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Dave Murphy —  May 30, 2012

We’re at that place again, the one that most of the league occupies this time of the year – watching the other guys play. I had a full week of funk but I’ve been able to get into the Spurs/OKC series. It’s good basketball is what it is, the Spurs are making a convincing run at it. Yesterday we looked at the triptych of Kobe, Andrew and Pau. The general perception is that Pau’s the odd man out, for all the obvious reasons. Management wasn’t looking to stay pat at the beginning of this season and that figures to pick right back up again.

It just so happens the Kamenetzy brothers and Ramona Shelburne also did a 3 on 3 about looking ahead yesterday. Well, Emile. J.M. and I were emailing about it hours before the mothership posted their fancy-like video technology. It just took us all afternoon to actually type the words.

Paul Shirley at the Flip Collective wrote a piece I liked, comparing the idea of Kobe, Pau and Andrew co-existing to a relationship with a girlfriend that didn’t work out.

C,A, Clark at Silver Screen and Roll says nobody cares where Pau wants to play. Well, I care where Pau wants to play. But Chris makes a good point, there’s no leverage when it comes to where Gasol himself would like to be – he’s a chip and if there’s a trade that matters to the Lakers, he’ll be tossed onto the table.

Mark Medina at the LA Times writes about a racehorse being scratched from a race. See, Kobe and Pau bought shares in this nag for some charitable auction back when they were buds. And, racehorses scratch quite frequently, it’s the terminology for some health concern or another cropping up before a race, causing the horse to be withdrawn. They’re surprisingly fragile creatures for being so strong and fast.

Mark’s article about Andrew is also worth reading. He looks at the pros and cons of a continued investment in the mercurial big man. If you’re starting to get a one-note feeling about this thread, get used to it. There’s going to be a steady diet of Kobe/Andrew/Pau discussion until this thing plays out. It could happen quick, and it could happen real slow.

Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie, reports on Metta World Peace’s continued work for mental health awareness, complete with a video that feels straight out of Nick Kids, 101.

Gil Alcaraz at Lakers Nation reports on the Lakers drafting at #60 this year. So, there’s that.

I’m a big fan of the Spurs blog, Pounding the Rock. Here’s Aaron Preine, writing a morning rehash after last night’s game. OKC is in a two down hole, and we all know those are tough to dig out of.

This last bit is simple self-serving, because y’all know I’m not above it. A few years back, fellow commenter exhelodrvr and I had a running series of exchanges about fringe sports, over at the Land O’Lakers. I don’t know why they instituted the policy of erasing old thread comments, that stuff was gold. At any rate, I never forgot about bog snorkelling.

As the cute little guy with cloven hooves used to say, “that’s all folks!”

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy