Father’s Day Reading

Darius Soriano —  June 17, 2012

First and foremost, happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I’m eternally thankful to mine for all that he’s done for me in my life and know that many others out there feel the same about their dads. And while I rarely make this site about anything other than basketball, I must also say that after having my first child in the past year, it’s been great celebrating my first Father’s Day. Watching your child grow up is a gift all to itself and in that sense every day is a reason to celebrate.

But today is a special day. It’s a day that all the dads out there get to do what they want. Maybe that’s relaxing and doing nothing. Maybe that’s going fishing, or watching Tiger go for his 4th U.S. Open title, or maybe it’s watching game 3 of the Finals this evening. I know I’ll be doing at least one of those things today.

What I’m also doing is thinking about the ways that father’s influence their kids. And with that thought I remembered this fantastic piece that Chris Ballard wrote about Kobe and his father. In it, Ballard sheds new light on Joe Bryant and with his tale, his son as well. It’s a fantastic read and well worth your time whether you’ve read it already or not.

So, before you get to too caught up in your Sunday – whether that’s as a son or daughter calling/visiting your father or as the dad getting to relax – take a few minutes to read up on Jellybean and his boy. After that, enjoy the rest of your day. And again, happy Father’s day to all the dads out there, especially mine.

Darius Soriano

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  1. Happy Father’s to you too, Darius. I don’t know if I’m right this is your first year to celebrate Fathers Day with your new born.

    Happy Father’s Day also to fellow bloggers or posters. We all made it in posting for our team, taking care of our families and putting food on table with this economy. I’ll have a problem for today in switching channels to NBA Finals, US Open, Euro 2012 and opening of gifts. Well, I’ve grown too old for constant multi-tasking.


  2. Another interesting read; I haven’t seen many articles on Quin Snyder and his past coaching jobs and what he brings to the table:


    It also contains a link to an article Snyder wrote on the pick and roll for a FIBA magazine:


    Good stuff if you’re curious about our assistant coach (though he may not be ours for much longer).


  3. Warren Wee Lim June 17, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Happy Fathers’ day to all of us Dads.

    It takes an idiot 5 minutes to make a child, but it takes a lifetime of commitment to be a father.

    Hope none of you are the former.


  4. 3 – Only 5 minutes?


  5. Happy Father’s Day to all the FB&G dads. It is the greatest fraternity in the world.


  6. Yea right what did he do during the other 2 and half minutes? Blog?


  7. Happy Father’s Day to the FB&G dads out here.


  8. Happy Father’s Day, Darius! Thank you for running FB&G!

    Happy Fater’s Day to all the FB&G Fathers!


  9. Happy fathers’ day everyone.


  10. Happy Father’s Day To All The Dads Within The FB&G Community And Looking Forward To Another Intense Matchup Tonight.


  11. On the ‘Dream Team’ documentary it was interesting to watch the pride with which Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen took in shutting down Toni Kukoc.

    Michael Cooper was like that for the Lakers. His game was predicated on taking the best offensive player on the opposing team and then shutting them down. He couldn’t quite shut Larry Bird down, however he made it difficult for him to score his points.

    In a few years, I can’t wait to see what Anthony Davis does on defense against Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

    Ebanks has the length and athleticism to become a good defender, he needs to get stronger.

    On defense a person has to embrace that skill set bent on disrupting the offensive player physically and psychologically.


  12. Where is Serge Ibaka in this series? He’s looking like a scared chicken!


  13. Dear Mitch:

    Happy Fathers Day!

    I hope you will read this note tomorrow after taking some time off to celebrate being a dad.

    I love the Lakers as I’m sure you do. I don’t need to paint the picture for you as I am positive you know the score. Balancing the new CBA with our aging expensive roster, with the need to remain marketable and the desire to be competitive has never been more difficult.

    I offer you two suggestions:
    1. Do not stand pat. Our core (Kobe/Pau/Bynum) can not win with out studs at the new “it” positions: PG and SF. To get talent though you will need to trade one of the core. Do it.
    2. I would try and secure a young PG, like John Wall or Brandon Jennings. The are still a few years away from their second contracts and have the talent and youth to be a building block for the new core.

    The Lakers would be competitive for the last two years of Kobe’s contract with a foundation of Kobe/Pau/Wall. Without saying it you get the idea of who I would trade. Even if the team had to be awful for a year to skirt the punitive tax of the new CBA in three years John Wall would still be only 23.

    I guess my bottom line message here is that your options are very limited. You’ve got to come out of this with at least one new core player that can jump start the post Kobe Lakers.


  14. Warren Wee Lim June 17, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    Dear Chip,
    At one point or another, we assess opportunities as they arise. Sometimes the same team does not feel the issue of trading someone until something happens. Consequently, some players are not used until someone becomes unavailable via injury and then they become revelations. When they do and the prior starter comes back, it causes a dilemma for teams.

    Injuries are a huge factor in assessing opportunities. They’re a huge x-factor in determining your own team’s ability to compete.

    The Lakers will not hesitate to add payroll “on the right deal”. That as much I can guarantee you. But the right deal cannot be just taking a stab at an expiring Beasley… it cannot just be acquiring Ariza from New Orleans straight up… the move has to be something that’s particularly helpful to the team and theme you want to run. Its not about the x and o’s as much as it is the fit, the need and the monetary implications that go with it.

    An example would be, as earlier stated, Ariza. Would acquiring TA from NOH help? Of course it would. He provides athleticism, shooting, defense and familiarity. However, his 2-yr salary that costs 15M in 1:1 money and something around 25M in 1:1.75 money on a position where we have Matt Barnes, Devin Ebanks and Ron Artest just will make us marginally better, not better better.

    Acquiring Beasley last year meant we would inherit the dilemma of giving him his new contract. How much does a guy with tons of potential help? How much is he worth when he does not provide us with significant upgrade in 1 position or provide a position of need?

    I will repeat. The Lakers will not hesitate to add payroll on the right deals. But we won’t use the TPE or trade just for the sake of trading as well.

    Mitch Kupchak


  15. Stern is a PR genius. Has a blow up on radio with Rome and jumps on our screen days later for game 3.


  16. You know it’s the playoffs when Fish starts hitting shots.


  17. OKC’s assistant coaches are among the most immature and unprofessional in the league when it comes to sideline antics. It’s like having a bunch of Vinny Del Negros, with the way they’re constantly screaming and stomping to try to distract opposing shooters. Brian Keefe is particularly bad.


  18. Chip-

    You may be right, that AB has the most trade value. His injury history scares me. Only problem will be to convince Jim Buss to trade him.

    Kobe and Pau are still amazingly productive for their age. With a young stud at PG or SF I believe the team could surprise over the next two years. Then Kobe and Pau’s contracts roll off the books and we build around the young piece(s) we traded Bynum for.

    Lakers don’t have a lot of options this may be the best.


  19. Brooks benching Westbrook has completely taken away his aggressiveness. OKc will need him to win.


  20. As we seen in the Lakers series, the Thunder will not die. For a young team, they show a lot of poise and never really get rattled.


  21. Break out all the media stories about how the Thunder are too young and need to “wait their turn.” Love the useless storylines.

    I laughed at the block on Harden though. Flopper’s comeuppance.


  22. Only story line for this game: 9 missed free throws by the best free throwing team in the league…


  23. That’s why I initially picked the Heat to win. Experience does make a difference in the Finals.


  24. Game was lost in the 3rd when Brooks benched Westbrook. He was never the same. Thought Brooks fell victim to sitting Russell because of shot attempts.


  25. OKC showed nerves for the first time in this playoff run. The possibility of losing has entered their minds. They did not shoot well from the line. Cost them the game. Miami is a great defensive team. They succeeded in disrupting OKC for long stretches.

    Father’s Day blessings to all!


  26. I’m surprised Harden made a lot of head scratching plays today more than Westbrook and Scott Brooks combined.

    The Thunder had them on the ropes in the 3rd, then Brooks benched Westbrook for too long and killed their momentum swing. I understand your trying to calm the young fella down, but don’t sit him out the entire 3rd. 1-2 minutes of a benching would have been acceptable.

    That benching of Westbrook and the 4th foul on Durant may have cost them the game and maybe the series.(I just threw up thinking about Miami being champions)


  27. Well, I’m resigned to LBJ being a champ one of these days. Still not convinced there will be multiple titles.

    Hate to admit it, but the guy is a superstud. Gross as he is, he’s probably too good to be denied.


  28. Ko and Snoop, at first I too was surprised it only takes 5 minutes to make a child, but was too shy to mention it. Until you did.

    But after re reading Warren’s post he says it only take 5 minutes for an IDIOT to make a child.

    So, whew. I feel much better now.


  29. Kevin @ 15 – that’s why “Mute” is such a handy feature on the tee vee control!

    Then, all I had to do was look away and it was like Stern vanished.


  30. It tickles me all the critisism Westbrook gets for not getting his teammates the ball in the national media while Kobe gets a relativley free pass because he isn’t announced as a “PG” even though they both played the same offensive position in these playoffs.


  31. while Kobe gets a relativley free pass

    This is sort of like saying LeBron James “gets a relatively free pass” in the national media for his 4th quarter playoff performances. “Kobe Bryant selfish” gets 516,000 results and his USG has been scrutinized multiple times on ESPN.com, SI.com and many other sites. “Russell Westbrook selfish” gets 48,500.

    Again: assertions and feelings aren’t facts.