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Dave Murphy —  February 8, 2012

The Lakers are currently in Boston, either strolling around the Commons in 34 degree weather (unlikely) or getting some practice in before tomorrow night’s game against the Celtics. Recent blog talk has run the gamut from Kobe’s recent milestone to long term versus short term market needs. I wish I had a scoop on J.R. Smith’s next move but I get the feeling he’s enjoying his moment in the weak free agency sun. In the meantime, a few links to read and enjoy:

In the wake of Kobe passing Shaq for fifth place on the all-time scoring list, Kevin Ding at the OC Register examines the Mamba’s new test, making room for Bynum.

The Lakers margin for error is credit-card slim says Mike Bresnahan at the L.A. Times.

Some thoughts about Kobe and the desire for one more ring by Dave McMenamin at ESPN.

The Pau for Rondo rumors have been testing their wings, largely on the basis of the Mitch Kupchak/Mike Trudell interview. Eric Pincus at Hoopsworld explores a bit more deeply.

As everyone knows by now, the Lakers’ well liked but seldom used Derrick Caracter was cut, preserving a roster spot and avoiding the payment on a guaranteed contract. Brian Kamenetzy from the Land O’Lakers shares some thoughts.

As much as we love to hate on Paul Pierce, he has stayed with Boston his entire career and just passed a Larry Bird milestone, Brian Robb at Celtics Hub has the interview.

Over at Grantland, Sebastian Pruiti gives the nod to Andrew Goudelock for 10th spot on his rookie rankings. Not bad for a guy drafted at 46.

Here’s a very cool post from Ettore Messina in Tribuna Sports about the differences between euro ball and the NBA. It’s a nice and rare treat, to read detailed thoughts and analysis from an elite coach, not to mention one currently on the Lakers staff.


If anyone comes across more readable tidbits, please post them. Maybe one of y’all can be the first to break our next big signing, in which case I’ll come up with an appropriate reward, like claiming credit and spinning a new post out of it. Enjoy your Wednesday everybody!

Dave Murphy


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  1. To be honest I have a hunch the Lakers are liking this Rondo rumor because the teams we really want to work with will now think they have a Rondo type player to compete with for Gasol’s services. Now if Paul Peirce or KG were thrown in the deal the Lakers would be interested 😉


  2. Very cool link. Thanks, ex.


  3. On the one hand, I would like the Lakers to cut Kapono to open up a spot on the team for a more athletic and versatile player off the bench. On the other hand, I know that if the Lakers cut Kapono the Clippers will pick him up in a heartbeat, and truthfully he would be a much better player on that team.

    Sorry Caracter got cut, I thought he was a good young player the Lakers could develop. I’m sure another team like the Spurs will pick him up and he’ll become a compliment player.

    Such is the state of my mind on the Lakers. Reminds me of Debbie Downer on ‘SNL.’


  4. Good post, Dave. The Messina read was really interesting.

    Oh, and happy belated birthday, Darius.


  5. Thanks to the Dane (last thread) for posting that bit from Larry Bird. I never listen to Simmons’ podcasts but I’m thinking about firing up this one. Wish it was on TV so I could see Simmons’ jaw hit the floor when his idol Larry Bird says he wants to play with Kobe.


  6. Would do Gasol for Rondo and Bass if we still had Odom. But as it is now, we would have no legit starting PF.


  7. Here you go, Snoopy:

    I hate looking at Bird’s Rorschach of a face, but I must admit my sympathy for the guy has gone way up after watching the brilliant Bird/Magic documentary.


  8. lil pau – Awesome, thanks! I thought Bill Simmons’ casts were audio only, didn’t realize I could actually see Simmons’ moronic expressions as he reacts to Bird saying that. Made my day.


  9. Paul,
    Have you watched Odom this year? He is fat and slow. He isn’t a legitamit PF anymore.


  10. Question for the moderators or anyone else who might know.

    If the Lakers are interested in Aaron Brooks when he returns from China, is it even possible to get him. All they can offer him is the vet min and the suns would match that without a doubt.

    What I understand is that sign and trades are not allowed during the season so they wouldn’t be able to have the suns sign him and trade him.

    So, could the Lakers trade a pick or one of the rookies to the suns now for Brooks bird rights, and then have the right to match offers?


  11. #12. There’s really no way for the Lakers to get Brooks. Since he’s a RFA, he’s got three choices when he returns. Sign and offer sheet with another team, sign a long term contract with the Suns, or sign the 1 year qualifying offer with the Suns.

    As you mentioned, the Suns are sure to match any minimum level offer sheet of the likes the Lakers could offer AND there are no longer in-season S&T’s as stated in the new collective bargaining agreement. If he signs a contract with the Suns (either a long term or the offer sheet) there’s a waiting period between when he signs and when he could be traded.

    So, basically, it’s not happening.


  12. A Celtic choosing a Laker as his playmate…..PRICELESS!!!


  13. I`m really disappointed Ebanks hasn`t stepped up his game,and become a dependable 3 or sub 2. Has the althleticism,but must lack the head and attitude to take advantage of a good situation and new coach willing to give him a chance. Wouldn`t be surprised if he was included in a trade this year.


  14. If it were just about making the contracts (money) work the Lakers could get Varejao, Sessions, OJ Mayo, Beasley and Anthony Randolph for Pau Gasol and Lamar’s TPE. Don’t believe me…check it out:


  15. lil’ Pau – that was great. Love how basically, the only thing Simmons has to say is “really?” Like Dana Carvey in the Church Lady bits.


  16. If the Lakers could get Mayo that’d be great. Jared Dudley or try to McGrady from Atlanta. A simple move like that would be huge.


  17. My pleasure.


  18. Too many people are taking Bird’s words out of context. He said he’d choose Kobe if he had to choose between KB24 and LBJ. Saying he’d RATHER play with one doesn’t mean he would have WANTED to play with one.

    On a side note, Kobe has been fairly frank this season. A bit weird..


  19. @Busboys4me,

    If only!