the rare occasion that no matter what I hear I think he has to be coming to LA.

  67. When do we decide to forego this Chris Paul trade and look for other options? It’s looking like if this deal was to get done we would have no practice time to get Paul acclaimated into the offense. Also I’ve given up hope on acquiring Howard. It just doesn’t look like we’ll have enough pieces.

    If we end up not getting Paul or Howard I would love for us to revisit that Iguodala move that was talked about before the draft. I know that it was driven by the agent, but that would be a good look. And if we could get Jrue Holiday that would be even better.

  68. guys, you really, really, really, don’t want to bring politics (or religion) in here. it’s like a cake that is .00001% poo — which means it’s 100% crap. just don’t do it, if you have any genuine respect for BBall.

  69. Still very nervous.

    Agree with Aaron and some others here: Why on earth ORL would get Lopez over Bynum? Why DH wants to go to the Nets? To pair with Deron and win multiple championships? Give me a break.

    Rumor is that they’re all waiting for the CP3 deal to see if the Lakers ended up with enough pieces for the DH trade.

    I’d say DH trade should be high priority over CP3 trade but…


  70. 70)
    The Lakers need to get Dwight’s best friend CP3 before Dwight would 100 percent want to play here for ten years.

  71. Right now, Orlando is saying: We will hold out Dwight for the best possible deal.

    Do they have leverage? as of now, little.

  72. who’s to say deron stays in NJ, as far as I have heard he hasn’t signed an extension yet.

  73. Stars are no longer doing extend-and-trades coz there’s more money to be made when signing a brand new contract.

    If and when Cp3 become Lakers, expect them to do the same.

  74. Reportedly Marcus Banks and Center Jason Smith are being sent back to LA in new proposed trade details according to yahoo sports.

    If LA gets Howard you can guarantee Deron Williams goes to Dallas in the summer as a free agent. But all of this Nets talk is making me really nervous, I can see why he wouldn’t want to follow Shaq’s legacy but goodness what great big man hasn’t played in LA? I need some resolution on something by Monday

  75. Marcus Banks? I wonder if it is part of Sterns mandate that the Lakers have to take back at least one player that they have absolutely no use for.

  76. since i have actually been to NJ, i am not worried about DH choosing to go there.

  77. Darius, thanks for the correction re trade exceptions. Oh well.

  78. initially i didnt want cp3 on the lakers since without also getting howard i dont think we can this year.but then it struck me that this deal while not great now is really a good step for the future so next year or after that we have players in place to make a serious run a few more times

  79. What was Dan Gilberts main complaint with the trade?
    Money and the lack of his ability to be competitive.
    He lucked out in landing LeBron and tasted life in the limelight but then lost out to the glitz of Miami.
    He now knows that Cleveland can never compete with LA, Miami, Chicago or New York.
    And if he can’t have the stars then he wants the revenue from the glitzy teams that have the stars.
    You can delete this post if you want but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth.
    That is what this is about.

  80. I just wish this would all be over already… it is disrupting my life! I can’t even sleep!

    I love Pau, and CP3 I wish they could both be Lakers.

    I would take Pau over Bynum all day long personally. I would even take Pau over Howard and yes I know that is totally illogical but I just like smart players.

  81. “I just wish this would all be over already… it is disrupting my life! I can’t even sleep!”

    That’s how I feel. We’re all waiting on tenterhooks for something to happen, constantly refreshing webpages, checking Twitter feeds, etc. At this point I just want to get this over with. You’re interfering with my finals studying, Stern. Another reason I hate you.

    Jason Smith…don’t know much about him. Was that the guy who was drafted by Miami and traded to Philly or something? I can’t remember seeing him in the 1st-round series last year. I hope Mitch says Okafor or no deal.

    I wonder if Otis and Riley would accept Dwight for Wade or Dwight for Lebron. It’d be horrible but fascinating.

  82. Can they postpone the Xmas day game? The way things are going by opening day we could have no center, no power forward, no back up center, no back up power forward and have to watch World Brick and Hopalong Walton as our starters. Right now this looks very sad. I only hope Jerry wakes up and takes back control of the team from Junior.

  83. @80 – I think the deal is that Stern told Buss that he has to buy some picks from Dan Gilbert and send them to New Orleans (aka Stern).

  84. Snoopy, aren’t all your tests pass/fail? They are for us here. So just sit back and relax. Chill out, follow the feeds, and look at your notes once in a while. What block are you on right now anyway?

  85. Time to bail out on this fiasco, DH may be going to NJ, too many hands in this mess…Standing pat never looked better. Any way to get Chauncey, and let’s play ball?

  86. lol. lakers pull out of trade.

  87. Pretty funny Dave (84). Gilbert gets paid off to shut up. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    So Howard is waiting for the Paul deal to be finished.
    But Stern knows this and is holding up approval, coercing Howard to go to NJ, thus making the Lakers to weak without Gasol and Odom to win a championship.

    It is as Stern has foreseen. Everything is going according to his plans.

  88. Woj:
    The three-way deal to send Chris Paul to the Lakers has “fallen apart,” league source involved in talks says.

    Sources say Lakers will instead trade Lamar Odom to Dallas into Mavericks’ new trade exception

  89. Lamar’s gotta be worth more than a trade exception! He’s got a nice reasonable contract too!

  90. This is crazy….wonder what we’re going to do with the trade exceptions….it has to be a deal for howard now. I wonder if, and I sincerely suspect, that Lamar’s psyche was to frazzled for him to return. But I’d imagine they could have at least gotten something of immediate value.

  91. are we going to get…barea??? i hope we get dominique jones and/or fernandez or beaubois. wtf.

  92. just saw the tweets too

    theyre moving on to dwight now

  93. Moving on or we have a deal in place? Seems reckless to give up Odom like this. Especially to one of our rivals, who will flip it later down the road.

  94. If the Lakers don’t get Dwight this has become a huge fiasco by the front office

  95. Buss and Kupchak better land Howard or have one hell of a Plan C now. If Howard wants to go to New Jersey, Paul is off the table, and they are helping Dallas offset the loss of Chandler and giving Cuban a nice trade chip…well, things do not look good.

  96. Simonoid – Nope, old-school percentages here. It’s a 4-tier system here, it’s weird. Plus they never tell you what the pass line is going to be (one exam it was set at 80%) so you always have to go all-out. We’re on neurology right now, what about you?

    dxmanners – Looks like Mitch shares your view. Latest reports are that we’ve pulled out of the Chris Paul trade but we’re still trading Odom, this time to Dallas. What does Dallas have to offer us? A trade exception … that we could package to get Dwight Howard. If we don’t get Howard though…we’re giving up Odom for nothing. Wow. It’s Stein though, so take with a grain of salt.

    Disappointed the Chris Paul era won’t begin, but happy the Gasol era doesn’t come to an end. Looks like management is sure LO’s trade value won’t be higher, or else the think they’ve damaged their relationship with him beyond repair.

  97. Even now for Dwight they may have to give up Gasol and Bynum like the Magic wanted, but what does that leave the team in terms of bench and PF.

  98. The TE is $8.9 million. Turkoglu is $11 million. Thought we can’t do that even if we add a player in?

  99. Or could this be a way of pressuring NO/HOU to take less in our restructured deal?

  100. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like a lot of others on here, I keep feeling that there HAS to be a Dwight deal percolating (and hopefully close to completion). It would still leave a need at PG, but we’ve been saying that for a few seasons now. Clearly more of an issue without the triangle…

  101. I think if all goes to plan, we may have Dwight and gasol, which IMO is the most optimal plan. No way the team sheds odoms very salary cap friendly contract plus his overall contribution to the team just for the “hope” of getting Dwight. Must have been a direct conversation between lakers and Orlando re the need for the trade exception.

    Or maybe we are simply screwed.

  102. turkoglu also has a 15% trade kicker

  103. Listen if LA can get Dwight and convince IMO the better PG Deron Williams to sign as a free agent then I’ll be a happy camper

  104. I could see Pau, Andrew + TPE for Howard, Big Baby Davis, and Turkoglu.

    Not saying I like that–I don’t–but I could see it.

    Davis is buddies with Howard, was just added by ORL for that reason, and both he and Turk have excessive contracts.

    Orlando re-signed Jason Richardson about three hours ago. With him, Nelson, Pau and Andrew, they would still be a tough out and team to be taken seriously.

    Also, Jameer Nelson makes 8.6M a year and his deal runs out in two years–before the tax kicks in. They could use the TPE to bring him in along with Howard.

  105. At this point, we’re taken for the ride by the media because Laker fans are the best “ticks” source whether tweets or refresh buttons. Every time Yahoo or ESPN releases a breaking news imagine the revenue generated by the mob mania. Let’s simplify things: NO re-worked the deal and submitted it to NBA, NBA will make the announcement on Monday, therefore whatever in between are just all distractions, all talks, all ploys and all playing chess to deceive the other party. Until you hear the last word, it is not over. If Lakers truly backed out from the deal, then they will broadcast in the open not only through grapevine rumors. First, they have to withdraw their offer formally. Secondly, Howard is also playing mind games and waiting for the Paul’s trade so he detours the discussion to Magic before the gang of small market would run a muck. What news in East Coast can be generated @ 12:30 AM on Sunday morning, Just have a nice sleep guys and see where the chips fall on Monday.

  106. 106, that would really suck. But oh well, if that’s the price of taking him on, I’ll take it. I was hoping that the TE would come from the Chris Paul deal.

  107. sign deron as FA, how…

  108. Upon further thought, maybe it will be a three way between lakers, rockets, and magic. With some of the pieces from the cp3 trade. Makes sense if Orlando gets for example Bynum, Martin, while Lakers get some pieces from Houston.

  109. Reminds me of the way West dumped contracts left and right and cleared the board to get the space to sign Shaq. If Shaq hadn’t signed, that would have backfired spectacularly as well. I’m nervous, but I respect the Buss family’s attitude of going big or going home.

    Per the report that the Magic prefer Bynum to Lopez, Otis Smith may have given Mitch indication that he has no use for Lamar Odom or filler contracts, but he still wants to dump Turk’s contract. Mitch just saved David Stern a very difficult decision.

    Mitch probably hasn’t slept in days.

  110. 108, cannot trade for a newly signed player, like davis, right away

  111. guys the TE is chandler’s exception. itll be enough to cover hedo’s contract

  112. Sean J, This summer when he will bounce from the Nets if he doesn’t have another star there like Dwight with him….

  113. 115, how as in LA will be over the cap next season.

  114. Mark Stein reports that the Lakers will receive unspecified draft considerations from Dallas for the rights to Odom. These draft considerations will likely be part of the Lakers attempt to trade for Dwight Howard

    Lamar Odom thank you for helping bring 2 Championships to the Los Angeles Lakers

  115. FYI: the created Odom TPE is NOT ENOUGH to buy Hedo.

    FYI: the created Odom TPE CANNOT BE COMBINED with the VUJACIC TPE.

    They might be used to buy Jameer or Redick. But thats about it.

  116. 108

    That’s right.

  117. Just because they are over the cap doesn’t mean things can’t change by then by getting rid of players or using the amnesty clause. It may be a pipe dream but we thought Paul and Howard was too and look how close that was before Stern stepped in

  118. My understanding is that it’s not a TE created by Odom (we’re not trading Odom to a team with cap space). This is the trade exception the Mavs received in return for Chandler. I believe it will be traded in its entirety, not just the portion that’s equivalent to Odom’s contract.

    In which case it would be enough to get Turk.

  119. The amount of TPE (traded player exception) you receive in only equal to the amount of the salary of the player you traded.

    Ergo, you don’t own a 14M-ish TPE aka Chandler TPE, instead you own an 8.9M-ish TPE called the Odom TPE. Dallas still ahs 5M-ish Chandler TPE left to spend/use.

  120. Warren, what if like Snoopy said we trade Odom + some other filler to get the full $13 million or whatever it is that Chandler occupies.

  121. I think the Lakers realized they were gonna have to give up too much in the revised trade so they decided to cut their losses. I just hope Dwight wants to come to LA over New Jersey otherwise if rumors are true having Deron Williams will be enough to sway him to go there

  122. Simonoid, no its not the rules of the CBA.

    Like us, we can buy someone with a 2-3M salary using Vujacic TPE and still have the remainder as a remaining TPE. Thats simply how the CBA rules have it.

  123. If LA traded away S. Blake (for example) and Odom for TE, it would make sense but:

    1. we don’t know; and

    2. Hard to imagine Cuban helping the Lakers

  124. Re: 124

    Trading two different players equaling the entirety of the Mav’s TPE would only give us two TPE’s, one worth Lamar’s 8.9, and the other worth the 5.1 or so remainder. Since you can’t combine TPEs, there is no way that helps us take back Hedo’s contract.

  125. I think Lamar is gone owing to his mental state. The team probably thinks that he won’t be able to get over the feeling of not being wanted.

    If the trade exception can be traded, Chandler’s is 11 million, so that covers Turkoglu. So Bynum for Howard straight up? Or Bynum and Gasol for Howard, Nelson and a part to make the comeback salaries just so?

  126. What the hell is going on here? Just finished watching Amir Khan get robbed by the Ref/Judges/Commision in DC and now I’m hit by the news that we’ve pulled out of the trade. In my opinion, 1 of 3 things had to occur that made us pull out: 1. The NBA/David Stern was trying to paralyze us in regards to what we had to take in or give up in order for this deal to be consumated. 2. We came to the conclusion/belief that we could not attain Dwight, therefore, it would make no sense to complete this deal. 3. Mitch spoke to Otis Smith and they worked out the parameters for a deal that would land us Dwight. Hopefully, reason #3 is why we decided to make moves.

  127. This piece from the Dallas Morning News says that it’s Odom for Chandler’s 11 mil trade exception:

  128. The only thing I don’t get is why not just take back Okafor and/or Ariza and thrown in Caracter to satisfy Stern’s stated objective of taking on more money/clearing space for NO and sending another young player back to NO? Even if we don’t trade for Howard, having Okafor would be huge for front court depth (or another trade piece). I read somewhere that NO wanted Lowry as well, which was asking Houston to give up way too much. I wonder if the NBA wanted to force LA to HAVE to part with Bynum (instead of Gasol) or extra picks and Mitch just didn’t want to do it. Cuz if it wasn’t taking on salary (in what clearly would help the team in either Ariza or Okafor) or just an extra draft pick, why pull out of the talks?

    It’s Monday here on the East coast, so I guess Paul sues now? I also find it completely ridiculous that the Clippers offer of Gordon/Aminu/Bledsoe/#1 pick is considered better than them getting Martin/Scola/LO/#1 pick. That’s crazy (and I love Gordan as a player).

  129. Here we go again !!!!

    CP3: Literally -third attempt

    Any more names we can throw into this new deal Mitch? Who on the Lakers is not mad yet?

    I remember a North Carolina forward who we drafted high, gave a big contract to, then he busted up his knee.

    You know what – we waited him out, and he contributed to championships.

    It is called loyalty Mitch.

    Whose next in this fiasco?

    Why don’t you just put your cell phone transcripts on twitter and get it over with?

    Sorry people – I will be in a better mood at some point – but not now.

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