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Dave Murphy —  April 27, 2012

Exit one of the stranger regular seasons in recent years, and enter the playoffs – the time has come. There will be a live chat at 11:00 AM, PST, between Darius and Phillip on our end, and Jeremy, Kalen and Charlie from the excellent Roundball Mining Company blog. For now, some quick hits to whet your appetite and get the juices flowing:

Last night’s Land O’Lakers preview/chat from the Kamenetzky brothers.

Brian K’s rapid reaction preview, written after last night’s game.

Dave McMenamin at ESPN relays that Ebanks wil get the starting SF nod against Denver. Dave also writes about tempo concerns.

Ben Bolch at the LA. Times writes about Kobe’s decision not to go for the scoring title.

Kevin Ding’s OC Register series preview

Theshmoes at Silver Screen and Roll – Lakers gear up for another title run.

Jeremy at the Roundball Mining Company writes about the Lakers’ defensive philosophy.

Brent Pollakoff at ProBasketballTalk gives his preview for the Denver series.

Jacqueline Grant at Lakers Nation, it’s Go time for the Lakers.

Matt Moore at Hardwood Paroxysm writes about a season that he’d sooner forget.

Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie, writes about Kobe’s words of advice for Blake Griffin.


For me, the long lockout season seems like yesterday, and the sixty-six games flew by in a blur. I’m ready to settle in for the playoffs, and expecting a strong post season run. It may seem strange to say without Phil Jackson at the helm, but there’s a feeling of hunger this time around, that simply wasn’t there this time last year.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy


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  1. What’s the latest on Barnes? Haven’t heard anything since before the Sac game….

    I have terrible memory of the year the Lakers lost Malone… then Fox… then Devean George and we had to throw Slava into the heat of the fire.


  2. lil’ pau: Do not bring up 2004 : ) or 1984 : ) those are two years where we had banners in our hands, only to throw them away.

    I agree with the concern about Barnes. He has not been practicing, and did not make the SAC trip. With MWP out for this series, we can’t afford a hobbled Barnes.


  3. Robert — You forgot 1989. That was the worst one. 11-0 going into the Finals, only to lose the starting backcourt and get swept depite Worthy’s brilliance. I’m still bitter about that one.


  4. Chris J: Yes you are correct – 89 was another bitter one. 1984 and 2004 were our own fault (even though Malone got injured we still should have won in 04). In 89 – as you stated – that was due to injuries. We were on a roll towards a threepeat, then Scott pulled a hammy setting off a string of bad stuff.


  5. Chris J – 1983 swept by Sixers in finals after Nixon dislocated shoulder in Game One and Worthy broke his leg as a rookie with less than a month to go in the regular season.

    We weren’t going to beat that Sixer team but we weren’t going to lose four straight to them either.


  6. Lakers are 6 – 7 in sunday playoff games last 3 years

    Lakers are 5 – 6 vs Denver last 3 years

    Kobe 22.2 pts 5.5 reb 5.8 ast last 3 years vs denver

    Pau 17.4 pts 13.2 reb 2.9 ast 1.4 blk last 3 years vs denver


  7. Here’s a scary stat TURNOVERS last 3 years vs Denver

    Bynum 8 ast – 22 TOs (0 – 2.4)

    Kobe 52 ast – 31 TOs (5.7 – 3.4)

    Nobody would’ve ever guessed this Pau 29 ast – 32 TOs (2.9 – 3.2)

    Whatever Karl does it works.


  8. I am going to predict Lakers in 6 (maybe even 5). I know – I know – that sounds very optimistic, especially for me. However, I think we got this series (even without MWP and an 80% Barnes). Before you think I am getting too giddy (like the board will be after this round): That sound you are hearing in the distance is the freight train known as the second round. Or perhaps it is thunder : )