Preview and Chat: The San Antonio Spurs

Darius Soriano —  April 17, 2012

Records: Lakers 39-22 (3rd in the West), Spurs 43-16 (1st in the West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 106.3 (10th in the NBA), Spurs 109.6 (2nd in the NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 103.8 (13th in the NBA), Spurs 103.3 (12th in the NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Ramon Sessions, Devin Ebanks, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum
Spurs: Tony Parker, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan, DeJuan Blair
Injuries: Lakers: Kobe Bryant (out), Jordan Hill (out); Spurs: none

These teams just played a week ago so let’s cut to the chase. This game matters for a variety of reasons but none more so than playoff seedings are still in play in the jam packed Western Conference. As the season comes to a close a key win or loss can change the match ups and turn the landscape into a rockier path than what existed just a day ago. And this year, maybe more than most, match ups will matter in determining who advances in each round and to the the Finals from the WC. And with the Spurs now in the #1 spot out West (and holding the tie breaker over the Thunder), OKC is on the Lakers side of the bracket – should both sides advance to round 2. That said, with two games left against the Spurs, the Lakers can impact that starting tonight…

Getting it done will take a similar formula to the one that earned them a W just a few days ago. In that game the Lakers defense turned up a notch, playing the P&R well, rotating quickly to shooters, and finishing possessions with rebounds. Andrew Bynum’s presence on in the paint meant few shots went unchallenged once the ball advanced past the foul line. His long arms served as deterrents and the safe landing for caroms and tonight that focus will need to be the same.

Offensively, the Lakers deliberate attack will also need to continue. The Spurs frontline was overwhelmed by the activity, size, and length that the Lakers offered as both Bynum and Gasol worked the interior well with McRoberts chipping in with his typical hustle. The Lakers will need to control the tempo and force the action to the paint where the Spurs don’t have the same caliber of players to match up. Bynum will need to be decisive with the ball and Pau will need to support him by providing spacing with his jumper and attacking the glass when help shifts towards his front court partner.

The desire to crash the glass must be countered with the need to get back on D, however. In the las game, the Spurs took advantage of the Lakers in transition with Parker turning on the jets and their shooters trailing the action to step into three pointers. Bonner was especially dangerous in this role as his defender often ran to the paint first only to find the big red-head camping 22 feet from the basket. The Lakers must hustle back on D, slow Parker and Ginobili in the open court and then mark shooters. Gary Neal will play tonight (he didn’t last time) and he offers another shooter that is capable of hitting from the shoulder and corner outside the arc.

The last game was a dominant effort from the Lakers but on some levels it was also sort of flukey. Manu and Parker were mostly quiet and Duncan had little impact on either side of the ball. It was the role players that kept the game close early on and a turn of better play from their stars should be expected. That said, the Lakers have the tools to slow the Spurs should they concentrate and focus on the little things that slow those players down. Parker must be forced to hit his jumper rather than getting into the paint free and clear. Manu must be kept to one side of the floor and not allowed to change directions multiple times in his forays to the hoop. And Timmy must be forced to guard the rim and rebound in single possessions while made to beat his man off the dribble on the other end.

If the Lakers can play a disciplined style against those three and while still recovering to shooters spacing the floor, this game can be a re-run of the last one. The eye popping totals may not end up being the same but the end result can be. The Lakers must simply work for it. With greater stakes beyond a simple W or L in the ledger at play, here’s to them doing it.

Where you can watch: 7:30PM start on Prime Ticket and nationally on TNT. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710AM.

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132 responses to Preview and Chat: The San Antonio Spurs

  1. True hoop has a nice write up on “clutch teams in crunch time”. Guess which team is “most clutch” this year? Guess which Laker is most clutch?

  2. From last post:

    Since MARCH 1

    Jump shots: Pau 113 – 254 – 44% fg — 9.7 attempts jump shots per game

    Layups: Pau 42 – 82 – 51% fg — 3.1 attempts layups per game

    Layups: Bynum 89 – 165 – 53% fg — 6.3 attempts layups per game

    In APRIL

    Pau: 47 – 102 – 46% fg — 11.3 attempt jumpers per game

    Pau: 16 – 33 – 48% fg — 3.6 attempts layups per game

    Layups: Bynum: 27 – 67 – 40% fg — 7.4 attempts layups per game

    Pau has attempted 203 more jump shots than layups since March 1. That’s an absurd amount and way too many in that direction. Even though he’s shooting half the attempts in layups in April he’s hitting at a 10% higher rate. I understand Pau spreads the floor with Drew down low but in a 26 game stretch Pau shooting 10 Jumpers a game is too much esipicially since we’ve seen the best post game since 08.

  3. Is it time yet to start worrying about positioning? SA is first right now, and if they win both games against us, we will possibly drop down to fourth/fifth. Assuming we can beat the Grizzlies, that would mean SA v/s LA in the semis, and potentially a Lakers-Clippers WCF (seeing as the Clips seem to have the Thunder’s number).

    On the other hand we, could beat SA both times, drop them down to 2 again, while we stay at 3, while avoiding the Grizzlies altogether.

    I, for one, would certainly prefer the latter!

  4. any reason why the Clips seem to have the Thunder’s number? no clippers could guard Durant. is it CP who disrupts westbrook’s game and the Thunders flow?

  5. I hope the Lakers can jump on them in the first quarter because the Spurs play tomorrow night, too, and I think Popovich might concede the game if it looks like it will be too much of a struggle. The Lakers can go 4-1 and still finish in third. I don’t want the Lakers to spend their one-loss chip tonight. Save it for the Spurs road game or the home game against the Thunder.

  6. @1 – Interesting…but that’s mostly a team plus/minus stat they’re using, with a few individuals as well. My other takeaway from that article is how asinine the writer is for writing that so-and-so is a “plus-75” in crunch time instead of “+75.” You have to wonder if he’s deliberately trying to confuse his readers by writing out the word for plus and using the minus symbol at the same time, or if he’s just that stupid himself. Probably the latter.

  7. billbill: cp3 changes the dynamics. Clippers can match Thunder in athleticism.

  8. excellent tactical preview. offensively, the spurs have good balance–unlike okc. they can attack in transition and on the secondary break; they can drive, kick, and set up snipers for open 3s; they can feed the post. they can grind games out if they have to–unlike okc.

    i’m not concerned with seeding. this team’s health, self-discipline, and cohesion will determine how far they go.

    did anyone catch kurt rambis on espn a couple of days ago? he said that when drew started out with the lakers, he couldn’t rep 135 lbs. now he’s benching 285.

  9. 5: chris paul doesn’t turn the ball over. okc can’t pad their half-court production with fast break points. they only had 9 transition baskets last night.

  10. We can’t worry too much about seeding. The goal should be to win out. Most Laker fans wanted last year’s bracket. We felt like NOLA would be an easy first round opponent. Plus, after the final regular season meeting with Dallas where LA blew them out, many Laker fans thought a second round match up with Dallas would be a breeze. We avoided Memphis and Portland last season and it still didn’t help.

    At this point I just want them to secure the third seed for home court in the first round. After that, let the chips fall.

  11. I’m going to assume that the Spurs we see tonight (specifically Tony Parker) will be 100 times better than the Spurs we saw last week. It will be an interesting game to see how the Spurs come out and if they come out well, how the Lakers will react to their energy.

    Spurs are a veteran team with a lot of pride. Unless they rest the big three, i see them coming out big early. Lakers will have to show they can respond without Kobe and continue the good play.

    Should be fun to watch.

  12. O.k if you are Pop what do you do tonight. Do you rest your older players against the Lakers and save them for a pretty sure win against Sac? Or play them tonight and possibly lose anyway. It will be interesting to see what he does.

  13. Spurs have been killing it since we beat them I would be shocked if we beat them tonight without Kobe. It’s first place game for them.

    Looking at schedule I have Lakers going 2 and 3 with Clips on tbe road going 3 and 2. That should put us in 3rd due to tie breaker.

    Love to be playing Denver or Dallas in first round. Would be big problem having to beat Griz and then Spurs. Must finish 3rd to have a chance to get out if West.

    Wonder how bad Kobe must be to miss this very crucial game tonight.

  14. @ 11- really good point. It’s about health and momentum going into the playoffs. Hopefully Kobe gets healthy with a game or 2 left to regain his rhythm within the team concept. Also, knock on wood that there are no other injuries to our rotation guys.

    @10- That’s definitely part of it. OKC is at their best when they’re creating turnovers and running wild on teams. I also think they’re not playing with the same energy recently that they have been all season and the Clips just caught them in a couple of those games.

  15. Ko: I agree with your Kobe concerns – I wish I could be like Aaron I would be celebrating like it was 2001. Or better yet the 2002 finals against NJ. It was like getting ready for a coronation. Instead I have this wall of worry going into the playoffs: KB’s injury, will it be MWP or RA?; which AB will show up?; will it be 2009 Pau or 2011 Pau?; what will MB’s coaching be like in the playoffs? And then there is that rock in my shoe, which is the the unused TPE : )

  16. I can’t remember the last time Kobe missed 6 straight games – but it hasn’t happened often.

    I feel like we are being lied to by the Laker FO – because Kobe doesn’t miss games: its not in his character.

    I feel like this injury is really more serious than the FO is letting on, and Kobe’s not going to be Kobe when/if he comes back.

  17. I will be better when KB comes back, but for now it is all whining – all the time. I have not been able to issue my “Kobe Alerts”, KB has this understanding/sympathetic smile on his face (I like the scowl); + I am having withdrawal from not having seen a turnaround, double teamed, fadeaway in weeks. Neither sex nor beverage will console me. I need KB.

  18. 18 – I enjoy watching Kobe play too, but I think I prefer sex.

    I haven’t been following the standings closely, but taking out the Spurs tonight further helps OKC stay in the #1 slot and thus sets them up for either Memphis or LAC in the semifinals – the 2 teams probably most capable of taking out the Thunder.

  19. cdog: This is the third time in KB’s 16 year career that he has missed 6 consecutive games or more. In 2004-2005 he missed 14 straight games due to a badly turned ankle. In early 1999-2000, KB broke his wrist which led to 15 straight games missed. That’s it – and the mystery shin of 2012. So I would say this is pretty serious.

  20. Robert,
    Ha. I wish you could be more like me aswell. I’ll tell you what… Injuries can always happen. But let’s talk basketball. Last year what did I say? I predicted we would not win a championship. I thought they would get to the Finals and lose to the Heat. I was wrong in many ways. I have maybe to much faith in my knowledge of the game. So instead if being optimistic and justw arch and wait and see… I literally can’t help celebrating already. I literally think that without injury the Lakers will win the NBA championship. So yes I’m as excited as a little girl going to a Beeber concert chugging a Red Bull. The playoffs are basically here. I can’t believe the Heat didn’t pull a Dallas and load up on big men to face the Lakers. But they are stupid and now we are going to beat them in the Finals. Oh well. That’s how things go. Riley is getting old I guess.

    Speaking of healthy if Kobe is healthy and ready to not re injure himself… We need to get him back for tomorrows game and rest Bynum for a game. No need for a back to back at the end of a condensed season for this brittle big man. That’s asking for an injury. Kobe can beat Golden State by himself. Let’s get everyone back for the Spurs game in Texas. Let’s get that win and secure we face San Antonio in the second round. Then we can rest all the starters for the final two games (assuming the Clippers actually lose a freaking game) and make sure OKC beats us on Sunday and gets that first seed. It’s so simple. Amd I’m sure the Lakers are almost as smart as me 😉

    Amd let’s talk about Pop. I don’t agree with his theory. I think it’s good to rest guys and not play them at all some games. But don’t have star players averaging 26 minutes a game. I mean you need them ready to play 40 plus in the playoffs. You need to get them in shape.

  21. Yo Robert, I appreciate the honesty, but that’s a lil’ bit TMI for my liking .. Ha, ha.

  22. Tweet from John Hollinger:

    Random Cavs aside: There are no word for how bad Luke Walton has been. Doner than done.

  23. Looks as if we’ll be missing a good portion of the 1st quarter because of this Celtics-Knickerbockers game. Happens all the time when we’re televised @ home Nationally on the back end of a Double-Header.

  24. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    So irritating when this happens.. Please don’t let the Knicks – Celtics (Feel gross even typing the name) be close.

  25. i heard tiago splitter is replacing dejuan blair in the starting lineup.

  26. Game is on Fox Sports West also.

    Andrew needs to score 40 to have a chance tonight.

  27. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    As if i needed another reason to hate Doc Rivers.. calls a timeout with an 8 point game and 40 seconds left.

  28. Maybe Not .. Come on Lakers, Lets Get It.

  29. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    Artest with the early steal and deuce and then a nice block. I havent seen Artest look this quick and nimble EVER in a Lakers uniform.

  30. 3/4 possessions have gone into the post. the one that didnt was a turnover trying to go to ron in the post…

    Pau jumper!

  31. Dress Kobe in the playoffs and keep him on the bench until we go down in a series. Will keep our enemies guessing.


  32. Spurs getting wide open jumpers off screens

  33. What’s ugliest?

    1) Luke Walton jumper
    2) Fisher drive
    3) Lamar going right
    4) Sessions going left

  34. Sessions looking bad.

    Metta has to be Roy Hobbs!

  35. bynum running the floor very well.

  36. Aaron B


    Kobe in a suit during games.

  37. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Sessions isn’t having the best start, but I think he’ll turn it around. Tony Parker is a pretty tough assignment for any defender.

  38. Now, with Drew going to the bench to begin the 2nd, lets see if we can maintain on BOTH ends of the court.

  39. McRoberts plays C with him and Pau. I have no idea why.

  40. I get excited about the Lakers’ chances in the playoffs, then the bench comes out and flops around, and I crash back to Earth.

  41. sloppy offense leading to transition baskets. need gasol to be more aggressive.

  42. why the hell is sessions playing with blake again?

  43. Gasol in the post 6 straight points

  44. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Captain Jack out Barnes-ed Matt Barnes for the layup, and then the Lakers go on a 6-0 run with the nice move by Pau after he blocked Duncan, and a corner jumper from Blake. Wow.

  45. Best trade never made!


    Playing like a all-star.

  46. Everyone’s favorite guard combo back in. Sessions Blake!!!

  47. Sessions to Barnes, Lakers get a very early transition layup

  48. Somebody wake up sleeping Brown. Put AB in.

  49. Good job of maintaining while Drew was getting a blow. Now lets ride him to the half.

  50. Ko: best trade never made. right about that

    put ebanks in

  51. Umm. I think that we caught the Spurs on an off night a few games ago. They look much better tonight.

  52. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Thats what happens when you leave Sessions with Blake in the back court… How can Mike Brown not see how bad this combo is?

  53. Blake Sessions line up is a loser.

  54. I sense that the Spurs are putting a dent in the FBG giddiness.
    13 turnovers; losing on the boards; Sessions is getting killed by Parker; bench losing 21-7

  55. UGH 5 straight turnovers by the Lakers help fuel a huge Spurs run.

  56. Is Ron hurt?

  57. The Grizzlies terrify me. I was at that game when OJ Mayo and Zach Randolph came off the bench and just tore the Lakers to shreds. Dropping to fourth and facing Memphis could mean a short postseason.

  58. Tony parker just owned Blake. Lakers will lose to this team if they meet in the playoffs with or without Kobe. Guaranteed.

  59. Is Blake the new Fisher? No defense, can’t finish at the hole and abysmal PER.

  60. an avalanche of easy baskets. smh.

  61. Bynum is being really lazy about getting back to defense.
    He gave Tim Duncan a wide open jumper and didn’t care to go over when Duncan was about to shoot.
    2 rebounds in 17 min is unexcusable.

    Steve Blake + Ramon Sessions backcourt: even the casual observer knows it’s bound to fail. They don’t have anyone to guard the shooting guard in the Spurs’ lineup. What is wrong with Mike Brown?

  62. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Dude.. it’s the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES. If you don’t have faith in the Lakers to beat them in the first round, then what can you believe in man?

  63. Parker is putting on a clinic. Sessions has good numbers but no impact.

  64. Lakers have zero chance of beating this team again. Especially with a coach who has no clue how to make adjustments.

    They would sweep Lakers if they played them now. What kind if coach sits and allows a 18 to zero run.


  65. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    And whoever just said the Lakers can’t beat the Spurs in the playoffs because of one half without Kobe after we SPANKED them on their home floor.. well you are just being silly.

  66. Phil Jackson would have done the same thing. He would have not called a timeout in the same situation. Stop trying to put blame on the coach when it’s the players fault! 5 turnovers in a row! Period!

  67. I meant without Kobe. We of course always have a chance with Kobe, Pau and AB. But not if Brown plays Sessions/Blake at the same time.

    Parker would score 100 aganist Blake.

  68. This is a problem. The good teams in the league have guards that we can’t “guard”. Parker, Westbrooke, Rose, etc. Also, everyone tries to ignore our bench weakness, but you can’t spot a team 14 points from the bench in one half.
    PS: Anyone who was in favor of the Fish move is hereby forbidden from complaining about Blake : )

  69. From the 5:48 mark to the 0:36 mark of the second quarter, Spurs scored on 12 straight possessions.

    13 Lakers turnovers lead to 18 Spurs points. Lakers have not done a good job taking care of the ball.

  70. The lakers win in San Antonio was just an anomaly. This is the real spurs team that will spank the lakers.

  71. Does anyone doubt that MWP is the Lakers defensive anchor? Just look how easily the Spurs are running their offense without him on the floor. MWP reminds the Lakers that the game is not all offense. This team is too concerned about getting their numbers, they need to concentrate on playing defense because they aren’t a scary offensive team.

  72. Yi Jianlian’s combine chair plays better defense than steve blake.

  73. MB is responsible for the Blake Sessions line up that can’t defend. Does MB watch tape?

    Not likely Lakers can win this game although they will likely mount a furious comeback.

  74. i will have to sit in a different chair for the 2nd half. hopefully that will magically make the lakers concentrate harder on both ends of the floor so they can win this one.

  75. Wow! A bad half and once again, everything is Coach Mike Brown’s fault .. Hilarious.

  76. Anon: Lakers are missing their best player. Nobody actually thought they’d win every game the rest of the year.

    Brown really does have bad timing for calling timeouts. But Spurs swarmed the bigs and dared players to shoot. But turnovers were the story 12 already. Sessions has to take it upon himself to get Lakers good shots.

  77. What I wish for: is everyone who is critical of this team playing right now to see what comments they left last week against the exact same team…

    MWP goes out with 3 fouls and our defense suffered, not aided by 5 straight turnovers after the Spurs played a lot better denying Bynum the ball in the post (just like Pop said he did on his interview).

    To win the game, Lakers need to own the first 5 minutes of the third quarter.

    Also, Shaq is terrible on the TNT show…

  78. Frank the Tank April 17, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Oh wise anonymous, this game cant be a fluke can it?.. Lakers aren’t missing their best player at all.. This is the real Spurs team. Like the one that finished first and lost in the first round last year? Was that the real spurs team? im confused. enlighten me

  79. Kevin: Yes – you are correct about missing our best player. However it is also true that this board was getting way too giddy about our overall position in the NBA universe : )

  80. Bynum is looking like Shaq outside the paint on defense.

  81. Why doesn’t Bynum guard Tim Duncan closer? Does he not show in the pick and roll because the coaches tell him not to, or is he just lazy?

  82. Play some defense!!!!!!!!! As long as everyone lauds the Lakers offense they will never play defense.

    Stu Lantz, no the Spurs aren’t giving Bynum any defensive rebounds but there are plenty to be had from offensive rebounds by the Lakers.

  83. Brown’s adjustment for PnR pg’s is to put Ron on them. smh

  84. Spurs bigs are pulling the chair from pau and drew an tipping passes on post entry passes.

  85. Hm, I seem to recall someone saying that Sessions is “an average point guard, like Tony Parker”. Maybe even someone here. I wonder who that was…

  86. This is now embarrassing. Zero defense by Andrew and Sessions.

    This could be a 30 point thumping because it’s not as if our bench can score once Pop puts his 3rd team in.

    Pop is going to make a point and drill it in. Clearly he knows that Andrew has problems in a pick and roll. Well good news it’s on national TV so no one will notice.

    I think Kobe might consider coming back tomorrow as that is one of the winnable games left.

  87. Somewhere the Clippers are besides themselves with laughter watching this Lakers collapse.

    The Lakers are losing because Derek Fisher can’t guard any of the pg’s in the league.

    MWP’s timing is off.

  88. Even as an upgrade the way Sessions plays I have no problem with him opting out.

    Lakers have a game tomorrow at what point do you pull the starters?

  89. When the lakers get demolished in the rubber match, then will you guys finally concede this laker team will not advance passed okc or spurs in the playoffs

  90. Chearn: That Fish comment is dripping with so much sarcasm I had to wipe off my screen. Well done.

    Our bench is now outscored 29-7 for those still interested.

  91. Yes – pull the starters and concede this debacle. We have another game without KB tomorrow, back to back, on the road.

    PS: That is what the Spurs are playing tonight – back to back – on the road.

    And yes Kevin we are without our best player, but there were multiple people on this board with posts that said that was a good thing.

  92. For all you declaring Metta was back He has 1 rebound and under 40% last two games.

    He is back all right. Back to the first 3 months Metta. Just like in baseball a couple of games dosen’t get you out of a year long slump

  93. Lakers still would’ve lost with Kobe in the lineup. The spurs playing their best > lakers playing their best. No question about it.

  94. @Robert:

    I think most of us understand that this team doesn’t go the distance without Kobe. Definitely need his ability to score at will.

    However, this is a team game, and Lakers team did not play well tonight.

    ALSO: lets give SA credit. They played last night, and came in with A LOT OF ENERGY to avenge their loss last week.

  95. Two good plays by McHops!

    Start of the 4th clear the bench and get them some playing time.

  96. Robert: I never got that guess it’s a good thing to watch Bynum shoot 45%. The hot streak was bound to get cold esipically since Lakers aren’t a great defensive team.

    Bad thing about that run Brown will play the starters thinking Lakers have a chance to win this game.

  97. Speaking of McHops. He and my fav Troy are playing another stellar game. 17 mins, 2 pts, 1 reb

    Bench losing 34-11; We do have the TPE for next year though (sorry I warned you I would be whining)

  98. Tomorrows game is no gimme. The warriors are young and have nothing to lose. Lakers better watch out

  99. If Kobe is in there, then the game is different. How can you say that Spurs playing their best > Lakers playing their best? Did you see the future? You’re just hating now and mad because Lakers are losing. People tend to blame Mike Brown will blame the whole team. There are 5 players playing and committed 5 TO’s in a row. Even if Mike Brown call timeout and still committed a turnover, does it still Mike Brown’s fault?.

    Stop Hating Guys, we can’t do nothing if we fire the coach now we have no chance at winning at all. Just stay patient that these guys can turn it around and have faith in this team.

  100. I guess with the score being as is, TNT decided that there wasn’t even a need to interview Coach Mike Brown heading into the 4th.

  101. vhanz: You are correct about a couple of things. One: People blame MB way too much. Two: “Some” people’s appraisal of the team swings way too far based on what is happening in the current game.
    That said – the board was way too giddy and there was no actual evidence to suggest that we were better than the Spurs coming in. Can we beat them in a series – yes. Will we? Very questionable.

  102. There’s a reason why the spurs have a better record then the lakers. They’re a better team! So, spurs > lakers.

  103. I see no point in Pau being on the floor right now. No point at all. 18 point game Brown puts Bynum back in the game. WTH

  104. Personally I might get really crazy if the Clippers pass the Lakers. My company is full of Clipper fans.

    Can we beat Golden State and Sac town?


    Good thing Brown is a defensive coach!

  105. Time to take out the starters. If the bench makes a run you put them back in to finish the game. Important game now tomorrow. Just one game fanatics. Relax. Amd rememeber we still have Kobe and maybe a little Hill or GLock/Morris to break out.

  106. this was a revenge game.. pop chewed his guys out last time we played them and they responded..tony parker played one of his best games in his career and was unstopable.. were 1-1 we need to win the tie breaker…on to the next!

  107. Aaron: Kevin and I decided to take out the starters with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

    In fact – I think anyone who knows anything about basketball would have agreed with us : ) So I am sure that you just weren’t around then : )

  108. btw, anonymous. Golden State is tanking, sitting half their starters, the others are injured. Should be an easy win.

  109. This was a rookie move by brown leaving the starters in for no reason. Somebody knock on that guy’s dome see if somethings in there.

  110. It seems like the team simply does not want to give the ball to Bynum on offense as he is packing it in on defense.

  111. @104

    Cavs w/LBJ were better for 2 years because they have the better record. Lakers won those championship. So, the Cavs is better than the Lakers? Spurs were also better last year because they have better record than this Lakers but lose to the Grizz.

  112. When lakers get demolished in the rubber match, will you guys finally concede that this team has no chance vs spurs if they meet in the playoffs. Lakers can beat the spurs if they somehow get lucky 4 of the 7 games.

  113. Best Big on the floor tonight – BY FAR – Tim Duncan.

    2nd Best Big – By Far – Pau.

    Bynum was getting abused both offensively and defensively.

    But hey – he’s our superstar…. sigh…

    Lakers were playing too fast, and let the Spurs dictate the Tempo. Spurs can’t play a grind it out game with the Lakers, but the Lakers Acquiesced.

  114. Goudelock can’t get garbage minutes. He’s deep in Brown doghouse

  115. For all of those clamoring for Jordan Hill, well here he comes .. The Spurs came back with avengeance tonight and gave us a thorough a**-whipping. Parker put on a show and even though they played the night before, they were a step ahead of us all night. Definitely motivated. Much props to them .. Lets see what happens in the ‘Rubber Match’ on Friday night in their building with Kobe back in the lineup.

  116. Would of liked to see Goudelock get some playing time in this game.

  117. Anybody think we see a good dose of hill next game since he is back from his knee problem

  118. @ 112

    probably your a Spurs fan, are you Nostradamus? See you in the playoffs. Spurs is a team with history on their side. Upset by the 7th seed Mavs and Grizz. Known to be regular season best record team. But I don’t underestimate them because they are a veteran team w/Pop is the coach. In basketball everything is possible.

  119. Ha well… So far… Hill is better than McBob/Murphy and Morris is better than Blake 😉

  120. Yes Metta has been playing better the last 6 games. But better then bad is not good.
    More fouls then rebounds and 33%.

    Yes Blake has been playing better. But better then bad is not good.
    1 for 5 and 20 blow by’s from Parker.

    Reality sets in. Metta and Blake are below average players based on 2 years of the eye ball test.

  121. Tough to see lakers finishing 3rd now. Tough games ahead. I don’t get all the hoopla about playing Memphis lakers have the advantage tony allen won’t win them a series.

    And thing is nobody in their right mind thought lakers would beat spurs twice without Kobe. So why not just rest the starters?

  122. Hill was hedging screens and was able to get a block, steal,rebound and score in the 2 min he was on the floor

  123. 19 turnovers
    Bench loses 45-24
    Duncan Rebs 8 Bynum 7
    TM + JM: 24 mins: 2 points
    Blake 1-5
    Sessions: Dimes-Turnovers = Zero
    I would discuss defense – but I do not want to be too negative

  124. This is Kobe’s fault!He shot for 6/18!!Amnesty Kobe!

  125. Robert

    We can sneak up on teams once without Kobe. Next time around good coaches adjust and collapse on Andrew. He either forces or fumbles.

    Andrew without Kobe is not a franchise player and becomes a 20 and 8 guy.

    Lopez/Gasol’s brother type numbers.

    It is what it is. It’s good but not great without the man to force balanced defense.

  126. A blind man could see how bad Pop outcoached Brown. Brown had no answer for the adjustments Pop made to the bigs. And when your only answer to trying to stop or slow down a PnR is to put Ron on someone that’s not ideal. We all thought the Bigs switching onto Pg’s was done last year. That’s been a common theme with solid PG’s. And Sessions is dissapointing he rarely puts imprints on games. He let Parker do whatever he wanted out there.

  127. Lakers down 20 with 6+ minutes to go in the game, Laker fans filing out of Staples Center…but wait…into the game come Morris, Glock, Ebanks, Hill, McBob!!!

    Then I woke up. 🙁

    The NBA, the MB way….pfffttt

  128. Hill should be playing a little. If this was the plan, they should have just kept Fisher and the pick.

    The team has lost again and is 1/2 up on the Clippers. We will see what happens with Kobe now.

  129. Bynum 7 rebs

    Pau 7 rebs

    Bonner 8 boards…the red rocket gets more rebounds than either of our 7 footers. I guess that’s what happens when we are out hustled by a very high quality team playing true team ball.

    OT but is it jut me or is Mike Brown getting pudgier with every passing game?

  130. That’s a wake up call, you can’t beat a good team two times in a row, somehow they’ll find ways to return the favor in your own court. Lakers did not adjust and went with a running game, their Achilles heel was exposed with weak transition defense, Bynum was double teamed, shallow bench and lastly a very unlucky night for everyone. Can the Lakers afford to extend a Kobe-less games? They can, if they have a deep bench like the Clippers, unfortunately MBrown is just relying on 7 players all year round. of course they get tired and there are off nights like tonight. If Kobe does not come back, Lakers could slide to 4th place.

    Kobe’s shin is not yet well. C’mon, who are you going to fool? You are resting Kobe for the playoffs which is good. If Lakers have a productive bench wherein Murphy is contributing at least three 3 pointers, Glock getting some contributions and Hill providing a rebound backup to Gasol, that Morris speed could shadow or slow down Parker then Lakers could afford to rest Kobe. Well in MBrown’s book bench, these players are purely garbage players.

    Back to reality from a contented cow returned to a puzzled cow with just one loss.