The Roller Coaster Continues

Darius Soriano —  December 10, 2011

Reports are coming fast and furious and it’s difficult to keep up. But, here’s what we think we know based off reports from reliable sources:

  • The Lakers have dropped out of their pursuit of Chris Paul. The deal that was reworked and resubmitted to the NBA for approval is dead.
  • Instead, the Lakers seem poised to trade Lamar Odom to the Mavericks for future draft pick considerations. This is possible because of the large trade exception the Mavs received when they traded Tyson Chandler to the Knicks.

The assumption is that the Lakers will turn their sites to acquiring Dwight Howard. That’s not yet proven, but seems to be the next logical move in this amazingly windy road of roster upheaval.

Some things to take note of as you all speculate on what could happen next:

  • The Lakers would receive a trade exception in the amount of Odom’s salary in a trade to Dallas. That amount would 8.9 million dollars.
  • The Lakers have a trade exception from the Sasha Vujacic trade in the amount of 5.3 million dollars.
  • However, trade exceptions cannot be combined in order to acquire a more expensive player. So, the Lakers cannot acquire Hedo Turkoglu using either their trade exception from Odom (Hedo makes too much money) and can’t combine the two exceptions to make up the difference in salary.
  • The Magic have made some signings themselves in the recent days. They’ve traded Brandon Bass to the Celtics for Glen Davis and have reportedly made an offer to retain Jason Richardson. By my understanding of the old CBA – and these would be rules that would likely be the same in the new CBA – neither of these players could be included in a trade for Dwight Howard based off rules that restrict trading players right after they’re acquired as part of a trade of more than one player. Said another way, the Lakers could not, hypothetically, trade Bynum and pieces for Howard and Richardson or Howard and Davis.

We’ll update this thread when we know more, but for now comment away.

Darius Soriano

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  1. My head hurts. I am sad, nervous, and confused. I can only say that I will continue to love this team through anything, and I hope this all works out. That is all.


  2. Right now, it really sucks to be a Lakers fan.

    Two days ago, we heard we’d be getting a big shiny new train for Christmas (CP3) and that we might also be getting a pony (DH12).

    Instead, Grinch Stern takes away our train and the pony is running off to New Jersey.

    Oh, and top of all that, Dallas is stealing our Swiss Army Knife (LO Kardashian).

    Can someone explain to me why David Boise isn’t calling a press conference to announce the Busses are suing the league for tortious interference?


  3. If the Howard thing doesn’t pan out…there should be some sort of grievance procedure. Dan Gilbert and Comic Sans font should be outlawed from talking about basketball reasons ever again.

    While the TPE’s can’t be combined, I read on Ding’s twitter that they could still help. As far as the draft considerations, I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t a first round pick in the Odom trade, what good would a second rounder be?


  4. Having both Vujacic and Odom TPEs is like having cap space. We are able to “buy” ppl with those salaries. Lose Odom, gain flexibility.

    Pardon my 140-character posts. You know why that is.


  5. Ok now this is scary:

    Mike_Bresnahan Mike Bresnahan
    by EricPincus
    Source confirms that Odom is gone “for sure,” and Paul trade has fallen apart. Not for Howard, either. Source: It’s a straight salary dump.


  6. Turkoglu also has a 15% trade kicker.


  7. I really really hope we can find a way to get Howard with out getting rid of Pau


  8. I need Tums.


  9. Cuban is playing chess.

    1. He may try to use Odom to get Paul himself–which would be nice,huh, after his opposition to Paul coming here?
    2. He is gambling that that Lakers will lose on Howard.
    3. Even if he can’t trade Odom, short-term, Cuban will have a motivated Odom–who wants to stick it to the Lakers.


    Jameer Nelson’s deal is 8.6M/year and runs out before the new tax rules kick in, so it fits in the Odom TPE. Perhaps that is what Buss and Kupchak are thinking.


  10. howard won’t want come here with playmakers like d-fish and steve blake. he’s better off in new jersey playing with d-will.


  11. if moving odom was indeed a salary dump then….wow

    lakers management mustve realized their was no way to salvage odom and had to move him


  12. @Mike_Bresnahan: Lakers will get the Mavs’ first-round pick in 2012, maybe a second-rounder as well


  13. Marc Stein says the Clippers are now back in on Paul. My guess is he will wind up with the Clippers or the Warriors now.


  14. This just keeps getting worse


  15. robinred, in all honesty, if the Hornets can get either Eric Gordon or Stephen Curry in a deal for Cp3, regardless of what other pieces, it will already be worth (to me if I owned Hornets) than Pau + Lamar or Lamar + w/e Rockets gave.


  16. Lakers get the Mavericks 2012 first round pick and maybe a second round pick as well in the Odom trade


  17. eric gordon > odom/scola/martin/young player?

    thank you, david stern


  18. howard won’t want come here with playmakers like d-fish and steve blake


    Right–that is why I think Nelson may be involved in this.


  19. Glad to see the newly reformed NBA can allow small-market morons like Gilbert and whoever owns the Jazz these days to do off the court what they could rarely do on the floor: find a way to make the Lakers suffer.

    Between the lockout, the crap that’s gone on over the past few days, and the thought of seeing Blake and Fisher trying to run a system that actually needs a point guard, I honestly can’t recall ever being less interested in the NBA.

    This is worse than 2004-05… maybe someone can find Chucky Atkins, just to make us all puke again.


  20. What I want to know is if this Odom trade is really part of a grand scheme to get Howard, why would we trade someone who would’ve been an important piece to a Howard deal? ( along with Bynum of course.)

    What else would we have to offer, and I really hope they aren’t thinking of giving up Bynum AND Pau.


  21. @13 that’s a big if, especially since both teams have declined to include those respective players in any deal for CP3 thus far.


  22. Agree with James, Pau and Dwight would be a seriously epic combo. I’m super happy that Pau didn’t end up shipped out (as of right now), he’s still an amazing class player with good years left in him that should be spent as a Laker 🙂


  23. If landing Howard costs LA Odom/Pau/Bynum, would you guys be happy?


  24. I realize I’m a bit late on this, but I have it on good authority that Odom is going to the mavericks for pics, and Bynum and picks are going to the Magic for Howard. Yes, you read that correctly, Gasol is staying in LA to play with Howard and Kobe.


  25. Hey, what if we called up that Chauncy guy that wants to play only for a contender?



  26. Sean J – HELL TO THE NO. I wouldnt give up Pau + Drew for D12. No offense Dwight.


  27. GXS, if you are right, then its still the perfect offseason for me. Billups for minimum is the cherry on top.


  28. robinred, in all honesty, if the Hornets can get either Eric Gordon or Stephen Curry in a deal for Cp3, regardless of what other pieces, it will already be worth (to me if I owned Hornets) than Pau + Lamar or Lamar + w/e Rockets gave.


    Sure, but I don’t see Gordon and Curry being included now. This whole thing only happened because LAC and GS wouldn’t include those guys to begin with.

    Paul has expressed reservations about a long-term deal with Sterling (stunning) and now Tyson Chandler is in New York. So, I see zero chance he promises to re-up and without that, those guys are staying.


  29. @7

    I’m with you.


  30. Why would maverick want odom? They have pf dirk, and neither of them can play 5.

    Whole thiing is unbelievable.


  31. I realize I’m a bit late on this, but I have it on good authority that Odom is going to the mavericks for pics, and Bynum and picks are going to the Magic for Howard.


    Not sure what “good authority” is, but there is little reason for Otis Smith to do that. And what picks are these?

    Not that I wouldn’t love to see it…but I don’t think it will go down that way.


  32. The strong reason why Lakers backed out from Paul deal because Magic GM wants Drew more than Lopez so counters to Mitch to up the ante in cash to get Howard + Turks because it’s Magic who will decide where Howard goes.


  33. Taking gxs and his/her unknown sources at face value (for no other reason than discussion points) — if those deals actually go down, the Lakers are still horrifically imbalanced.

    That gives them three starters who need the ball in the post to be most effective. Yes, Kobe and Pau can play face-up, but you’re looking at guys whose skills are fighting for the same space on the floor. Kapono could help address the outside shooting needs, but there’s no depth in the front court off the bench, and the guards are WNBA-caliber talents at this point in their careers.

    The Lakers need backcourt help big team – these deals won’t address that at all, and losing Lamar doesn’t help anywhere but on the payroll. That’s not a championship caliber team by any stretch.

    If Dallas resigns Barea, they’d kill the Kobe-Howard-Gasol roster as badly as they killed the 2010-11 Lakers earlier this year.


  34. Just remember you heard it here first! I heard this from someone very involved in LA sports – though admittedly not with the Lakers. Word gets around to all of them, apparently.

    And robinred, one thing you have to realize is that the players have a big say in where they go. Sure, Howard couldn’t veto a trade outright – but all he has to do is say he won’t sign an extension where he is traded, and I am sure the deal is off. I imagine this is the leverage the Lakers have.

    I never thought I would quote the sportsguy, but in his words “it’s not just about playing in Los Angeles, it’s about playing for the f***** Lakers.” [sic].


  35. robinred, that makes some sense, but why would ORL want to dump Jameer, to me, resigning Richardson proves ORL (or rather Otis) doesn’t wanna build by scrapping from the bottom (draft picks). They want to win games and having Duhon as ur starting PG wont do that, especially if they want to replicate what Howard did w/ Bynum at the C.


  36. Robinred,

    Presumably so, then the best package for CP3 becomes:

    Indiana gets Rondo.

    Hornets get Hansbrough, Collison.

    Celtics get CP3.


  37. Paul trade could be revisited on Monday with straight up Pau + ebanks, caracter for Paul & NO player. Mitch has to focus on Howard because of the strong thrust coming from Jersey shore but I still believe Orlando prefers the Lakers players so they’re giving them the chance to sweeten the pot.


  38. Chris J – I hear your concerns, but I think the difference is Howards ability to defend the paint.

    On offense, the situation will also be different because Howard every now and then demands a double team. If they do this, Gasol or Kobe will feast on whatever late defender rotates over to them.


  39. All I wanted was CP3, we have not had a solid point guard in years! Fish is a good person, but he is no CP3. And, Fish can’t stay in front of anyone, which makes him a defensive liability; those guards are too quick for him. I would rather keep Bynum and get CP3. The way CP passes the ball Bynum would benefit from that, matter of fact, the whole team would benefit from what CP would bring to the team. I’m so done with it, get Fish out of there…


  40. we would not have those back-to-back championships without LO. i am going to miss him.


  41. Is this whole thing going be indirectly(Odom+Bynum for DH)? The same deal that`s been around for months. As I wrote previously, this whole situation might turn out badly for the Lakers,because they lost control of the process once Stern acted,and are starting to panic.


  42. robinred, that makes some sense, but why would ORL want to dump Jameer, to me, resigning Richardson proves ORL (or rather Otis) doesn’t wanna build by scrapping from the bottom (draft picks).


    Orlando may not want to do it, but I would be willing to bet it has crossed the Buss and Mitch’s minds.

    That the Lakers were willing to give up Pau AND Lamar for Paul clearly shows that the team is not willing to use Blake and Fisher at PG–the Triangle/caretaker days are in the rearview.

    As to Smith, he seems to be a zig-zagger. They just brought in Baby Davis because he is buddies with Howard…and now Howard is on the block, and they can’t trade Davis with him.

    Nelson is almost 30 and makes 8.6M a year. Orlando might put together a three-way to get a cheap PG back and send Nelson here.


  43. Darius, the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Mavs are trading the entire Chandler trade exception for Lamar:

    This would allow Turkoglu to come over future draft considerations and then either Bynum for Howard, or Bynum and Gasol for Howard, Nelson and a part to match salaries.


  44. Yeah, my head has been left spinning by all of this. Warren, you must be at home with all of this trading action happening, having fun yet. Bye LO, thanks for the Championships, good luck.


  45. 8.9 * 1.5 =13.35, which can cover turkoglu’s 12.19 (10.6 *1.15) salary. Although full TE from dallas seems to be around 11 mil.


  46. Slappy, unless they take Luke Walton or Steve Blake in the same deal, what we have is still equal to the amount of Odom’s salary.

    If we traded Odom + Blake on a simultaneous deal to Dallas, then we get the amount of that combined salary as our TPE.


  47. sT, its a Sunday here so I’m at home with the family.

    Trade action? more like non-trade action.


  48. And robinred, one thing you have to realize is that the players have a big say in where they go


    Sure–and published reports say that Howard wants to go to New Jersey. You are saying you have inside information that puts Howard here, and I hope you are right. But for the moment, I can,like everyone else, only read and speculate.


  49. I just don’t get what’s going on at this point. The lakers must have something in the works with dwight for them to just have dumped lamar for nothing.

    I hate to see lamar, pau, or bynum go. But if they are traded, i hope lakers are able to get something in return not just a trade exception.


  50. Slappy that’s crazy, Turk’s a lil over 11 mill, do you know if that makes a difference? Second, why don’t the Magic explore trading Redick – they signed J Rich (most likely starting SG, dont need to pay 7 mill for a bench player who sees 20 min a game)


  51. @ 38 — Howard can defend the paint, but so could Bynum. Despite having an imposing 7-footer in the lane, we still saw what Dallas did to the Lakers from the perimeter last season. The Lakers’ guards couldn’t defend the 3, and all the size advantage in the world wasn’t enough. And when the defenders ran out to contest the three, Barea floated in and killed them on pull-ups. You need good guards to stop that kind of attack.

    Same applies to offense. The D can double the post (whether that’s Howard or Pau or Bynum) and force the Lakers to beat them with jumpers — not a good way to win from the Lakers’ standpoint. The Lakers have to get a guard who can penetrate and keep the D honest with his shooting. That’s what made Paul so attractive.

    Either way, dumping Lamar for salary and his mental health after the botched trade is just criminal. The Lakers will be way thin at the four spot, regardless. That deal leaves two glaring holes, rather than the one (point guard) we had to worry about earlier today. This whole thing just sucks.


  52. 43, that reporter is wrong; teams cannot trade exceptions for MORE than the salary they are giving out.

    45, Normal trades are 125% + 100k, but trade exceptions are limited to 100% +100k of the other players salary. So no, the Odom TPE would not be large enough to absorb Turkoglu


  53. For the record guys, Bynum + whatever-except-pau-and-kobe I will sign off on.

    But Bynum + Pau, regardless of what comes over, NO THANKS.

    We will not win with just Kobe and Dwight.


  54. This a great thread. Wish stern talked to you guys instead of the morons burping into his ears!


  55. 46-That would be if we were creating our own trade exception. The Dallas Morning News is saying that Dallas is trading us their Chandler trade exception (11 mil worth). The DMN might be wrong about that, but if correct, then the Lakers would have a trade exception to cover Turkoglu, as its own separate trade (Turk for future draft considerations, since draft picks are 0 dollars). Then Bynum for Howard, straight up, which works. Or Bynum and Gasol for Howard, Nelson and a part. Or leaving any and all trade exceptions aside, Bynum, Gasol and Blake for Howard, Turkoglu and Nelson works as well. Lastly, my understanding is that the trade exception has a 0 dollar value as well, just like a draft pick, so that would allow the Mavs to send the Lakers the 11 mil trade exception for Lamar and his lesser salary.


  56. L.A. Times just updated, said Odom deal is done with Dallas. Also implies the Paul talks aren’t dead…

    Maybe the draft picks would be what New Orleans need to deal Paul to the Lakers? Please, God willing…


  57. Chris J – Bynum was already hobbled in the playoffs if I remember currently with a late season tweak to one of his knees. Furthermore, surely you don’t believe Bynum’s defense was equivalent to Howards DPY performance last season.

    On offense, I agree, they will still need guard help, but I think Howard, Pau, Kobe + ______ will be better than Bynum, Pau, Kobe, and Fish


  58. Fans are acting out of reason and leverage when you say you’re willing to send Pau + Bynum AND accept Hedo.

    You are giving the Magic leverage and management WAYYYYY too much credit.


  59. Here, from Hoops Hype:

    Golden State signed guard Dorell Wright and signed guard Anthony Morrow and traded him to New Jersey for a conditional 2011 second-round pick and a player exception.

    So these exceptions appear to be tradeable. One sight reported that James Jones was once traded for a trade exception.


  60. @58….twice as depressing.


  61. Slappy, TPEs are valuable. Odom deal for TPE and a 1st rounder is obviously a precursor deal.

    TPEs in general provide “flexibility” which I believe Hornets SHOULD trade D-West to Indy via s&t just like what Dallas did to Chandler.


  62. 60, Traded Player Exceptions are not traded; they are created when non-simultaneous trades occur. The Anthony Morrow trade is an example of the Warriors trading Morrow into the Nets trade exception, thus eating some of the Nets trade exception. However, the Warriors don’t receive the “extra” left over difference between Morrow’s salary and the exception.

    So no, we cannot receive an $11M trade exception for an $8.9M Lamar Odom. We do, however, create an $8.9M trade exception while Dallas uses up $8.9M of their $11M trade exception, leaving them with $2.2M left over.

    While this is the old CBA, you can read all about this in Article VII in this link


  63. Here’s what I mean, for Pat Riley’s best transaction as Heat GM:

    Best transaction: Traded first-round picks in 2013 and 2015, a 2012 second-round pick, another future second-round pick and a trade exception to the Cleveland Cavaliers for forward LeBron James on July 9, 2010.


  64. you don’t trade trade exceptions. you create them.


  65. So Stern did reject the deal again. The Lakers didn’t “pull out” before a decision was made, that was bad reporting. They gave up after Stern rejected it again.

    I’m going to be interested to see what Mitch does with this TE. Let’s see if he’s thinking 2-3 steps ahead of everyone else.

    What’s interesting is that reports suggest the Lakers didn’t talk with anyone else before sending Odom to Dallas. We could have gotten better picks and young players from another team. Why did Mitch pull the trigger so fast for a TE that can’t absorb Turk’s contract? Is this really Jim Buss’s hand, just forcing a salary dump? Going to be interesting to see how this plays out.


  66. Re LeBron again, here is the news write up, which supports what I cited from Hoops Hype:

    The Heat sent Cleveland two first-round draft picks and two second-round picks, as well as a large trade exception, for James. The first-round picks could be between 2013 and 2017.


  67. Am I alone in the thinking that Odom TPE > Lamar Odom? TPEs are very flexible, they give teams an instant reset button on a salary.

    If we were talking about a Laker team that merely wanted to cut salary, there are better places to send Odom than Dallas. You do not strengthen your rival IF NOT for the prospect of being stronger yourself.

    Please use that logic in determining how good or bad the move was.


  68. Re 46:

    Warren, you’re wrong about us getting a combined trade exception if we traded Odom and Blake for Dallas’s TPE. In that situation we would only get two trade exceptions, one for the value of Odom’s salary, and one for the value of Blake’s.


  69. I’m sitting on my bed in college on the East Coast at 2:25 am-what is Mitch going to do????


  70. Re: 55

    Slappy, that is not how trading for a TPE works. The team trading the TPE has the exception reduced by the value of the incoming contract and the the team keeps the difference remaining as the same TPE. The team trading for the TPE only receives an exception that is the same value as the contract going out.

    You can read this for yourself in the link below to Larry Coon’s Godly CBA FAQ:


  71. @ 57 — No, I’m not saying Bynum’s D is as good as Howard’s. My point is a great center can’t stop a team with good shooters from killing his team from outside.

    Whether the Lakers have Howard or Bynum playing the five this season, they’re still very vulnerable to teams with good guards.


  72. Mike, nope. We would get 2 exceptions, specifically 8.9M and 4.0M IF it were 2 non-simultaneous deals.

    IF we traded it as a simultaneous deal, aka the both of them together, we would get a big 12.9M TPE.

    There’s a technical difference between the 2.


  73. Slappy, that’s simply semantics of how it’s reported. The fact is, a TPE is *created* when a team trades out a player and receives back assets (a player, draft picks, etc) of less value than what they sent out.

    In the case of the LeBron trade, Cleveland sent LeBron’s salary out and only took back draft picks, hence the traded player exception was created for the value of LeBron’s contract.

    In the case of the Mavs, they S&T’d Chandler to the Knicks and only received Andy Rautins in return. That created a TEP for the difference between what Chandler makes and what Rautins makes. Now, the Lakers are trading Odom to the Mavs for a draft pick and a TPE is created from that deal.


  74. I believe that the Lakers gave up Odom today to get their point guard in the deal that will be coming soon. My prediction is:

    Bynum and Gasol for Hedo T., Jamier Nelson and Dwight Howard!!!

    This deal works perfectly on the trade machine (if you use odom”s salary)


  75. Nobody is stating the obvious The Nets get Morrow who is a great friend of Dwight whom he said he would love to play with on top of Deron. I get the feeling things are falling apart.


  76. Re: 73

    Warren, you can’t trade two players and receive one trade exception. Read Question 72 of Larry Coon’s FAQ. Trade Exceptions are only generated and can only be used in what are called “non-simultaneous trades”. A trade CANNOT be designated as non-simultaneous if more than one player is packaged in the trade. Hence, if we traded Lamar and Blake for Dallas’s TPE (which we can’t do, since I believe it is only 11 million or so) they would have to go as two separate trades: one for Lamar, and one for Blake which would generate two TPEs for the Lakers, neither of which would be big enough to take on Hedo.


  77. khjon,

    I don’t like the idea of trading bynum and gasol for the 3. We basically get dwight howard and an average PG. We lose our greatest strength – height while depleting our front line at the same time.

    I still think bynum and picks would be sufficient for dwight.

    DH and Gasol would tear up the middle.


  78. KL,

    I agree that this may not make us better this year. But but I think that almost any deal that nets Howard will pay-off in the long run.


  79. Adrian Wojnarowski @WojYahooNBA 3 mins Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Lakers had offered Lamar Odom to teams with salary cap space, one GM says. “He wanted out and they really wanted to reduce the tax bill.”


  80. How could Jim Buss trade Odom for future draft choices.

    It may just be a salary dump – if that is the case, with the fact that the Lakers lost last year to the Mavs, Odom’s apparent destination, and Odom was the only saving grace for the second team, this move smells really bad to me in terms of my commitment to the Lakers considering the price I pay for my Lakers season tickets.

    It may be a set-up for a Howard trade IF Orlando didn’t want Odom and affirmatively wants the Dallas draft rights the Lakers picked up for him. However, IF instead, as I suspect, the move was independent of a Howard trade because there is no present deal for Howard, the Lakers have lost a valuable trading piece and/or severely undermined their existing team.

    This stinks, and I am mad about it!


  81. Howard has a bright future wherever he lands, long-term, but the scary thing is the Lakers are seemingly tilting toward deals that will kill their chances to do anything this season.

    How many more years does Kobe have left, years in which he’s good enough to lead his team to the top? For all we know, this season may be it. The idea of throwing away this year to reload with an imbalanced roster is just disgusting.

    Kobe, Pau and Bynum wasn’t enough last year, with Odom; it won’t be enough this year with Odom in Texas. And swapping Howard for Bynum doesn’t tilt that equation much closer to a title in 2012, at least not without some serious upgrades to the backcourt.

    Had the Chris Paul deal gone through I believe the Lakers would have been well-positioned to contend this year and beyond, health permitting. David Stern’s ridiculous power play has destroyed that now, and unless there’s some other All-Star level guard available for Pau somewhere it’s going to be a long season and a short playoff run. Yippee.


  82. Just speculating, could the reports on a straight up trade with Dallas be wrong? If this was a 3-way trade with Dal / Orl, then the Trade Exception created from a Simulaneous trade is 125% of Odom’s salary (8.9 mil x 125% = 11.12 mil), enough to cover Turk. Odom to Dal, Bynum to Orl, Dal draft picks to Orl, Howard and Turk to LAL.


  83. Chris Broussard says the Magic will ask for Bynum plus Gasol in a trade for Dwight


  84. I can’t believe we just lost ODOM in a split second. I hope we get something in return because what he brings to the table is something very unique that only a few teams can match.

    Hoping Odom’s trade is another step towards getting chris paul. I’m not keen in Bynum plus Gasol. Giving 2 possible All-stars this year for 1 superstar. We didn’t get enough for shaq. Not until later.


  85. Odom for essentially nothing, gasol AND bynum for Howard, what is next – amnesty Kobe? I say that in jest but if Jim buss sends out Odom gasol and bynum to end up with Howard and turkoglu’s corpse then Kobe is going to want out of LA.


  86. Might be Bynum/Gasol/Trade Exception for Howard/Turk/Nelson


  87. Nightmare scenario: Odom for TE is purely a salary dump.

    What if this is it? What if the Buss family has decided the new luxury tax rules are too punitive to continue to be grossly over the line?

    Man, I sure hope not, but it is a possibility.

    My optimistic self thinks that Odom’s TE is some crucial part in the deal for Dwight, because the front office tried to get one out of the CP3/Houston deal previously. Maybe Dwight’s public pushing for NJ is just a bluff to entice the Lakers to go after him, Paul in-house or not. He wants to make sure he gets moved here and doesn’t want the CP3 deal to hinder his chances.


  88. OT a little, but I think it’s worth remembering how much Stern’s “The Veto” has affected Houston. Daryl Morey’s plan to pair with Pau and Nene is now apparetly dead along with the Paul-to-the-Lakers deal, through no fault of Morey’s at all.


  89. Am I the only naive Laker left in the world? The 8.9M TPE will open up a world of possibilities in more ways than one. If the Lakers were purely cost-cutting, they would not be giving Gasol the 57M extension, plain and simple. That would ensure we keep Lamar, somehow amnestied Peace and all other moves that pertain to cost cutting.

    But as is we are not done. Far from it.

    Mitch Kupchak gave the franchise a chance to improve drastically. And while many of you I’m sure consider only the names “Chris Paul” and “Dwight Howard” being the possible upgrades, there are more names out there that deserve your attention.

    Be creative, be imaginative. No one thought it was sensible to trade 2 all-star bigs for 1 injury-laden PG albeit a very good one. No one ever guessed as well that Odom to Dallas for 1st rounder + TPE was the 2nd move. Everyone thought the Lakers would atleast consider holding out a possible Stern “yes” …

    But did you know that Stern was actually in contact while the Lakers/Rockets and Hornets were “upgrading” their discussions? That in the end, the Lakers shifted to plan B because it would not tie up their assets and hold off their team in hostage to Stern’s stern position.

    In the end I wanna talk some sense into the faint-hearted. WE ARE NOT DONE. This is NOT the last deal we see in the next week or so, and I can so much as guarantee to everyone here, this will NOT be our roster come Christmas.

    Not a chance.


  90. If this really is a trade just to lower the amount the Lakers spend on the luxury tax, I’m going to be pissed!

    Did management consult Kobe before dumping Odom?

    If this doesn’t get the Lakers Howard this is a complete waste of a season. As constructed the Lakers were ready to compete for a championship. Kobe’s window is now and to think about reloading is the stupidest thing imaginable.

    If this is Jim Buss putting his finger prints on the Lakers it is no surprise that he is trying to save his inheritance and go the Donald Sterling route of financial success and basketball failure.

    I’ve hated all of Jim Buss’s moves. He is atrocious and should not be granted all the power. We hoped the kingdom was not going down in flames, but we all are starting to smell the smoke.


  91. I will be very disappointed if the LO trade was just a salary dump. And there is no way the Lakers should give up Pau and Bynum for Howard.

    Do they have the pieces to get J Nelson? What are the odds that Billips rant was enough to scare off teams so that LA can bring him on board?


  92. If the Lamar trade is strictly a salary dump, as suggested by the impeccable Wojnarowski, then this Lakers season ticket holder is disgusted. How dare they raise season ticket prices after a pathetic playoff performance and then give away a critical player to the very team that swept us in order to save money! If Jerry Buss were still running the team, 30 years of championship success would buy the Lakers the benefit of the doubt, but Jimmy Buss has done nothing to earn such benefit. The past week has been dispiriting and disquieting, to say the least.


  93. I don’t think the Lakers are in line to get Howard or Paul or Dwill after trading Lamar. I think they really are just dumping salary. These stories about lining up dominoes for the Howard trade are probably stories leaked by Lakers PR to cover their back.


  94. What if this is it? What if the Buss family has decided the new luxury tax rules are too punitive to continue to be grossly over the line?


    Seems unlikely–there are other places they could have sent Odom if they simply wanted to dump his salary. No matter how clueless Jim Buss may be, he knows that Dallas won the title last year and that they lost Tyson Chandler today.

    So, I think this is part of a larger plan, to bring in a new PF, and, of course, Dwight Howard.

    The question is whether it will work.


  95. Now trade Gasol for expiring contract, use amnesty on Kobe – and soon we are under the cap. A big FU for Gilberts of this world.

    “You want luxury tax from us? Go get it”.

    The season is lost before it started. Odom+Gasol+Bynum > Howard+Turkoglu+Nelson. And this is the best scenario. No 6th title for Bryant, at least not with Lakers.


  96. SO…I have a few thoughts about this LO trade – and one big hopeful idea that I think Kupchak might be onto:

    In the original CP3 deal the Lakers were getting a TPE for Odom as well…that says to me they have plans for that. Also, OF COURSE the Lakers would say that they want to “dump” Odom. Anything else tips their hands and we all know the Lakers hate tipping their hand ahead of time. None of us thought we’d realistically get CP3 – then BAM! – the deal was done (then un-done, but that’s not the point). Besides that Lakers management hasn’t ever failed us before, so I’m more than willing to trust them in this.

    Also, the NJ offer is a solid one with Lopez and the 1sts…with that being the case I can see the Lakers feeling like (and Otis Smith demanding) they have to up the offer from Bynum and a couple picks (that are considerably worse).

    SO…my guess is that the Lakers offer Bynum+Pau+Blake for DH12+Nelson+Turk…and use the Odom TPE to grab a PF. I was thinking they’d use the Sasha TPE to get McRoberts from Indy in a S+T…but I hear Utah has been shopping Milsap…He makes about 8.3m…Utah is another team that keeps quiet…just saying…


  97. The Lakers how have around 12M in TPEs, which can be used separately.

    They may be thinking in a different direction. For example, Paul Millsap has two years on his deal, Utah is looking to move him, and he fits in the TPE. The TPE could be used to get a younger guy like that and revisit the Paul deal, or to get the younger guy–like Millsap or Varejao–on the Lakers.

    It is also possible that Jim Buss simply panicked, and Cuban outsmarted him.

    I am all for getting Howard, but if they give up the entire front line to do it, It becomes questionable. If Kobe were 27 and you put him with Howard for five years, sure. As it is…shaky.

    Odom, Bynum and Gasol WAS a great three-man rotation, even with their faults which we always dissect.


  98. Cross-posted 96 with 95 re. Millsap.

    Millsap is also from Louisiana and is four years younger than David West and five years younger than Luis Scola, in case they wanted to go back to the well on Paul.


  99. HAHA!!

    Beat ya to it RobinRed!


  100. As a long time Pau Gasol supporter, I think I’m in an financial environment I understand for the first time in a long time. Today’s Odom salary dump goes all the way back to the famous Memphis Pau Gasol/Kwame Brown trade.

    Odom was shopped as the PF trade that netted Gasol. Odom retained his PF slot and Gasol became temporary center due to Bynum’s serious injury.

    When the Lakers went to the NBA finals that year, the dynamics changed. Odom was retained as a super sub, the Lakers had a three man rotation up front–and the Lakers won 2 championships. Salaries continued to rise.

    Last season, the Lakers didn’t make it to the finals while paying a luxury tax in the range of the entire team salaries of some opponents. Even if the Lakers achieve NBA championships the next two years, they need to make as much as $30 million or so annual salary disappear.

    If the Lakers can “steal” Howard in a near player for player swap with Bynum, they will. If not, Bynum/Gasol/Kobe are our three superstars–together with amnesty and some sneaky trades.

    I can live with that.


  101. I love the lakers, i love kobe, and most of all, I love the sport of basketball. But this has been too much. I can no longer justify being a fan of such a joke of a “sport.” It’s one big gimmick. Of course Odom left, that’s exactly what he asked for when he skipped practice and then “spoke” with kupchack. He has too much pride– and he SHOULD have too much pride after winning back to back championships here and being 6th man of the year. Stern destroyed that relationship by not nixing the trade discussions before they became so public and finalized.

    I think stern is now pushing for the lakers to get howard just to save face with the community and not let anyone come away completely empty handed. BUT, if the lakers don’t get howard, the league will have completely sabotaged the future of it’s most popular/successful team, not to mention the final years of its most popular/successful player of the last decade. There’s so little transparency that I don’t see a reason to believe anything I read or see on ESPN.


  102. My comment held in moderation but its been that kind of a season so far for us. I am not bitter tho I love Odom as much as the next guy. But we’re not done yet. Just u watch.


  103. I hope that this isn’t the end of it.

    Man, Odom for nothing.

    Ah geez.


  104. Like most Lakers fans, I’m incredibly sad to see Lamar go. He was an incredible glue guy, a wonderful team-mate, and all-around great presence for the Purple and Gold. And yet my sadness is only tempered by anxiety over what move comes next.

    I’ve been staying up waiting for the next move to show up on the ESPN home page. I have faith that Kupchak (and Jim Buss) have their next stpe planned, but it’s worth asking: why the wait? Why trade LO if the Lakers’ next move isn’t immediately available? If their next move ISN’T immediately executable, why not wait on the LO trade? This now opens a window of uncertainty and lets rivals tease out the Lakers’ next move and screw it up. I wish they had just executed their two-step plan in one-fell swoop.


  105. Odom may also be pissed that he was considered expendable.

    Perhaps during a meeting with the team, Odom mentioned his displeasure and wanted out.


  106. now that odom is out, who will keep world peace artest under control?


  107. Hopefully Metta’s got enough respect for Kobe that he’ll stay under control…


  108. So…

    what are our chances of landing Deron Williams?


  109. I’m a little late to this party, but here are a few observations:

    1) With a more punitive tax system, players cannot be simply evaluated as “good” or “bad.” Instead, sophisticated GMs must be able to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of players (e.g. performance/salary).
    2)) Odom is nice, but not $18 m nice (factoring in luxury tax)
    3) Trading Odom still leaves Lakers in tax territory ($82 m).
    4) Waiving Walton or Metta via amnesty only brings them to $78 m. Based on last year’s luxury tax threshold of $61 m, the Lakers would pay over $30m in taxes!

    To get close to the threshold, Lakers need to trade either Bynum or Gasol.
    4) Blake is a serviceable PG – passes first, has good 3 pt shot, and costs only $4 m/yr
    5) CP3 is a top 3 PG but has knee issues
    6) Bynum is young C but has multiple knee issues
    7) Gasol is “soft PF” with excellent passing skills and mid-range jumper
    8) Howard is dominating C who lacks a mid-range game and can’t shoot FTs

    I argue that between Howard and CP3, Howard is the more valuable target. Howard would complement Gasol’s skill set very well. They have very different styles and areas of the court that they like to operate.

    Lakers should offer Bynum, Dallas’ picks and Odom’s TPE for Howard + Turkoglu. This might be more attractive than Net’s offer of Lopez + 2 picks. Lakers could then turn around and waive Turkoglu and his $10 m salary using the one-time amnesty clause. In essence, the Lakers would trade Bynum + Odom for Howard, and SAVE $6 m (for cap purposes). Lakers would now have a team salary of ~$68 m (down from $91 m), saved over $20 m in taxes, and upgraded their center at the cost of losing Odom.


  110. I haven’t been this frustrated ever since Shaq was traded out of LA. Because of that vetoed trade, it created a chain reaction.

    no trade = odom disgruntled = forced to trade him

    I don’t know if Mich still has something up his sleeve. I hope he does. I’ll have faith because he still has continued to be 2-3 steps ahead in the past.

    I’d rather have the 3 bigs and tried to get the FA PGs available.


  111. Drrayeye could not have explained my sentiment any better. Odom WAS SUPPOSED TO BE part of the deal that landed us Pau Gasol, except Memphis preferred Kwame ++ that time. The rest eventually became history…

    I somehow knew in the summer of 09 when Odom, Ariza and Shanwow were free agents… the entire blog acknowledged that the payroll was a major concern, we had been able to convince Lamar to stay on this contract, Ariza left but we replaced him with TAFKARA. We convinced Shanwow to stay a bit as well.

    The summer before that, there was decision regarding Sasha and Ronny – except we let Ronny go to GSW and retained Sasha – eventually cost us a 1st rounder to dump last ssn – and now we are in dire need of a guy of Ronny’s skillset and passion.

    In the end this is the tail-end of the inevitable. Except us fans always hunger and strive as if it was our money to spend. Easy for us we don’t pay Lamar Odom 17.8M worth… same goes with all other free agents we would have wanted to retain.

    There is very little comfort zone we have. I am saying this in plain English that WE TRADE FOR DWIGHT USING BYNUM ++ but we keep Pau (and Kobe). If the Magic require Bynum AND Gasol, then we can tell Otis Smith to find another team or take NJ’s lame offer.

    We aren’t getting better with Dwight alone. We arent’ supposed to be overpaying aka including Gasol AND taking back Hedo. Its one or the other. And if all else fails, then just like my brother from another mother said, Kobe, Bynum and Pau ARE the Lakers’ big three.


  112. Calvin H, here are a few points that are important to your suggestions:

    1. Odom created an 8.9M TPE. We have an existing 5.4M TPE from Sasha. We CANNOT combine those 2 in order to absorb Hedo’s salary which is north of 10M.

    2. We CANNOT amnesty a player we got in a trade, only one that is on our current team at the time of the signing. Therefore, its either TAFKARA or Steve Blake or Luke Walton. Tough choice coz we need all.

    3. There are quite a few TPEs floating around the league lately, and more will be coming… we can use a deal like Walton + 1st rounder + 3M to a team thats below minimum payroll level. Otherwise, the ideas of reducing our payroll are all moot.


  113. “Lakers should offer Bynum, Dallas’ picks and Odom’s TPE for Howard + Turkoglu. This might be more attractive than Net’s offer of Lopez + 2 picks. Lakers could then turn around and waive Turkoglu and his $10 m salary using the one-time amnesty clause. ”

    That’s impossible for the Lakers to do. As you can only amnesty players who were on your roster in July. Any player you trade for can’t be amnestied.

    Also, I’m not sure that if that’s the Lakers offer that is a winning one.


  114. Don’t panic. Some teams use a TPE as a way of dumping salary to cut costs. But the main reason for a TPE is to make a non-simultaneous trade. Lamar Odom is going out, but we have up to a year to find out who is coming back.

    The jury is out until the other dominoes fall, and we should give Kupchak the benefit of the doubt until then.


  115. I think we should all look at the possibility that Dwight goes to NJ. Look I love the city of LA and I’m probably the biggest Kobe fan in the world but if you are a 25 year old Dwight, what makes more sense: going to LA where in 2-3 years you have a team worse than what is in Orlando, or would you rather go become the face of an up and coming franchise with a bright future also with one of the best young PGs in the game? If I am thinking of my future and I’m Dwight I pick a young Deron and NJ over LA and an aging Kobe, it’s a safer move. I think that if LA gives up Bynum and Pau, Dwight is worse off than he would be staying in Orlando.


  116. @116

    I’d pick the Lakers in a blink.

    In 2-3 years our team will be worst than Orlando? With the GM that we have? I doubt it.


  117. I’m so confused. Feel like the girl who thought she had a great date with a cool guy and he didn’t call again. That’s what the non-moves and Odom’s departure have left me with … Hope the Buzz kid isn’t killing our Lakers buzz.


  118. Warren and others are right. Way too early to think kupchak is done dealing. Have to give credit to jr and kupchak for angling to get Paul. Odom to Mavis is a shocker, but odom’s walkout left the lakers with little choice if they want to make a better deal before dec 25. Paus play last year was practically unforgiveable, but I give him credit for his professionalism. Would Paul really resign with the clips? Either way, we need to find a pg to help take the load off Kobe and slow down pg penetration. I wish baron Davis wasn’t such a head case, because he would be ok as a stopgap for one year.


  119. Lakers8884 and all other pessimists out there… look, I dunno if it may be considered blind’s faith on my part but if you read between the lines in all these moves, they just equate to Dwight Howard is a Laker.

    As of right now, the only issue is the cost. Its a foregone conclusion that even the Magic organization have resigned to.

    Dwight to NJ talks is merely a smokescreen for us to up our bid.

    Its not just faith, its about reality.

    However, if it ultimately costs Pau as well, I’d die a little more than I have the last 2-3 days.


  120. To profit from TE we would have to find a player which:
    a) could be traded for a TE and nothing else (Lakers have no trading assets except Gasol and Bynum, and they are esential in potential Howard trade),
    b) is more productive than Odom.

    Players like Odom don’t grow on trees. Forget it. It was a salary dump and no matter what Lakers will do with TE – they will end up as a worse team than 2010/11 edition.

    Let’s amnesty Bryant! I’m serious.


  121. lil buss: hey mitch, i finally traded Pau

    mitch: who’d we get in return?

    lil buss: lamar odom!

    mitch: sigh


  122. Magic Phil, Prokorov has the ability to turn the Nets into a powerhouse just like Cuban did to the Mavs. If Dwight wants to come here it’s because of the name on the front of the jersey, not because of the roster here. And you have faith in the front office, I am lukewarm on Mitch. He has made some decent moves, but he’s also made some horrible ones (Luke, Sasha and Artest’s contracts all come to mind). You can say the team will be better with the Mitch at the helm but you can also just as likely say they won’t be because it’s a coin flip at this point. LA could be in rebuilding mode in a few years after Kobe and then what is Dwight left with?


  123. I’m really depressed to seemingly lose Odom for nothing. Sure hope there is a master plan here, but it looks bad. No way we trade Bynum AND Gasol. I hope.


  124. Also Warren I am the furthest thing from a pessimist when it comes to roster moves, you can read any of my comments on previous threads and I am ALWAYS way too optimistic when it comes to trades/ways to improve the team. I was one of the first people to post about Dwight and CP3 coming here and Darius shot me down immediately. I have been texting my NBA following friends for the past week saying LA is about to have a super team etc. I had been telling everyone since the Lakers playoff collapse that Dwight was coming here, but the more I look at things I think there are big reasons for pessimism. AND if the Lakers give up Pau and Bynum for Dwight he will have a worse team than he did last year in Orlando. He will have PGs who combined are horrible compared to Nelson, he may have an improvement in Kobe at SG but for 2-3 years? Then at SF he’s got Barnes and Arest, but Artest is a former shell of who he used to be so Dwight effectively has Barnes like he had 2 years ago on the Magic. He has Caracter at PF? No backup Center? He will be by far worse off if Pau is included in the deal. Basketball wise he would be much smarter to go to New Jersey for the simple reason that Deron Williams is younger than Kobe, no matter what the rest of the Nets roster looks like.


  125. Bynum AND Gasol for DH?


    I rather stay with the way it is now, unfortunately.

    It was just a dream…


  126. Ugh, just woke up to this mess …


  127. Lakers8884-

    Those are good points. I would disagree about the MWP deal, though. His work against Durant and Pierce in the 2010 playoffs was why he was brought in; I think there is one less banner if the team had kept Ariza.

    But Kupchak’s problem is overcommitting to role players:


    And giving player options to role players:


    The Lakers have also made several moves recently, adding Kapono being the latest, that have made the team older and slower.

    Finally, Pau’s and Kobe’s contracts should either be for a bit less money or one year shorter.

    ISTM that Howard would probably want to be here if Gasol were staying or if Kobe were 28, rather than 33. But if ORL insists on Gasol and Bynum, as they very well may and probably should, that makes it dicey for both Howard and the Lakers.

    I could see putting both Gasol and Bynum in the deal–if Odom were sticking around to cover the 4. But the combination of:

    giving up the whole front line for Howard

    no young PF who can step in

    the cap/tax

    Kobe’s contract

    the weaknesses on the roster

    the bad contracts (including Turkoglu’s)

    the fact that Howard could come here, not like it, and walk after a year

    Make it a very risky proposition.

    One thing to remember: the Vujacic TPE must be used by Dec 15–Thursday–or they lose it.


  128. Totally agreed Robinred, these are just the facts that have been staring at me in the face since the CP3 trade and Odom fiasco fell through. It’s an ugly reality but something all us Lakers fans need to face.

    BTW I am thankful for Artest bringing LA that one title, but last year he was horrendous and you can see he has little left in the tank in terms of athleticism(the guy can barely get off the floor). In my opinion Barnes should have been starting over him all year


  129. We will soon be reading…

    “Lakers back in Paul Talks”


  130. I say dump salaries like you own the Clips and then sign D Howard and Deron at the end of the season


  131. MannyP that would be my dream PG and C tandem


  132. Nothing to fear on Kupchak’s corageous move, I think they’re daring and it takes time to sink it in the whole picture.

    I think they need those picks, TPE + Bynum to get Howard. That’s is really a new trade behavior of the management today. Kupchak & Co. were not as daring when the scrubs populated the Lakers.

    Thanks LO for the memories and in helping the Lakers determine their future now. He will still be part of the Laker legacy of the b2b championship.

    Magic GM is not convinced with the NJ offer of Lopez et al and I believe Dwight got the hint, so he defuses the focus of small market rebels by being more condescending on the NJ. I think they’re are all waiting for the package that Kupchak could come up with Orlando. I just go with what DH says that he prefers NJ but also open to the Lakers. Magic GM makes the decision where to trade him among the the three choices.

    Kupchak has to withdraw their offer of the new NO deal because it limits their choices or lose their pieces or advantage in going for queen (DH). The moves reserve for horse (CP3) will come later.

    LO becomes the necessary sacrificial lamb in all of these. Lakers has to raise cash in form of TPE’s reduce luxury taxes and package it to DH offer. Simultaneously, Lakers wanted to take away the NJ advantage of having D’Will in NJ so they let Dallas grab him thereby weakening the NJ attraction for Howard.

    CP3 deal is not over yet though it was derailed by new front that Laker has established. It will be revisited to whatever1) the remaining chips available after the Howard deal; 2) CP3 can opt out to his new team or NO at the end of the season; 3) Perhaps Lakers will just go for decent PG but maintain the two tower concept in DH + PS or PS + AB.

    Undoubtedly, Howard and CP3 know the gold mine reserved for them with the Lakers. They are young and soon there will be the passing of the torch at the end of Kobe’s contract to the Superstar or stars on the Laker roster.


  133. Kobe recently:

    “I don’t see Cuban protesting this trade.”

    Kobe on Odom trade “I don’t like it.”

    “Mitch has proven over course of years that he’s been able to build great team here. Have to all trust that’s he’s going to do that.”

    More at

    Includes some good notes about how the new coaching staff ran the 1st practice:

    -Brown talks to Ebanks about body language tells him wants him to do drill right. Ebanks does, Brown follows w hug “that’s how do it”

    -Nothing is improvised. Each assistant had a practice plan in hand. Just like football coaches

    -Brown asks for 3 guys for a drill. Kobe 1st one to step up

    -Pau on y he practiced “because I love to”

    -Brown allowing media to watch practice. I know only 2nd day but intensity is def high. Lots defense


  134. At this point, I believe we should give the Lakers Front Office the benefit of the doubt. This is not a salary dump, financial concerns are not their first priority. This is about Jim Buss building his own legacy: getting Kobe a few more championships with a smooth transition to the future. Getting either Paul or Howard is guaranteed, getting both is a good possibility.

    Plan A: First, trade Odom/Gasol for Paul (addresses PG need and the star for the future), leaving Paul, Kobe, and Bynum as Lakers’ big 3). Second, try to trade for Howard and Turk with Bynum and whatever else they can package. FAIL.

    Plan B: First, trade Bynum, picks, TE and package for Howard (upgrade injury-prone Bynum and the star for the future) and Turk. The Lakers have more assets, resources and know-how to outbid New Jersey. That leaves Kobe, Gasol and Howard as the Big 3. We won’t include Gasol unless we get equal value back, perhaps through a 3rd team. Second, wait for the 2012 free agency for Chris Paul. Paul will not re-sign with the Clippers or Warriors, and will look for an instant multiple championship contending superteam to join. Lakers could give him Howard, Kobe and possibly Gasol (possible trade). Knicks could give him Carmelo, Chandler and possibly Amare (possible trade). Paul would have his choice in a sign & trade since whichever team he’s playing for, will want to get somthing back instead of letting him walk. I would tend to believe Paul would choose to play with the best franchise and best center in the world.

    If the Lakers get the Howard trade, Billups in primed to join the Lakers this season at the MLE or Sasha TE, after giving his warning to teams to not take him off waivers.


  135. Nice find, Snoopy.


  136. I have a strange feeling that Howard is not going to be traded to the Lakers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out and says he actually wants to stay with Orlando.


  137. the other Stephen December 11, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    139. didn’t howard just formally request a trade? if he wanted to remain with orlando, he would have stayed silent and played the PR game. i don’t see what incentive he has to flip-flop.


  138. Cir-Lakers: Nice post. I am looking for someone to give me some optimism, and you gave it a good attempt. However, i do not see where the LO move fits into this. I noticed you didn’t address that? 🙂 Further, you imply that we should wait until year end to sign someone as a big blockbuster. Two things there: One: How many years does Kobe have left?, and we are going to just throw one away? Two: There are many other teams who would compete with us. I know people love to play in LA, but money talks. Signing people after the year is over is very speculative, and in the meantime our aging roster will be one year older.


  139. No way NBA GM wants to trade Gasol-Odom for Paul, or Odom to Dallas. Did Boston Celtics want to trade with Miami Heat ?

    I think Lakers did not like the contract they gave to Odom, so they wait until this season and let him go right away. If Lakers want to improve the team, why they did not trade Odom to NBA teams in the East? Orlando GM will love to have Gasol-Odom or Bynum-Odom more than Brandon Hayward-Shawn Marion of Dallas.

    Kupchack talked about another big trade, is that involved Golden St because Jerry West is there ? We will find out. If Luke will be in LA by Friday, once again, it proves to us Lakers do like to keep Luke here, and we don’t here an excuse ” saving luxury tax “.