Preview and Chat: The Milwaukee Bucks

Darius Soriano —  January 28, 2012

Records: Lakers 11-8 (8th in West), Bucks 7-11 (9th in East)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 102.3 (16th in NBA), Bucks 100.6 (21st in NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 100.1 (10th in NBA), Bucks 102.9 (17th in NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Matt Barnes, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum
Bucks: Brandon Jennings, Shaun Livingston, Carlos Delfino, Luc Mbah a Moute, Drew Gooden
Injuries: Lakers: Steve Blake (out), Derrick Caracter (out); Bucks: Andrew Bogut (out)

The Lakers Coming in: The Lakers may be coming off a big win but the question is if they know how to keep that momentum going. The key to the last game was a balanced Laker attack in which Pau Gasol’s aggressive play was the fulcrum. When Pau attacks off the dribble, finds a way to the post, and doesn’t settle for his jumper on two out of every three possessions, the Lakers are a better team. The rest of the team can play off of him because he’s still their best non-Kobe facilitator of offense which also means that Kobe can work off Gasol to get easier shots for himself.

Also key, though, is playing with energy. The Lakers had two days off before that Clipper game and have had another two days off before tonight’s contest (though they did travel yesterday). That rest (and subsequent practice time) led to fresher legs and more consistent, determined effort. It showed on defense and it showed in how they moved around the court on offense. It also seemed to help their outside shooting (especially Fisher’s) as they had more lift on their J’s which led to a better success rate. Throw in a little bench help and voila, a formula for winning games is spawned. Here’s hoping they can keep it going tonight.

The Bucks Coming in: The Bucks have won three of their last five games and sit right outside the playoffs in the East. After their run two years ago where “Fear the Deer” was a common phrase all over the internet but a disappointing follow up last season, this team was hoping to get back to their winning ways this campaign.

But so far, they’ve been very up and down. A shake up to their roster – they traded Corey Maggette for Stephen Jackson and John Salmons for Beno Udrih – has taken time to come together as Jackson (a noted malcontent when things don’t line up for him the way he’d like) at first complained about his contract and then a move to the bench. Injuries have also greatly affected the Bucks, first to their combo forward and defensive stopper Mbah a Moute and more recently – and more importantly – to Andrew Bogut.

The injury to Bogut is huge and for obvious reasons. First because he’s a fantastic defensive big man that plays the pick and roll well, protects the paint, and can control the defensive glass. And while his offense has been wanting since his horrid elbow injury two years ago, he’d been making strides this year, showing a willingness to attack more using that bad arm. Now though, with a fractured ankle and questionable return this season, the Bucks miss all that he brings to the table while also pushing players up their depth chart that are ill-fit to replace what Bogut provides.

Not all is awful for this team, though. Brandon Jennings has taken a big step forward from his first two seasons, improving his efficiency on offense by finishing better at the rim and consistently hitting his mid range jumper. Jackson, after the aforementioned issues, has found that a reserve role isn’t so bad – especially when he’s closing games out as a compliment to Jennings on the wing. Shaun Livingston has also, finally, found a role with a team as a secondary ball handler and playmaker that allows Jennings to work off the ball in some of their half court sets.

How this will all come together with Bogut out remains to be seen. They’re a fringe playoff team at best but do have a scrappy coach that will surely find ways to compensate on the defensive side of the ball. Whether they can score enough points – long a problem for this team – will likely decide if they see the second season or not.

Bucks Blogs: Buckstetball provides very good insight and analysis on this team. Check them out.

Keys to game: With Bogut out, the game plan couldn’t be simpler on offense – attack the interior. Drew Gooden (who did come into the season in very good shape) will likely get the nod in the pivot and will have to contend with Andrew Bynum. Gasol, meanwhile, will likely see a heavy dose of the Bucks’ best defender (Mbah a Moute) but the Spaniard still has an advantage with his height and length. L.A.’s bigs should get a heavy dose of the ball throughout the game to make the Bucks either double team or give up shots in the paint. If they do see the 2nd defender, the Lakers must take advantage by hitting some shots but they must also look to move the ball quickly and change sides of the floor so they can get the ball back into the paint via penetration or another post up on the weak side so they’re not so reliant on hitting jumpers to make the Bucks pay. To accomplish this though, the Lakers must get into their offensive sets quickly so that they have time to move the ball in and out of the post. It’s hard to work the ball around if a set isn’t initiated until there’s under 15 seconds on the shot clock.

Defensively, the Lakers must make their size advantage a strength and not a liability. The Bucks will run a variety of small ball lineups out on the floor and the Lakers must make that group attack the teeth of the defense and finish over their size. The outstretched arms of Pau and Bynum can make the Buck’s lives hard, but the Lakers’ perimeter D must force them into spots on the floor where the bigs can affect those shots. If the Lakers’ rotations are late or they don’t contest outside jumpers with the tenacity that’s needed, open jumpers will result and Jackson, Jennings, Ilyasova, Delfino, Dunleavy, and rookie Jon Leuer can hit those shots. So, the Lakers must close out hard, make these guys put the ball on the floor and funnel them to their help where shots can be better contested and altered. If the Lakers can then close down the lane on the weak side and rebound, they’ll be able to control this game on that side of the floor.

The individual match up that will need the most attention is Jennings against the Lakers’ PG’s. As mentioned earlier, the Compton native is having his best season as a pro by breaking his man down off the dribble and using the P&R to get into the lane to finish. He’s doing a lot of damage 15 feet and in so the Lakers must be quick to react to him and close down his space once he’s below the foul line. If the Lakers can keep him to his right hand and make him take long two pointers off the dribble, that’s their best bet for success but that will take a team effort and for Fisher/Goudelock/Morris to play smart and show discipline when Jennings gets into attack mode.

Ultimately, this is a game the Lakers should win. The Bucks are missing their best big man and also played last night in Chicago. Meanwhile the Lakers have been in Milwaukee since yesterday afternoon and haven’t played since Wednesday. L.A. should be rested and be looking to carry their momentum from the Clipper game over to this contest. That said, the Lakers have been horrid on the road and will need some role players to play well which is always a dicey proposition on the road. The Bucks have given the Lakers problems for the past several seasons and if the Lakers think that this will be a walk, they’ll be wrong. They must keep their energy high and play smart basketball. In a season like this, there are no nights off. Here’s hoping the Lakers understand that tonight.

Where you can watch: 5:30 start time on KCAL. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710am.

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114 responses to Preview and Chat: The Milwaukee Bucks

  1. Darius: Great write up. I totally agree with the part about getting into the O sets quickly (this is a constant issue). One minor correction; Bucks are #8 in the East according to the NBA, which happens to be the same as us in the West : )

  2. I love Brandon Jennings as a player, can’t wait to see how the defense handles him tonight

  3. If the Lakers do sign him how much firepower will Arenas bring to LA? *pun intended

    I’m calling it easy win vs Bucks 102-85 . Bynum has big game and the bench explodes for 30 points.

  4. Robert,
    Technically, I guess, they’re tied for 8th with the Cavs. ESPN has them in 9th – for whatever reason – and I typically use their conference standings for my previews.

  5. Darius,
    Wasn’t it ESPN who picked the 2008 Lakers to finish – at best – in 10th place in the West?

    Maybe you should always have a 2nd or 3rd backup for your information.

  6. UPDATE: Stephen Jackson has been ruled out of tonight’s game due to a suspension by the NBA for “verbal abuse of officials”. That further limits the Bucks’ offense tonight while also removing a late game defensive option against Kobe.

  7. Way to go Darius with the updates!!!

  8. Craig,
    Ha! This is simply standard accounting of records. Determining who’s 8th or 9th matters less now than it will during the playoff push.

  9. Game: With the latest DS update, this is not only a must W, it must be early to rest KB + co. due to b2b tomorrow.
    PG: I think Nash may creep back into the convo. Little interest cept from Cuban and if he has eyes on DW – no need. We could get him post season in a S+T for the TPE (he will be a FA). He then signs through 14 just like KB (just wanted to show u guys I could think about something else : )

  10. Had us winning this game off the top, but now that we’re catching a break with the absence of Bogut & now Captain Jack, we SHOULD get this over with early. It’ll allow us to get our BIG 3 some valuable ‘game-time’ rest. Especially with a much improved Wolves team waiting for us 2morrow night. Just hope that, due to the circumstance, we don’t let our guard down. We’re not that good of a team to take anything/one for granted.

  11. Hopefully Goudelock will bring it again tonight.
    Just limit the turnovers, get the ball to the scorers and take what the defense gives you when you get the ball back.

  12. @ Craig W — SI picked the Lakers to finish 9th in the west in 2007-08, which proved to be off by a long stretch given that they won the West that season.

  13. The rest of the Bucks should write SJ on their sneakers for tonight. I much look forward to Stern and Silver taking the stage at the next draft. They better put up some kind of net to block the debris.

  14. If Lakers don’t win by 15 I am taking up knitting.

  15. there is no way in any possible scenario we should lose this game

  16. What’s happened to Barnes? Leaving guys open for 3’s, bad passing, missed shots. That starting position is a curse.

  17. Kobe to Bynum for the slam dunk

  18. Great now Mr Bored thinks he can shoot. You can’t erase stupid.

  19. Lakers aren’t good enough to simply show up and win against anyone

  20. No idea what to say. I am watching the game and can’t explain it. The talent gap (with the two injuries to the Bucks) is huge. You can see it on the court and the Lakers can’t seem to get out of their own way. Weird stuff.

    Hoping they settle down.

  21. Lakers aren’t good enough to simply show up and win against anyone

    Correct. Again, personnel.

  22. dear lord our bench is bad

  23. Goudelock can shoot–but he is not really a 1. He may be kind of like Eddie House, which the Lakers can use.

  24. Look at the way they play as a team. That’s what happens when you have a coach who understands offense . Mike Brown is clueless. Two days rest so he can’t use that excuse.

  25. Lakers time out, Coach Brown not pleased with Lakers defense in second quarter.

  26. I don’t think I’ve ever been tempted to turn a game off during the second quarter.

  27. robinred @21: Come on man, please let them play 47 more games before you draw such a conclusion : )

  28. kobe you have permission to shoot the next 20 shots

  29. This is the worst coached team in tbe league, they have no idea what they are doing out there.

    Nice hire Jimmy?


  30. world peace is actively looking for our rook to shoot the three every time he drives to the hoop… nice job by metta.

    pau is not agressive enough considering the defenders guarding him.

    kobe playing a great game so far. very controlledc and trying to get everyone involved

  31. Love aggressive Pau Gasol, nice drive and dunk

  32. Yea Lakers 43 points against a bad team with two starters out.

    FIRE BROWN before it’s to late.

  33. Watching this half I am remembering earlier in the season, when many of this board’s posters were screaming that the only thing wrong with the Lakers was KB shooting too much. And here we are.

  34. Robert,

    I’ve been reading this board all season and don’t recall anyone saying that the ONLY thing wrong was KB shooting too much. Yes, some of us thought he was shooting too much. 🙂

  35. Robert the reason that makes more sense is because it the only offensive Brown ever ran. Ball in James’s hand and he runs the offense.

    Am I they only one who see’s this? 92 points a game is tbe worse in 12 years.

  36. Kobe doing a great job facilitating. Tryin’ to get everyone involved. One thing you can’t ever say about G-Lock is that he’s shy .. Looks as if we played last night and they’re coming off 2 days rest. Our Defense is AWOL. If this is the performance that Ebanks is going to give us when his number is called, he might as well be relegated to the pine. He got abused by Jr. & looked lost out there … Fortunate to be only down by 8.

  37. Ken: I agree that the offense is a joke. However, do not focus on that. It provides another excuse to not focus on the core issue: Roster

  38. Turnovers, Bucks bench play and the Lakers inexplicably going away from what they were doing successfully in the first 5 minutes of the game is the story of the first half. Kobe will probably look to shoot more in the second half in an attempt to ignite the Lakers offense. He is 3-4 so far. Gasol 3-10 and Bynum 3-6.

  39. Sorry but it’s not enjoyable to watch this team. Confused, unsure, clueless! As a 40 year fan I have seldom felt this way.

  40. Ken: You are, like me, a spoiled, entitled, Laker fan. You do not have “patience” for what you are watching. You are not alone : )

  41. Is there a playoffs for 2nd division teams! Let’s hope they find someone to beat on the trip. Are the Washington Generals on our schedule.

  42. Keith: KB deserves to go

  43. Drew has no interest in pick n roll defense

  44. Remind me what other then foul can McRoberts do?

  45. According to Dan Gilbert, the Washington Generals would have been on the schedule had Stern allowed the Paul to Lakers trade.

  46. What a well coached under manned team.

    I am jealous.

    Also not pleased with that remark Keith. Not cool dude!

  47. Who said this was going to be an easy win?

  48. Hey Ken, the way it’s looking, you better start searching for your needle and thread right now.

  49. Also not pleased with that remark Keith. Not cool dude!


  50. Darius: Please delete that. Thank you

  51. It’s not good when your home alone and your losing your voice!

  52. MWP is a waste of space out there.

  53. clearly to score Kobe either has to score over a double team or set someone up for layup

  54. I guess karma saw fit to allow 2 more titles and an MVP award first. Whatever happened to comment moderation? I’ve been deleted in the past for much less.

  55. Wow, MWP completely misses everything on that layup

  56. This game is so painful to watch. The Lakers are not a championship team. I wish they lost last game and get embarassed like this so they realize that the team is just closer to the #1 pick than the championship.

  57. Clearly we suck right now

  58. If Metta claims he is bored then he should go to a basketball school and learn how to shoot.

    What a waste of money and a uniform.

  59. Darius: Clearly all the pre-season optimists have either stopped posting entirely, or are posting under different names. robinred and I are the most positive posters on here now : )

  60. Well, after this loss we’ll be closer to that record that’s indicative of this team….a .500 ball club.

  61. Drew Gooden has played like a friggen All Star tonight. Is that on Laker defenders or is he just that good?

    This whole twin towers thing isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

  62. God Pau shooting 6-18, HORRIBLE for a big man (if that’s what you’d like to call him now)

  63. 61. He has made some tought shots but Pau’s D has been really bad

  64. TwinTowers: Sometimes one good tower is better than twins

  65. My Goudelock/Eddie House comp is looking a little better–undersized guard who can shoot the triple.

    Kobe shot a couple he shouldn’t have, but he is 10/20 and Pau is 6/18 while Gooden is 9/14. Kobe needs to work down low more.

    I am ready to try Arenas if he is in game shape–flame away if you like.

  66. KenOak – it’s a gift LA has. Somehow the Lakers can make average NBA players look like stars. Sadly it’s only when they’re playing AGAINST us! Oh well, we’d better man up for the Wolves tomorrow.

  67. That comment should have been caught in moderation. Sadly, the moderation machine is playing defense like the Lakers tonight.

  68. LOL Darius: Awesome recovery though.

  69. Bad game from pau and our small forwards. They need to step up tomorrow.

  70. Pretty terrible performance. The Bucks were getting wide open jumpers all night. Lakers were doing a terrible job closing out on shooters and rotating on the P&R.


    I don’t care how good a teams defense is… if you can’t score 90 you aren’t going to win a lot of ballgames.

    Changes need to be made.

  71. Rusty Shackleford January 28, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Change is coming.

  72. And this is the Mike Brown defense that was supposed to hold opponents down. It is frustrating for perimeter defenders when your back up big man fails to show up when you get beat off the dribble.

  73. Tale of two benches, Lakers bench was severely outplayed tonight. Four of the Lakers starters had positive +/-. Gasol had a great rebounding game with 15 (7 ORB) just was not his night on the offensive end. Lakers still have not shown to be a good road team.

  74. Hey Ken,

    Will you knit me a nice pair of Forum Blue and Gold socks? 😉

  75. Where is the guy yesterday who said a 6and 2 road trip.

    Laker fans this is a .500 team with bad players like Metta and a coach who should be running a vidio tape machine.

    Thanks for caring about the fans who supported you Dr. Buss. Shame!

  76. I don’t know about you all but I’d rather live by Kobe and die by Kobe.

    Fire away Mamba

  77. Think about it:

    1. you had 2 days rest so you can’t really complain about being tired.

    2. this is the 1st game of a back to back so you aren’t really tired.

    3. tomorrow is against the Wolves, so you aren’t really hyping that and taking this for granted.

    4. the bucks are w/o starting center Andrew Bogut.

    5. the bucks are w/o starting SF Stephen Jackson.


  78. There’s really only one thing to say, “Fire Mike Brown!”

  79. #70 Darius with the comment of the night.

  80. Come on stu, stop making excuses for the lakers. They’re 20 games in and u think they still can’t learn this system yet? Come on, please.

  81. 80)
    Agreed. This isn’t a system issue as much as it is a talent issue. Although I will say the last shortened season provided similar results with older teams not playing well in the regular season but doing much better in the post season. I think with a average starting PG the Lakers could easily be the team that loses to the Heat in the finals.

  82. Did you see the looks on Lakers faces tonight? They know they aren’t going anywhere..

    That’s the problem with Pau he’ll call for the ball have one good game then POOP!! 6-18. Drew Gooden was the best big on the floor today.

    How much can you ask Kobe to do he’s killing himself out there and NOBODY else other than him produces nightly.

    I had HOPE now that’s all gone. LAKERS ARE DONE!!
    and might not make the playoffs this team has serious issues

  83. When there is a problem, one has to look for the source. In this case, the Lakers problem is coach MB. He is incapable of inspiring players to play creatively with instincts. Brown has to go, but the management won’t do it. So the Lakers will suffer for at least two years. This may sound depressing, but I am afraid this is a reality.

    I don’t think the team will improve much even if we get Howard. The coach is no good. I still can’t believe the Lakers picked Brown. This is insane.

  84. Well Warren you should wait for Mike Brown’s post game and listen to his list of new excuses.

    The ones you listed above are his standard ones.

    Brown should run for President since he is so full of excuses.

    Fire Brown, release Artest, amnesty Luke and bring up guys on D-league as we can at least understand losing then.

    Back to 10th place and what they are, a lottery team right now

  85. Why is Mike Brown getting all the heat? We are a top defensive team in the league. He can only do so much and his big body can only box out so much. The Lakers are a broken team. We had our moments, but the team dynamic is no longer there.

    Time for change. And its not Mike Brown.

  86. “Milwaukee was more physical than us” Coach Mike Brown on tonight’s game

  87. Kevin @85: Yesterday you predicted 7-2 on the trip and a 20+ point victory tonight. Did this one game change all that?

    We do agree on Kobe – the man is awesome.

  88. 7-2? Ninja please!

  89. @90 I expected way more than this. This team looked DEAD on the bench in some of those closeup shots. The talent on this roster is.. Oh wait there is none.. Mike Brown hasn’t reached this team yet they haven’t bought in.

    Our inability to score is affecting our defense. WTH is Mike brown doing to this team. Lakers were better off with B. Shaw.

    At this point EVERYBODY except Kobe and Goudelock should be on the block..

  90. robinred/Ken: Don’t you wish you could go back in time, to the pre-season discussions, and be able to show everyone what is happening now?

  91. Hey Kevin: I commend you, as many others only post when they are correct, or during good times. BTW: Everybody not named Kobe is on the block. Some of us have been waiting quite some time for Mitch to pull the trigger.

  92. Lakers are a disgrace this year. Nobody on this team can ball except for Kobe and Goudelock. 2 days rest and we lay an egg.

    Now that teams know Lakers are making wholesale changes they are going to try and low ball us. Lakers may have waited 1 year too long to make changes.

  93. Guys its not so bad, as basketball fans we get to watch something special tomorrow: Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio. It’s safe to say I have a special admiration for the things those 2 guys are doing in Minny

  94. The last time a Lakers team went 13 straight games under 100 points was 1953

  95. This theory that the Lakers have to get the ball “inside” to the BIGS is flawed! Watching Gasol and Bynum force up ugly shots is sometimes very painful to watch! Just because your closer to the basket doesn’t always make it a higher percentage shot. I see too much standing around wasting clock and trying to force it inside. NOT ENOUGH BALL MOVEMENT!!!! Gasol & Bynum will always be complimentary pieces and never more, the sooner Lakers management finally understands this once and for all the sooner they can stop living in denial and start to build a winner again.

  96. Keith and LakerLord: So u mean if u were the Magic, you would not give us D12 for Pau and AB? Do u realize there are people on this board who stated they would not give AB for D12 straight up?

  97. Another thing Pau 15 Reb. Drew 9 Reb. Pau is a true C Bynum has no impact on the game he was invisible tonight. If we had to chose between who goes and who stays I pick Pau over Drew everytime

    11-9 10th in West. SMH

  98. Darius: I could be your last optimist. I still think we can fix this via trades. Many others are now going straight to “blow it up”. Go figure : )

  99. @ Robert — I hear you, man. I remember people ripping my remarks and others prior to the season when we pointed out some very reasonable causes for concern. Wish we’d been proven wrong, but it’s not been pretty and won’t be for a while. Cycles come and go, and the Lakers are on a downward slide.

  100. Pau is definitely better the Bynum, just as the Lakers were always better when they went with Odom/Gasol… But stupid Jim Buss has a mancrush on Bynum, so he gives him a fat contract and hates on the only coach who won us any rings since the Pat Riley days, Good job BUss! The only players I enjoy watching on this team are Kobe, goudelock & sometimes Gasol… Lakers have gone from Showtime to SLOWTIME!

  101. Chris J

    : ) I am with u, but don’t give up yet. We need Mitch to really come through for us, else the “Nightmare” I posted yesterday will be upon us.

  102. Chris J,

    Heck, I;ve gotten ripped during the season. 😉

    Looking for positives, it does appear that Goudelock may be a 15 MPG guy who can stretch the D by shooting the 3, as I and others hoped when they chose him. It’s a small thing, but worth noting.

  103. Keith: I agree. U obviously haven’t been reading my posts. I have been pounding the table relentlessly all year for D12, and cautioning that the value of our assets would drop as time passed. I was told by many to be patient and let them play the games. And here we are.

  104. Something’s going on in that locker room. They’re just not there mentally. Mike Brown constantly yelling may have something to do with it. At some point you just tune people out. These guys aren’t used to it. PJ was the opposite. Even I’m sick of seeing Mike Brown standing up and yelling ALL THE TIME!

  105. To disagree with almost everyone about something:

    1) It’s not a talent issue
    2) It’s not a pg or sg issue
    3) It’s not a Kobe issue
    4) It’s not a Gasol issue
    5) It’s not a Bynum issue
    6) It’s not Ron or MWP–whoever shows up
    7) Fisher and Walton don’t need to retire
    8) The new rooks are doing OK
    9) McRambis is an energy bunny
    10)Troy can still play
    11) Kopono can still shoot

    This team lacks balance and chemistry.

    If the team needs an example, they just need to view tonite’s tape from a Buck’s point of view.

    The Bucks were a great reminder that team balance and chemistry can make up for almost anything.

    Still, we can’t let either the FO or Coach Brown off the hook. They’ve become part of the problem.

    The Cleveland offense didn’t even make Labron happy–and it was designed for him–and now adapted for Kobe.

    The uncertainty generated by trade rumors and undefined roles make it difficult for players to stay focused on either end of the court.

    Before they do anything else, this team somehow needs to get it’s Mojo back.

  106. Rubenowski, many of these players desire to have a fire lit under their butts by a coach.

    All year last year Phil didn’t and it bit them in the butt in the playoffs, blaming a coach for yelling is like blaming a firefighter for putting out a fire.

  107. So glad I chose to watch the X-Games instead of this. Their wipeouts were nothing compared to what happened in Milwaukee tonight.

  108. Lakerlord –
    You are absolutely RIGHT! You’ve made the most intelligent post on this forum in a while. I am so tired of people saying we don’t get the ball to our bigs in the post enough. They are flat out overrated. Drew Gooden punked our bigs. When you’re playing against defenders shorter and smaller than you, it shouldn’t be that hard to score.

    As for the rest of this season I have absolutely no more confidence in this team as currently constructed. We have no chance to beat good teams on the road. And judging how this game was, any team with a big man that can shoot is going to give us major problems. Our bigs flat out cannot move their feet well enough.

    I think this Minnesota game is going to be similar to the Detroit game in 2007 when after we lost we ended up getting Gasol the next day. I can only hope.

  109. dr rayeye,

    The Bucks are now 8-11. Derrick Rose torched this exact same team for 34 on 14/24 shooting last night, constantly breaking down Jennings and exploiting their lack of size inside. The Lakers, lacking a perimeter player who can consistently break down the D and get to the rim, were unable to do that. Also, without Jackson and Bogut, the Bucks, on this night, were quicker and moved the ball better than usual, and the Lakers, a slow team, got burned repeatedly on D.

    Chemistry matters in basketball. Talent matters more.

  110. 116) robinred,

    To you it’s talent, to me it’s Mojo.

    I don’t know anyone better than Milwaukee’s Scott Skiles to make my case.

  111. Dreyeye

    Brown only knows one offense. Give the val to James and he goesvto the rack ir passes to a wide open shooter who could shoot. Brown is trying to force a offense on a team that it will not work on.

    He can’t adjust and the team has lost confidence in him. Dump the guy now or gut the team. Adding slow offensive challenged guys like Murphy, McRoberts and Kopono to go along with worthless Metta and slow Fisher made no sense when your coach announces at the beginning he is going to have the team run and shoot faster.

    Bad coach with bad players equals lottery.

  112. Sorry Robert

    Mitch gave us long term contracts for Metta Mess, Luke and kept resigning Fisher. He had no use for Farmer, Brown or LO. West made the Pau trade.

    What makes you think he can change this mess?

    This team is in big trouble for the next 3 years as the Clippers get better and better.

  113. dr rayeye,

    Skiles’ team went 35-47 last year.

    Phil Jackson, at his exit interview, when asked about his success, said,”I’ve coached some of the greatest talent ever to play this game.”