Sunday Special: The Super Bowl

Darius Soriano —  February 5, 2012

After a tough loss to the Jazz last night, I think all Laker fans could use a bit of a distraction. Luckily, today offers one as the NFL’s biggest game of the year is set to kick off this afternoon.

I don’t have a horse in this race but since I root for a team that calls the NY Giants a rival, I can’t bring myself to cheer for them. Meanwhile the Patriots are this era’s premier franchise and rooting for them solely for that reason kind of rubs me the wrong way (no one likes a bandwagon Laker fan, so I can’t be that guy for the Patriots).

So, I remain neutral and root for a good, close game – something that the Super Bowl has actually provided several times in the past few years. Meanwhile, I’m getting my indoor grill ready to fire up some burgers and find some relaxation and distraction from the craziness of this NBA season.

We’ll be back talking hoops tomorrow with Philly waiting and the Lakers hoping to get back on to their winning ways on this roadie. But today, it’s about the big game, good food, and a comfortable seat on my couch. Enjoy the Super Bowl, everyone.

Darius Soriano

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70 responses to Sunday Special: The Super Bowl

  1. Tom Brady is too much for the Giants. Quick passes & run game neutralize Giants pass rush. Then playaction for big plays in 2nd half.

    Nobody on the Giants can guard Welker. NE defense has played better since that Giants game. Eli has a lot of pressure on his shoulders with Giants already winning in many eyes and it’s in Indy.

    Giants 24 Pats 34

  2. It should be simple for Lakers fans.

    Pats play out of Boston.

    Go Giants.

  3. why an ‘indoor’ grill? don’t you live in CA?

  4. #3. I do live in CA. But I don’t have a balcony.

  5. I am going to pretend it is the 2008 version of the Giants vs Pats. Things were better for the Lakers then. We got Pau almost exactly 4 years ago.

  6. There’s a sport other than basketball?

    No rooting interest today, which will be a welcome change from the turbulence of this early lakers season…. I might actually *enjoy* watching sports, a real novelty…

  7. I’m with Avidon–If the Giants win, Bill Simmons and all the other Celtic and Red-Sock-Loving Bahston-ites will be crying in their beer. Go G-Men

  8. I don’t like the Pats, but I’m a 49ers fan. So if the Giants win, that will just strengthen the “what should have been” argument!

  9. Pats play out of Boston, but they also have 2 Michigan guys on the roster, one of whom – Tom Brady – is likely a Laker fan, judging from his hobnobbing with Kobe in the 2010 finals. Gah, would rather have seen almost any other 2 teams than these in the Super Bowl.

  10. Fellow Niners fan here. Hard to root for a team that was gift-wrapped a SB trip by an incompetent opposing punt returner, but also hard to root for Brady to catch the greatest QB Of all time with 4 Lomabrdis (though Joe never lost one like Tom has).

  11. If we’re looking for distractions, this is a nice one:

    Also for anyone who hasn’t seen Kevin Love step on Luis Scola’s face:

    Debatable how intentional it was. On the first angle, it looked like an accident. But the other 2 camera angles that follow make it seem pretty intentional to me.

    Regardless, the bigger question is how the refs could miss Kevin Love’s foul on Scola beforehand. It’s as blatant as it gets. No amount of late flights should cause the refs to be this bad.

  12. Gotta go with the G-Men in this one and no, it’s not because I’m a New Yorker (Hell, they play n Jersey. Only NY by name) … I believe the Giants defensive front 4 controls the line and that will be the difference.

  13. Laker fans should start wishing Howard just signs SOMEWHERE (besides the Nets) before the trading deadline. Bulls, Knicks, re-sign with Orlando, who cares? The key is, once the Nets see Howard go somewhere else, they know D-Will is going to walk. At that point, of all the places he has on his list, Lakers have the advantage in trading pieces.

    Until Howard decides, the Nets won’t let D-Will go. Unfortunately, Orlando may be stupid enough to hold onto him until the end of the season in hopes he’ll stay, at which point he’ll probably go to the Nets.

    BTW, I think the whole Dallas threat is overrated. Someone on this blog did the calculations, and they can’t sign both D-Will and Howard without getting another team to take Marion without getting salary in return. Cuban’s plans are the worst-kept secret in the NBA, and I can’t see how another team would agree to this knowing what would happen (not to mention there’s no team in which Marion would be the missing link to an NBA championship).

  14. D-Will play has dropped with NJ. He’s not the same player he was in Utah. Deron isn’t playing elite not saying he’s overrated but cp3 took a team of scrubs to playoffs in the west

  15. Did Madonna just do a Superbowl halftime tribute to Ron Artest?

  16. Snoopy I was thinking the exact same thing! Couldn’t stop laughing after I saw that!

  17. Back to BB

    If Houston wins and Lakers don’t we are proudly in 9th place come tomorrow.

    Nice Job FO and Browny.

  18. 14)
    CP3 is shorter, fatter, slower, and has worse knees than DWill. From here on out I would rather have Deron as he is much better defensively and as good offensively. Look at the Nets record right now playing mostly WNBA players. I would not judge Williams as a player right now. He isn’t Kobe in his prime who can take a bunch of scrubs to the 8th seed. Although Deron almost is doing that right now.

  19. 11-Snoopy Yeah, that foul by might have been intentional… I remember reading an eddie johnson article on hoopshype where eddie j. recalled a time when love did the same thing in a high school game. He says he had/has quite the mean streak.

  20. Aaron

    You taking about Nets or Lakers other 9 semi-players. Did you call Laker talk last week?

  21. Kevin @79 prev thread: I thought about Nash too. Prob is the only way we get him is AB. U said no parting w Big 3. Not that I am a cap expert, but this is why the FO options are limited. R payroll is huge. We can’t sign FA, can’t sign amnesty, can’t trade unless the salaries match. All we have is the TPE. Hence, if u want change, u need to drop the Big 3 stays line. Else it is tweaking the curr roster.

  22. Ken/robinred: I was wondering if either of you felt any better now that everyone seems to be entering our nightmare? In my case – I actually feel more hopeless, and I long for the board filled with optimistic posts.

  23. Know this is a Laker blog but………

    GO GMEN. Would be blasphemous to ever root for Boston Sports.

  24. Robert: I firmly believe we will hang up our 17th and 18th banners by the end of this year.

  25. Ken/robinred: I was wondering if either of you felt any better now that everyone seems to be entering our nightmare?
    No, but I do feel a little better since the Patriots lost, especially since the Celtics appear to be re-animated and in a dangerous zombie state with four straight Ws. The Evil Green Men probably would really like to win what will be the last game in Boston between these teams in more or less their 2008-10 manifestations, and it happens this week.

    As I said in pre-season, I felt that many people’s optimism would fade once they actually saw this group of players compete under Mike Brown. Kobe flat out saying the team is “old and slow” yet again and saying how much trouble the 76ers are going to be tells you a lot of what you need to know, unfortunately.

    There is no way I can see the Lakers getting Steve Nash. Sarver has huge PR issues already, and that would be the last straw for PHX fans. Also, center, with Gortat and Lopez, is Phoenix’s best position other than PG.

    Smith and Sessions appear to me to be the best shot for significant improvement this year, but I am not giving up on Howard until I hear him say “Kobe messed it up ” himself, or I see him in a Nets uniform or an Orlando uniform on March 16.

  26. Robert

    No that’s like asking if I am happy that people are losing their homes because I predicted it 3 years ago.

    I only hope Dr. Buss reads these blogs and hears my rants on Laker talk after the games and takes over this clearly sinking ship.

    Suns hate us do you really think they give us Nash? He will finish his career in Toronto his home country.

  27. Snoopy: Love it !!!!! robinred: Great close to your last post. We have several weeks to dream.

  28. Eli Manning is a great quarterback, when NY Giants was in tough situation, he had a great throw, it happened over and over in the playoffs. The NY Giants passed the tough test in SF, NE didn’t face the tough test on the road. Joe Montana is still a great QB in my opinion, he beat Dan Mario, John Elway, Tom Brady did not show me he can beat great QB in the big game. Another thing people said NE defense was not good in regular season, because Belichick can’t secretly film opponent’s hand signals anymore ? The GM of NY Giants did a great job to build the team from defensive tackle to receiver.

  29. Ken,
    I did not. The only show I would call into would be Max Kellermans show. He is the only Lakers guy who actually knows a little basketball. I probably will eventually call into that program.

  30. Ken/robinred: I agree – no way on Nash – He would help us, however I was just responding to Kevin and making a point on our situation.
    Ken: Everyone hates us – they always have – previously it was just the teams. This year – Stern was added to the list. Too much to overcome.

  31. Spygate has changed my view on Bilecheck/Brady they haven’t done squat since then. *

    Robert, your right. should keep making those calls throw in a couple 1st. whatever it takes. worth a try at least

  32. Hang in there Kevin: I would love to join u and michael h, but Ken and robinred just keep me in my nightmare by pointing out facts and logic. I am in a tough spot : )

  33. JR Smith is a RFA right?

    Why will the Clips be able to get him for the minimum or the 2.5 mini-midlevel. Why wouldn’t Denver just match that – would be a huge mistake to let a potential playoff matchup get stronger cuz you let him get away for the minimum?

    Can someone explain this to me?

  34. You can make the case Eli is better than Brady. All the games they play against each other Eli wins and outplays Brady. He’s 2-0 vs Brady in Super Bowls. Brady greatness came as a cheater along with a hall of fame defense. You just knew when Eli got the ball Giants were going to win. Eli better than Brady

  35. Smith is a UFA–he can go wherever he likes.

  36. Cdog,
    JR is an unrestricted FA so he’s free to go wherever he wants. Also, the Clips used their mini-MLE to sign Kenyon Martin so if he went there he’d be playing for the veteran minimum. The Knicks, though, have their “room” exception which is the same $ amount as the mini-MLE.

  37. A. Martinez and Coach Dave Miller know their basketball but they hedge the truth because they are paid by ESPN the Lakers channel. I call in way to often as Ken from Newport.

    I Blew up last game over Brown’s lack of control and Fisher and Metta’s 2 point games.

    Mitch admits he tunes in so I try to push the purple envelope.

    Not helping so far but gotta keep trying.

  38. Helluva tight game. I’ll admit to liking the Pats but it didn’t bother me in the least that Eli won.

    Cdog – I don’t think George Karl really wants JR back. They have a different mindset in Denver now. A lot less drama there. I agree with you though, that it could be a tactical mistake.

  39. Ok, my mistake then.

    I thought he was a RFA from the summer. Didn’t make sense to me that he’s full free agent now, but if he’s a free agent that makes sense.

  40. Ken,
    Haha. Nice. And btw… For an ex NBA coach Dave Miller is pretty dumb. He made a career of being very intense and likable. And sorry… I think A Martinez is a bar broadcaster and a mediocre judge of basketball. Btw… If anyone cares to know my take on JR Smith… I’ve long liked his game… And with a veteran clubhouse with a Kobe Bryant dominating everything… It’s an easy choice for the Lakers if they have a chance to get him. You can have him be the juice off the bench behind Kobe and have Kobe slide over to SF in games where Smith is hot. Also… If worse comes to worst and we don’t get an actual NBA player we can start JR at the one as he can guard PGs well with his length and athletisism. He is the perfect backcourt partner for Kobe if Brown wants to keep Bryant playing PG with the first unit. JR can space the floor as good as anyone and can actually slash to the basket also.

  41. Ah, UFA. Well, there’s that too then. Haha.

  42. Ken,
    Also… I don’t get to listen to the post game as often I watch games on TiVo amd for some reason my espn radio iPhone app doesmt have Lakers Line except during the playoffs. Anywhere I can listen lakers line?

  43. Remember in the offseason when I said the Heat wasted another full MLE on a washed up swingman? Well…

    First Cup: Monday
    Robbie Levin of The Miami Herald: With Shane Battier going 0 of 4 from the field Sunday, his shooting percentage on the season dropped to 31.3 percent, the lowest of his career.
    about 5 hours ago | TrueHoop

  44. As an avid Dallas Cowboys fan what I loved most about the Superbowl is people talk about how weak the NFC East is and they don’t realize that if Vick doesn’t get hurt early, Philly would have done the same thing. Our division is TOUGH!!! It’s not a one horse division like most. We just need a coach and defensive help (secondary and an interior stopper/rusher).

  45. Aaron

    Might be on espn710 radio on net but not sure. I am usually in my car because my wife and son keep making the circle with their hands that means crazy when the see me dialing the line after games.

    It’s not easy being a Laker fanatic in America today!

  46. This is exactly what infuriates Lakers fans. The team hasn’t had a PG since Gary Payton and it doesmt seem like they try to find one. The Knicks know they are the only other team other than the Lakers that don’t have a PG. So they sign players!!!! That’s what you’re supposed to do. See if someone fits. The Knicks brought in Baron and even though he is supposed to play soon they brought in Jeremy Lin. Go figure he is now the starting PG after dominating Deron Williams and Jordan Farmar to the tune of 26 points and 9 assists.

  47. People are talking about Gilbert Arenas and Ramon Sessions but I don’t really agree with those choices. Arenas is not the answer because injuries have zapped all of his Agent Zero. Sessions is not the answer either because Dan Gilbert isn’t going to do anything to help a team he hates (effectively cancelled the CP3 trade). He would want more than the Lakers are willing to give up. The Lakers would probably give Cleveland the TPE and maybe Caracter; Gilbert would want draft picks too and Sessions (who can’t defend or shoot the three to save his life) is not what the Lakers need unless they could get Varejao too. Now that would be worth discussing.

  48. I have not watched a pro football game with the slightest bit of interest since the Rams left for St. Louis and there was no bigger Rams fan then me.

    I hope we get a team back in LA called the Rams and they rename the St Louis team kind of like the did with the Browns.

    I could not watch the NBA if the Lakers moved either.

  49. I thought Blake Griffen was the fan favorite? And yes I know this has more to do with the lack of competition at the Center spot… But still.

    Andrew Bynum
    Los Angeles Lakers | Center
    Votes: 777,365

    Blake Griffin
    Los Angeles Clippers | Forward
    Votes: 619,913

  50. Aaron,
    Not only the lack of comepetition at Center but the fact that you vote for 2 Forwards rather than just one.

  51. Ken,
    Haha… Yea… My GF will let me watch the games but if I listen to the post game too she would kill me. You have a very forgiving wife.

  52. Darius,
    The fact you can vote for two forwards would help Blake get more votes. Not to correct you or anything 😉

  53. Aaron,
    Hmmm. I see what you mean. I retract my previous statement. Hahahaha.

  54. Coach Mike Brown suspended one game and fined $25,000 for making contact with official and not leaving court in a timely manner after being ejected in the loss to Utah.

  55. So Mike Brown is suspended a game. I bet players are losing respect for Brown by the minute.How can you trust a guy who isn’t with you in the foxhole when it counts. This is the most important part of the season and Mike Brown is costing the Lakers games. Playoff race is tight if we don’t make them we know who to blame.

  56. Darius,
    But yes… The fact Blake has actual very good NBA players to compete with for votes besides the fact he is on the Clippers and not the Lakers puts him at a disadvantage. But STILL… The fact Bynum has a hundred thousand more votes than the “NBA’s Golden Child” is interesting.

  57. @ 55, Kevin:

    If players are losing respect for Coach Brown, it’s not because of what happened in Utah. If anything, last I checked, he was ejected for standing up for his players. Andrew, the night before in Denver and Pau, against the Jazz, were blatantly fouled right in front of the refs (even though I believe that Drew still should’ve finished that play). Obviously, in his view, Coach Brown had seen enough. Now, could it have been handled differently? Of course, but either way you view it, in my opinion, he stood up for his players. Hopefully they view it that way.

  58. Kevin,
    We are used to Phil Jackson who wouldn’t get out of his seat during a fire. Most other NBA coaches lose it a few times a year and get kicked out. It doesmt make it the right thing to do. I actually think it helps you at home and hurts you on the road because of the crowd. But I do think it helps keep the refs honest. When the refs know you will nationally point out bad calls with blow ups and ejections they rem that. Although Phil would point them out after the games earning fines. Every coach has their thing. Brown is not a bad coach because he loses his cool. He is a bad coach because he can’t run an offense ;). I’m just kidding. We can’t see what this PG oriented offense will look like till you know… THE TEAM ACTUALLY HAS A PG!!!! The last few games GLock has played PG for half the game the offense has looked very good until he had an off game. I’m not a genius but I’m guessing GLock is a bad NBA PG. Solo if your offense looks good when a bad NBA PG plays how will it look when a average NBA PG plays? I mean god forbid think what would happen if we had a good NBA PG.

  59. Tra,
    Exactly spot on. Except when you said Drew should have made that dunk shot. Have you ever been hit across your entire arm by a speeding 6-10 Brazilian with the complete intent on putting you to the foul line using his entire 270 pound frame? What Drew should have done was blocked Nene’s shot with .6 seconds left on the shot clock. He knew all there was time for was a catch and shoot. I’m sure he was trying to sag into the lane to prevent a lob sittuation. But still. It just looked lazy.

  60. 57) True he stood up for his players but what happened it gave Utah all momentum. We Lost. It was a 5 point game w/ 8 mins. left. Brown could’ve got a T proved his point he went overboard and cost us the game. Same thing earlier vs Clippers close game within reach he lost his cool. Clippers took all momentum and we lost both games by double digits. If Kobe, Drew, Pau get a T and Brown tells them to calm down are they going to listen to him.

    So is it helping the team or hurting the team. Every game is crucial the coach can’t cost his team basketball games doesn’t send a good message. Brown doesn’t have the juice to cost Lakers games

  61. Maybe it isn’t such a big deal maybe this die hard Laker fan has been spoiled by Phil Jackson.

  62. Attention Lakers Fans:

    The sky isn’t blue. First Stern chooses the Clippers. Then Baron Davis chooses the Knicks. Then Martin chooses the Clippers. Now JR Smith is choosing between the Knicks and the Clippers. We have to rethink Kobe Bryant. He isn’t the young Kobe who drives to the basket at will and gets easy shots for his teammates. NBA players it doesn’t seem want to play with him. And I am not suprised as they watch Bynum and Gasol get treated like they are Kwame and Mihm. I love Kobe… But it doesn’t seem any of his colleagues do. Including apparently Dwight Howard if those reports are true.

  63. @ 59, Aaron:

    No I have not and hope to never be, but then again, I’m not 7’1 285 lbs. Ha, ha … But in the Post-Game Interview, Drew said it himself that he still should have finished that play.

    @ 61, Kevin:

    In regards to being ‘spoiled by Phil Jackson’, that’s something that we both can agree on.

  64. Tra,
    That’s Drew’s pretend personality and fake mindset. He always says “Its on me for my teammates to get me the ball… I have to make them get it to me” He likes to pretend he is a Kobe who can battle through anything. I just doubt Bynum has the winner warrior mentality he tries to get us to believe he has.

  65. Aaron, Drew played on one leg in the 2010 playoffs to help us win a ring I’m sure he’s a warrior just wants to be involved every game. As for Kobe we have to stick with him. His main focus is winning he’s altered his game this year and in years past to win. Howard wants to be the guy more than win i think. Otherwise i’m sure NJ wouldn’t be his first choice.

  66. @ 62, Aaron:

    You nailed it in regards to individuals not wanting to play with Kobe at this point of his career. Many will probably disagree with your perspective, but in my opinion, you hit the ball out of the park on that one … I also believe that, privately, Drew would love the opportunity to display his skills opposite Kobe on a nightly basis.

  67. Aaron,

    The Knicks have a bigger hole, at least in theory, at PG than the Lakers do. I know YOU would bench Fisher immediately, but in the real world, it is a little more complex. The Knicks–literally-have had no PG, as opposed to having two bad ones. Martin could get more money and more PT with the Clippers. Smith has not signed yet, but we already know that he can get more money from the Knicks.

    You may be right, but like I said in the other thread: assertions aren’t facts. Gasol and Bynum both have USGs around 20–Bynum’s is up a lot from last year, actually. If you think they should be higher, that’s OK, but you might want to look at what happened in Utah, given that Pau and Drew took 34 shots between them in that game.

    If you think Kobe is hurting the team, then just say so, and back it up with numbers and other specifics that others can address. The Henry Abbott passive-aggressive thing gets us nowhere, though, as Abbott proves every time he writes about Kobe.

  68. I’d simply prefer that people not make assumptions about what other people are *thinking* and stick to analyzing what’s actually happening on the court. But maybe that’s just me.

  69. JR Smith is soooo necessary. He scored 60 the other day in the CBA. I don’t care if it were in a YMCA Rec League 60 points on any kind of pro level is 60 points. He hit 14 of 18 from three. Who on our team can do that in practice? We need a microwave off of our bench. A guy that can still get hot. We have Kapono (who could get hot years ago), Murphy (read Kapono) and Blake (too scared he might burn himself).

    JR would be great because he wants to be here, comes cheap (vet min.) requires no trade or TPE usage, and immediately improves the team by addressing our needs. To get him I would release Kapono.

  70. Wow everyone crapping on Aaron. I posted the link to the the same interview when it actually happened a couple weeks ago. What is it that you can’t believe!?! Kobe is egotistical, arrogant, and self-centered. We all know that so what is the problem!?! He is an excellent basketball player, but a crappy person. He cheated on his wife and got caught, he is no different than Tiger, Jordan or any other athlete not named Tebow or Staubach.

    I don’t believe that Kobe wants to share the stage with Howard. He would prefer what suits him best, which is the docile twin headed monster he has now.

    To be truthful, I don’t blame him if he feels that way. I would not want to rely on throwing the ball down low to Howard, watch him get fouled, go to the line and miss both free throws. I saw that with Shaq and Howard can’t dominate like Shaq did AND allow Kobe to get his.

    Right now, Drew can live with 15 shots, Pau is in Heaven with 15, and Kobe needs his 25 (only 20 shots left on this team for the other 9). But you bring in D12 for Bynum and Kobe goes down to 15-20 and Pau (if he’s still here) to 5-10? Not gonna work!!!