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Dave Murphy —  February 29, 2012 — 54 Comments

The current storylines revolve mostly around Kobe’s broken nose and concussion and trade rumors and Andrew’s knee and Devin Ebanks getting called up from the D-league and tonight’s game against the T-Wolves and Kobe’s broken nose and concussion. There’s really not much chance to break free from the six degrees of separation. I could have just hyperlinked the keywords in the first sentence but then there’d still be all this space to fill.

Apparently, Kobe Bryant suffered a broken nose and a concussion in Sunday’s ASG. So says Mike Bresnahan from the L.A. Times, along with every other writer covering the Lakers.

Brian Kamenetzy from the Land O’Lakers spells out the league’s policy on concussions. There’s little doubt that the Mamba could perform the required agility tests for clearance. Whether he should be allowed to is another question.

As Mark Medina at the LA. Times reports, Devin Ebanks got called up from the D-league. Because of Kobe Bryant’s broken nose and all.

Andrew Bynum is good to go tonight, this from Ben Bolch and Mark Medina from the Times.

Ryan Ward at Lakers Nation writes about the Kirk Hinrich trade rumors.

Here’s the “75 percent certain” trade article by Sam Smith, now writing for the Chicago Bulls website.

There’s a comprehensive and very good theoretical piece about trade pieces and possibilities, by Ben R at Silver Screen and Roll.

The Timberwolves have their second half of a Staples back-to-back tonight. I haven’t seen any previews up yet but Jonah Steinmeyer at Howlin’ T-Wolf reports on the win against the Clippers.


Tonight’s game won’t be any cakewalk, especially if Kobe’s out. But, it’s a return to game action and kicks off the second half of the season, which looks more like a stretch drive with the league’s shortened schedule. At least there’s no Jim Buss news today. Then again, maybe this is what “they” want. Just ask Craig Sager.


Dave Murphy


54 responses to Wednesday Storylines

  1. This anti-trade-talk old man likes the Heinrich article above… likes it a lot. I wonder, what would happen if we could get Heinrich and Beasley without moving a starter??

  2. Can anybody tell me why Kobe Bryant sabotaged last season when he broke the unwritten man rule and told his then wife about Pau’s indiscretion? Who then quickly told the girlfriend and the girlfriend proceeded to break up with Pau in the middle of the playoffs? We all know how that story ended but I was curious why Kobe didn’t wait until after the season to blow the horn.

  3. Rondo: Obtaining RR would be the type of tweener move we do not need. By tweener, I mean it really does not make us a contender, unless it is part of a huge package of moves, and it does not help us re-build. We fill the PG hole, but we then have Oneal/Murphy/Sheed? at PF (help). Further RR is signed through 2015, so this is hardly a re-building move – in fact the opposite. We either need to go for the title now – or re-build. Tweener moves are what Boston did in the late 80’s and it cost them 20 years.

  4. Great links today. No way on Hinrich. Ebanks should start if Kobe doesn’t play.

    2) Knock it off that’s speculation.

  5. Kevin and I may not agree on everything, but when it comes to messing with our guys, we will defend them. Wade is a PUNK, and trash talk about Laker personal lives does not belong on this site.

  6. #4) Speculation maybe but how else do you explain Pau’s lackluster performance? Hasn’t a girl ever broken your heart? It’s happened to most of here so I know we all know how it feels.

  7. Please go somewhere else with this talk about the players’ personal lives. Maybe to TMZ or something. Thanks.

  8. O.k. let’s all ignore the white elephant in the room.

  9. You mean from nearly a year ago? You mean when the team as a whole all played like trash after making 3 runs to the finals and where Pau played heavy minutes at center w/o a back up for nearly the first half of the season? You know, there are other reasons for players to play poorly. Also, it’s my site and I don’t give a damn about the players personal lives…I care about what happens on the court. If you don’t like that, you’re welcome discuss those things at other sites. I’m sure you’ll find no shortage of people willing to converse with you.

  10. No sources = pure speculation.

    Maybe he lent his favorite model airplane to Marc and Marc accidentally broke it. Maybe Costco stopped carrying his favorite brand of chips.

    It doesn’t seem to be affecting Pau now, so who cares.

  11. Echoing what Darius said. That’s not an elephant in the corner, at all. Pau and Kobe are fine with each other. Let it go.

  12. Does anyone know how credible Sam Smith is? I’m having a hard time believing that Houston would give up Kyle Lowry, although I am hoping the rumor is true. Lowry has all the tools to thrive here – outside shooting, defense, basketball iq, youth, dedication, speed and strength. He’s not at CP3 or DWill’s level yet, but I think he is close, and has the potential to eventually reach that level. Plus, he makes less money, and would cost only a fraction of what we were willing to give up for CP3. The team would still have their trade exception and first rounder to trade for a SF and/or backup SG.

  13. Per J.A. Adande’s twitter –

    “Lakers say Kobe has been concussion symptom-free, has passed tests. Will play 2 on 2 today, be tested later to see if he can play tonight”

  14. 1/2Decaf: I agree with all, but if the Heat win the title (part of my nightmare), then the LBJ/Heat worship will start. This is no different than MJ. Before his titles, he was not liked by I Thomas, Magic, many fans, etc. Then he starts winning + everyone wants to be like Mike. The same will be true for LeBronze which is why we need to root heavily against him. Having him take over the throne is not good.

  15. So many interesting trade scenario’s out there. Will the pressure that’s on Jim Buss and Mitch assist in creating a Diamond or will it end up Busting a Pipe? Starting tomorrow, the 1st, up until the 15th, all Eyes on them. One thing that we all can agree on is, come March 15th, 6pm EST, in 1 form or the other, this team will have a different look … How much is the Question.

  16. Tra: Very true. I am also curious to see what Kobe’s mood is like on 03/15. “IF” (pipedream) we get D12, it will be great. If we trade PG and do not get pieces that make us a contender the mood will be sour. It is OK with some if we mortgage this year, but if we do, and we still have a bloated payroll, Kobe will see too much sand going through the hour glass of time, and it will not be pretty.

  17. 1/2 1/2, I’ll happily settle for a well played and clean victory. No need to “settle scores” any other way. We’ve already got a center with a track record of suspension-inducing cheap shots and a SF just this side of crazy, so there really isn’t anyone on the roster capable of delivering a “message” to Wade physically without damaging the team’s upcoming chances to string together a nice record against 9 pretty average or below teams in the next 11 games.

    Sessions for McRoberts, Ebanks & a pick, and Beasely for the TPE (and maybe another pick) would be fine with me, although Lowry & Scola for Pau would be peachy too.

  18. Just give me Sessions and Beasley and we will be fine. Unfortunately, after last night Beasley may have just become too expensive for us. They will want a King’s ransom if he goes off on us for 27 points again tonight. He and Derrick Williams are 6’10” forwards with 2 guard skills. Williams is crazy good.

  19. Man, I can’t stop scouring the web for trade news (rumors). I hope the Lakers make their move(s), if any, quickly so I can get back to simply watching the games.

    Looking forward to watching Rubio tonight (though not our PG defense…ouch).

  20. Funky,

    It seems possible for the Lakers to make all three of those trades, although if the Lowry trade goes through, the team could choose to trade for a backup SG, like Mayo or even Heinrich, instead of Sessions. In other words, the team could potentially gain Lowry, Scola, Beasley, and Mayo for Gasol, McBob, TPE, and draft picks. That is a drastic upgrade! …and that’s without even mentioning a potential Dwight / Bynum swap.

  21. LT mitchell, yeah, I think I’d be ok with those moves….

  22. The Wolves are giving Beasley up for a first round draft pick and the Lakers decline. Wow. That’s all I can say.

  23. billbill, that’s an interesting tidbit. One can hope that the Lakers think that they can get more for their 1st round pick (perhaps as part of a larger deal) and are holding their fire on this deal on the assumption that it will be available in two weeks if the other deals they want don’t materialize.

    I think it’s kind of ballsy, and I’m pretty sure I’d have pulled the trigger. On a veteran team with strong leadership, I think Beasley’s attitude problems are likely to be a non-factor, and he would immediately improve the team in a major area of need.

    Let’s hope this portends a bigger deal down the road….

  24. How do they expect to improve the team? I guess I can’t tell anybody how they should spend their money, but it really does just look like the Lakers are just trying to save money. As a Lakers fan I’m not used to this.

    I repeat, how do we expect to improve this team without taking on anymore money. Especially when nobody wants our players not named Kobe, Bynum or Gasol. Beasley would be a huge help.

  25. Beasly for a 1st round pick is a steal especially when we could use extra scoring off the bench – lets say they ruin the team and try to simply bank the time Warner money I’m sure if we really suck for like 3-4 years time Warner renegotiated and Jim gets screwed

  26. i can’t believe the lakers declined beasley. They must know they can’t compete this year. So they are just going to save as much money as they can and be content being mediocre. I don’t understand it.

    This was a chance to instantly get better on the offensive end, gain “quality” depth and athleticism. The lakers have 3 scoring threats and that is all. No one is capable of scoring 20 points other than Pau, Kobe, and Bynum. The lakers score 93 points and are 22nd in the league. That won’t get them very far and the lakers Front office isn’t trying to get them any further.

  27. If all the particulars are true in this story, then this doesn’t bode very well for us fans. Could be scary times around here…We have 15 days to find out!

  28. Lakers rejected Beasley for obvious reasons: Sleep with Bynum, wake up with Howard!

  29. OMG!!!! I don’t care what is down the line, if you can improve the team, you improve the team. Anyone who watched the guy play last night realizes HE IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED!!! Of course, in addition to a point guard. He would be better off the bench than anyone else out there plus he could start in place of Barnes.

    @ KenOak
    No, this does not bode well for us at all!!!

    This goes back to my point from a year ago that the FO has become penny wise and dollar stupid. Why pay $100 million for a middle of the road team when you can pay $110 for a championship contender. If anything, I would think that the failed CP3 trade taught us that we need to address our problems now and not rely on a homerun that may not come to fruition.

  30. @Magic Phil 31

    Why blow up a team that only needs upgrades instead of a complete overhaul?!? Adding Beasley and Sessions or another capable point leaves the Kobe, Bynum, Gasol tandum in tack. I would rather compete for the Title for the next three years that we have Kobe than to build upon a team centered around a man (Howard) who has never won anything on his own (even with the best record in basketball)!!!

  31. If the Beasley story is true, then it may be time to rebuild. It is possible that the Lakers are more or less out of the winning business until after the 2014 season.

    And like I have said, if they are worried about costs, they should have started worrying a couple of years ago or sooner–everyone knew there was a new CBA coming, and they should have reined in Kupchak on his long deals for role players.

  32. Until we have secured an upgrade at point guard I would also turn the Beasly deal down. We may need that number one for other deals.

  33. Agreed Michael H. The Laker position is probably a little more nuanced than the way Broussard conveyed it. At the moment, Lakers won’t subject themselves to additional luxury tax by bringing in Beasley, because Beasley by himself won’t bring a title. But, if they are able to pull another move to bring in a PG, then they would probably bring Beas in, paying the additional luxury tax, and moving all chips in on this year.

  34. Why are so many people concluding that this was about cheapness and not about strategy?

    Adding Sessions & Beasley would be great if the price is right, but is Sessions even available? If Cleveand won’t accept McRoberts & trash, the Lakers cannot get Sessions without giving up the TPE (and with it the flexibility to get Beasley or any combination that might land Howard).

    If Sessions isn’t available, then Beaz is not “exactly what we need” he is PART of what we need. Upgrade at the point is the most important issue, and for that they will either need to find a way to get Sessions without using up the TPE, or trade Pau (for something like the Lowry & Scola idea).

    For example, if Houston is willing to part with Lowry only if the Lakers give up a 1st round pick, then the pick is better used for THAT deal than combining it with the TPE to get Beasley.

    Bottom line: we have no idea what is going on behind closed doors. If the team really is refusing to spend money just to be cheap, we’ll all have plenty of time to bash them, because we’re gonna suck for a long time. However, if the team is trying to make a Lowry & Scola deal for Pau & a 1st round pick, then I’m more than happy to hold the TPE in reserve to see if Minny will take the other 1st round pick (the Dallas pick) plus the TPE in a few weeks–because even if they don’t, the Lakers will be much improved and will still have nearly $9 million to find a serviceable SF.

  35. What I been saying all along is Lakers FO is looking to shed salary. A 1st rounder isn’t worth Beasley either. That’s what the new tax rules are for competitive balance. At least this assures fans mwp gets amnestied. lol

  36. why waste the trade exception on a scorer like beasley when you can add a role player like trevor ariza *and* a point guard like rondo or devin harris.

    our bigs need more touches, not fewer touches. this is a contract year for beasley; you think he wants to share the ball?

    new orleans has the expiring contracts to facilitate a 3 way.

    and those players can be had without sacrificing valuable picks in an exceptional draft class.

  37. Those 1st rounder are valuable may be holding onto them for a bigger move.

  38. What happens if another team is willing to part with a first round pick prior to the Lakers finding their point. This is why my point is a BIRD in the hand is better than two in the bush.

  39. Tend to agree there’s no cause to rush to judgement.

    If Beasley was there on February 29th it’s not unlikely he’ll be there in a week or so.

    Possibly we could even see Minnesota re-consider their desire for taking a pick and substitute it with a request for a player in return like MWP.

    I seem to recall that the last of the biggest seasons MWP had was while he was playing for Adelman at Houston.

    They’re trying to make a playoff run with a bunch a kids and journeyman who have never been there before. Meta might be a decent fit in exchange for a player they don’t plan to retain anyway.

    Maybe they’ll consider taking a character that their coach can deal with more effectively than the one they have.

    Anyway there are a lot of potential reasons why they past on this deal that aren’t related to being cheap.

  40. @ Funky Chicken

    There are currently concerns with Scola’s knees. He is the same age as Pau and is not nearly as gifted. So obtaining him would be a step back at that position IMO.

    As far as Lowry is concerned, if we could obtain him without giving up Pau it would be Heaven sent, but unrealistic.

    So I stand by my contention that Beasley is exactly what we need for the time being, but I will agree with you that we do not know what machinations are going on behind closed doors.

    Lastly, prior spending manuvers by Jim “Tommy Boy” Buss entitles me to think that he his dollar stupid. The FO not using Sasha’s TPE is another example.

  41. Funky,

    Not “concluding.” That is why I said “may be.” But there is no reason to ASSUME Buss has some long-range master plan. Beasley would, no question, help this team.

  42. Busboys, I’m completely with you in terms of Scola being a downgrade from Pau; but the combination of a radical improvement at PG by adding Lowry would, in my view, more than account for the decline at PF.

    I like the idea of adding Beasley, but only after these other moves are vetted, and I suspect that Minnesota’s offer/demand might wane as the deadline approaches. It just seems like a 1st round pick is likely to be a part of any major upgrade at the PG spot, and that’s probably where the team’s attention is focused.

    Were there particular decisions that demonstrated Jim’s cheapness? Many automatically assumed that dumping LO was just such an example, but I’ve maintained from the beginning that LO was unlikely to ever replicate the best year he’s ever had (which only happened because he was “forced” to play hoops all summer on Team USA; because he’s never improved his game in the summer prior to last year). Today, that move isn’t looking so bad, and may well end up being genius (frankly, if they can essentially swap LO for Beasley I think they’ve significantly improved).

    Not sure about the Sasha thing. It’s obvious this team needs (and needed) help, but I’m not sure what asset they had that would have netted them an improvement by using Sasha’s TPE–it was small enough not to likely bring back a real good player.

  43. If Kahn traded Beasley for MWP, it would be quite entertaining to read the world-is-ending comments on the MIN blogs.

  44. Anonymous, I wasn’t singling you out. There isn’t any question or debate (that I’m aware of) about Beasley helping the Lakers. I think he’d help a great deal. The issue isn’t “whether” to try to get him, but “when.” Right now, there is a greater need than (even significant) improvement at the SF, and that’s improving at the PG. Once that is taken care of, the Lakers ought to pursue Beasley. I’d risk losing him rather than risk losing an upgrade at PG….

    As for the notion that there’s no reason to assume that Buss has a long range master plan, I think that is a perfect example of over the top criticism. I can think of one very good example of a long range master plan that Buss considered that I imagine you’d have liked: Pau & LO for CP3 and significant financial savings.

    I’m no huge fan of Jimmy Buss, but to pile on like this and say he’s visionless and cheap is ignore the biggest news story in this NBA season….

  45. Funky,

    The key words in that post are “significant financial savings.” No reason I can see to assume Buss will spend $ to make the team better.

  46. rr: The jury is out on Jimbo – we will see.
    Beasley: “if” the rumors are true, I am glad we rejected this. That means we have bigger things in mind. We need the full menu of options to offer for any blockbuster.

    It is not even 03/01 yet – the game has not even started.

  47. All: This is so exciting. Not to get too sappy, but my advice is to enjoy this brief time period, because – at this juncture we are still a feared force in the NBA and anything can happen. It may not always be like that. You know what I am hoping for. However, in any case, we all have the comings days till 03/15 to dream. After that, who knows. So savior this moment.

  48. Check the update in this report:

    Apparently, the Wolves wanted BOTH of our 2012 first round picks. Mitch was right to turn them down.

  49. Dude: Do you know when the 03/01 deadline is exactly to trade guys like McR? Is it 12 midnight eastern? I am serious, because stuff could happen quickly after a couple of dominos fall.

  50. @Robert, I’m not sure about whatever hour that restriction is lifted.

  51. Robert – That’s a good point. Assuming that offseason acquisitions such as McRoberts are going to be dealt, it could be a rush once things start rolling across the league. Does anyone know the actual answer to this?

  52. Thanks Dude. Beasley is not worth both first rounders financially, but….would Beasley be better for the team than BOTH Caracter and Ebanks were? Yes. How about Morris and Goudelock? Yes again.

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