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Dave Murphy —  January 18, 2012

Things seem a little quiet on the Western front. The Lakers actually have a second day off in a row. Lamar came to town the other day, still seeking answers. Trade rumors continue, although more tilted toward the Clippers/Howard variety. And then there’s Kobe, playing 38 minutes-per-game with a bad wrist and a platelet-enriched knee. This is Mike Brown’s first dance with the team. It’s tough to sit a star like Kobe Bryant, unparalleled with his desire to win, and with little depth behind him.

As related by Mark Medina at the L.A. Times Lakers blog, Mike Brown talked to Kobe about increasing minutes in the short run, in hopes of building a cushion in the west. (Question: you’ve got 10 teams within a 5-point spread – how do you propose building a cushion?)

With trade rumors continuing to float around lazily, Andy Kamenetzky at ESPN, looks at Bynum versus Howard, through the eyes of the LA. big man, “I don’t make any comparisons,” insisted Bynum, “…I always look up to him and want to be able to get the ball and do the things he does with it.”

Also by Andy, in the K-bros, Land O’Lakers blog, a look at the upcoming roadie which has the Lakers facing the Heat and the Magic on Thursday and Friday back-to-backs.

Speaking of trade rumors, Mike Miller at Yahoo Sports takes a swipe at the above-mentioned Clippers/Dwight Howard variety.

Eric Pincus at Hoopsworld, writes about second-round rookie Darius Morris, getting his moment, far ahead of schedule.

Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie, opines about Michael Jordan’s statement that Kobe Bryant’s the only player who merits comparison.

And last but certainly not least, Jan Hubbard at Sheridan Hoops doesn’t hedge any bets, laying out her view of Kobe’s place on the world stage of basketball – still number one.


That’s about all I’ve got folks. not a lot of breaking news. Thanks to Darius for catching the excellent Pincus article. The thread’s open and please, feel free to post links, start a topic or pick one from above.

– Dave Murphy


Dave Murphy