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Dave Murphy —  January 25, 2012

With a recent three-game skid, questions about the Lakers’ direction and purpose have been stacking up from fans, writers, and even El Spaniard, normally a model of diplomacy. Personally, when Pau complains that he’s not spending enough time in the paint, I tend to listen. It would have been easy to fill a page with Gasol-gate links but that wouldn’t ensure a proper variety in our diets. Today’s buffet offers a range of tasty choices, from the lack of touches to tonight’s game against our hallway rivals.

Ben Bolch at the L.A. Times, quotes our man Gasol, who was disappointed with his marching orders in the second half of Sunday night’s loss against the Pacers. “…in the second half, I didn’t have one chance to attack from the post.”

Mark Medina at the L.A. Times Lakers blog tracks the same storyline, which as he points out, isn’t gaining clarity.

Even Basketbawful gets into the act, with a Pau-centric entry in Sunday’s “Worst of the Night” column. Make sure to watch the video titled “Boomer Breaks the Blackboard”. There’s no relation to the Lakers/Pacer’s section of text but that’s where it’s embedded, and it is must-see.

Brian Kamenetzky at the Land O’Lakers, takes a hard look at Mike Brown’s search for answers, particularly when it comes to Darius Morris and the lack of options at the point.

Andy Kamenetzky at the LOL, points out that there are real stakes riding on tonight’s game, and tells us what to look for.

While it’s not about the Lakers, Kurt Helin at ProBasketballTalk tells Knicks fans why Phil Jackson’s not coming to save them. I’m a sucker for anything about Phil.

Kurt also lets us know that Bill Walton’s predicting a Heat/Lakers match-up in the finals. Yes, Bill!

Yesterday, after reading a damning string of comments on FB&G, I paid a visit to TrueHoop, where Henry Abbott had written glowingly about the Lakers’ beautiful offense. This is called stepping through the looking glass.

Ben Rosales at Silver Screen and Roll, takes a beast or burden look at the Lakers, trying to find some positives.

Steve Perrin at Clips Nation, figures the key to beating the Lakers is to double and triple-team Kobe – he’ll take the shots anyway.


This time last week, things were downright peaceful in Lakerland – we’d won five in a row and were sitting in 2nd place in the west. What a difference a few games makes – we’re now languishing in 10th. With a slew of roadies looming, the conversation’s sure to get choppier. If it’s any solace, the difference between 2nd and 10th right now, is only two games.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy