Friday Forum

Dave Murphy —  April 6, 2012

For this Friday’s forum. I’d like to ask for thoughts about the season as we enter the home stretch – where we’ve been and where we’re heading. For me, this final month has come on like a freight train, the result of a shorted, compressed schedule, no doubt. I’m also struck by the evolution of this year’s model – regardless of the many ups, downs, and sideways bumps, the Lakers have become a very dangerous team.

Andy Kamenetzky from the Land O’Lakers, reaches out to Rahat Tuq from Red94, in anticipation of tonight’s game against the Rockets.

Brian Kamenetzky from the LOL, looks at our number three slot, and match-up implications.

C.A. Clark at Silver Screen and Roll looks at the Sessions effect – how Ramon has changed the Lakers.

If you need more links after this post, Theshmoes at Silver Screen and Roll has plenty to share

Elizabeth Benson at Lakers Nation, looks at our bench, and what we should expect from them down the stretch.

Janis Carr at the OC Register relays news of Metta World Peace’s sore ankle.

Eric Pincus at HoopsWorld writes that the Lakers have all but cinched the Pacific Division.

Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie writes about the many faces of Andrew Bynum.

Zach Harper at HoopSpeak looks at Griffin’s dunks on Pau, and how Pau may have had the last laugh.

On April Fool’s Day, Aaron McGuire at the Gothic Ginobili, wrote about the infinite sadness of Pau Gasol, with stat-head numbers included.

And while I’m including old April 1 posts, I can’t resist another from GG, this from Alex Dewey, in which he discusses western secession.


In one of the season’s many logistical quirks, all three of our games against San Antonio come in the last month. That’s right, three out of our final eleven, are against the team currently in second place. Despite a new coach, new system, and a lot of new faces, are we starting to peak at the right time? The forum’s open.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy