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Dave Murphy —  January 27, 2012

 The warm afterglow of Wednesday’s Lakers win over the Clippers, is still lingering. There’s no game tonight, with a back-to-back away trip tomorrow and Sunday, against Milwaukee and Minnesota respectively. The Lakers moved from 10th to 7th with one win, and are only 4.5 games out of first in the west. That’s how tight it is, and that’s how it’ll probably continue – a choppy checkerboard course of games, with teams flying back and forth across the country in byzantine fashion. Many thanks to the league  for creating a compressed schedule ripe for havoc and injury. As follows, some writings from Peace to Pau:

Dave McMenamin, ESPN: World Peace wants people to know the definition of who he is doesn’t include any malicious intent. “On the court, I’m definitely not a mean person. I’m still the same person. I play extremely hard,” he told 710 ESPN. “You won’t be seeing that much. I can play basketball with just as much energy without talking smack and still being energized and having fun with the fans.” Gasol put it thusly: “He’s World Peace now. He can’t be too aggressive or too violent out there. He’s preaching peace.” Still, whatever player wore No. 15 for the Lakers last night– the docile Metta World Peace, the rambunctious Ron Artest, or some combination of the two — was sprung to life by the Clippers. And Clippers-Lakers games are sure to be just as lively for every player involved moving forward.

Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports: These Lakers needed a night where they were no longer fighting Mike Brown’s offense, fighting the rim for shots to fall into the basket. They found some trust, found contributions everywhere, and the Big Three of Bryant, Gasol and Bynum played like champions. All hell was breaking loose in the Staples Center, and finally there was someone called Metta World Peace flexing at midcourt, letting the love wash down over him, and it sure looked like the old Ron Artest. These Clippers are coming for the Lakers, but whatever innocence Pau Gasol claimed, it was no accident when he patted Chris Paul on the head, suggesting the Clips and their point guard run along for now. These are still Kobe Bryan’s Lakers, and they still have a championship DNA. All hell broke loose at Staples, and the Lakers had come out tougher, together. There’s still some guys you don’t mess with in the NBA and they still play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Mike Bresnahan, L.A. Times: When Andrew Goudelock’s name was called 46th overall on draft day last June, there was a series of shrugs. He was one of four Lakers second-round selections, an undersized shooter generously listed at 6 feet 3. When he arrived at the Lakers’ facility, he found out quickly that every number he wanted, was either being used of retired. So he picked No. 0. He had his reasons. “I was recruited by maybe two schools,” he said. “I don’t get many chances in this life, so for me, zero just represents everything I’ve been through. I’ve had to make my own chances every step and I’m just trying to do it here.” The Lakers will take it, especially with Steve Blake sidelined at least another week because of a rib injury. Goudelock scored only 10 points in 10 games, before Wednesday’s breakthrough.

Kevin Ding, the OC Register:  In a candid interview Thursday with Canal+ Espana, forward Pau Gasol said that other players – not just Kobe Bryant — need to be involved in the offense for the Lakers to work. Bryant is the team’s leading scorer and shot-taker, attempting 463 shots in the first 19 games, nearly twice as many as Gasol (245) and more than double Andrew Bynum (182). Gasol said the fact that the Lakers star takes the majority of the shots is “reality” – “It’s not a plan or improv, it is what it is and will continue to happen,” Gasol said to the Spanish language website. “The system has to help us all so we can contribute so he doesn’t have to carry the load. So at the end, it’s not just only his decision or the decision of any other player on the court, but more about the plays we run and the system.” Gasol re-iterated that he prefers playing closer to the basket than sitting in the high post, as he did in Wednesday’s victory against the Clippers. Gasol scored 23 points on 9-of-13 shooting and 10 rebounds.

Connor Hutchton at Hardwood Paroxysm Every week, Hardwood Paroxysm hosts a guest column from Tim Rethers, who is not a real person or a basketball fan. He gives us his unique perspective and insight, generally based on things hes heard or accidentally learned. I “watched” one game this week, when I was changing the channel from Court TV. I only watched for a few minutes, but it seemed like Kobe Bryant was making more shots than the other team. My favorite part is when he makes those weird facial expressions and stares down the big guy with the beard. Heard some interesting things around the water cooler the day after the game. Bill from IT was going on and on about that big bearded guy, so I butted in and mentioned how many shots Kobe’s been making. “Sure, but I think hes maybe been shooting too much.” I snorted and walked away. Bill doesn’t know the first thing about basketball, I bet. He also won’t fix my computer. Think he might have something against me. Whatever. Sometimes people forget to invite a co-worker to Golden Corral. It happens. Bill needs to learn to live with it.


That be it, sports fans. The torches have been put on hold and threads seem to be in a fairly benevolent mood. I myself, am feeling somewhat recalcitrant, for matters not related to peace or roundball. Pick a topic or pick something else and discuss amongst yourselves.

Dave Murphy


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  1. I see Kenyon Martin will be available as a free agent next month. The article I read states 5 teams are interested in him, the Lakers were not mentioned. The highest he would be offered by any of those teams is the mini-mid-level exception (approx $2M per). At 6’9, 260 & defensive minded, he sounds like a nice back up to Gasol & Bynum. Character could send the rest of the season in the D league. What do you think?


  2. Dave M. Loved your line about the Lakers moving from 10th to 7th with one win. It does, indeed, look to be a crazy season.

    BCS – Lakers need a PG and SG, not a back up big. At least, that is my take on it.


  3. @ VoR, Lakers need a lot. Are you satisfied with what they currently have filling in the gap that L. O. left? And the Lakers have to get Gasol’s minutes down.


  4. @BCS I feel the need for a point guard trumps the need for a backup big.


  5. The need for a point guard easily trumps all other Laker needs at this point, no pun intended

    In regards to players stuck over in China, I’d say the Lakers would want Aaron Brooks, J.R. Smith and finally Kenyon Martin, in that order


  6. Martin is strictly a 4 and the Lakers are pretty deep there currently (Pau/McRoberts/Murphy/Caracter). Barring an injury I might try to upgrade the weaknesses elsewhere. Just my opinion but I am not a fan of his game or the intangibles he would add to the team.

    Not to beat a dead horse but the pain points are at the 1(a true lead PG like DWill) and the 3 (a lead SF or someone who can know down a three with regularity).

    The key to the recent victory over the Clippers was the modest scoring increase from the backcourt (via Goudelock). Possibly a tier 2 PG like Brooks could satisfy this need for the balance of the year.

    Additionally, a legitimate scoring threat from the SF position will create more spacing and balance. But tweaking at the edges only serves to make us more of a threat this year.

    The real question is what can be done long term. And the key to that question is what is to be done with Pau? At 31 he is on the cusp of being a asset of declining value. The longer you keep him the less value you can get for him in return.

    I think back on the Glenn Rice trade. He was 31 at the time the Lakers acquired him. He was integral to the Lakers in winning the championship that year. However, he hit the wall shortly after and was a locker room liability by the time he was 33. He ceased to become a tradeable asset.

    I love Pau but if Bynum is behind the glass, which will be broken only in the event of a DH trade, then Pau has to be moved if the Lakers want to become younger and more athletic.


  7. Gents, only pg available will be Aaron Brooks, and my understanding is he’s a restricted free agent & will command a lot more $$$. K-Mart’s an unrestricted free agent who’s in the Lakers price range.


  8. Appreciate everyone’s responses to my repetitive (sorry) banging of the D12 drum. For those of you who stated reasons why Orlando might keep him or why someone else might get him, I agree. We may have already lost him. My point is that the only way we have any chance to get him is 14′ for 7′. But the real reason that I want him badly, is what is going to happen if we do not get him. So welcome to my nightmare:

    The FO fuddles away the remaining time before the TD attempting to get D12, but they fail. We may get a journeymen PG via trade or exception between now and the playoffs, however I think the over/under now would be a second round exit (Ken may disagree). ESPN and USA Today already have headlines pre-written for such an event (“Are the Lakers Finished?”). The Heat win the title, therefore LeBronze is anointed the new King of the NBA. Soon thereafter, D12 and DW sign in Dallas and the Heat and the Mavs start staring each other down for an extended Cold War. The Lakers with their bloated payroll will pick up a role player here or there, but will not make headlines with any major moves. The Laker fan base, this board included will wonder why we can’t fix things. Kobe starts absolutely boiling over, realizing that there is a super team in the East and one in the West, and he is part of neither. He will see his last years passing before him and what he will see is an aging veteran with no chance at a title, who is simply trying to move up on the scoring list. Now for some (think Steve Nash) that wouldn’t be so bad, but Kobe is not going to be satisfied with that. He has one goal and one goal only, to be the best player ever, and he knows he needs rings. At least one more to make an argument and probably 2 more. He will not end his career coasting. His drive this year should show everyone that. Kobe will go to Mitch and those talks will result in #24 feeling boxed in. Kobe will make demands only this time it is not 2007, and this problem can’t be fixed quickly. At this point the move will make too much sense for both parties. We hit rock bottom faster and start to re-build and KB gets his shot at more rings. We then trade Pau for younger up and comers (his value will not be high) and try to build around Drew. We have a 90’s like decade and Jim Buss will become the Dan Snyder of the NBA (high prices, lots of glitz, short on results).

    Now – before you flame me, please realize that there is no bigger KB fan on this board and I think it would be a travesty to see him anywhere other than in a Laker uniform. Also realize that I love the Lakers and I am hoping to avoid this scenario. I see no other way out other than to pair Kobe with another superstar to keep his interest now, and to have a superstar to build around, post-Kobe. I am very confident that the FO agrees with me, and that they are trying desperately to get D12 to come here. I just hope that they have not missed their opportunity and that they are able to pull this off. The future of our franchise depends on it.


  9. Well, at least in the meantime Kobe is chasing legends by scoring a ton.

    Oh, wait a minute, Kobe’s a legend too.

    But still, it’s quite a ride.


  10. This team’s going through enough adjustments within a shortened, compressed period of time, as it is. Tossing K-Mart into the mix is inviting disaster. Josh McRoberts is doing a good job in reserve, and would have developed even further in the system if it hadn’t been for the toe injury that kept him out for several games. I doubt that Caracter will see any playing time at all after he returns from injury. And, if we do sign anybody, we’ll need to axe a player to make room. Caracter would most likely be the odd man out.


  11. NO came into tonight’s game at 3-15, and they are holding Kaman out while they shop him–he isn’t even in the arena, apparently. Gordon of course is still hurt and not playing.

    And, NO currently leads ORL 61-44 in the 3rd qtr; Howard has played 25 minutes and has 17 pts and 11 rebs.


  12. My worst nightmare

    We trade both Andrew and Pau for Howard.

    we now have holes at PF and back up center as well as PG and shooting.

    Without either Pau or Andrew to run with the second unit, it becomes even worse then it already is.

    We have no other tradable assets to be able to fill all the holes.

    We can’t find a trade using the TPE and it expires like Sasha’s.

    We miss the playoffs THIS YEAR. At least we will have a lottery pick as consolation.


  13. Personally, I wouldn’t mind Martin as I’d think he’d take Murphy’s minutes which wouldn’t be the biggest deal. Dave M. makes a good point about another variable to an already (somewhat) unstable situation due to all the change, however.

    That said, I don’t think Martin is in the Lakers’ price range. A tax paying team could probably offer up their mini-MLE and LA could only offer the minimum. I do agree w/ everyone else, though – LA’s back court issues take priority as they are the bigger issues.


  14. We miss the playoffs THIS YEAR


    That is possible now. It really comes down to the fact that people have differences of opinions about how good Howard actually is, and about how good Pau and Andrew are. It is a compex question. I will say, though, that I think you are being too linear in your thinking.

    Orlando lost to NO 93-67; that is their third embarrassing loss this week. Like the Lakers, they are not a serious contender in their present state.


  15. I am not sure Character would be the one cut if a trade is made. He had 20 points and 4 boards in 22 minutes in his 1st game back in the D league. He has definite up side. I think it would be either Kapono or Murphy. Neither are doing much.


  16. Robert everything you say is probably. Only problem is the Lakers are a 6th or 7th seed as they are today. With Howard they are are 6th or ,7th seed with more dunks and 49% free throws.

    Either way I am not happy nor will be iPad be happy from the pounding it will take.

    I would rather see either Pau going for a good shooting PG like Lowery or a deal with Suns which includes trade exception, draft chooses and rookies for right to Brooks.

    Either gives us a shot at 3rd ir 4th seed and at least first round home court. In case you missed it we are not a very good away team!


  17. Turkoglu was a +/- -32 tonight in the magic loss. 1 for 7 three points. 3 boards, 6 turnovers in 29 minutes. Just sayin.


  18. Turkoglu has had trouble since the back issues. He was playing well prior to that. And, of course, it would be easy enough to show a few MWP, Kapono, McRoberts, and Troy Murphy stat lines, too.

    We will know more about the Lakers after the next 10 games. But we already know quite a bit.


  19. We know quite a bit — and we know practically nothing at all.

    There are no quick fixes available. Any that come along will be surprise trades, like the Gasol trade – and we are not in on those discussions.

    All this gabbing about ‘junk’ around the edges just shows we require a game every night, just to keep the fanbase occupied with something besides trades.



  20. Craig,

    Say what you like. The team is not a serious contender as it is. That is why people are talking about trades.

    If you don’t like the discussion, you are free to change the topic without being rude.


  21. don’t think it’s a coincidence that Dallas, Lakers , and Boston are hitting their strie at the same time. I think lakers come out of this next 9 7-2.

    Then lakers should make a move for Jarrett Jack. That’ll be a nice pickup espically because w/ blake’s injury his herky jerky jumpshot motion it’s possible he can get re-injured. Knock on wood.

    Don’t get me wrong if a Bynum 4 Howard straight up is possible. Do It


  22. Robert has a point on his long summary.

    Yes, we need a PG, however there is also this Dwight derby coming up as well as D’Will. This kind of players are not available every season. They know that there is a market in LA especially after Kobe years, rings + rich contract + side business. We should eye on the price but not at a desperate move of trading both 7 footers. I think Drew plus other players except Pau would be enough for the trade. If Orlando resists, then it is up to DH to make the ultimate decision. I looked at it like buying a house that you really want, however there are so many hindrances in acquiring it. Therefore, the rule is if it is not yours, then move on to another task. You cannot put all your marbles just to please Kobe, Dwight or D’Will. It has to be the team’s over riding interest. Laker brand will always be marketable whether in this season or in the future years. After all, we are situated in the second biggest market which does not disappear nor depend on the lives of Superstars. It’s up to them to come and make it happen. Like for example D’Will, his agent has to be creative enough to craft a trade through TPE 8 million for one year subject to renewable long term contract or an MLE with rider at the end of 4th year at player’s option etc. I hope you got my point.

    With regatds to other PG’s, we have Asst. Coach Messina, can he not recruit a tall PG, good shooter among the Euro League players? Their teams in Europe are cash strapped at this time due to the Eurozone financial meltdown, I know there are great guards in the Lithuanian team, Team Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Do they have to be drafted? Is there anybody there better than Fisher and Darius Morris?


  23. Really Kevin 7-2?

    Their going to beat Denver, Philly, Utah and Boston on the road?

    Wish I could agree but with this point guard, this bench and this big 3 forced to play too many minutes I just can’t imagine that will happen.

    Do you really believe 1 and 7 goes to 8 and 9 based on one win against the Clippers?



  24. Ken, Just trying to be optomistic again. I’m expecting the team ball and effort I saw vs Clippers. Those teams are beatable if Pau shows up like he did Weds.

    What do you think record will be?


  25. I agree with everyone who says we are not serious contenders. But we are not that far off either. One or two decent role players and we would be right there. But if we trade both Pau and Andrew that one or two turns into three or four role players away. Even if we could get Howard straight up for Andrew(which I would do in a heart beat) we still wouldn’t be a serious contender with out filling other holes.


  26. Wow, the Magic lost to the Hornets.


  27. The issue with trading Bynum for Howard straight up, from Orlando’s POV, is that the Lakers have neither decent young players nor expirings that could be used to take back Turkoglu’s contract. Orlando might consider Howard/Turk for Bynum + w.o getting Pau if the Lakers had appealing pieces to a team trying to reboot. The Lakers don’t have those pieces, so if they want to get Howard without dealing Pau, there will likely need to be a third team.

    Also, Phoenix, like Orlando, was embarrassed tonight. I think a Nash to Orlando deal is quite possible.

    As far as the next nine games, I posed the question a couple of times to the optimistic types, asking who on the current roster was likely to increase his production enough to make a difference.

    In the Clippers game, Goudelock scored 14 points on 5/8 shooting. Prior to that game, he had scored 10 points all season.

    If there is to be internal improvement, it will likely now come from Goudelock and McRoberts and perhaps Morris. I have been saying Ebanks all year, but MWP’s performance against the Clippers will push Ebanks further down the bench.

    Pau might do a little better–but he is not going to be up against short-armed 4s like Griffin and Evans every game.


  28. Kevin

    I would be thrilled with 3 and 4.

    Back to back Denver and Utah is very tough. Denver playing great ball and a short bench with mike high looks like a loss. No way we beat Utah twice at home especially coming off Denver night before.

    Philly is very well coached team and one of the best defensive teams in league. Also Kobe tends to show off in his old home town.

    Now you have to expect Boston, and Boston fans with Rondo and Allen back or New York with way to many nightclubs to be loss 4.

    I would be very happy with 4 and 4, assuming they don’t overlook Charlotte.

    Sorry but this Laker team is a .500 club until the personal changes. Or Andrew G turns out to be Roy Hobbs!


  29. Rumor is Lakers are supposedly going to sign Gilbert Arenas. He’s been at UCLA practicing. Don’t know for sure but they’re not sure about Blake’s longterm prognosis. Nothing factual. at least not yet anyway

    Ken you my friend are totally not sold on this team. I would suggest blow it up if our window wasn’t already so slighty open. We should just give it another run and hope guys get bought out then get them.

    I feel ownership thinks the core needs to stay together as well. We have the continuity just need to figure things out. We’ll be the Spurs or Knicks of the 99 lockout


  30. Leaving the Grammy Trip aside, neither game this weekend will be easy. Bogut is out again, but Milwaukee beat Miami this week and plays hard. The Lakers beat Milwaukee by 1 on the road last year and lost to them here.

    Minnesota as is well-known has Rubio, Love and some athletes. They are 9-10 and have beaten San Antonio and Dallas this week.


  31. Word is NO is trying hard to move Eric Gorden. I would jump over a car to have him. Plays hard, great shooter, better defender then what we have and Kobe Gorden would be the best scoring back court in tbe NBA.

    Stern owes us and good Lakers is good for tbe NBA based on ratings.

    Trade exception, draft chose, Ebanks and Morris? Throw in Character if need be. Amnesty Walton if it helps. Gorden makes this team a top 3 team.

    MItch, Jerry, Jimmy! Pay attention this is tbe deal you and Laker fans have been waiting for!


  32. Bogut’s out with a fractured ankle… Gooden would probably take the starting slot? Tough match-up for him against Andrew.


  33. We need a starting caliber pg. Kirk Hinrich is no longer the answer. When we were in the triangle he fit perfectly. With the new offense (or lack there of) we need a point guard that can get to the rim or break down the defense well enough to dish to an open man. Kirk’s bio reads (from Hollinger):

    + Tough combo guard who likes to shoot midrange jumpers going to his right.

    + Rarely attacks rim or breaks down D. Just average long-range shooter.

    + Elite wing defender but struggles to check quick point guards.

    Hinrich is a capable defender and certainly was a vast improvement on Mike Bibby, but his play as Atlanta’s point guard really underscored the fact that he has more value as a shooting guard. Defensively, he’s an ace on the wings but ho-hum against point guards, many of whom can beat him off the dribble with quickness. Although he’s just 6-3, he compensates for size mismatches on the wing by tightly checking opponents and pestering them.

    It’s not like he brings a ton to the table offensively these days. Hinrich only took 77 shots in the basket area all season; nearly three-quarters of his attempts were from beyond 15 feet. While he shot respectably on long 2s (40.8 percent) and capably on 3s (39.9 percent), it’s tough to point out a real differentiating skill for him at the offensive end. He hasn’t shot the ball well enough to be a true sniper, and he doesn’t penetrate or dish well enough to be a creator.


  34. IMO

    The options are Deron Williams, Mo Williams, Ramon Sessions, and Devin Harris, in some form of trade, and in that order of importance. If we trade Drew to get D12, we have to avoid Turkoglu at all costs, if we can’t, we’re sunk on these point guards. I would get Devin Harris now for LO’s TPE and then work on getting D12. If we have to trade Devin Harris back to NJ to get D-Will, so be it. Now that would be a coup!!! The prodigal son returns.


  35. I have been the site’s and the team’s biggest Pau Gasol defender, but if we are to structure our offense, defense, payroll and everything else in between, it would have to be a deal with Houston.

    Chris Broussard came up with the idea, I just had to fine tune it a bit.


  36. Mixed feelings about Howard – unless Orlando gets really desperate, a Howard trade likely makes the team worse this season. But it would be a great first step for the future.


  37. @Roberts scenario is certainly possible if not likely assuming the Lakers are not able to pull off a Pau-like trade. We know it, the FO knows it (which is why they are holding on to amnesty). Im not sure trading Pau and Bynum is the answer because that essentially guarantees that Kobe asks out. Do you think they can compete against a loaded and young Thunder team with Kobe +D12 + scrubs? It would have been nice to see the lakers trade Pau +odom for an elite PG, oh wait (F stern/Gilbert).

    @warren wee lim – that trade is a no brainier for the Lakers but I have heard Lowry is essentially untouchable so unfortunately that trade is not likely


  38. Gasol for Scola/Lowry has been out there for awhile. Hollinger has talked around it as well. Problem is that Lowry is playing like an All-Star and is locked into a 3/18 deal–don’t see Houston moving him.

    Harris: my understanding is that he doesn’t fit in the TPE. In addition, all the Western teams who have lost playoff series to the Lakers over the last few years are unlikely to solve the PG problem for them. Harris is not playing well.

    Gooden is starting at C for Milwaukee; Derrick Rose killed them last night in part because of it. That should help the Lakers, but the Lakers will probably have a lot of trouble with Jennings. Earl Boykins, who had one of the best games of his career against the Lakers last year, is no longer there. They do have Shaun Livingston and Beno Udrih.


  39. It’s painfully hilarious that Devin Harris is sitting there as trade bait but the Lakers’ TPE falls just short of being able to absorb his contract. Without some team having a fire sale it’s a real puzzle as to how this team is going to improve at the 1.


  40. So Kamen is not playing because they are trading him and Gorden won’t sign so he is gone.

    This turns out as one of the worst trades in history for Chris Paul.

    Stern should be fully investigated. Clearly he did this to protect the Miami’s, Chicago and make sure the Lakers couldn’t win again.

    If that happened in any other sport it would be a scandal!


  41. Ken,

    I can empathize, but there is an argument to be made that the Stern deal is better long-term for NO. The problems, however, are the facts that:

    1. The original deal was a not a ripoff.
    2. The conflict of interest problems were very obvious, and were made even more so thanks to Gilbert and Cuban.

    As I noted up above, Minnesota is 9-10 and actually has a pretty good team, so it is likely that the pick in the deal will be low-lottery. NO’s own pick may be #1–that is one reason that they have simply sent Kaman home until they trade him; it is in their interest to lose (which makes Orlando’s 93-67 loss to them last night even more disturbing from Orlando’s POV).


  42. Riding on the “availables” at this point in the season, gives you a good idea what you need to do as a team.

    So far, the players that have come out in the open and have been made available by their teams are: Chris Kaman and Jose Calderon. Lakers could really utilize those draft picks to improve big time, its just a question of will we.

    Calderon and Kaman are 2 solid vets who are exactly what we need. Trading for them, with what picks and whatnot is another story. IMO we should be courting Calderon 1st and exploring possibilities for Kaman. Those 2, if by giving up minimal assets can be had, gives this team a very interesting boost.


  43. So Stern’s thinking is it will add value to the franchise to lose more of it’s fan base, take a chance on a number one pick(see Kwaime Brown) and make the price so low that your average unemployed American can have a NBA team in it’s driveway?

    Give Stern Frank McCorts number, he’s a buyer.

    If I ran my company this way I would be on welfare and running a blog in my ample spare time.


  44. Ken

    Funny stuff.


  45. Michael H: That is an impressive counter-nightmare : ) However, your nightmare ends with us having D12, Kobe, and a lotto pick. Mine ends with an early exit, no lotto pick, Kobe in another uniform, and AB instead of D12. This makes ur scenario seem like a dream : )


  46. Alex Kennedy at Hoopsworld has reported the Lakers interest in Gilbert Arenas. I wasn’t crazy about signing during training camp but now…. he couldn’t be any worse then Kapono, right? I think we cut Kapono and take a flyer on him. It will cost us nothing more then a pro rated vets minimum. Very low risk signing.


  47. Wow – just saw Howard’s post game comments. Good stuff : ) Mitch: Not a bad time to call them : )


  48. Agree with the upgrade needs at the 1 but as always the glass is often half empty here at FB & G. I think for the most part the pieces are there. I think a more blaring weakness is the lack of an offensive system. The few games I’ve seen they have looked completely lost on offense. While I’m happy with the defensive improvements I often wonder how this roster would fare under the Zen master.