Preview & Chat: The Washington Wizards

Darius Soriano —  March 7, 2012

Records: Lakers 23-15 (4th in West), Wizards 8-29 (14th in East)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 103.6 (15th in NBA), Wizards 99.2 (27th in NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 100.8 (10th in NBA), Wizards 108.4 (27th in NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum
Wizards: John Wall, Jordan Crawford, Chris Singleton, Trevor Booker, Javale McGee
Injuries: Lakers: none; Wizards: Rashard Lewis (out), Ronny Turiaf (out)

The Lakers Coming in: Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Lakers lost a road game that they shouldn’t have. Wait, I’m not done. They also played poorly, their role players conjured up a mix of tentative and bad performances, and with one of the big three not performing up to normal standard the team lost.

If you didn’t try to stop me at all in the above paragraph, you’ve likely missed many of the Lakers road games this season because that’s the formula for this team when they play away from the Staples Center. This team is a bad road team. What this means for the future (unless the trend changes) is a topic for a longer post. But, what it means tonight is pretty clear. A game against one of the worst teams in the league is no gimmie.

Why? Because it’s on the road.

The Wizards Coming in: In the last 8 games this team has played, they’ve been victorious once. That lone win was a three point triumph over the Cavs and the Wiz used that gained momentum to come out and get blown out by the Warriors two nights later by 20 points. Where the Lakers are a bad road team, the Wizards are just bad.

They have some good talent. John Wall is a former number one pick, is lightning quick with the ball and is in an athletic class (for point guards) that only Derrick Rose and Russel Westbrook preside in. Javale McGee is a springy young big man that can protect the rim, run the floor, and finish with the best of them when the ball is tossed to him anywhere near the basket. Andray Blatche is the type of player that Lamar Odom used to be. Long, rangy, and skilled in all facets of the game. This team also has hard workers that will do the dirty work.

So, why are they bad? They don’t always play hard. They don’t play smart. They try to play fast, but play too fast for their own good and force the issue. They don’t play as a team, with too many isolation sets that lead to a ranking of 2nd to last in assist rate. The talent (outside of Wall, who seems to not fall into this category) is mostly in the bodies of players that double as head cases. So, they lose more than they should and have breakdowns on both sides of the ball that allow the other team to take advantage.

Wizards Blogs: Truth About It and Bullets Forever offer up great coverage of the Wiz. Check ’em out.

Keys to game: So, tonight, we see what wins out. Do the Lakers’ road woes trump the Wizards’ ability to play losing basketball?

I’d throw in a bunch of X’s and O’s here, talk about match ups, what to expect in terms of trends, and basically explain what I thought could work or what we might see.

Not today, though. Because what matters most isn’t that the Lakers have advantages in the post, that the Wiz have no one to really guard Kobe, or that the Wiz transition game must be slowed down to make them a half court team.

No, what matters is that the Lakers must start to take some pride in their game when it travels. What matters is that the Lakers need to stop being a different team on the road than they are at home. If the Lakers decide they’ll be aggressive, that they’ll attack the defense by moving the ball, that they’ll simply concentrate harder they’ll be the better team tonight.

If their role players show the confidence in themselves that they do at home, if they take shots in rhythm, if they trust that they can perform to their abilities, the Lakers will be the better team tonight.

But, if the Lakers play the same way they have in most of their other road games this season this game will be a pick ’em. Yes, the Lakers played an overtime game last night. And the Wizards will test them in the open court and try to wear them down more. This is something to look for tonight. But, that can be overcome if the Lakers bring their home game with them to Washington and show some pride in the process. That’s certainly what I hope to see…because that’s what I think matters tonight.

Where you can watch: An early 4:00PM start time for this one on KCAL. Also listen live on ESPN Radio 710AM (and on Sirius XM 218)

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134 responses to Preview & Chat: The Washington Wizards

  1. Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) March 7, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I am gleeful to be going to this game. Anything is possible tonight. Lakers winning by 50. Wizards scoring 130 points. Should be delightful, because there will be a looot of Lakers fans at the Verizon Center.

  2. Abbott released another Kobe laced tirade about clutch situations. While they have some merit is that all the guy writes about. Can’t you be a great player even if your not Jordan. He’s obviously trying to devalue his greatness status and try to bring him back down to earth.

    Can’t see how we stop john wall he runs after made baskets. Must establish the bigs early wear their frontline out.

  3. @3 – It’s curious that the TrueHoop guys had absolutely nothing to say about the Lakers vs. Heat. I read that that game broke viewing records for ABC. You can bet that if the Heat had won, there would have been a whole series of TrueHoop columns extolling the virtues of LeBron, D-Wade, et al while denigrating our Mamba. Instead…………..crickets.

  4. 4,

    We will win today because they got jolted by unexpected loss yesterday. They’ll pour all their frustrations on the Wizards.

  5. Dude: I noticed that as well. Abbott only pops up after Kobe’s bad games and try to drill in our head his point. He’s a LeBron guy and a number cruncher who puts a little too much stock in certain category numbers.

    And to imply hero ball is all Kobe would be false. Dirk took bad shots but made them vs NY last night, Same with Rose vs Philly a few nights ago. Kobe is his whipping boy but that’s fine Kobe over any player everyone has there falws.

  6. Guys like Abbott make me hate basketball stat geeks. If that is where sports writing is going I can do without it. When Larry Bird sings Kobe’s praises he makes Abbott look like a joke. When Michael Jordan gives Kobe his due saying he is the only current player who can be compared to him Abbott looks like a bigger joke. I think I’ll take their words over his.

  7. I agree with Abbott’s point regarding Kobe’s clutchness being more of a myth rather than reality. Having said that, Abbott’s obsession with trying to make this point is ridiculous and annoying. I suppose it’s only fitting that as a Blazer fan he would go out of his way to talk down the Lakers and their star player.

  8. Avidon: Wasn’t a myth in 2000 when he made that shot over pippen then threw the lob to Shaq. Or in 04 those 2 buzzer beaters. Blazers fans feel 2000 was there year but ya have to get over it. lol : )

  9. Step 1) go to

    Step 2) click on adblocker, click on block an ad on this page

    Step 3) click on the truehoop banner

    step 4) click ok and enjoy without reading anything henry has to write ever again.

    You’re welcome.

  10. Dude @5

    You’re so right on that. What’s worse is that Kobe can’t do anything right by many Lakers fans either. He has brought this franchise 5 championships and 7 finals appearances. Just as many rings as Magic Johnson and with less talent around him. Yes. I said it. Kobe has only played with one hall of famer. (Excluding Karl Malone and Gary Payton who were only rentals for a year.)

    So, it’s not only some media people and ESPN…
    It’s so bad that John Hollinger created a friggen stat to elevate Jordan and Lebron to a lesser extent. Magic is the GOAT, in my opinion, but go take a look at his career PER as compared to MJ’s.

    Whatever. /rant off

  11. Kevin,

    I am 99% certain that Abbott sits there in a dark room every night and watches that playoff series prior to writing his next TrueHoop entry.

  12. Avidon: He may put the 04 finals in after that. Portland is tough every year one of the lakers true rivals. I always expect a loss at Rose Garden.

  13. I think Abbott’s a good writer, but man, his anti-Kobe in the clutch agenda is pitiful. It’s not that his argument is wrong, but he writes up posts denigrating Kobe just about every other week, and has been doing so for YEARS now. I’m surprised some head honchos at ESPN haven’t pulled him aside to ask him to layoff. Despite the validity of his argument, his incessant need to put it out there takes away from his quality as a writer.

  14. KenOak, good points. I do think that Pau Gasol is a first ballot Hall of Famer, though. He was probably a Hall of Famer before he ever got to the Lakers, as he and Dirk were arguably the two best players in European history while Pau was still playing for Memphis. Anyway, let’s see if our 4th through 9th guys can do better than 5-23 from the field tonight.

  15. Re Abbott:

    As we’ve said many times on this site… Henry Abbott thinks Kobe is very clutch and one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He simply says correctly (over and over) that Kobe doesn’t play smart and plays selfishly down the stretch taking needless difficult shots against double teams. That’s why his clutch numbers are so poor.

  16. I am interested and will be looking to see if Lakers not named Kobe, Pau or Bynum bouce back and have a decent game tonight.

  17. Btw… As many predicted months ago… Our best PG GLock as soon as Blake came back plays ten minutes a game now and only at shooting guard. Again… Our coaching staff isn’t stupid. I maintain we are hiding him 😉

  18. Dude – That was indeed egregiously obvious after the Heat game. Just nothing to be seen by HA. In fact, nothing about the foul at the ASG, or the 3 games with the mask with great (and efficient) numbers.

  19. That’s 3 plays where Metta has gotten beat. It always seems he’s purposely out of position.

  20. Drew has absolutely no energy tonight. I guess those 41 1/2 minutes last night were pretty draining. He’s not even rotating a single step when guys are driving to the rim for dunks.

  21. Bynum major sulkage on not getting the ball on several posessions in a row (with good reason) and then responds with the laziest rotation ever on the Young dunk

  22. 0-6 on the flotsam count

  23. Will someone outside of our big 3 make a field goal? I hope so…

  24. I like how now when Bynum catches in the post he quickly pivots and surveys the floor. Like how Kobe does

  25. Ha! Murphy hits a three to raise the flotsam count to 1-8.
    h/t to James for the apt terminology 😉

  26. Do you realize what happens to Bynum with bench?

  27. Dude,

    Sabonis was better than either Dirk or Pau.

  28. McRoberts in the first half!

  29. Avidon- Thats a good one.

  30. Sabonis was an amazing player before the injury bug got him. Seriously an all-time great.

  31. It’s too bad Sabonis didn’t make it to the NBA before his knees were shot. When healthy, he was exceptional.

  32. Am I the only one that sees that Kobe is a bad pick and roll defender? He gets completely taken out of the play every time leaving the dribbler with a wide open look. I can’t figure out if this is the center’s fault for letting the dribbler turn the corner or if Kobe is just taking bad angles.

  33. @29 avidon – Yes, but his peak only lasted a couple years in the mid-1980s until he ruptured his achilles. Looks like our bench guys are picking it up now.

  34. Kobe to McRoberts for the oop Slam

  35. Holy crap – Fish with the three!

  36. anyone reckon the Wiz have any set plays?

  37. Dude,
    It doesn’t look like a lack of energy… It looks like Bynum is practicing the old Shaq theology. “If you don’t feed the dog he won’t guard the yard.”

  38. Aaron, maybe a combination of both. I was actually hoping MB would leave McBob in the game.

  39. First half flotsam update: 9-22 FG, 4-6 3FG, 3-4 FT, 25 Pts

  40. At the half Lakers not named Kobe, Pau or Bynum
    9-22 for 25 points. Lakers lead 64-49. So far, much better performance than last night (but it is the Wizards). McRoberts even saw some playing time.

  41. I think if we’ll get 40% FG percentage from our “other guys”, we’ll have a very very good chance to win against anybody. Would be interesting to see the statistics, though maybe this 40% has never happened this season…

  42. link for the game?

  43. nice to get some favourable calls for once tonight

  44. did Fisher just beat John Wall to a lost ball?? that does not compute

  45. Sad to see a guy with talent like John Wall go to waste. He’ll never thrive in washington with this roster

  46. I don’t understand why pau settles for turn around jumpshots in the paint instead of hook shots, especially when he’s defended by a much smaller defender.

  47. Only two, maybe three keepers on the Wizards roster. Wall, Booker, and half of Jevale McGee/Jordan Crawford.

  48. Kobe got bored again and clanked 2 jumpers. One thing I can say he doesn’t care about FG% like a lot of players

  49. its happening again…

  50. why can this team not blow anybody out?

  51. Man this Lakers team…

  52. Lakers cannot put a away. That was a painful third quarter to watch.

  53. I fail to believe a couple Kobe shots demoralized this team.

    Not showing any heart for the 2nd night in a row

  54. Second game in a row where LA builds a big lead, and Kobe goes into “we’re ahead so I’m getting mine” mode and shoots the other team back into it. The ball stops moving, the offense grinds to a halt, and if Kobe isn’t hitting, LA is toast. Identical recipie for disaster to what happened last night. I am a huge Kobe defender and he gets far too much criticism for being “selfish” but these past two games feed the narrative

  55. Hey, stop complaining and appreciate the wonder of Kobe’s game!

  56. Man, that was a dismal display in the 3rd. After such a solid first half too. It almost defies belief. Obviously hard to know what is happening without actually being in the players’ heads, but surely this is a mental thing to some degree. They can’t seem to grind an opponant into the dirt once they have them on the ground.

  57. I’m really crying right now. crying laughing lol

  58. throughly embarassing

  59. exhelo–I appreciate the wonder of his game–I love Kobe–but there is no excuse for him having almost twice as many FG attempts as Bynum and Gasol combined–zero, none, nada zip

    Bynum 4 for 6
    Gasol 5 for 8

    Kobe–8 for 25? 25?????

  60. what is kobe thinking

  61. 60) mindcrime
    But Bynum and Gasol are only a combined 8-13 shooting, and there is no way the Lakers win their last 5 titles without Kobe!

  62. exhelo – With a 2nd half display like this (thus far), it is hard to appreciate your sarcasm! Although I am impressed with you slipping it in to lighten the mood here.

    I am somewhat in disbelief seeing this happen a 2nd night in a row. Back-to-backs against high lottery teams should not play out like this at all.

  63. Mike brown is going to have to stop letting kobe do whatever he wants whenever he wants to.

  64. let gasol take over kobe damn!!

  65. exhelo–ok, sorry for missing your sarcasm

    Kobe dribbles into the paint–easy layoff to Bynum for a dunk available–he shoots anyway–the look on Bynum’s face and his body language says it all—he doesn’t understand why he didn’t get the ball—and neither do I…

    Then at the other end…give up a three and Kobe acts like it’s everyone else’s fault—what is going on with him right now?

    I have tickets to the LA/Wolves game Friday night, but this is making me want to give them away…

  66. Mike Brown should be fired for this game alone

  67. I know people are going to think I’m crazy… But I love Kobe. He just will keep shooting. You need to respect that as a competitor. He is fearless and it’s afraid to keep missing.

  68. Lakers continue their Jekyll and Hyde act.

  69. We are all big Kobe fans but there’s is no excuse for the kind of game he’s played tonight. How many more fade aways and jumpers do you have to miss before you stop and just pound the ball inside on every possession?

  70. Lakers folding…haha

  71. I have never seen Kobe this off two nights in a row. This is ridiculous.

  72. Yea this team is a real joke. About to have two back to back loses to trash teams. Good start after the break has been wasted and then some

  73. Aaron–I hope for your sake that you are being sarcastic too

  74. What does Bynum think he’s doing?!

  75. Big Man Andrew Bynum with a nice move for the layup.

  76. I thought Kobe sorta turned a mental corner when he said we were a post team…

    Oh well.

  77. There better be changes after this game. What else does the FO need to decide we need to make moves now?

  78. Game, set, match. I’m done watching this crappy team. Good luck in the playoffs cuz they’ll definitely need it.

  79. Mindcrime,
    Sadly I’m a weirdo. I just am in awe of Kobes testicular fortitude. I was not being sarcastic. Two nights in a row he keeps jacking up shots when our bigs are unstoppable down low. I reespect it in a weird way.

  80. Is Kobe forcing a trade?

  81. Go ahead Darius and the rest of FBG writers put a positive spin on this one. You hate trade talk, you hate us talking about the age of tm in key positions. But the fact of the matter is this team sucks against young, run and gun teams. You won’t see Washington or Detroit in the playoffs. But you will see OKC, Portland, and Denver because they are also those type teams.

    It’s time for you and the Lakers FO to realize, as presently constituted, the Lakers are not going anywhere in the playoffs. Beasley and Sessions Please!!!

  82. Lakers rebound fail times 2

  83. How many times in his career is it now that Kobe has gotten 30 points?

  84. I need to see some new faces in laker jerseys i’m done with this team.

  85. You want to know why Wizards got that offensive rebound

    Lakers weren’t meant to win this game

  86. Lakers should just miss the playoff entirely…maybe they can get a high draft pick…haha

  87. Darius, please do us all a favor and do not recap this game tonight. There are really no words to describe what happened, so let’s just move on…

  88. Kobe states: “We are a low post team” and promptly takes 56 shots the next two games!!!

    This is worse than any loss this season. This is equivalent to Cleveland last year!!! WTF!!!

  89. wow the Detroit pistons and the Washington wizards

    we would get swept first round with this team.

  90. raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …

  91. Everyone relax. The last two games changed nothing just as the Miami game meant nothing. Our roster is what it is right now regardless of how many wins and losses in a row. We lost a tough game last night and we ran out of gas in a way in the second half. Yes a big part of it is our lack of athletes on the perimeter and the fact we continue to not get our bugs the ball in the post.

  92. Aaron, you respect jacking up shot by shot without any concern for your teammates? You’re probably that guy at the gym who loves to shoot every time down court w/o passing the ball once. Yeah, I got it.

  93. Aaron–there is nothing courageous about this…in fact, Kobe showed fear tonight–fear of letting his teammates (Pau and Drew) have some control over the outcome of the game….maybe (I cannot believe I’m saying this) fear of having to acknowledge that this team would be better if Pau and Drew took more combined shots than Kobe once in awhile…Kobe was selfish and afraid tonight, period

  94. I know what just happened, not sure words can describe it. Second straight bad and embarrassing loss. This was a whole team loss. Sigh.

    Points in the Paint Wizards 52- Lakers 36

  95. BALL MOVEMENT 1st Qtr. 29 – 2nd Qtr. 35

    KOBE BALL HOGGING 3rd. Qtr. 19 – 4th Qtr. 18

  96. mike brown needs to grow a pair and put kobe in check sometimes.

  97. Did my last comment get deleted or is it the site acting up?

  98. Some of the Lakers’ obvious problems are tough to fix, e.g. weak bench and getting out of the salary cap jam and staying competitive.

    However there are others that should be easy to fix, e.g. Bynum 6-8; Kobe 9-31.

    Frankly, I bet Bynum wants a trade at this point.

  99. Its gotten bad .. Im never one to criticize kobe, but we win this game if he doesnt keep jacking up shots when hes cold. Bynum turned the ball over a few times but still was our best option on offense tonight.. UGH. 2 games in a row like this.

    Cmon front office. Make a freaking move already. If the Lakers stand pat and dont pick up any help just to save 5 million out of their 30 million in profits.. Ill be boycotting the team. Ive been a Lakers fan my whole life but the FO has already wasted enough of Kobes prime. Get on the phone and make something happen. Jesus

  100. Not convinced Beasley or Sessions would have changed either of these losses. The Lakers road malaise goes a lot deeper than that, and I have no clue what the answer is.

  101. We need to change this website to forumblueandfoolsgold cuz that’s what this lakers team is fool’s gold damn it!

  102. Kobe has to realize when he chucks up shots his teammates start getting disengaged

    Sad part is his teammates pass him the ball knowing he’s going to shoot.

  103. VoR,
    “Bynum 6-8; Kobe 9-31. ”

    What, ‘Bynum 3-4, Kobe 10-35.’?

  104. The pattern goes on, Lakers lead big in the first half and then let it go away in the 2nd half. The 2nd unit starts to regress, the starters come in for rescue but it’s all outside shooting and no defense against athletic opponents. boom game is over with a loss again on the road. It is a disease. MBrown should rest Kobe and see what a rest can do for his teammates. Is there a coaching with this team or they’re on autopilot?

  105. Exhelo – I think Bynum just needs to focus on D and getting boards. I figure two shots a game is feeding the big dog enough.

  106. Missed the game, so I just now checked the box score, which said it all, really:

    I saw (#1) the score, (#2) the FG-FGA for Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum, and (#3) the 4th quarter team scoring (outscored 18-25).

    Came over and just read all these comments, which sadly confirmed the obvious. Thanks, exhelodrvr, for keeping me from yelling at the monitor (sigh) . . .

  107. Kobe’s 31 shots notwithstanding, T. Booker and K. Seraphin had career nights. WSH win was a fluke, but a W is a W and an L is an L. Talking about playing to level of the competition. Ugh.

  108. These last 2 games have been just mind boggling. I love Kobe to death as a player, but he has been just tuuurrible. If your shot is not falling, find other ways to help your team, Kobe! The Wiz played well, and they have some fine young talent, but the Lakers threw this game away. For a team with so-called title aspirations, this is totally unacceptable. A really sad display.

  109. Another interesting situation, no Rashard Lewis supposedly their best veteran player. Lakers made unknown players like: Seraphim, Young, Booker and Mason as All Stars. PJ, please come back. Whoaaaa!

  110. @ Scott
    Both Fisher and Blake played slow and old as the young guns ran up and down the court on them again. Beasley would at least attempt to score from the SF position. The Lakers had 10 points (on 4/13), 6 rebounds, 2 assist, 1 steal, no blocks, 1 turnover and 3 fouls from the SF position tonight. Any help will be better than what happened tonight. They need youth who want to play, not individuals who feel disrespected when the get have to come off the bench. They need a squad that pushes the first unit. You remember the BENCH MOB. Farmar, Sasha, Radmonavic, Lamar, and Mbenga or Chris Mihm ran the hell out of the second unit. That’s what this teams needs. A unit that wants to get out there a prove the want to play.

  111. Mindcrime/Annonamous,
    I should be more clear. I never said it was the best thing for the team. And I’m actually a PG who never likes to shoot. Probably why I respect Kobe for being able to continue to shoot with two all star big men on his team. He is crazy… And I like it. Same reason he can miss ten shots in a row and have the fearlessness to take the last one. We need to take the good with the bad with Kobe. As he ages it will of course be difficult. As Phil Jackson told Bill Simmons in his book of basketball… “I don’t want to be the guy who coaches Kobe when he is no longer Kobe.”

    Without an NBA PG to run our offense the ball ends up in Kobe’s hands most of the time. He is a scorer not a PG. Its like putting a bottle of whiskey in front of an alcoholic. I dont begrudge Kobe for jacking up shots and I never will. He will look different when he is playing with an NBA after the trade deadline.

  112. May be that Ric Bucher guy was right, trade kobe !

  113. Forget the bench and fisher/mwp the problems begin with Brown and Kobe. Kobe continuously shoots this team out of games and Mike brown doesn’t have a clue what to do. Kobe doesn’t need to turn into magic, nash or even lebron, but pass the damn ball and run a play.

    Kobe’s assist numbers decrease every month. Kobe should not be shooting 24+ times a night when you are a so-called post team. Forget the trade rumors because Dwight doesn’t want to play in L.A. and Kobe is the reason why.

  114. It’s almost like Kobe is saying there trading one of these guys so “F IT”

    Kobe was so selfish tonight. And either teammates need to STOP passing him the ball when he shoots 5-6 times ni a row


  115. *actual NBA PG

  116. Couple of points here:

    1. I am OK with peope criticizing Kobe. As was the case after the 6/28 game in Denver, he deserves it. But I would prefer if people avoid reveling in it/being sarcastic about it. This is a Lakers site. If you want to be sarcastic about Kobe’s shooting numbers, there are plenty of other places to do it.

    2. I think this underscores yet again the need to get a PG who will run the offense and use some posessions. That would get Kobe off the ball organically, get the bigs some cookies, and get Kobe’s USG back down around 32 or so. One reason this happens (along with Kobe’s stubbornness and Brown’s inability to deal with that) is that Blake and Fisher can’t create shots or instigate sequences off the bounce.

  117. Frankly, I bet Bynum wants a trade at this point.

    Couldn’t agree more. Though he probably won’t admit it publicly … Sh*t is about to hit the fan now.

    Let me preface this by stating that I, just as several others on the Blog, am a Kobe Supporter. But definitely not an Apologist / Worshiper.

    Can’t wait to hear from them now.

  118. Remember when I said a couple years ago we should re-sign Farmar and promise him the starting position? Well this is from Hollinger on young players contenders should trade for…

    Jordan Farmar: I’ve always been intrigued by Farmar’s talent but he seemed to be heading nowhere fast. This year he’s finally figured things out, it seems, averaging 19.5 points per 40 minutes and blowing away his career best in true shooting percentage at 60.0. Unfortunately, he’s also backing up Deron Williams and would be better served by going someplace where he could start.

    He’s still just 25 and has a favorable contract, although he may opt out of it and become a free agent; if so, keep an eye on him as an under-the-radar free agent. In the meantime, it’s worth investigating if he can be had as a rider to any blockbuster deal involving the Nets and an unnamed Florida franchise.

  119. From Andy K:


    Trevor Booker had eight offensive rebounds himself,

    And finally, Mike Brown needs to regain control of his team. Players need to be held accountable for not adhering to the game plan.


  120. rr,

    You’re 100% correct – this is a Lakers blog. Not a Kobe blog. As long as people support their point of view intelligently, there should be no problem with pointing out poor play from any player.

  121. Can’t wait to hear from them now.


    Seems to me this is the kind of thing that mods should discourage. All of us have people we could call out. Thought this site was not about stuff like that.

  122. Aaron,

    dr rayeye and I brought up Farmar yesterday. It makes sense. Dude Abides suggested, perhaps correctly, that NJ will keep him as DWill insurance.

  123. 122. I agree that having a pg will naturally get the ball out of kobe’s hands which is a good thing since he doesn’t create for others as much as he should.

    However, only an all-star caliber pg is going to accomplish that. A Ramon sessions or Kirk Hindrich will just continue to defer to Kobe.

    I understood that kobe shot so much at the beginning of the year. But not i think he only cares about winning if its winning they way he wants to. And thats scoring 40 points a night. It’s also the shots that kobe is taking. They are all either fall away jumpers, contested 3 pointers, shots over double teams, most of which he’s the only one that has touched the ball on that particular possession. In result, the offense stagnates, the offense is out of rhythm and the defense suffers.

  124. My theory is that this laker team has 2 major chemistry problems,one on offense and one on defense.

    Our offensive problem has already been detailed above. The shot distribution in the fourth quater of games needs to reflect the fact that we are now a low-post team. A bAlanced offensive approach should replace our current “get it to the closer” mentality.

    On defense I believe that the core problem has not changed over the last 2 years. We are too slow!!! More specifically the combination of Bynum and Gasol (on defense only!) does not work because both have slow feet. Most of our problems with opposing point guards are due to their lack of speed (they cant consistently help and recover to their man). If we continue to start Bynum at center due to his offensive skill, he should be teamed with a fast footed and athletic power forward. Not Gasol who is a step slower than he is.

  125. The bench is a major problem that’s when Nick Young, Booker went on their run in the 3rd quarter.

    The thing is expectations went sky high after the win vs Miami w/o Bosh. When in reality that was just a pride game.

    This core is done together I’ve been saying it since I entered this board. major move is coming

  126. Jordan Farmar game winning three beats the Clippers.

  127. I tried to give Kobe a pass last night. But not tonight. This was jaw dropping. And short of benching Kobe what can Mike Brown do? Phil Jackson couldn’t even stop Kobe from getting trigger happy at times.

  128. Speaking of Farmar… just hit a three with .2 seconds left to beat the Clippers.

  129. Unfortunate… 22 Missed shots. To tie the record set by himself as well.

    Is the defense really that piled on that he had no other option to pass it to?

  130. 131,

    To add to your point, kobe, fisher and mwp are also slow in switching their cover and fighting over screens. Fisher is always left behind by an athletic PG. What is also not being highlighted aside from Kobe jacking up shots, Bynum TO’s which are 7 that started at the end of 3rd Q. I agree with Kevin, MBrown should rest Kobe for the next few games to adjust his bearings. When he comes back, hopefully Lakers have a new PG.

    Gasol got a better feedback after talking to Mitch about the trade rumors:

  131. Mike Brown is a joke. He allows teams to go on 15 to 5 runs two games in a row. No time outs, no changing of horrible 2nd unit players. Nothing. He just walks up and down the court looking like a fool. Kobe has no respect because Brown is scared of him. This team is a joke. This is what happens when you put non-basketball people in charge of your team.