Fast Break Thoughts: The Trade Deadline & More

Darius Soriano —  March 13, 2012

  • The trade deadline is in two days(!) and the┬áreports of potential deals are┬ástarting to heat up. As a general rule, it’s always good to remember to take the reports you hear around this time of the year with a grain of salt. Right now, rumors will be more about leverage than anything else and while I don’t doubt “discussions” are happening all around the league, that could mean two low level staffers making calls to each other as much as it could mean two GM’s with the ability to pull the trigger hammering out the details to a deal likely to get done.
  • Speaking of trade reports, the Lakers are still being linked to multiple teams in their pursuit of a point guard. However, it’s the same names that we’ve been hearing for weeks: Sessions, Felton, and Lowry. At HoopsWorld, Alex Kennedy states that the order of preference is still Lowry, Sessions, then Felton and that makes sense as that’s the order most people would rank the players in terms of quality this season. Whether or not a deal gets done remains to be seen but if I was making a wager, I’d say Lowry is not a real possibility while a deal for Sessions or Felton will be dependent on how much Salary those teams are willing to take on in a deal. Both players can be absorbed into the Lakers’ TPE but my general sense is that the Lakers want to trade contracts and not just take on more salary at this point. Will Cleveland take back a player and add payroll? Will Portland take back multiple players, including one of LA’s bad contracts? This is what it may come down to as we approach Thursday.
  • Don’t look now but the Lakers are gaining separation from the Clippers in the standings. The Clips fell again last night (this time to the Celtics) and have now dropped 4 of their last 5 games. This has the Lakers one and a half games up in the Pacific Division and in 3rd place in the Conference (a half a game up on Memphis – tonight’s opponent).
  • Last night, Ron tweeted this: “Wow I’m shooting 40+ % from three over the last 15games. Keep leaving me open… Thank you…”. However, that’s actually not an accurate stat. In the last 15 games, he’s actually 17 for 46 which is 37%. But while Ron’s math was a bit off, that’s still a huge improvement from earlier in the year where he made 7 of his first 44 three point shots (16%). Let me add this though, what really matters to me is that Ron’s engaged on defense as his D is what really seems to fuel the rest of his game. Against Boston (and Miami), Ron was playing against players who demand defensive attention (not to mention the games were on national TV) and he stepped up his game to match the opponent. With that boost on D, his focus on O also improved and it led to good games. If the Lakers can get more of that Ron, they’ll be a much better team than they’ve been this year as he’s making an impact on both ends of the floor by playing tenacious defense and hitting some of the open shots the opposition will continue to give him.
  • A look at Boston’s late game collapse” is a headline I’ll click on every time I see it.
  • Getting away from the NBA game for a second, it’s about to be March Madness again as the tourney starts this Thursday. Who would be interested in a FB&G bracket challenge? Let me know in the comments.
  • Lastly, the good things that athletes do off the court rarely gets recognized. You may see a blurb a nice thing they’ve done every once and a while but that’s it. With that in mind, Steve Blake and his wife Kristen are raising money to fight cancer after having that disease hit too close to home over the years. If you want to help them out in reaching their goal, you can do so here. This really is a good cause.


Darius Soriano

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