Preview & Chat: The Dallas Mavericks

Darius Soriano —  March 21, 2012 — 196 Comments

Records: Lakers 28-18 (3rd in West), Mavericks 27-20 (5th in West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 104.1 (16th in NBA), Mavericks 102.8 (22nd in NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 101.7 (10th in NBA), Mavericks 100.1 (4th in NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Steve Blake, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum
Mavericks: Jason Kidd, Rodrigue Beaubois, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Ian Mahinmi
Injuries: Lakers: none; Mavericks: Brendan Haywood (out), Shawn Marion (doubtful), Delonte West (out)

The Lakers Coming in: The Lakers have found ways to lose their last two games, be it through sloppy play or late game dysfunction. Many deserve blame for the losses, so pinning any of these defeats on one person may be easy, but it’s not the most nuanced approach. Too many things went wrong in those games.

Take last night for example. Below are the plays the Lakers ran, with the results, after Kobe entered the game late into the 4th quarter:

  • Post up for Pau where he went baseline for an up and under move that he missed.
  • A “horns” set (where the ball is entered into the hight post and the weak side big and strong side guard set down screens for the wings) to get Kobe the ball. After Kobe came off the screen he wasn’t open, but received a hand off from Pau that led to him missing a three point shot.
  • Another “horns” set to get Kobe the ball. When he curled into the paint a pass was attempted, but he did not catch it cleanly and a turnover resulted.
  • Another “horns” set to get Kobe the ball. After he makes the catch drifting to the top of the key, he runs a P&R with Gasol, splits the screen and shoots a fading jumper going left that misses.
  • The Lakers run “two down” which is a down screen action to free Kobe up to get the ball. He has the option of coming up to the FT line or can break off his cut to go to the strong side post. Kobe gets the ball, on the left side of the floor and shoots a fadeaway jumper that misses.
  • The Lakers run a 1/2 P&R with Sessions and Kobe. Sessions comes off the pick but with nothing there swings the ball to the opposite wing. The ball is then entered into Pau in the mid-post, but with the shot clock winding down he takes a contested jumper that misses.
  • The Lakers run an isolation for Kobe after a screen action and he hits a jumper.
  • The Lakers run a variation of the same play to get Kobe the ball and he again hits a jumper in isolation.
  • The Lakers run a post-up play for Gasol, but he’s fouled and the Lakers must inbound. After the inbound the Lakers run a hand-off for Kobe and he takes a three pointer that misses.
  • The Lakers run another hand-off play for Kobe at the top of the key and he makes a three pointer.
  • After a Laker foul, the Rockets make one of two FTs, but because the Lakers don’t have a timeout, they can’t advance the ball and Barnes can’t get a full court heave up after fumbling the rebound. Game over.

In the entirety of the last 4 minutes and 45 seconds, not counting the last second heave that wasn’t, the Lakers had 10 trips on offense. Of those 10 plays they ran 2 post ups for Gasol and one Sessions/Kobe P&R that led to another Pau post up. Gasol took 2 shots and was fouled once. Every other time, the play was ran for Kobe and Kobe shot the ball.

Now, maybe this is Kobe’s fault for shooting every time. Maybe it’s Brown’s fault for calling these plays (from the angles I saw on TV, Brown looked to call several plays in this stretch, whether he called all of them I do not know). But what I can say is that the Lakers must find a way to diversify their late game offense if they’re going to be successful scoring the ball. Running simple down screen actions for Kobe and/or asking him to create off the dribble isn’t a strategy that will work often enough for it to be the only plan of attack. It puts the Lakers in a position where they’re too dependent on one person to score for their offense to be successful, and beyond that it’s asking him to do so mostly on his own. And while Kobe’s always seemed willing to operate within this type of structure, it’s not the most prudent way of attacking a geared up defense.

Of course, missing Bynum surely hurt them as he’s become a very good late game option in the low post. And with his full compliment of players, who knows what Brown calls or what the players decide to run if given the chance. But last night was an example of the Lakers being too predictable. And in the end, that must change or they’ll be too easy to defend on these critical possessions.

The Mavericks Coming in: Dallas has won 4 in a row with their last two being impressive victories over the Spurs and Nuggets. In those two games the Mavs flashed a balanced and efficient offensive attack with Dirk leading the way, but with his teammates also playing very well. They’ve been missing Brendan Haywood and Shawn Marion on defense, but their offense has more than made up for any deficiencies (though, to be clear, their defense has still performed well) as teamwork and ball movement have ruled. Recently the Mavs have looked more like the buzzsaw that shredded opponents in the playoffs than the middling offensive team they’ve been for most of this campaign. And that should worry opponents – especially the Lakers – a great deal. Because when this team shares the ball and makes quick and sound decisions, the shots come easy and are usually open. And with the quality of players they have taking those shots, they become very dangerous (as we saw last season).

Mavericks Blogs: The Two Man Game and Mavs Moneyball are both very good sites. Check ’em out.

Keys to game: With Haywood out and Marion listed as doubtful and unlikely to suit up, the Mavs are suddenly weaker at the defensive spots that would be allocated to Bynum and Kobe. This should put an emphasis on the Lakers working the ball through those two players as often as possible – especially Bynum.

Big Drew will be matched up against Mahinmi and Brandan Wright, both good athletes but both giving up a lot of weight and strength to Bynum. A post-centric attack that features Drew should be the point of emphasis tonight to make the Mavs either double team or watch as he powers to the rim with his low block arsenal. With this sort of attack, though, Bynum will need to be decisive with the ball and make the easy pass to try and set up his mates rather than looking for the homerun pass that sets up the basket. In recent games, Bynum has fallen in love with the skip pass to the opposite corner when the angled, same side pass is the easiest or the teammate rotating to the top of the key is most open. He must show patience  and rather than hunt the actual assist, he must live with the hockey one.

As for Kobe, he’ll see plenty of Vince Carter and Jason Kidd tonight and while he has the advantage over both players, both will get into him and make him earn his baskets. Against both guys I’d like to see Kobe work in the P&R more to spread the Dallas defense out and rely less on him creating his own shot in isolation or coming off curls where the timing and accuracy of passes must be nearly perfect to run the action correctly. If Kobe can catch the ball in space and free of defenders, I’m more than happy to let him attack in whatever way he sees fit, but the Mavs often hound him with defenders right in his hip pocket. Working with more ball screens should serve him well to escape  those defenders.

Defensively, the Laker rotations must be sharp, as the ball will be moving all over the court. Kidd will run the P&R and he’ll not only seek out Dirk, but he’ll use the big German’s presence on the court to shift the defense and then hit an open man elsewhere. Once the ball is passed, it will move on to the next man, and then again to the next man until the guy with the ball is open enough to take an uncontested shot. With this type of discipline on offense, the Lakers must show the same amount on defense lest they want to give up open shots to players more than capable of knocking them down.

On an individual level, the Mavs are obviously quite talented too and must be respected when in isolation. Dirk, of course, is one of the best scorers in the league and he’ll try to work over Gasol with his deep jumper and then his show and go moves to get to his preferred spots on the floor. Pau must be quick in guarding Dirk’s J, but also not fall for the fakes that will get him out of position. With Marion likely out, the Mavs also have dual threats on the wing that want to attack off the dribble. The last time these teams met Vince Carter was a key, attacking off the dribble and breaking down the Lakers’ defense. His first step must be respected and I’d much rather him have to take pull up jumpers than for him to shoot in rhythm coming off picks or be able to get all the way to the rim off the dribble. The same applies to Beaubois, who loves to use his quickness to get into the lane. He must be cut off and forced to take contested jumpers.

I haven’t even mentioned Jason Terry or Lamar Odom yet, but you get the picture by now. The Mavs are a dangerous team and if the Lakers are going to stop this slide they’ll need their best execution on both sides of the ball. If they bring it, this is a totally winnable game that can get them back on track. The question of course, is will they?

Where you can watch: 6:30PM start time on ESPN. Also listen at ESPN Radio 710AM.

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196 responses to Preview & Chat: The Dallas Mavericks

  1. darius: looks like everyone’s too exhausted to express an opinion. i’ll just do like i did yesterday, kick off the shoes, set them on the ottoman, push back a couple of brews; lower the volume on espn, set up some background music to the tune of “thee midniters” and just enjoy the game.

    Go Lakers !

  2. This is a game of mettle, let’s see how Lakers bounce back. I say Lamar’s looking to have a big game and Bynum makes up for his ejection with a huge game. Let’s hope Sessions starts.

  3. Enjoying the large-size font. I’d love to see a little less “Kobe’s selfish” from folks and more discussion about Brown’s late game reliance on superstars.

    Absolutely Go Lakers.

  4. We’ll be catching another break if The Matrix is a no go tonight. In the 2 previous match-ups, he’s applied the handcuffs to Kobe and locked him up. On the other hand, being that these last 2 losses have come against short-handed teams (Jazz without Jefferson, Bell and Watson & the Rockets without Lowry and Martin), maybe it would be in the best interest of the team if Marion suited up.

    Looking forward to Bynum dominating in the paint and hoping that Pau is still smarting over that spanking that Dirk gave him in last years playoffs. He’s defended The German reasonably well in the 2 prior meetings this season.

    Still watching the dynamics between Kobe and RS7. Didn’t go over so well last night, as RS7 was running the show efficiently until Kobe re-entered the game and everything started going through him. Basically, relegating RS7 to spectator status. Hoping for a lil’ more cohesion between the two and definitely a better outcome.

  5. Ramon will not getting the starting slot until the Lakers play at Staples. That way he can get the boost from the crowd for taking that position.

    Something is wrong with the defense, or the players playing defense. No way should the Lakers have 2 7-footers and 3-4 others guys 6-8 and above and players drive through the lane unpunished. Just a message that no one will drive into the paint on the Lakers, unless they are willing to get off the floor. All they have to do is make sure they are playing the ball aggressively.

    Brown played Barnes for a few minutes at the two guard. He needs to continue to give G-Lock playing time as a combo guard.

    Pau is going to have to make Nowitzki play defense in order to neutralize his offense. (obvious)

    Lamar might play his best game of the year against the Lakers. Then again, he could look at the Lakers, get nostalgic and weep.

    Let’s get this ‘W’ Lakers!

  6. In other news, Derek signs with OKC…

  7. Fisher is definitly not a Laker anymore…

  8. Darius,
    Still no mention the Lakers have the advantage at PG? That’s four games in a row!!! Harrayyy!!!!

    Also… Great point on Bynum selfishly wanting the assist. He is getting cocky with his post pass out of double/triple teams. He wants that assists. Often times he NEEDS to accept getting a ” hockey” assist to not one at all.

  9. We really need a win tonight
    rr: my comment about us being “6th” had nothing to do with that guy I am no longer talking about. It is simply where I think we are. Do you think we are better? : )

  10. Aaron:

    It’s a mixed bag re Kobe, I mean, even if we were to assume that it’s Coach who is calling his number, surely, he has the star power to tell Coach, Hey, Coach, I’m shooting too much.

    They need figure out a way to get Bynum at least 3 more shots per game, Gasol at least 2 more, with more opportunities down low. I can understand the old screed, since for most of the history, well, was Shaq and Kobe and then role players, and Kobe and Pau, with a deferential Lamar and a sometimes there and rarely playing like he has this season, Bynum. But with both of those 2 and now with Sessions, he simply needs to shoot less. I mean, whoever is responsible, they’re doing the opposing team a favor by not making use of the available talent. And the cruel irony is that Kobe would likely be able to score as much with making full use of the others, since if the opposition well and truly has to worry about them, there will be more room to operate for him.

    Now on to Darius and DFish. Presumably, every other team save the Lakers is now licking its chops, since with DFish in the Thunder lineup there’s a weakness to exploit. Unfortunately, unless the Lakers have Sessions match up with DFish, well, we all know that Blake won’t exactly be driving to the hole. Which is too bad, because contrary to some, I think that the Thunder are vulnerable. Kobe has taken more than 1,000 FGA this season, with Durant almost 200 behind. Guess who’s in 3rd? Westbrook (Love has played a few less games, so his 19.1 to Westbrook’s 19.0 doesn’t have him in 3rd). So the Thunder are an exceedingly Durant and Westbrook centric team (as it were). And so if Ron can step up and deny Durant and Coach can figure out some way to accomplish the same at least part of the time on Westbrook, well, you get the idea.

    Now back to Aaron:

    Minutes played:

    Love 39.7
    Deng 38.7
    Kobe 38.7
    Howard 38.5
    Durant 38.2
    M Gasol 38.2
    Gay 38.0
    LeBron 37.6
    Pau 37.2


    Kobe 23.8
    Durant 19.5
    Love 19.1
    Westbrook 19.0
    Ellis 18.6
    LeBron 18.5
    Rose 18.1
    Wade 17.6

    and then at no. 28:

    Bosh 14.8

    and then at no. 37:

    Pau 13.4

    and then at no. 50:

    Bynum 12.5

    That’s “criminal”, as it were. And as should be obvious, provided that one can get their shot off, then obviously, the close one is to the basket the greater the likelihood of made shot, and so going back to their respective FG%, no surprise that the order is Bynum, Pau and then Kobe. So the bad isn’t simply the shot distribution, but simply to distance from basket on shot, the least efficient of the 3 is taking the greater number of shots. For how awful it well and truly is: 23.8 versus 25.9 (13.4+12.5). And if consider minutes on the floor, that 23.8 in 38.7 versus 25.9 in 37.2+35.9=73.1.

  11. Guest,
    Nobody has mistaken Gasol for an all world defemder (especially now as he has slowed with age) but he is still a good defender. Gasol usually struggles against Centers. That is nothing new. He is a PF. Kobe has struggled in his career trying to guard bigger SFs too like Peirce and Melo. That’s why we had to go out and get Artest so Kobe wasn’t forced to do so anymore. I don’t see why Gasol gets so much flack for getting pushed around by Centers under the basket. I just don’t get it.

  12. Do you think we are better? : )


    Sessions is better than Fisher and Blake. Hill is probably better than Murphy and McRoberts.

  13. @12, Aaron – The flaw in your argument is that after Drew got ejected, Jordan Hill replaced him to match up with Camby while Pau remained on the bench. Pau didn’t come back in the game until 8 1/2 minutes remained in the 4th quarter, and neither Camby nor Dalembert played those final 8 1/2 minutes. Pau was either matched up with Scola or Patterson, and neither player is a bruising physical specimen, unless you think Scola’s flopping is bruising 😉

    Pau simply let himself be outworked without pushing back, perhaps in response to his not getting any calls when he was being pushed around.

    Edit – I’m also going to state that I believe the primary reason for the team’s poor defensive performance over the past several games is the high number of minutes Kobe, Pau, and Drew have been logging in this compressed season. Their rotations have been slower and sometimes nonexistent, and Drew has been falling for pump fakes more frequently than before, suggesting a fatigue-induced lack of focus.

  14. Fish with OKC and Ronny to the Heat. Both will be tough to watch.

  15. @Dude

    Scola’s hair could sting you.

    Recently, the Lakers are allowing more points – hoping that it’s not a sign of our team tuning MB out.

  16. Damn it harold, why didn’t I think to write that Scola fact? Sigh….facepalm.

  17. Dude,
    I wasn’t talking about 1 min in the third quarter. Haha. I was talking about the entire fourth quarter where Gasol had to play against the other teams first string Center. Gasol got pushed around not because he was not working hard but because his body is not an NBA Centers body. It’s pretty simple. Kobe is a great player and is strong but will get pushed around against most teams first string SFs. You can’t except a PF to bang with NBA first string Centers for extended periods of time. KG for the first time in his career (exactly Gasol’s size) is being asked to play Center. Gasol because of his skill set and lack of other options on his team is asked to play out of position more often that any other star. Kobe was asked to play SF for half a season when we had Ariza on the team. Ariza is too light so Kobe was asked to guard SFs and struggled.

  18. Dude,
    Gasol isn’t a punk like KG or even a Duncan who has cried every time their team asked them to play out of posision at Center. He should be celebrated and not rediculed for that.

  19. Dude @14,

    Nail on the head.

    Pau’s inability to physically body up and contain Scola and Patterson late in the game is a clear sign of his softness. Those guys ate us alive inside. He’s not even White Swan anymore, he is a Snow White.

  20. So we’ve reached a point where we want less of Kobe bryant…he’s the odd man out and I’m sure he knows it…they got rid of everything that made Kobe successful…its time to do what the Colts did and just let him go. To ask Kobe to essentially become a role player is silly, let him be a star in another city.

    Otherwise, he will keep shooting to stay relevent.

    If we believe the bigs are the strength, and sessions is next, then why keep Kobe?

  21. rr: you did not answer the question :).
    Are we better than 6th best overall?

  22. I’m happy for Derek! He’ll only be asked to play 10-15 minutes a game. He’ll be just fine spotting up and shooting. Even old guys can play defense for 10 mins a game. Yaay, Derek!

  23. Derek has a rebound and an assist in two minutes. He is a +three. Man the Lakers need him.

  24. If we don’t win it all, then I will be cheering for Fish to do it!

  25. I hope the Lakers take it inside, and give Bynum and Gasol the touches to ace the game.

    Go Lakers!!!

  26. Are we better than 6th best overall?

    Hard to say. But if you start talking about blowing it up again this summer, Kobe goes, too.

  27. i see another 7-26 night for Kobe.

  28. Robert

    No we are not better then 6th. Probably more like 8th as long as Brown is confusing the team with poor rotations.

    This team has been allowing over 100 points a game the past 8 games. That’s with a supposed defensive coach and Blake starting andbMurphy getting minutes and Kobe forcing shots.

  29. Kobe just continues to kill this team. He just dosen’t get it he is not 25 and he keeps forcing. The guy needs a coach to control him.

  30. already they are starting to feel sorry for themselves

  31. Nice job pau…you allowed another offensive rebound! Horrible.

  32. Lakers look tired they have to push through it

  33. It is just mind boggling why Mike Brown keeps playing Blake over Sessions.

  34. its just a lack of understand what to do. Bynum gets double at the high post by Terry. Instead of Blake flashing to the corner for an easy three he clears out to the other side and leaves bynum to be trapped.

  35. lord does Bynum look lazy tonight

  36. The Lakers picked up Bynum’s contract for next year a little to soon, I think. I mean, why not wait until the Playoffs.

  37. This remains a team scared to shoot when Kobe is on the floor.

    Why can’t the guy look at his shooting percentage the last 6 games.

    He just dosen’t seem to care.

  38. fisher is number 37 if anybody was curious and he’s still bricking 3’s

  39. That Artest and Blake starting lineup is one of the most painful things I have ever had to watch.

  40. gasol and bynum are statues tonight

  41. Once again Sessions has completely changed the tempo of the game.

  42. I’m convonced Sessions needs to be to the Lakers what Rondo is to the Celtics

    He’s a general out there running the offense

  43. Pau is playing some horrible defense…missing assignments and switches. A least put a body on dirk damn it…making it way to easy for him.

  44. Difference in the first quarter Lakers 4 turnovers for 9 Mavericks points and 1 Dallas turnover for 2 Lakers points. Kobe 4-7 (10 pts)and Gasol 4-5 (8 pts)

  45. Bynum is looking so LAZY

  46. sessions is so underrated could be an all-star.

  47. Kevin,

    Blake is basically playing like Rondo in directing things except that he doesn’t realize he still needs to cut and move without the ball and of course he doesn’t have the capability to push the ball in transition. If he is going to be the starter he has to shoot open shots otherwise Pau, Kobe, and Drew with be triple teamed.

    Sessions is needed to score and score and score and keep the defense honest to open lanes for Drew, Pau and Kobe. He’s also needed to push it in transition since he’s really the only player on this roster who can. I continually see his biggest role being the 4th scoring option on this Lakers roster since LA has nobody after Pau, Kobe and Drew.

  48. Sessions is a poor man’s Rondo with a slight better jumper. Bigger guard, great vision, came to a team with established veterans and has the ability to make it easy on everyone. The ball shuold be in his hands the majority of the time.

    Is the Rondo-Sessions comparisons valid?

  49. i never seen someone shoot as flat as Murphy

  50. MB should bring Blake back in for about two minutes here, then let Sessions finish out the half.

  51. I really really like Sessions.

  52. Wow Sessions is a +18 now, I really like his play. After tonight, I will not understand if he does not start for the team.

  53. We got this guy and dumped Luke Walton’s contract at the same time. Hilarious. Thanks Cleveland!

  54. Your comparison is valid except that Sessions is a much better scorer than Rondo. That is Rondo’s only knock that he isn’t a great scorer, he can’t shoot, can’t shoot free throws, relies on driving and getting layups in transition. On a team without the big 3 I think Rondo would struggle to score because at Kentucky and his first year in Boston before the hall of famers joined him he was basically a no show on that side of the floor.

    Matt Barnes needs more PT plain and simple, even if he isn’t hitting shots he still knows how to move without the ball and he makes things happen.

  55. if Sessions is not starting by next week a coup d’etat is in order

  56. even a hobbled Vince Carter blows by pau…Unbelievable

  57. Nice to see Lakers getting PG production. Sessions is having a good game.

  58. Wow. Were we THIS bad? I mean, a 2nd string PG from CLEVELAND is looking like a freaking allstar on our team.

    Food for thought…

  59. Matt Barnes 7 rebounds, one less than Drew and Pau combined

  60. It almost feels like cheating that Sessions is counting towards “bench production” at the moment. I realise that this will only last another game or 2 at most, but still. It amuses me to see LA with over 20 bench points at the half.

  61. LA better do whatever they can to make sure Sessions stays here after this season.

  62. Wow with RS in the game Lakers outscored Dallas by 23. Even Simple Simon Brown can’t ignore that stat!

  63. Nice to see Sessions call Kobe off the post for a PnR play to get a wide open look. Kobe has taken a backseat for all the time Sessions has been a Laker except 5 mins.

    Very impressed with Sessions didn’t know he was this good. Solid solid PG

  64. RS7 making his presence felt once again. Just keep the ball n his hands and watch how much more engaged the rest of the players become. On both ends of the floor. The more an individual contributes offensively, the harder he’ll work defensively .. Win or Lose tonight, he’ll b starting come Friday Night against Portland.

  65. 62

    It tells you how many good PGs there are in the league, which made our ineptitude at that position even more glaring.

  66. Besides Aaron, Matt Barnes is the happiest guy in LA simce Sessions came to LA. they mesh really well. Pau is hitting elbow jumpers, rebounding and easy putbacks. no hero ball.
    will the lakers keep it up? will bynum be ok without getting his? will hero ball show up? will kobe take the ball away from Sessions? stay tuned.

  67. we would all be lovin Kapono if he played with sessions thats too bad.

  68. Kobe needs to realize, at some point, that ‘deferring’ to RS7 and his two bigs is adding years of playing time, giving him a better chance at eclipsing Kareem.

    He could easily remain a 20 ppg player playing totally within the offense.

  69. Lets not forget that rondo is the best defensive PG in the NBA and also one of best rebounding PG. Sessions does have the court-vision and speed of rondo tho. Blake needs 10 minutes a game and thats it. Sessions better start from now on

  70. @62, harold – I said last week before we traded for him that he’s never had finishers like Kobe, Drew, and Pau on his team before. I thought that he could easily average 15 and 15 for the Lakers, if given the playing time. It appears from last night’s second half and tonight’s first half that Steve Blake getting 18+ minutes per game is just about over.

    Seven minutes for Blake:
    0-2 fg, 0-1 3pt, 0 pts, 0 rebs, 1 assist, 0 stl, 0 blk

    17 minutes for Sessions:
    5-6 fg, 2-3 3pt, 12 pts, 4 rebs, 7 assists, 0 stl, 1 blk, 1 TO

    Plus/minus for Blake: -8
    Plus/minus for Sessions: +21

    It’s simple – play the guy 34-36 minutes per game and let everyone adjust to his style of play. The more he plays now, the better everyone will play in the playoffs.

  71. We essentially have four guys who need to be double teamed now if you include trapping Sessions. Just play simple basketball and it really should be very easy to score. Of course, we will insist on beating our heads against the wall and not do the easy thing.

    The shots that Sessions are getting people are so much better. On rhythm, late closeout, pinpoint passes into shooting motion. Really fun to watch

  72. @73, kevin – Good point about Rondo. Sessions is Rondo’s equal at rebounding, but not on defense. Sessions is a much better shooter than Rondo, though.

  73. Sessions played 16 straight minutes and was the best player on the court.

  74. @Joel @Dude

    Just happy, that’s all. We didn’t even need CP3 to make us look good, and we even got to keep Pau and lose a lot of dead weight at the same time.

    Maybe it was all a big conspiracy to unload Odom’s salary, get a really unbalanced trade without all the outrage (We got Sessions for Kapono AND Luke).

    Anyway, we’ve got our own Linsanity in the making; just a matter of time until MB starts him in favor of Blake.

  75. the key for this team going forward is to find an offensive identity with Sessions on the court

  76. If Sessions and Barnes started every game this team would compete for the West Title. I fear Brown is still scared of Metta and simply can’t see the forest through his own tree’s.

  77. Dr. Jack Ramsay says he’d start Sessions to start 2nd half (12 pts, 7 asts, 4 rebs), but he doubts Mike Brown

  78. Blake just stands around when Bynum is getting doubled….horrible

  79. Blames sucks balls

  80. Get that garbage Black off the court you fool Brown. How stupid can he be?

  81. Kobe playing off the ball is simply beautiful.

  82. Kidd pushes Kobe out on post, and instead of force feeding him the ball 20 feet away from the basket, MWP reverses the ball to Pau, who throws a lob to Kobe who beats Kidd since Kidd was overplaying him and gets the and-1. Simple, easy basketball. Why can’t we do this every time?

  83. Wow kobe

    Need to make dirk work on defense. Pau matching him nicely right now.

  84. After that last conversion by Kobe, we gotta win this game .. And whoever is doing the game recap, there’s your play of the game.

  85. Well, we weathered the storm there as Blake finally hit a three. He’s now 1-5 for the game, all on wide-open shots, and he did get credited with a steal when he picked up the ball after Mahinmi dribbled it off his own foot. So, there’s that 😀

    It’s almost Ramon time!

  86. Kobe with an acrobatic basket at the rim and fouled for the and 1.

  87. @76 – not even close on rebounding. Rondo leads all point guards in the NBA with 5 boards per game, thats amazing for the smallest guy on the court. only other PG close to Rondo is Westbrook because he is crazy athletic, i know all us laker fans are excited about ramon but he is NO where close to rondo when it comes to defense and rebounding. but on court vision and shooting, then we can compare

  88. Kobe. Bean. Bryant. Oh my goodness.

  89. Put in sessions already.

  90. Why is Blake still in the game. Really Brown can’t be this stupid. Never mine he is Blake 1 for 6 he is like Forrest stump said Stupid is what stupid does!

  91. Bynum’s energy level is LOW. He’s going to have to not getting the ball like he had with Sessions now

  92. Blake is going to be the new whipping boy..haha

  93. @91 – ???

    Just because Rondo gets more minutes than Sessions doesn’t mean they aren’t close in rebounding. I go by rebound rate, which is the % of available rebounds you grab while you’re in the game. Rondo’s is 7.7, Sessions’ is 7.1. Both players are probably top five rebounding PGs in the league. And what’s more, Rondo’s defensive rebound rate is 11.1%, while Sessions’ is 12.6%. I’d rather have a better DRR from our PG, as he needs to stay back to slow the opponent’s transition instead of fighting for offensive rebounds.

  94. Ken is gonna yell at me, but Blake was decent in the third.

  95. As long as we’re maintaining this 10-12 pt lead, it’s a Smart Move by Coach Brown to preserve RS7 til, basically, the 4th quarter.

  96. I think Brown doesn’t want to have Sessions play the last 18 min and wear him out, he’s playing Blake a little longer so that Sessions can come in and stay in.

  97. Yea Ray he was 1 for 5. Decent in Fisher world.

  98. Glad we have a lead, but we could be up 20 if we’d stop giving up threes! Seems like all their baskets this qtr have been threes.

  99. I see hero ball…

  100. Not a good way to end a quarter.

  101. Ken, they didnt lose too much of the lead, initiated sets well, found Pau for a lot of his points.

    Dallas is in the game bc of 3 pointers that comes from Lakers poor rotation.

    Didnt like the iso for kobe at the end there, but up 8. 12 more minutes and Sessions is fresh, Bynum is fresh, so Blake being in for 10 minutes didnt hurt us.

  102. Wonder what Kobe turnover ration us in 2nd halts this year. Bet it is off the chart. Perhaps Brown playing him most minutes in the league has just a little to do with it.

    I dream of Popavich.

  103. I’m thinking we dodged a bullet there by leaving Blake out there for so long. Terry consistently beat him on the P&R, leading to wide-open jumpers for the Mavs. Sessions has been doing a much better job on Terry.

  104. What’s with these turnovers

  105. Why is Goudelock suddenly nailed to the bench?

  106. Get worthless Murphy out of there. Brown trying to lose another one.

  107. Sessions Splash

  108. Bynum is hot he’s not involved as much body language is horrible.

    SESSIONS!!!! He has a nickname yet?

  109. “Blake is going to be the new whipping boy..haha”

    You know it! We Lakers fans – well certain Lakers fans – aren’t satisfied unless they are ranting about something …

  110. For all the joy that Sessions has brought, my one complaint with him is that he frequently walks the ball up the court, and is always teethering on the edge of an 8-second halfcourt violation.

    Otherwise all good.

  111. If Bynum can hit that 12 footer with any regularity- he will be impossible to guard for anyone in this league.

  112. Sessions got a PnR then his man switched on Murphy. Sessions swung the ball to MWP for the post up for Murphy’s mismatch. TRUE PG

  113. Drew needs to relax. MWP was just telling him to box out … That All-Star Game selection and Player of the Week Accolade is starting to get to his head .. He should b taking it as a Matter of Respect that he can’t get his tonight due to the fact that he’s being doubled and tripled.

  114. Bynum was not ready for that touch pass by Pau. I am assuming he is not into the game because of that play.

    Pau? 3.

  115. Pau from the corner!

    As much as I’ve come to fear double digit leads, I’m enjoying this!

  116. Barnes a little trigger happy tonight. More than twice (10) as many shots as Bynum (4). To be fair though, the Mavs are doubling Andrew on the catch almost the entire game long.

  117. Bynum thought he was called for a foul, he had his hand raised has Gasol three went splash

  118. Got to give Buss credit for 2 things. LO is just terrible and Sessions is just terrific.

  119. Can we please have this Gasol every game!? This is how he needs to play!

  120. I dont know about you, but im really glad we didnt trade Pau

  121. forgot who said it but sessions is a good rebounding guard

  122. Looks like we’re going to get a look at the five we’ve wanted to see since the trade: Sessions, Kobe, Barnes, Pau, Drew.

  123. BS technical there! He was waiting to call that.

  124. drew really needs to grow up a bit

  125. Thrilled they kept Pau; didn’t get CP3 and got Sessions instead.

  126. Pushover pau getting pushed around again…geez

  127. ball don’t lie!

  128. Pau Gasol more of this type of game, please.

  129. A lot of mugging going on.

  130. Refs trying to keep Dallas in the game…
    3 straight suspicious calls…

    foul on bynum
    technical on bynum
    out of bounds off nowitzki’s leg

  131. Sessions TO’s – Pau lob, Kobe high PnR, jump pass to Kobe off penetration – seems like Pau and Kobe are just not comfortable yet being in the right places or expect quick passes. Pau should’ve catched and finished, Kobe rolled instead of popped, and Kobe shifted to elbow extended instead of staying in corner

  132. how can Kobe have more legs than yesterday?? makes no sense

  133. Drew actions are really bad. Especially since he has been a no show tonight. To bad we don’t have a coach players respect to talk to the guy.

  134. This is looking a lot like we’ve been wanting the team to look. Working on D, blocking shots, and making shots in the offense on the other end. Much smoother basketball.

  135. At least MB is smart enough to put in barnes instead of metta. Depending on who the SF is, this should be the lineup closing games.

  136. Matt Barnes with a great block on Dirk coming from behind to knock it away.

  137. nice to see pau shoot with no hesitation.

  138. Really wish we could get this kind of efficiency from Kobe every night. 30 pts on only 18 shots, not 27 shots.

    Pau and Sessions have been excellent tonight as well.

  139. “The door is closed, the lights are out, the butters getting hard and the jello is jiggling.”

  140. The offense has just been outstanding tonight. Having a POINT GUARD actually makes a little difference.

  141. Pau Jumper … Barnes Three … Game-Time Baby. It’s A Wrap … Expect To See RS7 Starting On Friday Night.

  142. Kobe has played off ball for all of Sessions time as a Laker but 5 minutes. but he’s not buying in

  143. I love Barnes game lately. Barnes Kobe, Drew, Pau and Sessions are by far the 5 best players. On the other hand Metta, Murphy and Blake are by far the 3 worst on the entire team.

    Can someone send a memo to Mike Brown.

  144. Oh my goodness, Goudelock, Morris, and Jordan Hill on the floor. It’s officially a blowout.

  145. Way to come back with a solid W against the world champs after a disappointing loss last night. Now from this point on, let’s stop giving away games we should be winning. Gotta take advantage of the big turd the Clips are laying right now.

  146. Holy crap, and Ebanks.

  147. A proper, 5-man garbage time lineup. How long is it since we’ve seen that?

  148. Mitch had to know something… LO looks really not good. So not good he made me type. Ad english.

  149. Well my theory is that Kobe had a great game (another 1 to add to the mountain of these he has accumulated over the years).
    Others may have a theory where KB’s sinister plan to be “Bad Kobe” and takover the entire world was thwarted, thereby forcing him to play within the offense.
    The choice is yours.

  150. OMG- I just took a look at the box score. Bynum only had 5 shots! Why did he only have 5 shots and Kobe had 18? Was Kobe chucking again? Damn Chuckers.1!1

  151. Another Laker win against the World Champions.

  152. Bynum passing better out of double teams tonight. I start to get the feeling that it is a matter of willingness, not ability, to make passes out of double teams for him. Just like Kobe’s willingness, not ability, to play basketball the right way.

  153. Dear Anony

    Perhaps when Kobe has real players like Barnes and Sessions on the court instead if Metta World Brick and bumbling Blake he actually will take good shots.

    Then again maybe when we are up by 20 he dosen’t feel he is Super Kobeman.

    Your choice.

  154. Bynum had 5 shots a sacrifice is going to have to be made between the big 3 on a night to night basis. Boston did it from 08-10. now Lakers have too going to be interesting to see how it works. Because Bynum was troting around tonight body language was not good.

    Mavs forced the ball out of Drew’s hands but 5 shots is 5 shots. He said yesterday he wants his numbers.

  155. if Sessions and Barnes will be on the Starting 5, then what will happen to the bench?~_~

  156. i think we should for once give Mike Brown some credit. Playing Barnes together with MWP on the second unit was a good idea and has so far worked.

    Also, im still not sure that Blake shouldnt start the game and just play the first 6 minutes of each half. As long as Sessions plays 30 minutes i can see the arguement for him coming of the bench

  157. @159 Ken,

    I second that.

  158. Kobe eclipsed D Stoudamire for 42nd place on the all time dimes list. Next up, in place 41, is Dave bing.

  159. that was such an easy game for Kobe. Did not have to fight on every single possession, did not have to dribble around double teams. All he had to do was catch the ball, jab step, one dribble and shoot on most of his plays. He attacked the rim when he had to.

    Ramon is good, i knew he was going to be an upgrade but i wasn’t as enthused as other. He’s really good and as long as the others do their job they can be a legit contender.

    I liked the way Pau attacked Dirk, probably Pau’s best game this year.

  160. Kobe also moved by Shaq for 18th all time in minutes.

    That puts the “‘mileage” discussion into perspective.

  161. Regarding Bynum 5 shots…

    Remember last season, right after the ASG, SAS were in a run, winning one after the other (we knew it won’t last that long, but was still very impressive). Then, we beat them so bad, and Bynum had 6 points the entire game, but he shut down their offense by playing one of the best defensive games a center could have played.

    My point is, there’s many ways a star-player, like Bynum, Kobe or Gasol, can alter/change/dominate a game like Drew did that night.

    So I’m not concern that Drew had 5 shots, the Lakers played good bball…

    Ok now, can we do it again, mr. MB?????
    You need to watch your team on tape, rewind, understand what’s going on:

    1) The Ram is a starter
    2) What if Barnes starts? And MWP is coming from the bench?
    3) What if Gasol start to hit those (wide open) jumpers from the top of the key on a regular basis?

    If we can do those things, we can win another ring. But we need to actually DO IT!


  162. magicPhil: Drew was frustrated tonight and it wasn’t because lakers defense they played solid on that end. Mavs doubled that was some reason but he said yesterday “I got to get my numbers”.

    Nothing big but sacrifices will have to be made night to night.

  163. Wow. I cannot believe how much more mentally weak Lamar is than I thought. This man is being paid $9 million by the defending world champions and he is about as engaged in basketball right now as the dog sleeping at my feet. Pathetic.

  164. @162 – I sort of agree, but I’m afraid that MB would be tempted to leave Blake in the game for too long if the team is holding its ground. Blake was a -9 in 17 minutes tonight, while Sessions was a +28 in 29 minutes. The game could have been a blowout a lot sooner if Brown had brought Sessions into the game earlier in the 3rd quarter, instead of at the 1:55 mark. IMO, if Blake were to continue starting, then Sessions should come in at the five-minute mark of the 1st and 3rd quarters, with Blake returning for a couple minutes (at most) in the 2nd quarter and the 4th quarter, letting Sessions finish out each half.

    The main reason for doing this would be to maximize the number of minutes that Sessions and Barnes see the court together. Obviously, there will be some games where we need MWP to lock down the opposition’s top wing scorer (LeBron, Durant, Ginobili, Granger, Gallinari, Pierce, Melo, and Tyreke Evans), and thus he will get more minutes.

    The main drawback to starting Blake is the fact that Blake is simply awful, especially when playing with the first unit. His lack of any useful offensive talent let the Mavs clog up our offense in the 1st quarter, swarming Kobe, Pau, and especially Drew whenever they got the ball down low. We got lucky with some Kobe hero ball during Blake’s ten 3rd quarter minutes, when we only gave up one point of our lead. I think MB had the hook at the ready if Kobe had missed more FGs on those isolations, or if the Mavs had been able to hit more of their open shots.

  165. We will see good things from the Lakers, mark my words!!!

    1) Sessions is GOOD!!! He’s just been stuck behind lottery pick PG’s that were bound to get minutes (Flynn and Irving) as well as Baron Davis in Cle last year. First three seasons though he didn’t have a consistent jumper or 3. This season though, is a different story. He’s primed to break out and be a legit star PG

    2) Mike Brown FINALLY has a PG to run his offense. His offensive system (like the Spurs) relies on the high screen for the PG, and the ability to a) penetrate b) find the cutters/shooters c) step back and hit the outside shot is very essential. That’s another reason Sessions will put up Tony Parker-like numbers once he gets comfortable with everyone

    3) The Lakers have a second reliable scorer from the perimeter aside from Kobe. Now defenses will have to worry about the two 7 footers on the inside, AND two creators/scorers from the outside. Just makes everyone and the team much much better

    As we saw earlier, the offense started with sessions on the high PnR with Gasol as the first option, then if nothing happened, they swing it to the wing, and go low block, or Kobe coming off the screens. Just give it some more time and games… Lakers will be deadly come playoff time!

    115. Simonoid – Sessions walks the ball a lot coz he’s still figuring out where everyone is and what play he will run. Give him a few more games and he’ll learn to start out the offense earlier

  166. Brown is an enigma. Why Sessions is not starting is a mystery to me. At this stage, Sessions should be getting as much time as possible so that he starts to get to know the guys he plays with in time for the playoffs.

    I’m not a numbers guy, but its pretty hard to argue that a guy that’s -7 deserves to start over a +28 guy.

  167. All those who are on Brown’s case seem to forget that Sessions just joined the team. It will take him some time to learn the playbook. With Kobe, Pau and Drew, there is some structure and Blake has a better handle on it now than Ramon. Given the lack of practice time between games, I wouldn’t be surprised if the starting 5 stays the same a little longer.

  168. Alright…Everyone seriously needs to calm down about Brown not starting Sessions.

    He will start eventually! Brown is doing the right thing here. Brown wants to make sure that the team sees that Sessions deserves to start- that he *earns the right to start.

  169. Re: Bynum’s Five Shots

    I’m guessing many didn’t watch the game. He was swarmed off the ball and was triple teamed most of the game before he caught it. I haven’t seen a defense do that to a big man since Shaq. Unreal. Bynum was unselfish the entire game save for two times. He passed out of the double teams and hit open men all game. Both times he was selfish he went away from the help defenders and KNOCKED DOWN TWO JUMP SHOTS. He didn’t play with a lot of energy tonight because like Shaqhe got discouraged with all the help defenders all over him. He was though very effective and one of the big reasons we won the game. That and the Lakers have FOUR PRETTY AWESOME PLAYERS.

  170. 162,

    Agree to your observation, MBrown needs to be praised tonight for the adjustments made because last night we have a condemned team and tonight it was 180 degrees change to something to be proud of. Not only that we just added another player to the Big 3 – Mr. Laker PG for life haha! so they’re now Big 4.

    Based on his play tonight, I have changed my stand – it’s about time to start Ramon, no need of additional sessions with MBrown’s delicatessen’s playbook, I think it is Blake who should attend the teach-ins from the Asst. Coaches. j/k. Do you know that Steve is still having some rib pains, heard it from 710 this afternoon that he hasn’t fully recovered from previous injury a month ago. Therefore, rest Blake and here comes Ramon. BTW, from the interview Ramon said that Lakers should play this kind of energy with any team “not only when it is televised.” Funny, maybe he was referring to national TV on ESPN but Lakers are always on TV. Ramon, you’re now in Southern California no longer in cold Oiyoooo.

  171. It is ok if Sessions is coming off the bench as long as he is playing 30 minutes and closing out games. The bench will be awful again if Blake will be running the 2nd unit. We ranked 30th in that category.

  172. Whatever Aaron.
    Kobe was chuckin shots again and that’s why Bynum only got 5 shots. Pau was chuckin too! I demand that Bynum get 18 shots a game, at least! I don’t care if he is double or triple teamed. The only way to stop a master chucker is to chuck before he chucks. That brings me to my favorite quote of all time.

    “To chuck or not to chuck?” -Kobe Bean Bryant

  173. Gonna keep it short, and focused on one player.

    Boom. Boom. Pau.

    Every team should have “trade bait” like this guy.

    Great game. Short list of guys who can make the game look as easy as he did tonight, all while playing against the Mighty Diggler.

    Glad the early week malaise was broken, but most of all, glad #16 is still a Laker.

  174. Don’t forget that MB cost the Lakers two games by starting Blake. Just because we got the win tonight doesn’t mean that MB will figure out that Sessions needs to start. And if the next game is close…

    Also, don’t forget that MB has some strange love affair with Murphy who doesn’t belong on the court at all. How long before he gives Hill Murphy’s minutes? Unfortunately, he might not ever figure that one out.

    IMO, Sessions and Barnes should start, bring MWP, McRob and Hill off the bench for the bigs, and bring GLock in to give KB24 rest. Blake and Murphy should be used very sparingly, if at all. And Ebanks has to get some burn at some point, doesn’t he?

  175. I am not concerned with who starts as long as Sessions gets 30 plus minutes and finishes. The thing that Mike Brown maybe thinking with Blake is how to get his confidence back.

    If you all recall Blake got off to a great start this year. Everyone on this blog was calling for Brown to start Blake ahead of Fish. And yes Blake was closing out games. Then he got hurt. Once back he looked good at times but never like the 1st part of the year.

    If we are going to make a serious run at another ring, we are going to need Blake playing at the same level he was at to start the season. I think that is probably why he got the extra run in the 3rd. If we had started to lose control of the game, I’m pretty sure Sessions would have come in earlier.

    Blake needs to play to get his mojo back. And he needs playing time to do that.

  176. My play of the night-Sessions waves Kobe into the corner, where he draws some Maverick attention. Drives to the middle, kicks it to Pau at the free throw line, easy 15 footer. Kobe off the ball, a new dimension, I love it.

    Andrew, still too slow passing out of the double (triple!) team, nice to see him in control however, and can a couple of face up jumpers.

    Is there time for the Lakers to get their act together? Stay tuned.

  177. Off-topic, but in case anyone wants to read Fish’s (long) statement on signing with the Thunder:

    He pointedly leaves out management and the coaching staff.

  178. KenOak,
    You’re right. But you’re wrong. Brown may or may not be right keeping Blake into the starting lineup this long but he does have a reason. He is thinking long term here. He wants to do what is best for Ramon long term. Even if it means losing a couple games like against Utah and Houston. It’s not like he doesn’t have a strategy. I don’t know if that strategy is right or wrong. I happen to think its wrong but I don’t know. I will tell you this… If Brown isn’t starting Ramon in the next five games we can officially say he is a moron. I don’t think that will be the case though.

    Btw… Pretty nice to have a league averae PG with this team huh?

  179. Just saying.

    Fisher 1 for 3 with 1 assist
    Chris Paul 3 for 12

    R.Sessions outscored and out played them all.

    Oh yea Kapono had 3 kills and a sun tan in Manhatten Beach Volley Ball Courts.

    Just saying! Oh yea Clippers sunk below Denver for 6th place.

    Dunk City just turned into skunk City

  180. Fun statement by Fisher. Not sure if him being on the floor instead of Westbrook will exactly be a cause of concern for me.

    OTOH, if Fisher can get Russel to properly defer to Durant, that would worry me a bit, except that Ron has had some success against Durant anyway.

  181. OKC @ Lakers on March 29.

  182. Aaron: Bynum was frustrated tonight because he couldn’t get off on offense. He sacrificed his offense for the better of the team tonight he didn’t force things. My point is Kobe, Pau, Bynum are going to have to sacrifice parts of their games night to night because Sessions is legit. It’s nothing right now just something to keep an eye on.

  183. Lakers defense was excellent:

    It took Dirk 24 shots to get 26 points.

    Roddy Beaubois was on a roll he ended with 6 points.

    Jordan Hill came in the game with a nice post move and grabbed a board. He should start the 2nd.

  184. @173 – All the playbook knowledge in the world can’t help you if you take 12 seconds to make the initial entry pass into the post, don’t move well off the ball, get torched defending the pick and roll, hardly take any shots and miss the ones you do take, get into the lane but don’t draw the defense because you’re no threat to even attempt to finish, turn the ball over like clockwork whenever you’re double teamed at the three-point line, and grab no more rebounds than a dead man.

  185. Thank you, Michael H.

    All the offense can’t be in the starting unit. Isn’t that the problem we had earlier in the year?

    Additionally, MB is doing a great job of integrating Ramses with the team. For a pg it’s probably more difficult to learn the tendencies of the bench players due to the bench players being less knowledgeable about how to score when on the floor.

    Ramses can learn to play with the starters at a quicker clip because they have high basketball IQ’s that makes it considerably easier to play with the starting unit.
    Before Fisher was traded, people on this site were screaming for MB to: 1) Start Blake 2) Play the bench players more because the Lakers were going to need them.

    Now, some on this site are clamoring for MB to: 1) Sit Blake 2) Move all of the offense to the starting unit.

    The fun of winning is when you don’t have the best starting five, yet you win. The fun of winning is when you don’t have the best bench, yet you win. The fun of winning is when you don’t have the coach of the year, yet you win.

    Bynum has to stay engaged even when he isn’t getting 20 shots a game. He sort of quit playing and moped up and down the floor. He refuses to make the easy pass out of the double team picking and choosing to whom he wants to pass, which causes him to get turnovers. He’s made a great leap this year offensively, just as he made a gigantic leap last year on defense. Next, he has to learn how to pass out of double-teams and remain involved in the game on nights when his offense isn’t there.

    No one wants to see the Lakers in the playoffs.

  186. After adding tonight’s stats to Session’s current 3 games, his per 36 numbers are: 17.3 pts, 8.6 assists, 4.7 rbs, 2.5 TOs, with percentages of 56.7% FG, 42.9% 3P, 78.6% FT. Clearly, 100 minutes of playing time isn’t enough to make any guarantees, but that’s still ridiculous.

  187. @191 – Drew has clearly regressed in his passing out of double teams since the trade deadline. He needs to pass out quicker, and keep maneuvering down low for post position or rebounding position in case the ball gets rotated to the other side. When teams are swarming you as soon as you catch the ball in the post, it means that one of your teammates is open, which can eventually lead to an open shot and an open offensive rebounding lane as the other team rotates.

  188. KenOak,
    Hahaha. Always to chuck.

    The I think Ramon will add to everyone’s touches not take away 😉 Look at all these points we are putting up when he is on the floor the last three games!!!!! Haha. I love it. A PG!!!!!!! We have a PG!!!!!!!! I have only been waiting 14 years for this. Sorry if I’m happy. 🙂

  189. It’s so fun to watch an actual Laker PG penetrating into the paint and causing the defense to collapse…

  190. And btw, as far as I’m concerned, Kobe made amends tonight for the last two stinkers he put up. 11-18 for a very easy 30 points and that ridiculous backwards layup over J-Kidd. Noice.

  191. Oops, forgot to add: in these four games, Sessions has an eFG% of 61.7% and a TS% of 66.4%

  192. The long and short of it? Ramon good… Lamar bad

  193. skill > intangibles….trust me alfred cant do what i do just like fish cant do what sessions does…all those people that say “we lose such n such game if fish misses that shot”…well if a sessions is on the team we win by 15…cant wait til this team fully gels and could peak near the start of the playoffs…exciting

  194. First 3 quarters > Clutch, therefore Sessions > Fish logic is like LeBron > Kobe.

    The only difference is that we didn’t give Sessions a chance to prove his clutch-ness yet.

    But if Sessions does not prove worthy in the clutch, there will be some merit to those that say Fisher had value on our team.

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