The Day We’ll Remember Forever

Darius Soriano —  February 14, 2012

From ESPN Films, the trailer for Magic Johnson: The Announcement. Tune in (or set your DVR’s) on Sunday, March 11th at 9PM EST. I know I’ll be watching.

(H/T to TrueHoop for the video clip)

Darius Soriano

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9 responses to The Day We’ll Remember Forever

  1. Still shocking to hear and see, even all these years later.

  2. Magic was the best offensive player of all time

  3. I remember it was one evening in November when Magic announced his retirement tho’ he played in the ASG in the following year and got the MVP award.

    From the quintessential PG, Lakers are now in the hunt of any faster PG available. Here is an interesting article about the Lakers PG hunt:

  4. Best PG ever. 6-9 and had mad handles! We will NEVER see another PG like this ever again.

  5. In Bill Simmons’ book he spoke of “original prototypes” and how certain players created a new template for a position. Magic Johnson was one such player. No disrespect to Michael Jordan but we’ll see 100 more players of his “type” (athletic SG’s that have elite skill sets in a variety of areas) before we see another 6’9″ PG with court vision, handle, charisma, and the leadership ability that Magic had (and I may be underselling that). Earvin was one of a kind.

  6. What’s up with the proliferation of “fanpinion” articles that get actual run on real news sites? Outlets like Yahoo! run articles by Joe Schmo who throws out a bunch of stuff about what the Lakers should do at PG and people retweet it and post it to their Facebook pages and then it’s news. Terrible journalism.

  7. Remember it well. Great that he has thrived and is in good health 21 years later.

  8. The day Magic made his announcement hit me and other Laker fans in the gut. I am hoping that the Chris Paul veto is not remembered in the same way (footnote to rr).

    Magic is awesome. I never though I would ever enjoy anothe rplayer that much. And then came KBB