A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Darius Soriano —  June 9, 2012 — 82 Comments

After Magic Johnson’s retirement and the end of Showtime, the Lakers were a team in transition. They’d yet to find another franchise icon and instead put together a team of carryovers, journeymen, and youngsters. Guys like Vlade, Sedale, George Lynch, Elden Campbell, Van Exel, and Eddie Jones. What transpired was the “LakeShow” era of Los Angeles basketball that may not have won any championships but sure were fun to watch.

One of the reasons they were fun was because of Eddie Jones. Watching him run the floor and finish above the rim was like an extension those Showtime teams. Jones attacked the rim with reckless abandon and didn’t care if it was a guard or a big man under the hoop to challenge the shot – he was going to try and finish over him. This style produced countless highlight plays and had me jumping out of my seat countless times at home.

Of course, within a few years of Eddie being drafted the seeds for a new era were planted. Shaq came as a free agent, Kobe was traded for on draft day, and the expectations for the team started to change. But I’ll never forget Jones streaking down the floor and throwing it down over any and everyone. And, thanks to the beauty of the internet we can all remember it today too. Enjoy, Eddie Jones DUNKS!:

Darius Soriano

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82 responses to A Trip Down Memory Lane…

  1. Darius: Timely post. I stated many times last year – if we are not careful – we will enter another decade like the 90’s. I will totally agree with you that E Jones was incredible, and he deserved a ring. On the other hand, I could not stand NVE (though I had to root for him), and he could be one of my least all time favorite Lakers. We did not even make the Finals from 92-99, which is by far (8) the longest drought in Laker history. We are now 2 years and counting.

    Glove: While we are in memory lane, nobody acknowledged your post of Magic’s 87 hook. Great job posting that. Could me my ATF moment.

  2. Ha this is wonderful. Bringing back childhood memories. I missed the Showtime episode, these were the very first Lakers I remember watching and rooting for.

  3. Loved watching that reel. But it did bring back some painful memories. After we got Shaq, that team was too talented not to win a ring while we still had Eddie. It just goes to show you what a great coach can do for a team. Imagine if Phil Had come a couple of years earlier, Kobe would be chasing Bill Russell instead of Michael Jordan in the ring department.

  4. Lakeshow Lakers were so much fun to watch and cheer for! This is why I disagree with Robert when he talks about ‘championship or bust’, because sometimes the journey is a great time and it makes us appreciate the championships that much more!

  5. The Lake Show had a cast of characters. Amongst them Cedric “Lake Havasu” Ceballos, Nick the Quick, and the enigmatic Elden Campbell. Eddie Jones was the stable rudder in rough seas, enduring horrible coaching while each of these budding stars tried to make a name for themselves. It wasn’t always pretty, but I must agree, they were really fun to watch.

  6. Great post, those were some fun times, even though we did not take home any Championships. All of the players just seemed to like to play basketball and they added excitement to the game. I remember Magic saying they had not had a pogo stick like Elden before.

  7. KenOak: I enjoy the journey, as long as we are headed “towards” the right direction. The 90’s were not always that. Trust me – I rooted hard for those teams, but there was something always missing – knowing we could not get there. Then came Shaq + Kobe and all was changed. As far as now, as you can see from my posts, it is not championship or bust. Rather, it is championship or re-build (I can wait). It is somewhat like poker. I like to be aggressive or fold. The Lakers are doing a lot of check calling, and are getting blinded right out of contention : )

  8. remember that Karl Malone commercial where he can’t believe Eddie slams over him? that was great.

  9. You always wanted Elden Campbell to do more for the Lakers. He had games where he looked like he would rise to the upper echelon of players and dominate on a consistent basis, but he never appeared to love basketball to that degree. His best year was his contract year and you just believed he had turned the corner and was going to bring it every night like he did in his contract year. However, he reverted back to form and was traded.

    Eddie Jones was and is my son’s favorite basketball player. Kobe and Eddie were very close and would have been awesome as the Lakers defensive juggernauts. The Lakers would have been Showtime part deux on offense. Thanks Shaq for getting Eddie Jones traded for Glen Rice.

    The Lakeshow were fun to watch at least they played like they liked the game and each other.

    Management made the right moves for a championship team back then and will again.

    Can’t wait to see who takes the floor for the Lakers next season.

  10. BTW Eddie isn’t wiping out the blocker on any of his dunks! Nothing like the dunk that Lebron is doing on the link to the right. Nor on the dunk by Blake on Pau.

  11. the look on Kobe’s face at the 3:09 mark looks like he’s thinking “man, i can do that”

  12. I liked the combo NVE – Jones.

    2 good players.

    That was indeed fun to watch.

  13. When will we ever get another young and athletic back court duo like Eddie and Nickie? Lakers have not had a good draft pick in a long time. Watching rookies slowly develop into a great player is fun too.

  14. My gut feeling is Celtics tonight. Could go either way. Recent experience of winning game 5 losing game 6 in 2010 finals will be big for Boston. This Miami team has never been in a game 7. LeBron can single handedly make my prediction look silly. But Boston knows this is their last stand I think they’ll win tonight.

  15. I hope you are wrong Kevin and I know you will be rooting against them. I do not even want them to make the Finals. We have them 31-21 in Finals visits. It is tough to root for the Heat – but we gotta do it.

  16. LeBron’s been passive early. Uh-Oh

  17. Rooting for the Heat? How low can I get? But I kinda agree?

    Those are the 3 teams I hate the most. So I’m in deep pain at the moment…

    C’s with 18? No. LeChoke getting his ring after a regular season full of love from the refs and Stern solidifing his empire of evil? No. OKC and their fake crowd that used to hate basketball 3 years ago but now that they’re winning, they love bball? No.

    I’m under heavy therapy, watching old school games (Magic’s 1st game many times, as prescribed by the doctor with the 87 finals)

    I’ll be allright.

  18. Wade is a Punk – first the broken nose – and now he is going to hand this to the C’s

  19. I am so conflicted. I don’t want the Celtics to win. I don’t want the Heat to win. I hate the Leprechauns with every fiber of my being, and I never want the Celtic legacy to grow any larger than it is. However, I don’t want this Heat team to win a ‘chip. I want these guys to fail, year after year, until finally they have to split up and latch on to another Superstar to win a ring.

    This is miserable. To make this worse…part of me, a very small minuscule part of me, wants to see the Celts win so that Aaron will be wrong about something else. Ugh. I hate myself.

  20. KenOak: Let me help you. Boston has 17 titles and we do not want them to get #18. The poster in question has been wrong hundreds of times. What’s one more? Root for the Heat. They need all the help they can get.

  21. People let’s be logical there is no way Boston can beat OKC, let’s root for them so that Lebron fails to get to the Finals and so that the Celtics get embarrassed in the Finals too.

    How did Lebron not get a technical for hanging on the rim and attempting to kick Rondo?

    Robert, they need even more help than they are getting from the referees?

  22. You have to admit LeBron has taken the torch from Kobe. In crying to the refs. He whines entirely too much.

  23. kehntangibles June 9, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    OKC is by far the least of 3 evils; the only damage there is a) Kendrick Perkins getting a run and b) Seattle’s fans getting jobbed by proxy. The prospect of Boston or Miami winning a ring is too horrible to contemplate

  24. @18 – Don’t worry if the C’s win the East. They’ll not pass through OKC.

    Back to therapy.

  25. Kevin, between Wade and Lebron crying about calls we should build an Ark to survive the torrential floods of tears.

  26. Not sure what those here rooting for the Heat are talking about. Go to a sports bar, even here in LA, and people are cheering for the Celtics as if they were the Mavs last year. That’s how despised the Heat are, and deservedly so.

    I also don’t agree with the Thunder/Zombie Sonics love. As bad as the Heat and Celtics are, I don’t remember any of their players running into someone’s elbow, flopping, and pretending to writhe around on the floor in agony.

  27. StepUp: I would’ve said boat but the Ark is perfect for the Raptor they’ll bring aboard with them.

  28. LOL +1 Kevin

  29. KenOak: Can you stomach, next season, all espn will be talking about is how Lebron is the g.o.a.t? I can’t! I’d rather have the Celts advance and have KD finish them off.

  30. Lebron going to outshoot Boston in Free Throws by himself tonight

  31. I have to give credit to KG. The guy is old and hurt, but plays with so much heart. Rondo is still bananas. Dude is just good.

  32. Happy NBA fan

  33. This is a fantastic game! Rondo is playing out of his mind.

    Jayz- No. I don’t want to hear that crap for 6 straight months. I really would like OKC to win it all and get Fish his 6th ring.

  34. What the heck kind of defense is Doc playing on Lebron??? Look at his shot chart! Guy has hit ONE shot outside of the paint all day! Quit putting a slower Bass on an island overextending on Lebron and force him to shoot jumpers!

    HORRIBLE coaching

  35. No rebounds. No rings.

  36. kehntangibles June 9, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    I… think I may now be rooting for the Celtics. Someone please kill me.

  37. I said earlier Celtics would draw from experience of their 2010 finals. They lose the last 2 games in same fashion. No Legs.

    Rondo has to come back with a jumpshot. Wade is playing the same way Kobe did 2 years later. And it’s still effective.

  38. Booo!!

    It looks like the NBA got it’s dream finals.

    Hero vs. Villain.

  39. Let’s see Lebron rely on driving down the lane every time when his jumper fails him against OKC, Perkins and Ibaka won’t allow that crap to happen.

  40. Ok, Robert, you can relax now, buddy.

  41. Lebron getting his zen on ala Andrew Bynum.

  42. Lebron 17 free throws Boston 15. Part of this was horrible defense, the other half was Lebron just doing what he always does, running down the lane running into people.

  43. Damn it Kings! They lose game 6, they’re done….

  44. Another 20 years of Celtics not being relevant is upon us.

  45. I see that Rondo and Garnett are gonna stay truly classless through the end of this 5-year run, leaving Pierce (!of all people) and Ray Allen to shake hands with the Heat.

    I’m glad the Celtics lost. I hope they and their attitude can finally leave this league. I still remember Garnett goaltending every single shot after a non shooting foul and it pisses me off to this day. Jerks.

  46. The look on Paul Pierce’s face down 11 with 39 seconds left ……………………. priceless.

  47. anon: even when it was 3-0 i i kept thinking it’s not over til it’s over. if they let this one slip through their fingers this franchise truly is cursed more than the clippers. Come on kings – game six is do or die!!!!

    Glad celtics out!!!!

    OKC will take out the heat. No team can really match up against them – they got all the right pieces and can play different styles to win. Hoping Durant lights them up and rooting for Dfish!

  48. Nice. Disaster averted. I rooted hard for the Heat – but that is it. I hope they go down in the Finals.

    Jayz: We almost always agree – and I feel you – but we could not chance the C’s getting 18. Now we root hard against LeBronze and the Punk Wade.

    Blizzard: I do not like any of these teams either, but as a Laker fan – I can never root for the C’s (no matter how much I despise LBJ+DW.

    rr: Thanks – I will go back to my “usual” posting now : )

  49. Ok, so I was 2 points off…the Celtics lose by 13.

  50. Robert,

    I do think that this will be an exciting and entertaining Finals. Also, it will be one of the few times in which Boston and Lakers fans will be rooting for the same team, although BOS fans hate Fisher and Lakers fans hate Perkins.

  51. Stuck on 17, Boston. Hope you’re there for several more decades…

  52. The cHeat versus the cHunder. Stern just jizzed his pants as the two teams the NBA, its marketing arm ESPN, its company-man announcers (Breen), and refs and have been openly rooting for. But it would be naive to think there was any concerted effort by the league on those two teams’ behalf. I have no doubt the “points of emphasis” the league communicated to its refs involved only the purity of the sport, and did not relate to favoring its favored teams…

  53. Lakers fans never root for the Cs, no matter the circumstances. I don’t care how much you hate LeBron or Wade, they’re small fry in the big picture of which franchise can boast the most championships in the NBA.

    Yes OKC would have taken care of the Cs, but as been mentioned here before, you never know about freak accidents (think ’89) that can completely turn a series around. Better for the Cs not to have a chance at all.

    Now let’s all root for DFish to get his 6th.

  54. Garnett and Rondo pulling the Isaiah.

    I’ll be interested to see how much media coverage that gets. Understandably most of the Celtics coverage will be about their FAs, but Lebron got raked over the coals so brutally for not shaking hands with the Magic in 09. Interested to see if this draws attention or not.

    Watching the press conference, I almost felt for Ray Allen. Until I remembered his “Another win in LA” taunt during the ESPYs in 2008.

    These Finals should be a treat. Wonder if Spo will give Wade any time on Westbrook. Because despite the different positions, they are very similar players. I’d like to see them guard each other. All I want from this series is the Thunder to win and for Perkins to suck.

  55. I should point out that I personally don’t care if players walk off the court or dry hump after games. I think people try to read way too much into small actions. But considering the way Lebron was handled, I’ll be interested to see if the media gives Rondo/Garnett the same treatment. That’s all.

    One thing I’ll be interested to watch: Lebron vs. Perkins’ moving screens. Who gets the benefit of the whistle?

  56. Pacquiao was robbed!

  57. I already posted before that i was surprised at the media’s/fans angry reaction to lakers losing given what this group has accomplished in the last 5 years. I wondered if it was like this everywhere or just here in LA.
    Well, it ‘s just a couple of articles, but it seems like the Boston press/fans reaction is completely different. There seems to be more of a celebration of what garnett/allen/pierce DID accomplish in their time together rather than angriness at what they didn’t. I have to say this position is much closer to my heart.



  58. If there was a game that I wanted to see both teams lose, it’s this one. Good to see Lebronze and LePunk gets the privilege of seeing Fish get his six. It’ll be interesting to see these two in the podium again explaining why they lost in back to back finals.

  59. I say Eddie, you say Jones . . .

    Love the clip at around the 3:40 mark. I want a Lloyd Daniels Lakers #24 jersey!

  60. Lakers cannot go back to the past but if they are looking for two players who should they get this summer, Nick the quick and Flying Eddie. That will make them a competitive team. Stick to Sessions, Hill, Ebanks and two rookies plus Kobe, they will be at par with the young teams. We focus too much on upside of Drew and Gasol but they’re repeat of Elden Campbell and Vlade Divac of the 90’s. Lakers need good shooters and speed instead of slow foot Centers.

    Lastly, who is better Del Harris/Dunleavy/Rambis or MBrown? IMO, they are NBA coaches for small markets. When they switched coaches in ’99 there is a new paradigm that occurred from satisfactory to excellence.

  61. Michael H,
    Eddie Jones was my favorite player of all time. But he wasn’t a playoff performer. He was too skinny and couldn’t create his own shot. When the game slowed down in the playoffs he was not as effective. That Lakers team wash as talented as people remember. Kobe wasn’t Kobe yet. The Lakers didnt win a championship until they added a second star.. Witch happened to be a 21 year old Kobe. At that time it was a two star league. You needed two. As soon as Kobe became Kobe they won a ring. Now it’s a three star league.

  62. Scottie Pimpin June 10, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Wow Eddie Jones was my favorite Laker. A rich man’s Trevor Ariza basically.

    Damn OKC vs Miami…prepare for a whole lot of free throws and acting out there.

    It was nice seeing Wade getting bashed on by Bass. He’s still the MVP (most valuable punk) even over Lebron, Perkins and Harden.

  63. The Heat will win because the poster boy needs a crown. As a rookie he was dubbed the king for a reason.

    Durant will be thought to be too young to win it all. Westbrook, Ibaka and Harden are going to have to play out of their minds for OKC to win the championship.

    Perkins will be in foul trouble for setting illegal screens (the same he set against the Lakers) and thus, will be a non-factor.

    Good thing OKC has home court advantage.

  64. Is it weird I dislike the Celtics and Boston so much I am currently rooting against Ireland right now against Croatia?

  65. Not at all, Aaron. Me too.

  66. @Chearn
    Van Gundy kept remarking how Garnett was suddenly, in game 7 against the cHeat, being called for the same moving screens he has been setting his whole career. Breen awkwardly suggested that it had become a “point of emphasis” for the refs. Then there was awkward silence that masked the thoughts these two company men must have been having, which they studiously avoided verbalizing.

  67. Still can’t believe Pacquiao got robbed. I may never order another PPV again. After a decision like that sports gives you reason to believe they are rigged. Money is always a business’ motivation.

  68. Kevin

    Clearly David Stern must have been involved in the fight. Rematch will probably be in New Sternleans.

  69. One of the best things of watching these clips is listening to the play by play by the one and only Chick Hearn.

  70. i remember Eddie Jones, was really athletic and a great defender too. basically an all around player, with less post moves of course.

    about boxing, hope no one would ever watch ppv again.

    anyway, the finals should be interesting. matchups are good, but i have a feeling that the Heat have advantage. remember this is thunders first appearance. (really sad for seattle fans)

  71. 67,

    Kevin, there is another term for ripped off in the Philippines, it is referred to as “Lutong Makao” (it was pre-cooked in Macao, China. In the olden days, there is too much gambling corruption emanating from this region.) Unbelievable decision, it’s frustrating but everyone has to move on. Similar to basketball, when you leave the decision to humans like Commis Sterns and his referees, it can be subjective and flawed although it has improved when they used video playbacks. Hopefully, digital judging and scoring would play a major role in deciding games in the future.

  72. Watching Eddie’s highlights and hearing that he was considered ‘athletic’ at the time makes it clear that today’s NBA players are freaks of nature. For all the talk of how MJ would have averaged 50 with today’s rules, LBJ would have averaged 60 back then given his superior natural athletic ability.

  73. I enjoyed watching that Laker team and hated every moment Del Harris was coaching. There was a strange succession of coaching after Riley so I guess no one was going to be good enough until Jackson.

  74. Wonder if Blake Griffin ever saw Eddie dunk?

  75. At that time it was a two star league. You needed two. As soon as Kobe became Kobe they won a ring. Now it’s a three star league.

    Absolutely right. A three star plus ‘at least a reasonably talented bench’ league. I know I’m just picking at scabs here, but I really wonder what this Laker team would have looked like with either: (1) CP3 and/or (2) Murphy/Barnes/Kapono/RS7 being at least reasonably reliable three-point shooters. I really don’t know why three-point specialists seem to freeze up here. Not just Murphy/Kapono but Radman, Tracy Murray, Glen Rice…

  76. I think it would still be a two star league if Shaq PRIME and Kobe + solid bench were the competition. No team right now has two transcendent talents like Shaq in his prime and Super Saiyan Kobe. Wade and LeBron definitely don’t count.

  77. *One* of them? I count two, at least over the last couple of years.

  78. Warren Wee Lim June 11, 2012 at 9:33 am

    One thing we do need to win: 3-pter SF. Wonder if Devin Ebanks can develop into one. We’d be faster then.

  79. lil Pau ,
    The Lakers only star to fizzle has been Pau Gasol… At least statistically. He has average 40 percent shooting amd 13 ppg the last two post seasons. Bynum was the teams best player in the playoffs the last two seasons and Kobe played much better this year on two healthy knees. Although he didn’t create offense for his team like Bynum did because he no longer gets double teamed and he did blow two huge fourth quarters against OKC he still showed up. Gasol didn’t show up for two consecutive post seasons. Simple at that. Stats don’t lie.

  80. Aaron,

    Bynum didn’t show up for half the games in this post season. Statistics do lie, and you’re one of the highest scorers in that category. Any person worth their salt saw Bynum fizzle. Give er a break.

  81. Bynum was the Lakers best player this postseason? Kobe no longer gets double teamed?

    Is this real life?

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