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Dave Murphy —  May 9, 2012

Last night wasn’t the kind of night that’s fun to write about, at least not from a Laker-centric point of view. I’m sure Denver fans are as pleased as punch. The other team brought it, and Kobe’s last ditch alchemy aside, this one’s best buried where no one will ever find it. For those who like to prolong the pain, here’s some links.

Ken Berger at CBS Sports reports that Kobe needs others to step up and play with a sense of urgency.

Matt Moore at Eye on Basketball writes about last night’s game – the JaVale McGee show.

Best video I’ve seen all day, from J.A. Adande, on Around the Horn.

Last night’s rapid reaction by Brian Kamenetzky at the Land O’Lakers.

Andy Kamenetzky at the LOL, interviews Mike Brown about back court choices.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register, Kobe’s 43 isn’t enough.

Dexter Fishmore at Silver Screen and Roll, on last night’s loss.

Bynum being Bynum by the Great Mambino at Silver Screen and Roll.

Marc Spears at Yahoo Sports, more about Bynum’s unwise remarks.

Suki Thind at Lakers Nation, the Lakers coming up short, along with video stuff.


By my count, MWP has one game left in the league’s time out corner. He’s been coming to practice and generally keeping himself involved and motivated and for that I applaud him. I’m not saying we would have won last night with his defensive intensity and occasional outside shot… actually strike that, I am saying we would have won. Next up, the mile-high city redux, once more without Peace.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy


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  1. Haha. “Strike that.. Reverse it” -Willy Wonka

    Thanks for that. Yea obviously with the two way monster Artest has turned into (PED’s?) the Lakers probably win last night. He has become. A good shooter, penetrator, and distributor. We would have seen less Barnes (5 for 14) and more open threes being made. Forget about Andre Miller scoring in the post. Haha. People forget that talent/matchups win. The Lakers might have blown the Nuggets out last night with MWP. The guy has become the teams best spot up shooter. Thanks for bringing things back to reality (again).


  2. Barnes is a streaky shooter and if history is any indication Barnes is soon to be out his slump.

    His last 89 3 point attempts

    13-26 fg 50% – 6-22 fg 27% – 10-21 fg 47% – 2-20 fg 10%


  3. Bad coach, marginal role players and a bad system gets you last nights results.

    Instead of letting Gasol run the offensive from the high post, we get career backups handling the ball extensively. They dont take open shots..because they rarely make open shots, they don’t play defensive, nor do they make adjustments in the fly. And Bynum..


  4. Kevin,
    I do wonder how much the ankle is bothering him.


  5. chownoir: It very well could be. He’s been cutting and grabbing rebounds past few games. He looks to have lost some lift.