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Dave Murphy —  March 14, 2012

The Lakers beat Memphis last night in double overtime – Andrew Bynum went absolutely beast with 37 points and 16 rebounds. The team plays in New Orleans tonight. The season continues its up and down ways but somehow, the Lakers are now in a solid third place slot. They’re not going to catch OKC but the Spurs are within sight. The storyline around the league of course is the trade deadline – tomorrow is D-day. It has been a relatively quiet barter period this season – due largely to a compressed schedule and the future impact of the new CBA. So far, the majority of noise has come from Dwight Howard who simply cannot resist the urge to issue wholly contradictory proclamations – should I stay or should I go now?

The Lakers should just say no to Dwight Howard – so says C.A. Clark at Silver Screen and Roll.

Danny Chau at Hardwood Paroxysm looks at Dwight’s potential as a villain.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register looks at Pau Gasol’s evolving role as the man behind the man.

It has been a surreal season for Gasol writes Mike Bresnahan at the L.A. Times, but a trade now looks unlikely.

Derek Fisher is at once, one of the hardest working and most maligned guards in the NBA. Daniel Buerge at Lakers Nation reports on Fish’s 10,000 points milestone.

Andrew Bogut’s broken ankle and Captain Jack are heading to Golden State. Kurt Helin at ProBasketBallTalk breaks down one of the stranger recent multi-player trades. The Bucks get Monta and the ever impressive Kwame Brown.

Zach Harper at HoopSpeak also writes about the Warriors/Bucks trade – hilariously.

Brian Kamenetzky at the Land O’Lakers offers insight into tonight’s game against the 10-win Hornets.

Bro Andy has the rapid reaction recap to last night’s double OT win.

ESPN’s The Announcement was on the other night. It’s the moving, well told story of Magic Johnson’s journey with HIV. Jan Hubbard, one of basketball’s finer writers, reflects on the story in Sheridan Hoops.


While there’s still the possibility of a Lakers trade (Sessions and Felton remain tangentially in the mix), there’s nothing tangible to report at the moment. We’ll all be monitoring events on the ground as they say – stay tuned and comment at will.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy


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  1. Golden St got Bogut, Jackson, from Milwaukee; Monte Ellis, Kwame, another player to Milwaukee. Golden St trying to build a team like Lakers with Lee, Bogut,Jackson. They learn a lesson from Lakers, they keep PG Curry.

    What about Gasol for Scola, Courtney Lee, rookie Parsons.Last night, Houston beat OKC, Lee and Parsons each scored 21 pts. If we can’t get Lowery PG, we atleast improve our bench 15-20pts.

  2. SSR on Bynum… Andrew Bynum had what had to be the best game of his professional career. He’s scored more than tonight’s 37 points tonight. He’s brought down more than 16 boards on many occasions. But tonight, he scored in every possible way, and did so against an opponent that, theoretically, has all the necessary tools to give him trouble. The book on Andrew Bynum this season is that he can be a dominant force against smaller opponents, but big centers who aren’t afraid to push back cause him problems. Well, Marc Gasol is a big center who isn’t afraid to push back, and Andrew Bynum torched him. Drew scored on lobs, Drew scored on post ups, Drew scored on hooks, and Drew scored by simply overpowering a man that is pound for pound his equal.

  3. Watching Andrew and Marc square up made me miss the days of dominant bigs in the paint. It is a shame the league doesn’t have more great, true centers. As exciting as high flying perimeter players may be, there is nothing better than watching two strong and skilled seven footers do battle on the block. That first half was a back and forth battle between Bynum and Gasol. It was great basketball to watch.

  4. Anyone got an idea why Lakers haven’t used the amnesty clause on Luke Walton???

  5. The turning point in Bynum’s career is not his post ASG statistics, it will be how he responds tonight after playing a monster game that propelled his team to a road win. If he is content with what he did last night he’ll come out and go through the motions. However, if he is intent upon being alpha, he’ll come out tonight with a look of not being satisfied. He’ll get after it!

    I’ll be looking for the man that wants to be alpha tonight. He’s had the best teacher in the game to learn: what it is to not be content.

    I say NO to trading Pau. He’s the perfect 3rd option. But, no matter what happens I hope Pau hits the weight room with reckless abandon and comes back next year with a chiseled frame. That’ll aid him in his career going forward, he’ll have the strength to absorb the pounding in the paint. And, become more consistent finishing at the rim.

    The Lakers need bench help, as I believe we’ve found our starting pg. The change probably would have happened when the season began, but Blake got injured.

    Additionally, the Lakers may have just shown its hat as a classy organization. Derek Fisher just passed the 10,000 pt milestone for his career. Maybe, the Lakers have stuck with him until this game in Memphis where he could pass the 10,000 pt mark in front of his family and friends as a starter. It’s no coincidence that the minute Derek Fisher passed the 10,000 pt mark, Blake was ushered into the game with the starters.

    No man has done so much with so little in his career, than our own Derek Fisher!

  6. Qside, Lakers need to hold onto the amnesty clasue for a much bigger contract, namely Kobe’s 30.4M in 13-14 in the event that something happens and he isn’t able to perform. Very unlikely, but no reason to blow the clause on Luke’s relatively small contract. Plus, there were reports that Luke could retire.

  7. i would love to see what Phil Jackson could do with the Knicks though it seems unlikely

  8. D’Antoni just resigned from Knicks.

  9. I never told anyone on this site how I became a rabid Lakers and basketball fan did I? I grew up a 5 year old boy listening to every Dodgers game on the radio. My parents had Lakers season tickets since I was born. Occasionally I would go to a Showtime game. I was so young. I didn’t get why people would boo Michael Cooper. My dad tried to unsuccessfully explain they were simply yelling “Cooooooooooop” it’s one of my first memories. I was just a Dodger fan. I was a one sport guy. I have stayed a one sport guy.

    I was an 8th grader when the Lakers drafted Eddie Jones. He was their first lottery pick in over a decade. I remember the LA Times headlines. For some reason it peaked my interest. I started watching Lakers games with Nick Van Exel, Anthony Peeler, amd Eddie Jones. It was like the first time listening to the Bealtes for me. That was it. Baseball was out and basketball was in. Bye bye Dodgers and hello Lake Show. Eddie Jones was my gateway drug. I fell in love with him. He was my favorite player, he was the Lakers to me. If the Lakers lost and he payed well I was happy. He went from a decent prospect to an all star in front of my eyes over a few years.

    The Lakers drafted a skinny high school kid by the name of Kobe Bryant. Imidiatley I didn’t like him. He was supposed to be a star and lead the Lakers? We already had an all star SG. I hated Kobe. I loved Eddie Jones. As reports surfaced the team was trying to trade Eddie because they thought although Kobe and Jones could okay together they were too similar and it would be redundant. It just made me hate Kobe more.

    I think we are in a similar sittuation right now. We have a up and coming superstar and a older star player who are in many ways redundant. Some of us on this site are giant Pau Gasol fans. And for good reason. But it might be better for the team that we trade him for a piece that might compliment Kobe and Bynum a little better. Eddie Jones turned into the shooter we needed to space the floor for Kobe and Shaq. Jerry West wasn’t afraid to make a big move. Either am I. I have learned my lesson.

  10. Re: Amnesty

    If I recall correctly, the amnesty clause can be used this year and next. The window for amnestying is closed this year already, I believe it has to happen prior to the season starting. It’s available to us again sometime between the end of this season and the beginning of the next, but then that is it. My best guess is the FO didn’t use it this year because they wanted to see what Metta had left in the tank, and then either amnesty him or Luke based on performance after this season.

  11. “No man has done so much with so little in his career, than our own Derek Fisher!” – great line. Where have I heard at before? Oh right. Me. But spot on Chearn. Guys… fisher is playing his last game for us tonight. Let’s celebrate what he has done for us. All the clutch shots and hustle plays for championship teams. Than you Derek!!!!

  12. There we go- BEASLEY!!!

  13. 12. Its not a done deal yet no?

  14. Whoa, Aaron x2, what does that mean??

    We’re all on the edge of our seats here for the next 24 hours, please don’t make vague statements like that hahaha.

  15. SBDunks,
    Exactly. I agree!!! Aaronx2 you can’t say that with no link!!!

  16. woj saying Beez to Lakers in 3 way deal with Crawford going to TWolves

  17. I am seeing this popping up all over now – the outgoing is supposedly Blake

  18. This is not final though – just rumor

  19. james, where are you seeing this? Does this mean Walton to Portland? Surely it must. The Lakers were unwilling to take on salary earlier, were they not?
    Speaking of which, why don’t the Lakers help out NJ in getting Howard. I’d be happy to take on Farmar’s contract to free up cap space
    If they create a “Superteam” in Brooklyn, they have to eliminate the Heat and the Bulls in order to pose a threat to the Lakers. I can live with that.

  20. Blake not enough to work, must include 2 smaller salaries, e.g., Ebanks, Kapono, Morris, Murphy. My guess is Ebanks and Kapono.

  21. Can’t give up Blake for Beaz without a deal in place for another point. So it is either unlikely, or it foreshadows another transaction.

  22. If we do give up Blake for Beasely can we say I was right? That we were hiding GLock. Let’s say we get Sessions and then we have GLock backing Sessions up. With Beasely starting or giving us scoring punch off the bench? Wow. Very nice.

  23. Neither Beasley nor Sessions warrant a first round pick in this year’s draft. Sessions will require more $ after this season, so will Beasley. TPE + Second rounder should do it about an hour prior to deadline.

  24. Make us proud Mitch!

  25. @Firewalker
    Yahoo! Sports NBA trade tracker, Wojnarowski tweeted about it a while ago.;_ylt=Aq2YwvqdUlWPr.6EG3fDjp.8vLYF?slug=ys-nba_trade_deadline_twitter_tracker_031412

  26. There’s got to be a point guard in this mix if Blake’s supposedly on the block.

    Andrew G is a nice player, but he and Fisher’s corpse aren’t enough to put this team over the top in the west, even with the addition of a solid scorer at forward.

  27. Sessions could still be in the mix.

    I would be reasonably satisfied with adding Sessions and Beas only, but maybe Mitch can pull it ALL off

  28. Alex Kennedy is reporting the deal being discussed is Crawford to Minny, Beasley to the Lakers and Nlake to Portland. So there has to be a PG deal also in the works somewhere. Sessions has been discussed up to yesterday. Perhaps that is a go? who knows.

  29. Wow,.. Now two people are reporting it. Probably true now. Tis could be very good.

  30. What I read is that Lakers are finally trading their 1st rd. draft pick to a 3 team trade….Jhonny Flynn to Cavs, draft pick to Rockets and Sessions to Lakers Attaboy! Do it Mitch!

  31. Another angle James, Lakers are also inquiring about Crawford but no word on who will they trade? I hope it’s Walton and Kapono, hahaha!

  32. now hearing that dwight is opting in another year with the magic (verbally, paperwork to follow?), which means nets may make d-will available, as they won’t wait for him to leave them in july for dallas.

    will the nets want pau?

  33. If we pick up Beasley without surrendering a pick while giving up salary in Blake, and then get Sessions for a single pick, we’d upgrade our PG, scoring off the bench and still have a first rounder this up coming draft. I’d be very happy with that.

  34. 24 hour news cycle+ twitter+starving journalists trying to keep jobs+bored fans+ constant internet access = dramatic increase in greenhouse effect.

    Wake me on Fri AM when there is something real to talk about. The NBA season has just become a pretext for the real value which is trade speculation. I expect a huge drop in the post count on this site starting next week.

  35. This is the most fun time of the year! :))))

  36. You won’t have to wait that long VoR. Deadline is noon pacific tomorrow. Everything should be out on the table within a couple hours after that.

    Sidenote: Post count shouldn’t drop. We’ll see new stuff like… WTF!? you guys said Sessions was good!!? and WE NEED BLAKE BACK!! along with old favorites like AMNESTY METTA!

  37. Bottom Line: In the 30 career games Andrew Bynum’s line features 20 or more points & 10 or more rebounds, the Lakers are 24 & 6, .800 ball. Sounds like a winning formula to me:

  38. Just can’t understand the interest in Beasely.

    The kid plays one game and takes the next 5 off. Why on earth would the Lakers want this guy?

  39. DWill for Pau and our two #1’s???

  40. VoR: The deadline is Noon tomorrow PST, so set your alarm clock for then.
    All: The Beas thing is just a tweet and the Sessions thing is still talk (as is everything about D12). However this is as exciting as a playoff game (+ equally as meaningful)

  41. Dave,

    Because they need some kind of athleticism on the wings. I’m not saying Beasley is the best option for that need. But he is an upgrade. Teams with quick wings kill the Lakers in transition. Yes, he is a headcase. But if he didn’t have issues he probably would be out of LA’s reach.

  42. worse offer, didn’t even get an answer from Mitch…Bull’s Boozer for Pau. You must be kiddin’ Chicago.

  43. Dave: to be speciifc about Beasley, he fits into the category of “problem child” (that was for rr). Sessions fits into the category of “journeymen”. Neither is a star caliber player, but they can help us, which tells you about our current roster after the Big 3 : )

  44. Dave,

    Ditto. Beasley is more mercurial than Lamar ever was. Plus his love for weed would make Bob Marley proud. Not crazy about this move, especially if it costs us any picks.

  45. Avidon,
    From what I personally have seen first hand Lamar liked cocaine as much as marijuana. Beasly is not as bad. Beasely is a better scorer but not the all around player Lamar was. They also play different positions.

  46. Avidon,

    Absolutely. Sometimes I think our fan base is just too fired up about making trades.

    Squandering first round picks on marginal players who are on expiring contracts is just hopelessly shortsighted.

    The speed of our wings is just fine when we avoid getting into a track meet with these teams that want to play transition ball.

    The combination of MWP and Barnes will be decent enough and more than that if the team actually faces Miami or OKC.

    Somebody here trying to tell me they think Beasely will be a better match-up with Lebron or Durant than MWP will be in a playoff run?

    That’s just insane!

  47. Ha ha, @ sbdunks – yeah I was probably being a little optimistic with the drop in post count idea. I forgot those you mentioned, as well as the – Mitch and Jim are the worst ever; should’ve traded Murphy for D12 when we had the chance and the ever-helpful D-Fish might not be a top five PG – posts that will continue to the season’s end. 🙂

  48. To me, getting Sessions for the TPE + the Dallas protected 1st round pick should be our #1 priority. Adding Sessions to our core would immediately put us as one of the four equal favorites to win the title along with MIA, CHI, and OKC. Yes, his PER is in the 18 range, but just imagine what it would be if he were the PG for a team that had finishers like Bynum, Gasol, and the Mamba.

    THE GUY EASILY DEVELOP INTO A 15-15 POINT GUARD FOR THE LAKERS. He’s never had any teammates like our Big 3. I remember his rookie season when Milwaukee’s PG position was decimated by injury, and Sessions became the starter and had some 20-20 games. Give this guy a chance, Mitch! I’d much rather have Sessions and Gasol than Lowry and Scola!

  49. Something to be proud to be a Laker, all of the players rumored being on the trading block denies being offered and proud to be with the team. Unlike in other teams their players are just excited for the opportunity to move on to another team. Speaking of PG’s, with their current showing I will not be surprised if CP3 will also opt out by next season with the Clippers and move to another locker room, this time at his own choice w/o interference of Darth V. Stern.

  50. @52, Edwin – My guess is he delivers an ultimatum to the GM and owner of the Clips: “I will only stay with the Clippers if you get rid of that clown you hired to be our head coach.”

  51. Who hits coke parties with Lamar Odom and still has time to be on the FB&G message boards all day.

  52. The Woj tweet about Beas doesn’t seem to have any legs – the three-way that would bring us Sessions is the one with the most chatter but it also, hasn’t updated much in the last couple of hours, at least from what I’ve seen.

  53. I truly believe that Sessions on the Lakers would be Linsanity Jr. Teams would have a lot more trouble running on us when they’re always taking the ball out of their own basket 😀

  54. @54: How else other than coke parties would you have enough energy to be on FB&G all day?

  55. @11 Aaron: “Some of us on this site are giant Pau Gasol fans. And for good reason. But it might be better for the team that we trade him for a piece that might compliment Kobe and Bynum a little better. ”

    I share those mixed feelings. Love to watch Pau play, he does basketball the right way, a real pleasure to have as a Laker. But the other part of me thinks, given his age and salary together with the team’s status, that he’s the guy to go at this time in Laker history. If we keep him, our strategic position will sadly have declined, although I’d be thrilled he’s still a Laker.

  56. 56. Agreed! That’s the first thing that popped in my mind when thinking of Sessions joining the Lakers. Sessions can ball.

  57. The most hilarious thing would be for the diva to opt-in, and for the Magic to promptly trade him to Bobcats purgatory just to spite him. Make him spend a year under Michael Jordan and wash that goofy cartoonish grin evaporate.

  58. Dude Abides,

    I’ve been a Sessions fan since his rookie year, and actually advocated for Lakers to land him for a couple of years in a row. He is a very solid player and also an underrated defender (either last year or two years ago, advanced statistics showed that PGs around the league fared far worse against him than most other PGs).

    But this, coupled with the fact that he has a player option for next year, is the exact reason why we can’t trade a first pick for him. He is not the difference maker to bring a title and he is gone after this season (we don’t have the cap space to re-sign him).

    This year’s draft is deep, and the pick is worth more than a 30-game rental on a slightly-above average PG.

  59. @55 – Beasley? DO NOT WANT. DO NOT NEED. Even in games where Ron-Ron is hopeless on offense, he does things on defense like hounding OJ Mayo into shooting 0-8 (0-6 3PT FG, 0-0 FT, 1 TO) from the floor from the last possession of the 3rd quarter through the end of the 2nd OT period. Our SF position is not an overall weakness. Our PG position is, and a rotation of Sessions and Blake would rectify that.

  60. Re: Beasley, I take a lot of stock in Bill Simmons’ Alpha Dog/headcase paradigm. Metta World Ron was one of the great headcases in NBA history until he a) joined the Lakers and had to deal with Kobe, as opposed to a coach, riding him, and b) [supposition] got better meds and/or therapy [not supposition since he did thank his therapist after winning the title]. Now that he’s been reeled back in and plays largely within the team concept, I’d say they’re due for another Headcase Reclamation Project.

    Beasley has skills, he’s just personally flaky. Imagine if–just open up your minds real big and let this in–imagine if playing with Kobe settles him down enough where he becomes a night-in, night-out player. If Blake + salary-filler is all it takes to get him, I think it may be worth the risk.

    It goes without saying that there’s no way they should make this deal without having a PG deal ready to complete at the same time. Blake’s been a good (not great) and steady player in his time with the team and it would hurt to lose him, even for a large upgrade at SF. Get a PG that can run, shoot, and defend, even at average levels, and that guy with Kobe-Beas-Gasol-Bynum would make for a hell of a lineup.

  61. Avidon, good call on Sessions from a couple years ago. I actually believe that Sessions would be the difference maker in bringing Title #17 to LA this season. Hollinger has had some really good columns on just how much more valuable an average NBA starter at PG would be than a horrific NBA starter (i.e. Lin over Bibby, Sessions over Fisher). The Knicks are losing again because of their tougher schedule and because Melo can’t adapt his game to Jeremy’s. Sessions on the Lakers could easily AVERAGE 15 pts and 15 assists per game.

    In addition, with Sessions running the P&R on some of our possessions, throwing it down low to our bigs on others, and passing it to Kobe off the curl on yet more possessions, our offensive efficiency would skyrocket. And since he is likely a far better defender than Fish and a better defender than Blake, our defensive efficiency would also improve, as well as our defensive rebounding (the guy’s Defensive Rebound Rate is 12.5, while Fish’s is 7.9 and Blake’s 6.7). With Sessions on the floor getting 12.5% of the rebounds off of missed shots by the opposition and then leading the break, we would also get a lot more points in transition.

  62. Avidon@61, if we trade for him we have his bird rights, and can offer him whatever we like while going over the cap, if I’m not mistaken. We definitely don’t have the cap room to sign him as a free agent in the offseason if we don’t trade for him though.

  63. Give this guy a chance, Mitch! I’d much rather have Sessions and Gasol than Lowry and Scola!

    ___________ …..

    In total agreement T.D.A.

  64. sbdunks at 65 is correct.

  65. My earlier comment was in jest, but it actually makes some sense. Say Howard voids his ETO. The Magic’s cap situation doesn’t change much next year; they won’t have any better assets to trade. It’s far more likely they struggle to find a complement, fail, panic-trade, and screw up their roster further. Most likely, it’ll be a repeat of this year.

    But 1.5 years of Dwight should open up the trade market. More teams will be willing to dish out better pieces. If Howard opts-in, now is the best time to get ideal value for him, if the FO has the balls.

    I co-sign on the anti-Beasley comments. No thanks, especially if it means giving up Blake. Sure, Blake’s horribly inconsistent, but when he’s locked in like against Boston, he’s the only true PG we have and the difference shows. PG is too vital a position to deplete even further. And what Beasley brings on offense, he takes away on defense. We’ll need MWP against the best wing scorers in the league; putting Beasley on them will be like watching Radman all over again.

  66. Not only that, but Fisher’s salary, McBob’s salary, and Walton’s salary all come off the books after next season (Barnes after this season, Blake has two more yrs after this), plus we can always jettison MWP via amnesty before the luxury tax becomes most punitive. Combine these factors with more playoff game revenue plus the new TV deal, and IMO there is little need to part with Pau before his contract expires.

  67. RE Beasley: I’m not saying I’m enamored with the idea of getting him, but I’d imagine he’d be taking Murphy’s minutes, not necessarily Ron’s or Barnes’. In the changing landscape of the NBA, he’s more of a combo forward than a classic SF and he should be able to play some stretch four ala Al Harrington.

  68. Beasley would be OK. Sessions, as noted, would move the needle more, though.

  69. @70, Darius – I actually thought of that point too, but didn’t include it because it didn’t fit into my argument 😀
    Personally, I feel that championship teams can only have a maximum of one headcase in the playing rotation. We’ve got Ron-Ron, and that’s enough for everyone to handle.

  70. The rumor i’ve been hearing is beasly to la, blake to portland-crawford to minn and sessions will most likely follow.

    It’s definitely an upgrade, but the problem is still fisher. Sessions will bring some playmaking ability but we lose 3 point shooting from blake. I think we can agree that Blake has been a good back up pg, it’s just the starting pg is much worse than him. So instead of having an average pg and serviceable back up the lakers with still have a terrible pg and an average. The lakers will be better but not as much as people think.

  71. Dude, I am 100% with you on Sessions. I think he would make the Lakers radically better on offense. Even last night, the offense ran much better (as usual) with Blake pushing the tempo, but Steve is so averse to shot-taking that he becomes a liability. Sessions would help take the ball out of Kobe’s hands, and allow the Lakers to go pick and roll with multiple combinations.

    As for Beasley, I’m on the other side. I don’t see him as a replacement for MWP (who is probably the worst offensive SF I’ve ever seen at this point) but as a key addition to the bench. To me, Beasley would run with Barnes (who’d move to SG) in the 2nd unit with Bynum, Murphy and either Blake or or Goudelock. I see that as a significantly improved bench, and one that isn’t as likely to give up leads as the current bench (although they were solid last night).

    As I see it, you keep Pau and add Sessions to the starting lineup and Beasley to the bench and you have a team that is much, much better. Losing 1st round picks is rough, but 1st round picks aren’t likely to be major contributors during Kobe’s remaining years, so I’m all for making the title push this year and plugging any holes next year much the same way.

  72. Darius,
    Beasely hasn’t played PF since his rookie year. He was measured at 6-7 and 3/4ths at the draft camp. I dont think he can play PF for long stretches.

    Re: Sessions
    He would really help the Lakers offense and defense. He is a very underrated young and up and coming player.

  73. 65, 67,

    Theoretically, yes, Lakers can pay him. But let’s be realistic – he will command more money and seek longer years than Lakers will be willing to give him.

  74. Not Charlie Rosen March 14, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Summing up my thoughts on Beasley (most of which has already been said):
    1. We’re clearly not going to trade Blake for him without another deal for a PG in place (hopefully Sessions)…even Chaz knows you need more than one 35+ y.o. PG.
    2. Since neither Barnes nor MWP are mentioned, I assume he’ll get Murphy’s minutes, 15-20 a night behind Pau (and/or along Pau when Bynum rests). Which suggests the following “bench” lineup:
    Fish/Morris/[random computer generated NPC]
    If Kobe can ride herd on him, and he buys into what he needs to do, that frontline of Barnes/Beasley/Bynum is pretty terrifying, just a frantic rush of rebounds, cuts, putbacks, long arms, an absurdly-good post player and a decent outside shooter. Sounds rather bench mob-ish to me.
    If all it costs is Blake (assuming a good upgrade/replacement in another deal) and pick/Kapono/2 free orders of wings, I’d say it’s worth the risk…you presumably still have at least one if not both of Murphy/McBob if it doesn’t work out.

  75. @76, Avidon – Yes, but with Banner #17 hanging in the rafters, that would be a good problem to have.

  76. If the lakers do get Beasely, I agree that Barnes could move to the two. He primarily defends the two anyway.

  77. My only question n regards to obtaining Sessions is will Mike Brown have the testicles to start him over Fisher (since it’s quite obvious that Fisher isn’t going anywhere)? … And if so, how would Kobe (let alone, Fisher) respond to the benching?

  78. If we do trade Blake + filler (my money is on Josh McRoberts) away for Beasley, the next step could be to trade Pau away for Scola and Lowry.

    FO could shave ~10M$ off from their luxury tax bill, while still have the TPE to use, if so desired.

    Personally speaking, I’d rather have Gasol + Blake as opposed to Scola + Lowry.

  79. @77, Not Charlie Rosen – That lineup does look terrifying, but Beasley will be a restricted free agent after this season, so if we give up our other 1st round pick, we would be giving up a cheap rotation player (from a strong draft) for several years. Not sure if Beasley could adjust this quickly to be a good enough rental to justify losing a cheap (and hopefully effective) rotation guy.

  80. Exactly… If we get Beasely… Barnes goes to the back up SG spot right away.

  81. Isn’t Beasley listed as 6’10? he could theoretically play some spot minutes at power forward as well (kinda like vlad ramodavic)

  82. Dude Abides,

    Anything for another banner. Anything.

  83. Whatever happens hope is lakers still have at least 1 1st rounder left

  84. Draft Picks: With the new CBA, draft picks have gone up in value. If you choose wisely, you can have deeply discounted players on your roster, + in the Lakers case, trades, the draft, + the MLE are the only ways we will add players. Mitch is not going to just throw these picks around like Monopoly money. As it is, “IF” we add Sessions, and Beas (or anything similar) for picks, trash, + TPE, our payroll could approach $100, with very little of that coming off next yr.

  85. Other possibility is a Pau-Deron swap with NJ.

  86. Crawfords agent is saying the deal is done. We got Beasley.

  87. You have a link for that?

  88. I think Beasley definitely helps with scoring off the bench. But am I the only one who doesn’t want Sessions? I just don’t think he can shoot. I’ve seen him play some in Cleveland and I see him over dribbling a lot…similar to what we used to get annoyed with when Jordan Farmer was here. I’d actually much rather Felton. I feel like he can get to the rim better than Sessions.

  89. Beasley’s too inconsistent not a fan. The point seems to try to unload contracts. My 2 cents

  90. Sessions is shooting 42+% from the 3 this year. And that is on a Cleveland team where no one is getting double-teamed.

    Not that those numbers will hold up if he switches teams, or that they are in line with his career averages. At least for this season, though, he is shooting, and making more 3s (1.5 FGA as opposed to a career average of 0.4 FGA)

  91. Over in Oregon there’s talk that the Lakers are going to wind up with BOTH Crawford and Beasley.

  92. Rudy,
    If Sessions can’t shoot what can Fisher do? Sessions is shooting 43 percent on threes for the season. At least as of a few days ago. I’ll take that all day.

  93. This ultimatum by the Magic to D12 is getting very interesting. I have not seen the exact time on that. It just says “end of day”, so I am going to say midnight EST. Everything will be on hold until then at least.

  94. @Aaron, my son is a huge Eddie Jones fan (he patterned his game after him), and he didn’t like Kobe, until he learned that Kobe and Eddie Jones are good friends. Kobe thought that he and Eddie Jones together would be killer, but Eddie was traded.

    I on the other hand, despised Derek Fisher when the Lakers traded Nick the Quick to Denver, and made Derek Fisher the starting pg. I lamented to anyone that would listen how Derek Fisher was a nice 2nd unit player, but not a starting pg. Unfortunately, back in the dinosaur era there weren’t any blogs to air my displeasure. I thought Derek Fisher got the starting pg position because he buddied up with Shaq and promised to pass him the ball at every opportunity. Derek was slow, methodical and couldn’t shoot. Derek got hurt and came back with a deadly 3pt shot, and that’s when I forgave the Lakers–a little–for trading Nick. And, became a fan of Derek Fisher, I’ve never looked back since.

    If the Lakers get Sessions, he would start out getting time off the bench. No way could the Lakers bring him on the team and lose the chemistry they’ve gained. Blake could be the starting pg, Sessions could come in off the bench, and D-Fish could coach/school Sessions on taking the starting pg position in about 10 games. In other words, if Blake keeps the team rolling, then Sessions would continue off the bench. If Blake stumbles, then Sessions would be propelled into the starting lineup.

    There’s not enough time to keep building chemistry.

    Beasley wouldn’t be a problem on the Lakers, Ron would keep Beasley under control.

    Mitch may get GM of the year, if he can do anything to make this team better without giving up the big 3.

  95. No official confirmation yet but the Daily News blog has a report on the three-way Beasley deal:

  96. Portland plays at 4:30 PST. We will find out then, whether this deal is “done” or not.

  97. Let’s see who is *not* playing today to figure out if deals are close/done 🙂

  98. I think D12 is going to do what he said and opt in. And if he doesn’t, I still don’t see the Lakers acquiring him.

  99. #100 – that was freaky 🙂

  100. Kevin Ding is tweeting that Brown has no idea about Beasley – and that Blake is playing today.

  101. I do not think D12 opts in. I think the Magic “finally” did something right + called his bluff. The extension waiver is in SA with the team. The Magic ultimatum says that he must sign tonight. If not, the Nets will have to step up, or its “Rent a Dwight”. The Magic may end up renting him themselves, but he will be probably be gone at year end.

  102. The rumors about the 3-way keep cropping up, with Portland now wanting a pick instead of Blake. I don’t see how we trade away Blake unless the other deal with Cavs/Sessions happens… it just doesn’t make sense that we’d go forward with one less point guard.

    I’d imagine that the Lakers are stalling the Portland/T-Wolved 3-way until they get an answer on Sessions.

  103. Send Blake away, would love to see MB forced to play GLock more. Blake turns the ball over way too much for a PG.

  104. I like Glock but he would throw the ball away much more than Blake if he played PG full time.

    I think Beas could play the stretch 4 against most teams, esp with the 2nd unit (where he’d be playing against a 2nd unit 4). LO really took off once he moved to the 4 full time in MIA.

  105. Crawford yet to enter the Portland game 8:28 in the second

  106. Crawford has been ruled out of the Portland game. Btw…is it bad our two best passers are seven feet? And man can Fisher make everyone look like CP3. Jack is unstoppable tonight.

  107. Has Crawford been ruled out due to injury or just “he ain’t playin’?” Because if it’s the latter, the Lakers are taking a huge risk putting Blake out there.

  108. Jared Jack always plays above his head against the Lakers.

  109. Frank the Tank March 14, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Maybe its not Blake the lakers are gonna trade..

  110. @112 – He plays like there’s nobody defending him.

  111. Crawford is also in the dog house.

    More importantly – D12 is NOT opting in

    David Aldridge reported it, ESPN is confirming it

  112. Frank the Tank March 14, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    ive been saying all along we should make a run at beasely, sessions, and crawford. imagine this team with sessions running the point and beasely and/or crawford coming off the bench. That would easily be enough to put us over the top

  113. I want Magic for GM !!! He just rattled off the entire dream for the Lakers: Sessions, Beas, D12

  114. D12 will make Lebron look like a saint after this season is done. I’m glad we are no longer in contention for this clown.

    In other news, the only move we may see is a swap for Blake (with no picks). I’m still debating whether Buss Jr would use the Ofom TE on Beasley. If blake is not traded, i dont see the FO doing anything with the TE however, if we upgrade the PG spot my gut tells me that Motchay her the green light on this deal too.

  115. MannyP: Please clarify your position. Are you skeptical that we will do anything, or do you not want us to do anything? If the later, do you want us to go into re-build mode? That requires trades as well : )

  116. Whatever happened to the possibility of Millsap coming here? Or was that just fantasy talk?

  117. I can’t speak for MannyP, but I don’t think it’s wise to trade for Howard unless he agrees to waive his ETO before coming here. 1) Bynum is too good to potentially give away for a rental and 2) Especially in the light of his most recent comments, it’s become so clear that Howard wants to go with Williams to New Jersey. Conjecture, sure, but there’s been almost zero indication for the last few months that he wants to stay with the Lakers long-term. Bynum, IMO, is too good to take that gamble and hope he stays.

    Also, I think he’s a royal douche.

  118. Snoop: I was talking about the second part of his post (Blake only and thats it). I wanted to see if he was critical of Jimbo, or whether he wanted to sit tight with what we have.

  119. Robert – Ha gotcha. I’m used to thinking D12 everytime I see your posts. Either way, you’ll get closure in less than a day, my friend.

  120. Snoop: Well now that you mention it : ) Here is my total pipedream. I wish I could e-mail Mitch – but I think he knows this. We trade AB for D12. We convince D12 to at least opt in for one year, because this forces the Nets hand, and then we trade Pau for DW. I know I know – crazy. I am hoping it is just crazy enough to actually happen.

  121. Yeah d12 has soured me on him. I hope we keep Bynum and he stays injury free.

  122. The only way I’d want D12 is if we got Deron Williams as well. That would not only set us up to compete until Kobe’s done, but also a star duo to build around for another 6-7 years

  123. Yahoo Sports: Multiple league sources believe the Magic’s decision is now cemented and they’ll trade Dwight Howard before Thursday’s deadline.

  124. @127 – My most educated guess tells me that Dwight is going to Jersey, while the Lakers will trade for Sessions right before the deadline.

  125. I do think it’s between NJ and and LA now. Unless Dwight gives the LA front office some reassurance, I think the most likely scenario is he goes to NJ.

    Orlando played this horribly. Howard’s trade value was higher earlier in the year. If the Lakers have no gamble in them, then the Nets are bidding against themselves essentially. But hindsight is 20-20. Patience paid off for Denver, Orlando probably thought they were being smart by waiting (or the Martins/Devos vs. Smith/SVG divide kept a deal from happening).

  126. Dude: Yes – that is the conventional wisdom. However, the Magic are now bitter, and they do not want to accomodate that unless the Nets pay dearly. Can they match an AB package? So really it comes down to – do we offer it? They may not even be able to match a Pau based package. This is a pipedream, but it is not far fetched. And why are we waiting until the end unless it is possible? I can only dream. D12 or Bust !!!

  127. Dude chill lakers aren’t getting Dwight lol.. We have Bynum, and he is beastly, just hope he stays healthy. Dwight doesn’t fix the problems or put the team over the top, still would have to get a PG and bench help.

    Oh and to anyone saying we should get Felton:

    Felton is averaging a career-low 10.1 points, and shooting 38.2 percent from the floor and 24.6 percent from the 3-point line. “They don’t want to take back any added salary in the Felton situation,” one West general manager said. “But he is not in shape and he is not going to add much to anyone’s roster at this point.”

    Read more:

  128. I will say if lakers can get Dwight for pau, do it and then offer the nets Bynum for Dwill.. That’s the only way I’d make that trade and I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

  129. Frank, my #1 preference is adding Sessions to the mix. My #2 preference is adding Sessions and Beasley to the mix, while only having to give up Blake. I don’t want to give up Pau and Drew for Dwight and D-Will. I try to root for people as much as possible, not laundry.

  130. I was actually addressing Robert, I just called him dude. But I can see how that would be confusing haha. I’m pretty much with you, but I hope lakers can get Sessions and Beasley. I root for people too, but of all people, ESP Kobe. I don’t think they lose the title with Dwill and D12 on the team along with Kobe’s grit. Lakers instantly become title favorites for years, and Miami kryptonite. I can’t say no to that.

  131. I think the lakers FO was thinking the same thing when they tried to bring CP3 in this year. Im pretty confident that we would have been able to acquire Howard if that took place, although that’s speculation. I’m almost sure if there were a way they could get DWill, they would. But I don’t think it happens. And I’m content w adding a couple pieces around our guys, I think we can make a title run regardless.

  132. I mentioned this a week and a half ago but I would offer Gasol for Brandon Jennings and Ilyasova. Jennings has the talent to be an elite PG and Ilyasova has a PER just shy of Pau, while being able to shoot 42% from 3 which would open things up for Bynum down low as well as give him more shot attempts. The Bucks are reportedly making both guys available too.

  133. No way do i make that trade.. Jennings is small, a gunner, and not a good defensive player. He would definitely be an upgrade, but id rather keep Pau and pick up sessions.