Silk Finally Gets The Call To The Hall

Darius Soriano —  April 2, 2012

It’s been 20 years since he became eligible, but he’s finally made it. Today, Jamaal “Silk” Wilkes was named to the 2012 Basketball Hall of Fame class. Wilkes’ averages of nearly 18 points, a shade over 6 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game don’t necessarily scream hall of famer, but his impact on winning teams both at the college and pro-level certainly do.

And really, winning is what should define his legacy. Wilkes was part of 3 4 NBA championship teams, including during his rookie year with the upstart Golden State Warriors and then collecting two three more with the Lakers in 1980, 1982, and 1985 (though that season he was injured and missed the playoffs). He also won two NCAA championships as part of back to back undefeated Bruins teams coached by John Wooden.

He was an offensive wizard that ran like a gazelle in the open court and hit high release jumpers when the game slowed down. He was a smart cutter and always seemed to be able to find the creases in the defense where he could hurt them with a part of his refined offensive arsenal. He could make the game look easy with a style so smooth they called him Silk.

Most of all though, he seemed to play well in big games and help lead his team to the mountain top on multiple occasions. His best game as a pro will always be remembered as the one that earned Magic Johnson the MVP, but the night that Wilkes had is one of the greatest performances that rarely gets talked about. In the championship clinching game with Kareem back in Los Angeles getting treatment on a sprained ankle, Wilkes put up 37 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to help dispatch the 76ers. His full offensive game was on display that night, canning jumpers, running the floor for easy baskets, and finishing around the rim with ease.

So, congrats to Silk. He certainly earned this honor. And now with this induction, the hope is that the Lakers will raise his #52 to the rafters to join the other HOFer’s that have worn the forum blue and gold. He’s certainly earned that honor too.

Update: As commenter chownoir pointed out, Silk was also a very good defender and was named to the All-Defensive (2nd) Team in the ’76 and ’77 seasons. His length and quickness were assets on the defensive end and he could cover both forward spots well. I should also point out that Wilkes was a three time all-star and was also named rookie of the year.


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64 responses to Silk Finally Gets The Call To The Hall

  1. Well deserved. Looks like they’ll soon have to make room for two more jerseys on the south wall, No. 34 and No. 52.

    We know No. 24 (or will it be 8?) will hang there someday too. Great history.

  2. Very happy for him. Classy and humble guy. Qualities that unfortunately was a big reason it took this long for him to be elected. Glad that a couple of years ago, he was more vocal in campaigning. I’m usually against guys openly campaigning, always feel that their game should be good enough to speak for itself.

    But Silk’s game was always so smooth and understated just like him. Nothing overtly flashy or eye catching about how he got the job done. The unorthodox release was the only thing that really stood out to the casual observer.

    Also I think his D should be mentioned. Just like his overlooked offensive game, his D was very good. I’ve read several quotes and articles where he was considered a great D guy by teammates. In Golden State, he was their stopper on D. Big load to carry in addition to his scoring prowess.

    A well deserved election.

  3. Funky Chicken April 2, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Darius, out of curiosity do you think Derek Fisher will deserve a spot in the HOF?

    While he’s still technically playing, I think the accomplishments that HOF voters will take into consideration are all pretty much already in place.

  4. I think one of the reasons why Silk was overlooked so much was because of Worthy who replaced him at the 3 spot. Worthy was the one who became more associated with the Showtime era, catching passes from Magic and finishing at the rim and had a much more explosive game compared with Wilkes’ more laid-back seeming approach.

    That being said, Wilkes and Worthy were pretty much the same when it came to their numbers, and since Worthy is a Hall of Famer, so should Jamal…

  5. Aaron from last thread. I expected that you would know when zone defenses were allowed in the NBA….

    Zone defense was a big part of the reason that the Pistons were able to corral Shaq. I kind of wonder what Jordan would have looked like against zone defenses. I still think that he would have been great, but life would have been more difficult for sure.

  6. Funky: I don’t think Fish is making the Hall of Fame, nor is his jersey going up in the rafters, because if you do that, then you’d also have to think of hanging up Robert Horry, or Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, Bob McAdoo and other great Laker role players as well…

  7. Congrats to Wilkes. Though he was ahead of my time, it’s always great to have a Laker up in the rafters. Can’t wait for his number to be on the wall.

    Then Shaq.

    Then Kobe. (maybe? haha jk.)

    Sadly, I don’t think Fisher will make it. He needs to get in HOF to get on the rafters… and he doesn’t have the numbers.

  8. This was great news to wake up to here in Australia. Congrats to Silk Wilkes, a UCLA and Laker legend.

  9. I remember trying to shoot like Wilkes and could never even come close to making the basket. By the time I started watching the Lakers on regular basis, he had already become more of a role player. I always had a lot of respect for him, though.

  10. great article on JW. glad to see a great laker get his due. that being said, can we please make sure you add in his fabulous 1982 season where he averaged more than 20 PPG and won a title with our lakers. he has 4 rings, not 3. thanks for posting the video. “20 foot layup” – c. hearn

    rings forever.

  11. Funky Chicken April 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Bmao, I agree with you, but I was curious about Darius’ take given his statement that having an impact on winning teams may qualify someone for the HOF.

    I don’t see any way that Fisher’s numbers warrant HOF consideration. I’d be happy for him, as I am Wilkes, but I think the Hall should be reserved for unusually great players.

  12. Well deserved, and long overdue. I’ve been carping about this for years. Jamaal was a great, great player, who did everything well, and routinely put up the quietest 20 points you’d ever seen while playing total team basketball. It was a pleasure, in the early years of Showtime, to see 2/5 of the starting Laker lineup continue to practice Coach John Wooden’s style.

    Time to raise #52 soon. Mike Smrek and Samaki Walker never made me forget whose number that was.

  13. Best news I’ve heard recently pertaining to the Lakers. Silk is & was always a class act. He was always overshadowed by larger than life teammates (Magic & Kareem on the Lakers & Rick Barry on the Warriors) but his game spoke volumes. Congrats Silk, hopefully his HOF entry will urge the Buss family to consider hanging his jersey in the rafters…it would be a nice addition.

    To #1, Chris J, don’t be surprised if Kobe gets BOTH #8/#24 retired. He’s done quite a bit while wearing each jersey. And he would be the FIRST player in league history to have two numbers retired on the same team. Remember…you heard it here 1st, 🙂

  14. Congrats to Mr. Wilkes! His game was so fundamentally sound, a reflection of his training at UCLA under the immortal John Wooden.

    One thing that always stood out about Silk to me was his ability to catch the ball. What hands!! He could take a difficult pass and convert it into a layup and make it look easy in the process. A long overdue honor!

  15. #11. I’ve updated the post to reflect the ’82 championship. I’ve also added a note about his defense at the bottom – thanks to chownoir for that.

  16. #11, It all depends on who you talk to when it comes to the amount of titles Silk won. I wrote an email to basketball-reference a couple of months ago. Their position is since Wilkes was injured for all of the ’85 post season, he rec’d no credit for that title run. He would have had to play at least one minute of one game in the postseason to qualify.

    However I am glad to say that according to an article in the L. A. Times, Wilkes # 52 will be retired next season:

  17. @12 Funky, Wilkes was a great player. Don’t let the nature of his game fool you. He was a major contributor to some fantastic teams.

    Averaging 20 points for as many years as he did, along with the great D, the individual accolades and key cog in championship teams more than qualifies as a HOF selection. Certainly it’s more than some players that are in there now.

    With Wilkes selection, I think that closes the HOF books on the Showtime teams. Worthy, Magic, KAJ and McAdoo. I don’t think any other player from that era will be able to get in. I can’t think of even a borderline guy. Byron’s not going in even if he did lead the team in scoring one year. Mychal didn’t quite do enough in his career for voters to consider I think.

    How spoiled were we Laker fans in 80’s. For most of the 80’s the team had at least 3 if not 4 HOF’s at one time. Just amazing.

  18. Much respect for Keith Jamaal ‘Silk’ Wilkes induction into the HOF. The Silent Assassin. Still to this day I marvel @ how he was able to get that jumpshot off with probably, as Chownoir noted, the most unorthodox form in the history of the NBA. Helped formulate The Showtime Era’s Original Big 3 (along with Cap and Magic). Also good to hear that the Organization is going to do what’s only right and retire his jersey. Once again, big ups Cornbread.

  19. We’re still spoiled, we’ve got 3 hall of famers currently, as long as Drew stays healthy.

    Atleast I think Drew will get in. Thoughts?

  20. KenOak,
    I was suprised I was wrong as well. Hahaha. It happens so rarely. But I was off in my head like 3 years. man. You guys done even know… I hate being wrong and I hate myself for not knowing enough. Oh well. It happens.

    In 2004 the Pistons actually single covered Shaq with Ben Wallace. Shaq was already in full decline that season. Full decline. He had been over weight for 4 seasons straight at his point. Want to know how amazing of an athlete Shaq was? He dominated Wallace (one of the best one on one post defenders of all time) for the entire series. Just scored 70 percent of the time he had him in good position in the post. He was great. Unfortunatley the Lakers built their whole offense on Shaq being doubled. The pkayers, the system… Everything. He normally would litterally score 99 percent of the time in one on. One coverage. He was that rediculous. The Pistons “zoned” in on Kobe that series and always had help defenders shading over at all time. It was the first Celtics style type defense. They bottled up Kobe and let Shaq get his. And he did. But he usually got his and everyone else’s his entire life with the Lakers. Phil Jackson and Mitch were both counting on that. We were hungout to dry.

  21. Funjychicken,
    Haha. Wow. Well. I’ll take a crack at this. Haha. The HOF is for great legendary pkayers. Not bad NBA starting PGs who have a nack of playing with great teams and hitting super clutch wide open shots in the playoffs. That’s just what the HOF is about. Derek Fisher had career averages comprable to Smush Parker. Don’t trust me… Look it up. FG percentage. PER. PPG. Assists per game. Everything. Three point percentage. Everything. He had a Derek Fisher like career minus the great teams and clutch plays.

  22. sbdunks,
    From advanced metrics… If he had six more years like this year he would be a top five Center of all time. And the HOF would be a lock. Having said that… I don’t think he will stay healthy. So I don’t think he is going.

  23. Congratulations Jamaal for getting your picture at Springfield together with basketball greats and Mr. Naismith. (Since we are all basketball aficionados here, try the experience of visiting BHOF in Springfield, MA. In CT go on91N or take MA 90. It will give you goose bumps in reading the biographies of HOF’ers including Chicky Baby and Jerry Buss.) The shots I liked best from J. Wilkes is one on the corner, swish and it’s difficult to block. When he executes the free throw, he has a repertoire as if he’s cleaning the ball with his palm while looking at the basket…..swish, you know it’s Jamaal Wilkes.

    Before Fisher, I think there are other Lakers in line for the HOF like Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, Robert Horry, A.C. Green, Vlade Divac (being the first import of the Lakers if not the NBA), Norm Nixon plus other players in other teams Iverson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, etc then finally Derek Fisher and Ric Fox. IMO, DF is lowering his worth for consideration if he continues to play as a sub. He should retire at his height and move on to another basketball job or else he will be remembered as a journeyman with 5 rings.

  24. Bynum is going to be iffy at best. Unless he has a lightbulb moment and does all he can while he is healthy.

    While Pau will be in the HOF, the more interesting question is whether Pau will be considered one of the top 50 players of all time, which would require that he be in the top 10 in his position…

  25. BTW, I forgot to mention Shaq as sure shot of HOF too. I think to be considered you have to be retired for more than 5 years and to be selected by the committee. There are many names submitted but only few are chosen annually.

  26. Sessions w/ Lakers is avg. 10+ pts. last time a lakers pg did that was Kobe’s personal whipping boy smush parker in 07. Sessions is avg. 6 ast. last time a Laker pg averaged more than 4 is 05 by who?…… you guessed it Chucky Atkins. More than 5 assist (payton was washed in 04 i’m not counting that)…… ding ding ding your right again Van Exel in 98. I’m willing to sacrifice paychecks to keep Sessions I know Ken would do the same.

  27. BigCity: I have mentioned retiring 8+24 several times – check the archives : )
    sbdunks: 3 HOF currently? Try 1 : )
    I will root for the other 2, but it is not happening. Kobe won at least 2 titles as the only HOF player on the team (most likely). However you owed me from the saracstic team defensive comment I made : )

  28. Not taking any sides – and as Darius knows – I am very complimentary of this site and the way it is run.

    That said, Ken will be missed

  29. Great to see Silk get in the HOF. I remember shooting on my driveway as a kid with my brother trying to replicate that shooting motion. We always had a good laugh. Money shooter.

  30. Wilkes: Love to see this and well deserved.
    McAdoo: If Wilkes gets on the wall, this does beg the question : )
    Wilkes in 85 is similar to Baylor in 72. They played in reg season, but not in the playoffs, so does it count? Baylor only played in 9 games, + I do not think he is generally considered to have ever won a ring.

  31. Robert: Wilkes is definitely deserving of the HOF. What happened with Ken?

  32. clips playing well now, gonna be a huge game wednesday

  33. kehntangibles April 2, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    What’s interesting to note is that James Worthy (who’s sometimes conflated with Wilkes as the 2nd/3rd option wing in the Showtime era) wore Silk’s #52 while in college. He presumably went with #42 b/c Silk had #52, so it’s kind of ironic that his #42 was retired first. Not that either man is unworthy, no pun intended.

  34. Chaz Jim Lakers need a backup big I hope your watching Whitey. He can play

  35. It’s a pleasure to watch Wilkes in those games, especially Game 6 in 1980. Well deserved, and it’s great to see the Lakers retire his jersey to join rarified company up there in Staples. 

    I don’t think Drew makes the HOF at this rate. Injuries have hampered him and I don’t see the drive in him psychologically. Pau has to have a major role in winning another championship to be considered as well–I’d love that to happen though. 

    I know you can’t really compare eras, but it seems that Magic’s teams were a lot deeper in talent than Kobe’s teams, even the championship ones.

  36. Fisher is not a Hall of Famer. Not even close.

    Pau is borderline; right now, if asked I’d say he hasn’t done enough just yet.

    Drew hasn’t done nearly enough yet to warrant any such discussion.

  37. 38,

    Not to take away the credit from the Silk, I say 1/4 of his total production came from the assists of Magic. James Worthy also benefited a lot from Magic.

    @34Kevin, I think Ken decided to quit this blog because his style in posting is contrary to the policies of the blog as the moderator laid it down.

    I just can’t understand whether it is Darius or Ken’s fault – why can’t we not just forgive and move on? Ken maybe too passionate to his opinion but he’s decent and have not read any profanities in his posts. He is just “super hot” with his takes. If this site has been around since 2004, therefore it is supposed to be broadminded enough in accepting people what they are, compared to what they owe to be. In the end, we’re all Laker fans here and we are here because of the Lakers.

  38. Pau is in HOF as of right now I think. Don’t forget, HOF takes entire body of work into consideration. He accomplished a lot in International play before he came to the Lakers. Rookie of year, FIBA MVP while leading Spain to Gold Medal, a couple of Silvers as a major contributor.

    Then he comes to Lakers and three Finals run with the two rings, he was the major contributor after Kobe. He gets Silver Olympic medal and two more Golds in International play. Again all as either the main guy or one of the main guys. 4 time All Star.

    All those credentials will be enough to get him into HOF now. It might not be first ballot but he’ll get in. Another Finals run and ring with him being a major contributor and there’s no doubt he’ll get in.

    As long as we’re not taking sides here. I for one will NOT miss Ken.

  39. Jamaal certainly benefited from playing alongside great players, but you have to give him credit for always playing on winning teams.

    How many players played a key role on an NCAA champion and two different NBA championship franchises? That can’t be a long list. Off the top of my head, I can think of Kareem, Walton, Wilkes. Am I missing anyone? That’s exclusive company.

  40. Scott: Magic’s teams were stacked Worthy was his 3rd best player. Kobe’s have been Horry/Odom.

    If Dirk is in the HOF Pau is in IMO. I look at Pau and Tony Parker the same both big roles on championship teams but if I had to choose out the two I’d pick Pau.

    Edwin: wow can’t believe it. Ken is a die hard Laker fan hope he’ll be back. His rants were hilarious I enjoyed his posting and he was right on a number of topics ahead of time. Him leaving still doesn’t make Mike Brown a good coach.

  41. In regards to Pau’s HOF credentials- He will get in. Arvydas Sabonis got into the hall with less NBA accolades than Pau has accrued. Pau has nearly as many international credentials.

    Kobe’s teams versus Magic’s teams aren’t even close. Kobe has played with Shaq, Pau, Odom, and now Bynum. Throw in a little Fish and Horry. Magic had Kareem, Worthy, Wilkes, Nixon, McAdoo, and Scott. Not to mention guys like Cooper, Thompson, and Rambis.

  42. the 80s teams were a lot more stacked because there weren’t as many teams before. thats why people kind of want contraction again to have stacked teams again.

    but stacked probably wont happen anymore because of the salary cap and taxes.

  43. Warren Wee Lim April 3, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Fill me in, guys… what happened to Ken?

  44. The country club didn’t like hearing the truth over and over and over again, so he bailed.

  45. Long overdue. I’ve been ranting for years on several different boards about Jamaal not being in the HOF. He was the second best player on the most storied college basketball team of all time! First Team All America! The HOF is all about NCAA and international play as well, which is why it was such a travesty that Jamaal had to wait for so long. So congrats to Jamaal!

    BTW, I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Chick’s nickname for Jamaal’s 20-foot baseline jumper. Shame on you, FB&Gers 😛

  46. The debate was great until someone mentioned PER..ugh

  47. Darius: I know moderation of comments is a pain + is difficult. That said, I believe comments should be about the topic + not other posters. Challenging other’s points of view is fine. Challenging what type of fan they are is not. Please review my comment at #68 (GS preview) and then look at the response I received at #95.

    Dave@95 “Quit being such a “what have you done for me lately” kind of a fan.” : I enjoy discussion and debate, however, this is basically calling me a fair weather fan, which I am far from that. That is a big insult from one Laker fan to another. Should I respond in kind, or should we just not start this type of discussion?

    Dave: I am not happy with the FO, and especially Jim Buss. I do not have all the facts, but neither does anyone else on this board. I love the Lakers, + not liking what Jim Buss is doing, does not change that. If others want to support Jim Buss – that is fine.

    Darius: “spend to spend” I never said that. In fact I have brought up the rebuild option several times (that is far from spending to spend). Rather, I have said repeatedly that we should either totally go for the title now, or re-build. We are clearly not re-building yet, so that is where I said “we should spend as much as legally possible”. Obviously we should do this intelligently. However, we did not use either TPE (one expired). I feel it is safe to say that there were players available, who were better than the players on our bench. That is my opinion. You can have a different one : )

  48. #50. Sometimes comments like that slip through. I’ll try to be better about that.

    As for your contention that “it is safe to say there were players available” I’m sure that was the case. For what cost (not just $ but what was needed to trade) is another question that is the next step I feel is needed to be taken whenever looking at a potential trade. This is something you’ve yet to acknowledge regardless of how often I bring it up.

    For example, the one report that was picked up by nearly every national reporter was the Lakers interest in Beasley. When the reports were simply about the Lakers dealing only with the T’Wolves to acquire him, the proposed deal was the Lakers sending both their 1st round picks (their own and the Mavs’) for Beasley (who would be absorbed into the TPE). If that deal was made, the Lakers don’t get Sessions because they needed a 1st round pick to send to the Cavs to acquire him. So, would you want Beasley (a reserve forward) or Sessions (a starting PG)?

    It’s not a question about who’s available or them being better than players on the Lakers’ bench. It’s about having the ability to make a deal within the context of the resources available to trade, what the other team will accept to make a deal, and the player in question. I’ve yet to see you acknowledge this even once or take into consideration how deals are made in this league. This is what’s frustrating about your position. We can certainly agree that the Lakers should be looking to improve their roster. We can agree that if players can be acquired to put the Lakers over the top in terms of being a championship favorite, those players should be acquired if possible. But, all I ask is that when we look at potential trades it’s always through the prism that teams don’t have to accept what the Lakers have to offer in a trade and that every trade must be looked at through both short term benefits and long term consequences.

    You’ve been on this board killing Jim Buss for a variety of reasons. If the FO mortgages their future or their ability to be competitive 2 years from now b/c they took on salary today will you be here saying that you agreed with those moves at the time so it’s okay they can’t compete for FA’s? Will you say that it’s okay they don’t have assets to trade because they used them to acquire a player in 2012? Or will you kill the FO because they hamstrung themselves and can’t get the players you say are available?

  49. OT (with apologies to Jamaal– that 24 foot layup was a thing of beauty and I used to practice it for hours on end on the elementary school playground…), but there’s been a lot of clamoring around here (myself included at times) for more playing time for GLock. I hunted around and found the following ‘justification’ for Brown’s decision to limit his PT:

    This does not make me happy.

  50. As an aside, I’ll try to stay out of the comments unless specifically asked a question. I’ve gone back and forth about this topic for some time but, unless I’m mistaken, many here seem to come to read the comments and not the content or the thoughts of the “moderator” or “the country club” (which I’m assuming is me).

  51. Darius,
    There are some interesting breakdowns on this site. Just the other day you guys actually answered questions and gave opinions on players heading into a game. That kind of stuff is really interesting. People get more excited to read the comments not just from posters like me but the actual country club. Because you guys too rarley are giving breakdowns with predictions and player/ team analysis comparing player to player or rotation to rotation… Occasionally people come on the site to read posters like me who aren’t afraid to go out on a limb and make a specific analysis or give a specific opinion on a player or team. If you leave a big enough void someone else will fill it. How often do we get to read an actual Darius opinion? That’s why I literally have to ask you specific questions via comments or an email. Because I literally dispite all your great writing don’t know where you stand or how you feel on a subject. Heck… In a game preview why not break down the positional Matchups in specifics amd make predictions for the readers of this site to read, learn, and look for as they watch the game so maybe the readers can actually learn something about this team and league. Because to be honest… Too many of us are now fans i personally would consider “not educated NBA fans.”

  52. Lil Pau,
    Did Mike Brown say he wasn’t playing GLock because now we have one PG… And there is only room on this team for one PG who can run PnR and set up the offense? That’s just my guess. Maybe I’ll have to click the link and watch.

  53. Funky Chicken asked if I thought Fisher should go to the HOF…

    I’d say no and it’s not close, really. Fisher’s been a great leader and a clutch contributor to multiple title teams. But, his numbers are nowhere near worthy of induction.

  54. Darius–

    I’m just one vote, but I enjoy the presence of the moderators in the discussions.

  55. “Layup”, Dude!

  56. One last testimony to the greatness of Mr. Wilkes (which is what this post was about!)

    From his bio:

    “His UCLA coach, John Wooden, paid Wilkes his highest compliment when asked once to describe his ideal player. “I would have the player be a good student, polite, courteous, a good team player, a good defensive player and rebounder, a good inside player and outside shooter,” Wooden told the New York Post in 1985. “Why not just take Jamaal Wilkes and let it go at that.” “

  57. I second the notion. Darius’ and the other mods offer some great insight in the comments; without that this wouldn’t feel like FB&G. I feel like my bball knowledge has tripled thanks to Darius.

    What happened with Ken though? Why are people talking like he’s gone?

    Edit: nvm found it. For anyone else confused, here’s the post:

    Aaron, you’re back to being the craziest person on this board 😀 I kid, I kid, you know it’s all love.

  58. I used to come here for both the posts and the insightful comments. Now I just come mainly for the posts.

  59. kehntangibles April 3, 2012 at 9:52 am

    I’m just one voice as well, but I’m 100% behind Darius and the other mods here. While the umpteen rants about Mike Brown and Metta World Mess were something we could sympathize with as fans, it gets pretty damn old to read the same thing over and over again. It’s the kind of redundant self-indulgent tripe I could get on sports talk radio and I am not going to miss it.

  60. Darius: Thanks for the response. I also like your participation in the comments with your opinions. Please continue to do so.

    With regard to me + the FO: What I specifically do not want is for us to fuddle around for the next 2 years without giving ourselves a “real” chance at a title (IMO this means – top 3 teams). After 2014, all bets are off, because we “could” re-build and sign FA. So, I also would not want us to sign people with contracts that hinder us beyond 14 (long term consequences as you stated). We “could” have started a re-build now if we did not want to wait until 14. We have not, and I agree with that piece of the decision (Win now). That said – let’s do everything we can between now and 14 to win during those 3 years (without mortgaging the future beyond that). I am fine with how the FO handled Sessions and Beaseley. And yes – there “could” have been other deals that we did not know about, where the other team backed out.
    However, if Mitch was full free to use the TPE’s to improve the team, that would mean that he was unable to find anyone in the league who was willing to dump us someone who was better than anyone on our bench : ) I think Mitch is better than that, so I do not think he had that freedom (this is my opinion not fact).
    Further the moves we made “appear” (again IMO) to have a financial slant to them. We gave up a pick and DF for a bench player. This seems excessive. We could have used the pick elsewhere and bought out DF ourselves. This would have been better from a basketball standpoint but not the bottom line – true?
    I am good with the Sessions move, and how MK was able to get them to take LW is beyond me, so kudos to Mitch on that.
    Darius, the fact is, as you have stated, the team is not significantly changed from last year – and it needed to be. You agree with this. We lost LO, SB, and DF and we have picked up RS, TM, and JM (leaving out spare parts again). This is not a good performance by the FO (IMO from a results standpoint). This is partially due to circumstances (Veto, D12 debacle, etc), however it is still a fact that we did not improve the way you and I would have liked. Whether this is due solely due to circumstances, MK’s execution, or Jim’s parameters he gave MK, we do not know. I have my opinion : )

    PS: I really like intelligent debates about the Lakers (just like Aaron does). You used the word frustrating when referring to my position, and I can accept that : ) My positions are strong and are not always main stream : ) So I appreciate counter positions : ) My love for the Lakers is also strong, and don’t forget we are 2-0 towards my 6-1 streak prediction, and I stole the #1 Warren spot last game and it worked : )

  61. @53 Darius, I would like to present my comment in a friendly way and try to be the middleman between you/oldtimers vs newcomers. May I offer a constructive criticism?

    You may be saying the right things but it comes out to be “angry and combative” in the way it is presented with complete control and authority in implementing the law of FBG, It’s either black or white, either you’re in or out and nothing in the between. My God, this is just a blog, can we not be friends in adhering your law? We are in cyberspace where rapid changes occur with aura of freedom and free speech. I admit that there is also an abuse in free speech or such freedom. As a moderator, can you not put your comments in a cordial approach, persuasive manner to welcome mutual understanding. As they say, there is always many sides in any argument – your side, his/her side and the right one (to be judged by a 3rd party or history). In any group undertaking especially a forum of this magnitude, there will always be varying personalities which we could classify it as negative or positive; active or passive; selfish or selfless etc. There is no perfect forum or a utopia among the blogs. It is like the world we lived in or the city where we reside, our neighborhood is composed of different people and cultures as well as beliefs. We can all co-exist by finding a common ground. Therefore, is it too much to ask if we find a middle ground on misunderstandings? I don’t know if there is a woman blogger here, sometimes a woman’s touch could add charm at the same time disarm the combative nature of a macho’s ego.

    Well at the same time, newcomers like me, Rob and Ken should exert more courtesy and respect to the founders’ objectives and should act as friendly visitors too; one rant per game is enough, two is too much and three would really kill any idea being espoused. On the other hand, old timers should also welcome new Laker fans that populate this site with new insights or “germ of thoughts”. As I said, we are all Laker fans here and that is important. It is heartwarming if you feel welcome together with fans from other teams who may have different outlook and basketball perspective.

    In general, you have a great blog here with lots of insights, intelligence and cooperation in sharing Laker knowledge. With your leadership and other writers, your perspectives generated a lot of readership worldwide and most probably a quantum leap in ticks (visitation) since 2004. You may not know it but I guess a lot of broadcasting & printing media people, authors, gm’s, coaches, players read FBG because passionate feelings exhibited and felt here from posts of Chownoir, Kevin, Sbdunks, Dudes, Aaron, 1/2, Michael H and many more. I consider them bloggers not just mere commenters. They all represent the universal feelings of Laker fans but they find time to meet here 24/7 to discuss their frustrations and happiness, playful spins and opinions about their team.

  62. Edwin Gueco,
    I’m a blogger… I’m finally a blogger!!!!!

  63. smoothaswilkes April 3, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Wilkes was my favorite player growing up, as you can tell.

    well deserved.