2012-13 Lakers Reminiscent Of…

J.M. Poulard —  July 6, 2012

With Steve Nash set to become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers officially on July 11th, let’s ask Prince to bless us with some of his lyrics:

“[…] but tonight we’re going to party like it’s 2003!!”

Avid Prince fans would point out that the year mentioned in the actual song is 1999 and not 2003; but in this case the year 2003 has some historical significance for the Los Angeles Lakers. Indeed, in the summer of ’03, the purple and gold pulled off the seemingly unthinkable when they brought in Karl Malone and Gary Payton via free agency to play with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

Needless to say, that was a blockbuster summer for the Lakers given that they had added two players destined for the Hall of Fame to a team that already featured arguably two of the five best players in the NBA.

The Hall of Fame foursome may have actually prepared us for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 Miami Heat given the incredible amount of attention that it garnered, especially after losses. In addition, the team was under the microscope for most of the season and also faced a lot of media backlash given that Kobe Bryant had been accused of sexual assault and had to occasionally miss team functions or even show up late for games due to mandatory court appearances.

But when that team got on the court, they were a joy to watch.

It took some time for them to get accustomed to playing with each other within the triple-post offense; but once they started to figure things out, they often looked unbeatable.

Their ball movement as well as their interior passing made them tough to defend and put defenses in huge bind given the plethora of options available to the Lakers.

Fast-forward to the present, and it’s almost as if history is repeating itself, with Kobe Bryant finding himself at the center of it all.

The 2012-13 Lakers will probably face the pressure to win it all, much like the previous installment from the 2003-04 season, but bringing Nash on board may actually change the sentiment towards the Lakers in some respects. The franchise has often been viewed as having an unfair advantage because of their ability to pick up star players and thus fans have often wanted to see them fail; but things may be subject to change now that the player that every one apparently wants to see get a ring has joined the purple and gold.

Public sentiment may be fun to sway, but the real kicker will actually come on the hardwood.

In Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the Lakers will have four potential All-Stars — all four have played in at least one All-Star game — sharing the court together. Not one, not two, not three; four!

More importantly, the collective basketball IQ of three of those four athletes — sorry Drew — is high enough that the expectation will be that not only will they figure things out quickly, but they will play basketball with great synergy.

The identity of the team in years past has been to allow Kobe Bryant to figure out when and where to switch from facilitator to scorer, and although his role should be about the same, he will probably be asked to be more of a scorer with Nash on the roster.

Nash will obviously have to adapt to dumping the ball inside the post and then drifting to open areas of the court, but the Lakers will also adjust and probably play a little more pick-and-roll basketball with Nash and Gasol; with Kobe Bryant waiting on the weak side of the court for either an open jump shot, or a pump fake and drive.

Consider that little tidbit, how often do defenses actually rotate off the Black Mamba? And yet, this may in fact become a reality for this new Lakers team.

Notwithstanding injuries, the purple and gold will probably always have two All-Stars that complement each other on the court at the same time, which is probably terrifying news for the rest of the league.

With that said, there are still some minor concerns about this team.

Although yours truly has already previously made the bold statement that Steve Nash is probably the best shooter in the league’s history, the Lakers struggled to connect from 3-point range at key times last season and thus could use a wing player capable of converting shots from deep. It’s still worth noting that Metta World Peace was a decent option towards the end of the season from long-range, but it’s tough to predict whether that will translate into 82 games in 2012-13 as well as possibly another 20 or so playoff games.

In addition, many will state that the Lakers need an influx of athleticism, which wouldn’t hurt but isn’t an absolute necessity. Instead, Mike Brown’s unit might want to take a look at a destructive perimeter defender — Tony Allen anyone — to help the defend the likes of Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker as well as wing players.

While many still believe that Oklahoma City is still the team to beat in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers just narrowed the margin. Obviously, there are other moves to be made by the rest of the Western Conference but if the players come together and play well in concert, they may end up celebrating like it’s ­not 2004.

Remember, that team lost in the Finals…

J.M. Poulard


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  1. It took some time for them to jell? They started out like 18 and 1. I know a lot about that 2004 team… When Kurt was in charge he had me write a piece on FB&G about that squad. If only Malone didn’t get hurt or we had someone besides Slave at back up PF!


  2. Invoking the ’03-’04 lakers…reverse jinx?


  3. A little off topic, but how does the amnesty provision work? Just curious.


  4. Reminiscent? Not sure if that’s an intentional misspelling.


  5. #3. When a player is amnestied, he goes through a modified waiver process. Teams that are *under the cap* have the chance to place a bid on him to claim him. The player is awarded to the team that makes the highest bid. If no bids are placed, the player becomes an unrestricted free agent and can choose to play wherever he wants.

    In Elton Brand’s case, he’s in the last year of his contract so any bid placed on him is only for that final year of his deal. However, if he had multiple years on his contract, the bid amount would be for his total contract and then the amount would be divided by the number of years on his contract to determine his yearly salary. (Example: Player X has 2 years left on his contract. A team bids 10 million and wins the bid. Player X’s salary would be 5 million a year for 2 years.)


  6. The 03-04 squad raises the twin memories of (1) basketball at a level to marvel at, coupled with (2) heartbreaking injuries. Old, crafty guys give you both. Let’s hope for more of the marvels, and less of the creaky.


  7. IMBO I think with Nash and a full preseason & season of playing together the Lakers will be a better team than OKC.


  8. ‘Sorry Drew.’ I must say enjoyed that line very much.

    It’s unfortunate, of course, that it’s also so true. Not to get all PC up in here, but I suspect there’s some undercurrent of racism in the expression ‘he has a high basketball IQ’, as if somehow the person’s intelligence on the floor is not part of a larger intelligence. Kobe is often referred to in this way, despite obviously being a bright guy off the court. But Drew is almost a singular case– a clearly intelligent guy (almost a nerd, even, with his love of disassembling and reassembling computers ) but the guy looks like a dumba** on the floor so often.

    Perhaps there’s something flawed in the notion of a ‘high basketball IQ’ but the reverse (a ‘LOW basketball IQ’) actually has some merit?


  9. Funky Chicken July 6, 2012 at 11:29 am

    lil pau, I, too, enjoyed that line but I don’t see any undercurrent of racism in that expression. It simply expresses (rightly) the idea that knowledge of how to play the game is wholly independent from someone’s general IQ off the court.

    Bynum is the perfect example, as he is by all accounts a smart guy whose innate intelligence doesn’t translate into instinctively knowing how to pass out of double-teams. The reverse is also the case, as there are many guys (like MWP) who are knuckleheads off the court but who just “get it” on the court.


  10. Bynum played very little basketball before the NBA. In addition his knee injuries seem to have convinced him that his NBA time will be short. Hence his” let it all hang out” say and do whatever attitude. This combined with a lack of emotional control on the court lead to the charge of low BB IQ. I hope Nash can serve as a low key mentor, get him some easy baskets ,and we`ll see a more mature AB this year.


  11. Lil Pau,
    Most def a little racism under the radar. Drew can freaking build computers!!! He also learned how to pass out of double teams in 3 weeks. Something most big men take years to learn.


  12. Brian schmitz the Magic insider tweeted on Hoopsworld that Magic maybe tabling trade offers for Howard until December 15th. May not be getting the offers they want with the back issue looming.


  13. Bynum hasn’t played enough basketball to have a high basketball IQ. Add to the fact that he does not appear to be a student of the game. These two factors are indicative of basketball IQ and not intelligence. If Bynum were to choose to study film and eat, sleep and drink basketball he too would develop a high basketball IQ. But nothing replaces actual combat for preparedness to act (offense) and react (defense), or visa-versa.

    I’m not sure how Bynum is handling all of the trade talk and with him being in his last year of his contract, he may be a distraction to the Lakers endeavor. Management is definitely in a conundrum as to which direction to go with either Bynum or Howard.

    The guy that concerns me the most is Pau Gasol, as he doesn’t know if he should work on his back to the basket game, or pick and roll, or spot up game; hopefully he works on re-instituting all three to become the triple threat he was before all of the tweaking of his game.

    If the Lakers re-sign Hill and Ebanks and get a Rashard Lewis or some other deadly 3pt shooter for the bench they may just have enough to make it to the finals. Every player on the Lakers must play above their head for the entire season and the coaching staff will have to be versatile in game situations.

    Ebanks is just intriguing enough to retain as a Lakers role player. He joined the Lakers as a defensive player. A player the Lakers could use against positions 1-3 depending on the match-up. Yet, they began speaking to him about offense, when they should have stuck him to MWP to learn everything he could about defending in the NBA. The Lakers are not getting the maximum out of MWP by not having him teach defense to the younger players.

    Nash is a player that you will always cheer for; he’s a consummate professional, plays hard and stays in shape. I’ve always marveled at just how good a player he became. Kobe is the best player he’s every played with and Steve is the best pg Kobe has ever played with. Gary Payton was never allowed to play the way he could have as the Lakers were running the triangle when he came on board.

    @Pollard, my hopes were high in 2003 here’s to hoping the Lakers fare a bit better 9 years later.


  14. The NY Laker is content with the Nash signing.

    Hats off to management for keeping their eyes on the ball and solving one major issue for the club by signing a PG.

    The Dwight Howard speculation should be put on pause for this team. Gasol will be re-born with Nash’s passing ability. Bynum will benefit from more touches and easier baskets.

    The bench continues to be a question mark at best. Grant Hill would certainly help. Others have mentioned Rashard Lewis. Both are threats from the perimeter which would make Nash even better.

    Too bad Mike Brown isn’t a zone guy. It would certainly keep the legs freshier for an older group and LA could be effective in a zone if all five participate in the rotations, reads, etc. Bynum’s shot changing ability would be stronger as all the action would be pushed towards him in the middle.

    Nash jersey on the way! Go Lakers.


  15. >>>Most def a little racism under the radar. Drew can freaking build computers!!!

    about every other kids can build computers these days, do they all have high basket IQ???


  16. That’s ridiculous to find racism in that comment, since anytime Bynum’s off-court persona/interests are discussed, he is described as intelligent, well-read, etc.

    However, the issue with him is not so much his “basketball IQ” as a lack of passion for the game.


  17. If you can follow instructions to any degree, then you can build a computer.


  18. I completely disagree with the basketball IQ reference. Bynum gets labeled with the low IQ argument because he is immature, petulant and lazy. Race has nothing to do with it.


  19. By all accounts, Bynum is a very smart dude. However, standard IQ does not equal high basketball IQ. Basketball IQ is reading and reacting, seeing a play develop in your mind before it unfolds on the court, understanding the flow of the game, passing lanes, etc. That being said, I do not characterize Bynum as a low BBIQ player, not even close. However, Nash, Kobe & Pau are known to be high BBIQ level players, amongst the top in the league for years now. I didn’t take JM’s piece as a knock on Bynum, he just pales in comparison to the majority of the starting line-up in terms of BBIQ, relatively speaking.

    While I don’t believe Bynums BBIQ is low, I do believe his passion for the game is low, as exhelo mentioned. I bet a lot of us on here have more passion for the game than Drew does. Obviously, we devote a lot of time to discussing, watching, analyzing the game; I bet a majority of us on here have been playing ball since we were in elementary school. Drew on the other hand, didn’t start playing until he grew like crazy in high school. The NBA is a business venture for him, not a life-long passion. I would bet he has grown to love the game, but that is not why he got into it in the first place. And I believe that’s the number one reason why we don’t see much effort from him a little too often; he doesn’t care about winning like other guys do, this is just a job to him.

    “There’s a bank in every city.”


  20. The 07-08 was my favorite team that didn’t win a championship but I loved that 03-04 team. I really was shocked how good of a passer Karl Malone was and how fluid and dynamic that team was when everyone was playing unselfishly.

    Karl Malone getting hurt definitely messed up the fluidity against Detroit (along with Kobe Bryant’s inexplicable and indefensible play that series).

    One thing for sure we will probably be the best passing team in the NBA next year.


  21. Just how would somebody define “Basketball IQ”? And is it being used in this discussion in that way? Because I guess every player might be said to have a basketball IQ, but it seems a lot more relevant to players who create and control the offense.


  22. I see the comparison of this off-season’s acquisition to the 03 off-season as a bit lazy. I get it, we brought in a HofF player who has MVP awards on the resume but no rings. I just don’t see where this narrative goes besides “this time it’ll either work or not”. It would be similarly fair to compare this situation with acquisitions of all sorts, such as the Lepers’ picking up Walton. I know Walton had already won, but his injury issues, his talent, and need he filled in 86 was as comparable to Nash’s situation and ours as the Payton/Malone acquisition. Even the Pau acquisition could be compared in as many ways as this one of Nash- or McAdoo. This is the Lakers picking up a HofF PG in the tail end of his career, in the hopes of earning another ring. It is its’ own story and not enough of it has unfolded to have rated a comparison.

    As for the Lakers’ needs… I think a 3 that can guard multiple positions and can cause TOs is a bigger need then one who is a deadeye 3PT shooter. I can’t help but think the team’s shooting will be much better as a result of Nash’s hand on the offense. Artest’s shot will drop that bit more, Goudlock should be hitting more 3s, Johnson-Odom is dead-eye, Blake will be in rhythm for longer stretches. It’s forcing TOs that we need to address and considering the money the Lakers have to offer, it looks to me like the FO will have to choose one or the other.

    If it were me, I’d look a perfect acquisition; one where the player is willing to take less to try and win (I’d rather not go after Grant Hill). If that does not develop then I’d just let Nash inflate the stats of guys like McRoberts, Blake or any other guy off the bench, and then pounce at the deadline.


  23. Basketball IQ & Bynum? Not there yet…period!
    Has nothing to do with race so please let us put that to rest. He has not played a lot of basketball. The fact that he is this good already is what makes the Lakers hold on to this kid. However, while he is good and becoming “very good” you don’t hesitate to pull the trigger for a Top 5 player and Howard is just that. There is a big difference between good and great! If we trade for Howard there is the next great Laker big on the wall! Imagine how beautiful Gasol life would become with Howard and Nash on the floor instead of just that ball-hogging Kobe (seriously KB24, it is time for you to throttle it back a bit and be more of a team player…see Tim Duncan). Also, I think the Lakers should hold on to Sessions, Hill and Ebanks…good young talent. Sessions played well last year…sure it seemed at times it was too much for him but he is young and that was his first playoff run…he will get nothing but better. This team needs youth and to develop these guys….Sessions getting schooled by Nash everyday…priceless!


  24. Basketball IQ is very tangible to me for on court players. The player who obviously has the highest basketball IQ on the Lakers is Ron Artest. He makes the right play on offense and defense more often than any other player on the team especially in the playoffs. The proof is in the pudding.


  25. Perhaps if we trade for another superstar, or if we really strike gold with the MLE (doubtful), then the comparisons to 2003-04 are a little more warranted. The 03-04 team still had Shaq + Kobe coming off a 3peat + one Horry shot away from a 4peat (loss to SA in 03). When we received Peyton and Malone we were the heavy favorites. Nobody close. We are not like that now. Nash is a great move, but it takes us from 8th up to the 3-5 range. We need a little more, although I am still ecstatic, because I can dream about a title from the 3rd spot. From “6th” or worse it is a nightmare.


  26. “learned how to pass out of double teams in 3 weeks.”
    were those the last three weeks, because he didn’t seem all that good at passing out of double teams.

    “highest basketball IQ is Ron Artest”
    First thing about having a high BBall IQ is knowing that he needs to stay on the court. And in my recollection, I have one play in mind that MWP did the right play (pass to steve blake for the open 3 rather than the crosscourt pass to kobe) and two bonehead plays (the rolling inbounds pass to Matt Barnes this year and the Three pointer with 20 seconds on the shot clock in the playoffs 2 years ago.)

    Can you please show me this pudding you speak of that has proof?


  27. I agree with exhelo here. Bynum is clearly not Eddy Curry or Chris Washburn; people who rag on him for his attitude all the time tend to forget that he has made it through multiple rehabs and slogged through the 2010 playoffs on one leg, all while improving his low-post game and building up his body. The Lakers and Lakers fans should be glad to have him. Like Pau and Kobe and every other player, Bynum has his faults, but I will take him on my team any time.

    That said, the K Bros take on Bynum, as well as others’, is that while he puts in the work and competes, he is not a maniacal competitor who lives and breathes basketball. He plays because he is a huge, well-coordinated guy who can make tens of millions of dollars at it. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think it is reasonable to make it part of the calculus on him.

    As to Howard, I have no idea, but I think it is wise to always be worried and cautious about back injuries.


  28. Hey Darius: To follow up on the amnesty question: Why are we not considering signing Sessions and using the amnesty on Blake? Are we still saving it for a rainy day? Or perhaps this is similar to DF where we don’t think that RS will put up with the 2nd string role? Problem for RS is he is not starting for anyone else either.


  29. LoL Aaron is internet famous! 🙂 Some people were talking about him on SSR.

    I kind of agree with you here Aaron, at least on defense. Ron has such great defensive instincts. It’s almost like watching poetry in motion when he’s really on his game.

    I’m not so certain that he always plays as smart on offense though. He certainly had a tough time learning the triangle- which is admittedly difficult for many players to become comfortable with.


  30. The 04 team had serious chemistry problems. People like to think the big 3 era in Miami was scrutinized but that Lakers team every move was questioned. They had a rockstar quality to them. 4 hall of famers, the Kobe-Shaq headlines every other week, Kobe’s case, Shaq barking for a contract preseason. It was a lot of stuff going on with that team.

    I would say this team has as good a chance to win a ring that team had because there’s no Ben Wallace in the league. And not a Wallace/Wallace wall. That Pistons team may be one of the most underrated championship teams ever. They were stacked. Kobe could’ve had 7 rings by now had he not ran into 2 of the best defensive teams of all time.

    If this team is commited from day one to each other and sacrificing for the better of the team they can win.


  31. I’m not really big on shot attempts because that alone doesn’t tell the whole story. But to be a total team effort no one on the team can have more than 16 fga this year. Kobe had 18 in 04. With Nash aboard a true pg everybody is an option if we play that way. Anything is possible.


  32. Robert: I like that idea but Sessions wants to be a starter. Or Lakers can sign and trade him for another player or asset.


  33. 2004 was the second biggest let down in my Laker history. 1984 was first, and 1989 would be third. 84 takes the prize, because injuries played a role in 89 and 2004. In 1984 we had nobody to blame but ourselves. And of course the air conditioner in the Boston Garden.


  34. Poster’s Basketball IQ should be a covariable for Players Basketball IQ rating…
    By the way, building a computer means that you can do a 12 piece puzzle, nothing more nothing less.


  35. Okay… it seems I opened a can of worms here that I guess in retrospect I wish I didn’t. Thinking about it a little more, I think I’d (mostly) like to recant. Further to exhelodrvr’s rebuttle (and I think he’s right), Gasol also is often referred to as having a high basketball IQ, followed by subsequent mentions of his enjoyment of sitting in on surgeries, etc.

    So then, what the heck does it mean? The example of MWP (on defense) suggests that what one calls ‘a high basketball IQ’ is really more about instinct than about studying. OTOH, Kobe seems somewhat unique among current players in that he is interested in the history the game and always exploring how to apply tricks used by the all time greats to better himself but, oddly, that form of almost-academic study doesn’t seem to be a component of a ‘high basketball IQ’ … whereas, say, a PG’s instincts on how to play the PnR seem to count. It’s an odd term. Is Battier (everyone’s high IQ exemplar) really ‘smarter’ on the court than, say, Ray Allen?

    Someone ask Hubie Brown– he seems to use this term more than most.

    Worse for me, the apparent widespead understanding re:the relative ease of computer repair makes me question my own IQ, basketball wise and more generally. I bet I own more books than Matt Barnes, however…. just a guess…


  36. @27. Robert – Sessions could start for the Mavericks, with Kidd moving to the Knicks.


  37. raymeister: You have talked me into it. Let’s let RS walk. If Cuban picks him up after everything else that has happened to the Mavs (or hasn’t happened as the case might be), it would make me smile.


  38. Kobe Alert: My apologies. I am way overdue for a Kobe alert. And this Nash signing has put me in a much better mood. That said this KB alert is not about stats, but rather about legacy. Kobe has won 3 rings with the Shaq/Kobe duo. He won 2 more as the grimacing alpha dog of the 2009-2010 Lakers. If we can win him one more ring with the this new iteration of the Lakers (keep in mind – I am still hopeful for more change), it will be rings with 3 completely different teams. That is not being like Mike, rather it is something that has not been done.


  39. Post removed because lil pau recanted.


  40. Still hasn’t really sunk in Lakers will start a backcourt with a HOF pg and one of the best shooters ever in the NBA. And a top 10 player ever. Some great things can happen.

    Some Synergy numbers

    Nash shot 48% on spot up 3s (16-33). Age won’t affect shooting.

    We’ve seen many times when Nash would come off a screen at the 3 point line and pull up if it’s space. Well he shot 39% on those (31-78)

    Shot 51% in Isolation too.

    At 38 Nash put up these numbers. This was a absolute steal.


  41. lil pau,
    I think “basketball IQ” is basically a combination of experience, skill, reaction time, and “spatial awareness.”

    Someone can have great basketball IQ, but if they are lazy, out-of-shape, injured, etc. you would not be able to tell.


  42. On defense

    Nash gave up just 38% overall suprisingly. Compared to 45% from Sessions as a Laker.

    Just 38% in Isolation. HIghest percentage he gave up was PnR defense. Not shocking because of his age and ability to get around screens. But you have to think Brown will tailor his defense to ease the pressure of Nash having to be a ball stopper.

    Nash’s defensive numbers aren’t bad. But his offense numbers are AMAZING. Lakers got a top 5 PG ever for picks. HA!!! We win again.


  43. Comparing a guards BB IQ is very different then a center.

    Andrew has to shoot, hold the ball until he gets doubled or very seldom passing out. Not exactly Mensa stuff. Pau is a genius compared to AB.

    A guard like Nash has 10 options and must have high BB IQ. Smush, no Sasha no Nash yes.

    As for Ron! How can you have a high BB IQ and keep shooting bricks to the tone of 29% from three. That sounds stupid to me!


  44. I want to go back to Aaron’s perspective about Nash as compared to carrying on with Sessions.

    Let me start by saying I live in Arizona so despite being a Laker fan, I’ve watched Nash for years and years.

    Aaron, there is an exceptional quality in Nash that in my watching basketball for sixty years the only player I’ve seen that does it as well or better than Nash was Magic Johnson.

    Now you’re going to say it has to do with assists but that’s not really it.

    What Nash and Magic have done better than anyone else I’ve ever seen, is TURN CRUCIAL POSSESSIONS INTO POINTS.

    They always get their teams HIGH QUALITY game on the line possessions, meaning trips to the free throw line as a result of high percentaqe close in or wide open shots.

    As opposed to Kobe or even Jerry West great as they’ve been, they’ve always relied on something heroic, as opposed to something that practically guaranteed points.

    If we’d had Nash to carry out those final possessions in those two close games against OKC we would have gotten high percentage possessions that would have likely produced points.

    Instead we turned it over. Or we put Kobe in a bad position where he had to jack a low percentage jumper.

    With Nash or with Magic Johnson, that practically never happens.

    Ramon Sessions no matter how much youth he has on his side, will never have that quality.

    Steve Nash will make sure the team gets high quality possessions at the end of games. if we’d had that against OKC, it would have been a different series.


  45. The Heat reloaded by signing Ray Allen.


  46. Nash has shot over 40% from THREE 13 out of his 16 years. The other 3 years 37%, 39%, 39%. Go ahead and double the bigs if you want to Lawson.

    I hope getting Nash means Ron comes to camp in shape. He’s going to get plenty open looks.

    We’ve all seen Nash greatness live most recently those back to back games he carved us up last year. But the more and more you see his shooting numbers the more and more you fall in love with this deal. 17


  47. For the Nash haters:

    I guess being a 50-40-90 guy makes you an “average” player right?

    And regarding the Bynum-Howard trade, here’s my take on it. Anytime you can get a top 5 player (possibly the best defensive center since Bill Russell) you go make that trade and ask questions later. We are the freaking Lakers!
    Everything always works out for us haven’t you noticed?


  48. I thought defense was base on teamwork? I mean last year Bynum didn’t show at all so pg usualy just shot mid range jumper after a set pick…..


  49. OT question: I heard Hollinger interviewed today and he expressed skepticism that Orl would trade for Bynum because Bynum is a free agent after this season and could make more $ opting out than resigning (essentially putting them through DH12 2.0). Is this true? if so, why is it that the Lakers would control Howard’s Bird rights and could offer him the most $ for a new contract but the same is NOT true of Orl and Bynum?


  50. Kevin,
    Age does effect shooting. Have you seen Fishers three point percentage the last couple years? It is possible Nash falls off a cliff next year. He will be 39 after all. I hope for our sake he still has one more year of high quality basketball left in him. Up until this point Nash has been the best shooting player to ever step on the hardwood. But father time is undefeated and we don’t have the Suns HGH medical staff.


  51. @46: The obvious solution is to extend Bynum (and Howard) and then trade them. I still don’t like the deal, but that would make it less risky for both parties.


  52. Aaron, why do you think the Suns have the only trainers using HGH??? LMAO.


  53. Another thing on Nash he doesn’tneed 10 assists to a impact a game with the Lakers.

    Depending on the flow of the game he can just spot up and shoot threes and be effective.

    For years Lakers haven’t had a multiple threat PG on offense. Fisher would get you spot up shots but that’s it, Blake has to make 3s to be effective, Sessions had to have the ball in his hands to be effective. Nash is as effective with the ball then without it.


  54. Warren Wee Lim July 6, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Jayz, you will be asking alot of questions when you realize he would need half the season to recover.


  55. Joe Atlanta,
    Ha. Cause injury riddled players at old ages (Hill, Shaq, Nash) arrive and are healthy and never injured.


  56. lil pau – Hollinger is correct, but I’m not sure why he didn’t say the same applies to the Lakers. Players now make more money by opting out and re-signing new contracts with their current teams (with Bird rights) than through simple extensions. Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if Bynum decides to play out the season. I can also see him taking the extension not because it offers the most money, but because of his injury history and the quick security.

    Veteran contract extensions are limited to 4 years (including the year remaining on the contract). Extend-and-trade extensions are limited to 3 years. New contracts max at 5 years.

    To be short, the Lakers would have Howard’s Bird rights and the Magic would have Bynum’s Bird rights. It’s just that under the new CBA, there’s more money to be had by signing a new contract rather than extending a current one – hence Chris Paul’s refusal of an extension.


  57. Aaron, I feel you.


  58. With all of the focus on D Howard, some of the little moves the Lakers are looking are flying under the radar. It was reported today that the Lakers are looking at Jodie Meeks of the 76ers. I know not exciting but he was one of the young 3 point shooters I was hoping the Lakers would look at. Could fit into the mini mle slot. And would be an extremely valuable floor spacer playing with Nash and our Bigs, whoever they turn out to be.


  59. (50) Aaron: “Age does effect shooting. Have you seen Fishers three point percentage the last couple years?”

    Aaron, what does it take to make you stop putting your foot in your mouth about Derek Fisher? Do you like to eat crow? Didn’t you watch the playoffs, when clutch counts the most?

    This year, for the Oklahoma Thunder, Derek had 37% 3 Pt. shots and 100% on freethrows in the playoffs.

    That 3 point playoff percentage is also his career percentage.


  60. Dwight’s case is dicey even if Magic chooses the Lakers to trade with. The talks are just ongoing and too many can of worms on both sides, this is like choosing a home that you want to buy, yet there are so many appurtenance attached to the deal so the best move is to seek other avenues or alternatives.

    It was reported that Lakers are targeting another good shooter, Jodie Meeks of Sixers aside from Brandon Rush, Nick Young. I want to add Marco Bellinelli who expressed the interest to play with Kobe. Rashard is looking for the Heat to join Ray Allen. Other good shooters who are free agent are: Steve Novak, Anthony Randolf, Carlos Delfino, Michael Redd and not bad idea to get back Shannon Brown. Lakers could only offer mini MLE, vet-minimum, possible sign and trade.

    I think Sessions, Ebanks, Murphy and Barnes are gone. Ebanks is popular to many teams who could overpay him.


  61. In FA a player gets to choose his team. Can’t fault Ray for deciding to leave Boston. But joining the Heat their bitter rivals. He definitely sending a message to Beantown. That’s why you have to love Pau he could’ve asked for a trade after the veto but he stuck it out.


  62. Fisher actually shot .396 on 3s in 2011. He was off this year, though–.324 with the Lakers and .314 with OKC.

    His overall FG% dropped off in 2010 and has stayed below 40 since.


  63. Gotta hand it to Riley. Months ago few thought Allen would sign for just the mini-MLE. It helps that the C’s gave away his starting job, but Riley’s persuasiveness is unmatched.


  64. Anyone else just lose a massive amount of respect for allen?


  65. Wonder if this team the next two years needs to change his identity with Nash. Slow, plodding guys like Andrew, Metta, Murphy don’t fit with a faster pace, spread out style.

    Sure a health Howard fits but is the gamble with it. I would opt for moving Andrew for 2 fast, athletic guys who can shoot.

    No way you can pay him max next year with Kobe, Nash, Pau, Metta. Get the max out of him now and change the pace of this team.


  66. Guess Allen was indeed pissed about the way the Celtics almost traded him. Or that his relationship with Rondo really did sour.

    Too bad that the Heat benefited; I was having fun watching the Mavs lose everything and it would’ve been much more fun to ridicule the C’s for losing Allen had it not been the Heat that signed him.


  67. Anyone else just lose a massive amount of respect for allen?

    Nah. They tried to trade him, and they put someone else in the lineup ahead of him. Those moves were probably warranted in a basketball sense, but I don’t see that he owed them anything.

    Also, Boston, according to what I read, made him a very fair offer. Wojnarowski is putting some stuff out there saying that there were major personal issues with Rondo and Allen, but I suspect Allen just sacrificed money for a role he preferred on a team that will enter the season favored to win the title.


  68. I don’t think Baahston will miss Ray Allen as much. His replacement Avery Bradley is a maniac on D who also happened to shoot over 40% from three last season.


  69. Let just hope Ray Allen will screw up heat chemistry because they’re one scary team right now….


  70. age does effect shooting. last year at 38, Nash shot 53%. year before that at 37, shot 49%, in 09-10 shot 50% just like he did on 08-09 and 07-08. True, his 3 point shooting went down from 42% in 09-10 to 39% in 10-11, 11-12, but that probably had nothing to do with him losing his all star power forward that helped him out.


  71. Warren Wee Lim July 7, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Radius, as much as Nash will help the bigs flourish on the court, they will also make Nash better in his shooting.

    Finally we can have “towel quarters” on the 4th.


    ^ hopeful 4th quarter lineups.


  72. Just need another move or two and the FO can take a break! What an exciting year ahead…


  73. I just saw Kobe on ESPN for USA team coverage, and it looks like he has lost a lot of weight! Perhaps he felt that it could give him more lift on his jump shot, especially on 3 pointers, and improve his quickness of the dribble.
    Seems like he is very serious about trying to win one more ring.
    Hope others on the team are as dedicated and determined as Kobe!


  74. Belated kudos for Ramona Shelbourne for breaking the story on Steve Nash. Everyone was blindsided. While the spinners and twisters like: Adrian W., Ric Bucher, John Hollinger, Marc Stein, Eric Pincus and many other Laker ratings baiters and exploiters were all taken aghast by the rapid development into sudden breaking news, their boastful speculation and expertise did not bode well to reality. IMO they utterly lacked investigative journalism but more in reliance on spies, gossips and twitters. Journalism today vastly differs from what it used to be with the legends Chick Hearn, Johnny Most, Brent Musburger, Jim Murray, Al Michaels and Howard Cossell, when there were no social media speed gadgets, they rely more on substantive breakfast gossips gossips and land lines. They are willing to wait and see before they make the report.

    According to Kobe Lakers are not done yet. That’s good to know that Kobe got back to the fold in believing to FO, they stumbled a step or two before but often recovered with priced acquisition. In getting Nash, it means that they value the remaining years of Kobe in preserving and strengthening what we have while another looking at the near future. On the other picture, when Mr. Sarver sensed that Steve wanted to leave and Eric Gordon is within reach, he acted as a businessman in shifted the focus of his team from a matured one to youth movement.

    Well, in the case of Dwight his continuous intrasigence defies logic that makes him a bad business prospector. Here is the opportunity with the Lakers where he could build his fortune and legacy and yet he continues to be irrationally stubborn in his approach. He got Nash, Kobe, Gasol and Metta who could give him a ring and in three years’ time Lakers could be his sole possession, yet his claimed super impulses could not foresee his future. His short sighted exhibition of immaturity in dealing with the situation with Magic is like a baby cravings for milk (trade to Nets) and gets into tantrum if he could not get his way. Again, why not try for three years only with the Lakers, get involve wholeheartedly into this experiment with Nash and Kobe (for 2 years) and see where his career will bring him, if not satisfied at the end of 3rd year he could choose his destination afterwards.


  75. We now live in a world where Steve Nash is eager to go play with Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen accepted half as much money to NOT play with his Celtics teammates.

    Bill Simmons’ next NBA article is going to be a lot of fun to read.


  76. Do Rocket players (especially guards) hate McHale, management or what? It’s odd that that so many players have fled or expressed interest in being gone. First, the media claim was that they wouldn’t include Lowry in any Pau trade scenario and then they ship him out to Toronto for a future lottery pick. Weird. I’m curious to see what else the patient game that Kup plays yields.


  77. I hope Dwight realizes joining the Lakers is his best hope of winning a Ring now, with Allen joining the Heat. MAJOR win for Riley. Last year Ray hit 57% of 3 pt from the left corner. When he’s spotting up there, I honestly don’t see how you can defend this team with LeBron, Wade and/or Bosh also on the floor, especially with LeBron’s court vision and passing skills.

    Heat won the Finals with great 3 pt shooting when the Thunder were worried about containing their big 3. That tactic just got a lot easier next year.


  78. kehntangibles July 7, 2012 at 10:27 am

    McHale: better power forward than Kupchak

    Kupchak: better GM than McHale


  79. #77 kehntangibles,

    McHake is a better scout GM for the leprechauns, he sent KG to Boston with lowly players in exchange. Watch out on his new team Rockets, he would recommend a trade that will take Lowry and Scola to Boston.


  80. +75 – Ive been checking espn everyday – this might be the worst possible offseason if you are a Celtics fan.

    Side note – It is looking every increasingly possiblwe that Miami will be considered a dynasty over the next few years but to me doesnt it seem like this should be an * dynasty.

    there are maybe 3 teams outside of the heat contending for a title – Lakers, Thunder, Celtics – maybe Bulls if rose is ok – every other team is rebuilding.

    to me it sems that we have a lot of talent but overall the league is just diminished in competitiveness because of the new CBA

    I mean look at reggie evans’s deal – 3 year 5 Million when he was the 2nd most important player during the clipper run last playoffs – overall players are getting squeezed abd owners are trying to reconstruct their teams to deal with the new CBA (Dallas) while Miami was all set up for what was coming


  81. Goran Dragic, 26, 11.7 pts 2.5 reb 5.3 ast 46/33/80 4yr/$34

    Jeremy Lin, 23, 14.6 pts 3 reb 6.2 ast 44/32/79 4yr/$28

    Jason Kidd, 39, 6.2 pts 4.1 reb 5.5 ast 36/35/78 3yr/$9

    Ramon Sessions, 26, 11.3 pts 3.3 reb 5.5 ast 42/44/78

    Whoever advised him to opt out should be fired. He would’ve made 4 mil had he opted in. He won’t come close to Lin, Dragic more likely on a mini mid level deal. He should’ve opted in like Mo Williams did. I’ve made my fair share of gambles but I don’t think I could walk away from 4 million dollars.


  82. any_one_mouse July 7, 2012 at 12:35 pm


    I think Dragic signed with the Suns for 4 yrs at 36M.


  83. any_one_mouse July 7, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Btw, it looks like Jordan Hill is coming back to the Lakers. He just tweeted that he made his decision, and his headline states Lakers, so…..


  84. Edwin: Surprised to hear Kobe say that. Mitch must have told him they’re still working on other deals.

    WIlt was in Conan, Kareem was in Game of Death, Shaq was in Kazaam, what’s next Nash maybe Howard get a scene in Hangover 3.


  85. It appears as though Jordan Hill is going to remain a Laker.

    Now can we get an athletic wing, that shoots and defends.

    I’d still like Ebanks back.


  86. kehntangibles July 7, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    I’d like Ebanks back as well – young, athletic guy who’ll get some great transition looks from Nash and fills a valuable niche as a backup at the 2/3-spots


  87. Is Jordan Hill having a “decision” type of thing? He decided? Cool, so where?


  88. If the Lakers re-sign Jordan Hill. Will they still have the mini mid level and vets minimum? Anyone know.

    JR Smith is still out there.


  89. Kevin,

    Yes they would. We still hold partial bird rights but we can only pay up to 3.6 mil.

    If Hill is indeed resigning perhaps McRoberts could be packaged in a sign and trade for one of the young Free Agent shooters that are still out there. A few teams do need depth at the 4. That way we could preserve our mini MLE for another player.


  90. MichaelH: Thanks. Who would you pick if Lakers decided to get another shooter with the mini mid level. JR Smith, Carlos Delfino, Jodie Meeks?

    I know Smith is the biggest risk but he has the biggest upside. imo.


  91. I’m fine with Jodie Meeks.

    JR is a locker room HELL. I doubt that any team can win a ring with this guy on the roster.


  92. Allegedly, JR is financially strapped so he’ll more than likely sign with the team that provides him the most money for the most amount of years.

    I like JR he’s the most explosive offensively. The Lakers might not need another hot head on the team, though.

    Jodie Meeks is intriguing as he’s young and could be a good player for years to come.

    Might not be able to afford Delfino.

    Which of these three play the better defense, pass, compete and rebound? In other words looking for a multi-skilled player as opposed to a singular specialty.


  93. check your subject/title dates… 2012 – 2012? (should be 13?)


  94. Great piece!

    It hurts my head and my heart to think about the 2003-04 Lakers — especially how it all ended in the Finals.

    I still get the ‘Clockwork Orange shakes’ when I hear “DEEETROIT BASKETBAAAAALL!! . . . or when I see Kid Rock.


  95. Kevin

    While I think guys like Kobe and Nash could keep J.R in line, he would need a large role on the team before he would come. I like Meeks quite a bit. 37% from 3. Also Gerald Green is also interesting because he can shoot and is still super athletic.


  96. @94 – Sup Michael H,

    JR is a lost case. A punk. Nah, can’t do.

    Gerald Green had a good season, so I think he will have plenty of lucrative options besides the Lakers.

    As we’re now, we’re a title contender, not a cash cow. So chances are we’ll get players that want a ring, playing for cheap.

    Btw, is Grant Hill a Laker already (for the vet min, of course)? He was leaning towards retirement but you don’t go to Germany to have your knee fix if you’ll retire, right?


  97. Long post, but I found this to be an excellent explanation of the poison pill contracts we’re seeing, so I wanted to share for anyone who was curious about the reasoning/history behind these contracts. I found the last paragraph the most interesting – the amount that counts against the cap for the new team is different than from the matching team. From Larry Coon:

    “If a player has one or two years in the league, he hasn’t been around long enough for his team to have full Bird rights. A player with two years, for example, can only have Early-Bird rights, which lets his team go up to the average salary to keep him, but not more. Orlando took advantage of this by signing Gilbert Arenas several years ago to a contract the Warriors were helpless to match. They fixed it in the 2005 CBA by putting restrictions on offer sheets to restricted free agents with one or two years in the league. In these offer sheets, the first year couldn’t be above the maximum salary, which guaranteed the player’s prior team could match using Early-Bird rights or the Mid-Level exception. But so they players don’t get gypped by only being able to get a small contract, they allowed a big jump starting in the third year — to what it would have been if this rule hadn’t existed.

    So teams are taking advantage of this by offering contracts starting at $5 million (the mid-level/Early Bird amount), $5.225 million next season, and with a big jump in 2014-15. First, this is how they can give the player more money. Second, by giving the player a big jump in 2014-15, they’re trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible for the prior team to match.

    Okay, now back to your questions — let’s be clear on the difference between what the player is paid and what counts against the team’s cap. Let’s say the contract is for three years, at $5 million, $5.225 million, and $15 million. This is what the player gets paid, with whichever team he ends up with. This is also the amount that counts against the cap if the player’s prior team matches and keeps him.

    But if the team with the offer sheet ends up getting him, then the average salary of the whole contract (in this case, $8.4 million) counts against the team’s cap. This is because in order to offer a contract with this kind of balloon payment, the team has to have enough cap room for the average salary. So if they keep him, then this amount is accounted for in the team’s cap.”


  98. Sessions’ agent must have been sniffing some high grade glue to have him opt out. No deal is done yet but it definitely isn’t looking like he’ll get close to 4.5. If he wants to start there are only a couple of teams available and he has no leverage. He seems like a good cat so hopefully it will work out for him.

    I don’t want Ebanks back if he’s not going to play. It’s been two years now and we still don’t know exactly what he can bring to the table. The kid should have had minutes through the season instead of Brown running the old guys into the ground.

    JR is a kook. Ron is a kook but as he can see the end of his career coming he’s toning it down a bit. Instead of 2 elbows it was only 1. Anyway, Lakers have their kook quota full.


  99. I’m thrilled that Jordan Hill decided to stay with the Lakers. I believe that he will play a significant–maybe even critical-role next year.


  100. Seconded, I was really hoping we could hold on to Hill. He did a fantastic job late last year, and his offense should only pick up when playing next to Nash.

    I wouldn’t dump McRoberts though without first seeing how he fits next to Nash. A high flier like McRoberts could see his offensive value go up when playing with Nash. And against most teams, Hill (though weak) can play the 5 against backup units anyway, so if McRoberts fits I could see both of them getting PT.

    Keeping minutes down next year is key, and a lesson I hope Mike Brown learned. That’s why I’m uncomfortable with going with Blake as the backup PG. You know MB will be tempted to run Nash into the ground, and I hope someone (Nash, management, etc.) will step in and emphasize minute control.


  101. @99 – “I’m thrilled that Jordan Hill decided to stay with the Lakers”

    Where did you see that?


  102. Magic Phil, I think this is the source:

    83.any_one_mouse wrote on July 7, 2012 at 12:40 pm
    Btw, it looks like Jordan Hill is coming back to the Lakers. He just tweeted that he made his decision, and his headline states Lakers, so…..


  103. if Grant Hill become a Lakers and he still have his motor, it will solve our SG back up problems ;0.


  104. @102 – his headline states Lakers because he is/was a Laker player; that doesn’t mean he will sign with the Lakers.

    This guy is, at this point in time, a crucial player for our run to a ring. That’s why I’m waiting for his “decision” so bad.

    Signing a 3-point shooter is another crucial move I’m waiting pretty bad.


  105. Magic Phil – not saying it means he’s back, just saying I think it’s the source.

    But yea, it would be nice to have him return.


  106. “Signing a 3-point shooter is another crucial move I’m waiting pretty bad.”


    Nash ain’t bad in that respect :0)


  107. Having seen Jodie play since his days at UK, the guy can definitely shoot and score however he really isn’t that great of a defender. Lateral quickness has always been a problem for him but once again team defense can make up for weaknesses individually (same with Nash).


  108. @106, R – We need another one.

    Let’s take the C’s as an example. Allen was the “3-point-guy”, that means, the guy that works for the 3-point spot and hit it. But Pierce was always hitting his 3s. That makes 2 players, right.

    The MIA cHeat: Mike Miller did a great job hitting his 3s, but without Chalmers (and Battier) 3s, I’m not sure the cHeat could have made it to the end.

    I’m confident Nash will keep his % but we still need a spot up 3-point shooter.


  109. any_one_mouse July 7, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Magic Phil, R,

    You are right – I’m just going off whats on his feed. I have no idea how fresh/stale his status is. There’s also the possibility that while he has made his mind, the team hasn’t reciprocated yet 🙂


  110. any_one_mouse July 7, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    How about Jerryd Bayless?


  111. @109 – Shooting 43% from 3?

    Bring him in.

    Bayless, Meeks or any other pure 3p shooter, please.

    I was thinking…What’s our priority?

    1) Resigning Hill
    2) Getting DH
    3) Getting a 3p shooter

    I vote #3


  112. If it’s not OJ Mayo, JR Smith or Randy Foye who are clearly better players Goudelock should get the backup SG minutes.


  113. Warren Wee Lim July 7, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Getting Dwight Howard, in all its glory, is not a point of need at all. Although it would supply more drama, more tickets, more controversy, more coverage…

    The biggest need is to fill out the roster.

    5: Bynum, Sacre
    4: Gasol, McRoberts
    3: MWP
    2: Bryant, Goudelock, DEJ-Odom
    1: Nash, Blake, Morris

    1. Re-signing Jordan Hill would be a very big need.
    2. Lengthy 3-pt shooter in the mold of Rashard Lewis. (stretch 4, backup 3)
    3. 1 more wing player, possibly either Ebanks or Matt Barnes, someone who would fill the 2/3 spot in spot minutes in case the youngsters aren’t ready.


  114. Allen to the heat? omg – what is this league becoming? it’s getting ridiculous and not even worth supporting at some point. 2-3 super teams – yawn!!!


  115. 8 hours and counting since Hill announced his “decision”.

    If he decided for the Lakers, we’d have know by now. Besides, we have only 3.6mi to offer…

    I’m consumed…


  116. Where is the joy of competition in a super stacked team beating others? I honestly am not for the lakers doing the same thing. Like the Yankees just buying all the top players – um how is that even interesting when they win?

    It’s like 5 grown adults beating my 8 year old kid’s bball team and swatting all their shots into the adjacent soccer field.


  117. Maybe Hill signed with the Heat. Whatever – does it really matter?

    and how does jordon hill – a total nobody in terms of the league – pull a lbj? maybe we don’t have the details of his contract – but how does he even remotely have any star power as to pull a “decision”?


  118. Exactly, that’s why he has to have signed with the Lakers. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense that he’d announce a decision.


  119. @117 – Hill is a nobody, but a very valuable nobody for the Lakers. With the thin bench we have, I’m not sold we’re top contenders. Nash is a GIANT upgrade, but Hill-Gasol-Bynm rotation is pretty good for the $$ we’re offering.


  120. For the record, I’d rather cut off one of my own testicles with a home surgery than have a guy like J.R. Smith sign with us.

    My least favorite player in the NBA, with no exceptions.


  121. Jerry

    There is more joy in competing if you actually have a chance to win. Besides the Lakers havent exactly bought all the top players. Besides Nash still a top player we have “bought” Metta and Blake. Kobe and Pau came in very shrewd trades and Bynum was drafted. Actually Nash is the first “top” free agent we have signed since Malone and he retired the next year. Not exactly the Heat or Knicks.


  122. JimC: Lol. Little excessive don’t you think?

    Even though 2 of the big 4 will likely be on the floor at all times. He’s someone who’s a proven scorer off the bench.

    He’s never been a locker room cancer. He’s just stubborn in the way he plays. That ultimately will keep him off the team.


  123. Perhaps Hill made his decision too late.

    Hill “Mitch I decided I want to be a Laker!”

    Mitch “Oh ya, about that, we have another big trade coming and were not going to need you. But thanks anyway.”

    Hill “But, but …”

    Mitch “With us Jordan you are all in right away or, oh well. Just ask Trevor and Ramon”


  124. NBA free agents may begin signing contracts is July 11, 2012


  125. So a few options for the mini MLE

    – Michael Pietrus – was hoping for him last year but the C’s got him and he was a great defender and 3 point shooter in the playoffs – very underrated and was an important part of Orlando’s run in 2009 along wth Alston but Otis is stupid.

    with this it would be great if we could also keep Matt Barnes – it would bring back 2 Warrior teammates from their run in 2007 and both have experience with Nash on th suns which would help overall chemistry

    – Kyle Korver – It s rumored that the bulls will decline his 5 Million option and he will be in the market a great pick p for a 3 point shooter

    – JR Smith – Some people ave already written how he is a head case but this guy is pure offense and altheticism and can be a bench on on his own, with our cast of gus he would have wide open shots and could keep blake off the court and ensure the 2nd unit never got stagnant.

    – Rashard Lewis – Good stretch 4 who would be able to play the 3 or 4 and has experience.

    Another thought on 3 guys – Pietrus, Barnes, and Lewis all played with howard when Orlando was good – it might also help us tip the scales with Howard if we continue to bring guys he likes on our team


  126. Personally I would like us to bring in a younger player with the mini. I like the Spurs model of surrounding their veteran core with young legs.


  127. @124, Shaun,

    Pietrus would be cool, is he available? And for how much?

    Barnes!!! I forgot!!! Dang, we need another SF besides MWP…anybody.

    Korver? How much? He was not consistent last season but who knows.

    JR – we don’t want to mutilate our bro Jim C. so I’ll say NO to this guy anytime.

    And finally, Rashard. See, this guy is a “seater”, that guy that just sit on his contract and enjoy. It’s been like this for years. If we get him, he will sit on the bench, on his contract, on whoever is available…he’s a seater. Does not play hard anymore. No, thanks.

    We gotta go for Meeks.


  128. I doubt Korver takes the miniMLE or whatever we have available, but he would definitely be my first choice to be quick 3 pt shooting off the bench and floor spacer. Would love to see him spotting up with Nash driving and kicking.


  129. I was curious about how the tax bill would look the next couple of years under the new CBA making a few assumptions. After running the numbers, it seems highly unlikely that we will be adding any salaries while keeping status quo. That is, I believe it is very important from a $ perspective to move MWP and Blake in a Howard trade.

    Scenario 1: resign Hill for 3.5M/3yr, sign 1 vet minimum contract, trade for Howard, other salary stays same (i.e., MWP and Blake stay, Howard for Bynum straight up).

    2012-13 Tax = 28M
    2013-14 Tax = 72.25M
    Total = 97.25M

    Scenario 2: resign Hill, sign vet min (Barnes?), move MWP and Blake along with Bynum in a Howard trade (i.e., don’t take on additional salary)

    2012-13 Tax = 17M
    2013-14 Tax = 26.25M
    Total = 43.25M

    In other words, it is a gigantic difference in money to be able to remove salary in a Dwight deal, and not to add money. Perhaps this is what is holding up the deal (if indeed it is going down any time soon).

    Anyone want to verify these calculations?


  130. @129 – Option #1 makes sense; Bynum for DH straight up.

    But option #2 means Bynum for DH + we dump MWP & Blake contracts without getting neither Hedo or JRich contract back? That seems too good to be true, not gona happen…

    What you mean is Bynum + Blake + MWP for DH + JRich. That, I’ll take (Hedo is sooooo done…).


  131. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7DrXWZ9GTg

    These games won’t fell the same without Allen on their team.


  132. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXGDJeScqT8

    Another good game from last year. Showing who runs this town.


  133. tviper (129)

    Don’t worry about money on short term deals.
    The Lakers are going to spend and pay tax through the 2013-2014 season.
    After that, Kobe’s and Pau’s contracts are off the books and the Lakers will be under the tax and under the cap.
    Don’t worry about overpaying for 1 or 2 year deals. Maybe even 3 year.

    After 2013-2014, it’s all up in the air.
    As long as they win a championship in the next two years, I’m good with it.


  134. Kevin,

    Good lookin’ out for providing those clips. Just what I needed on an early Sunday morning. Man, how much longer til’ training camp starts up. Until then, as currently constituted or even if we end up acquiring Dwight, what we definitely need are shooters. In no particular order, here are a few I wouldn’t mind seeing coming off of our bench and adding that dimension:

    1. ‘Juice’ Mayo – Would have to get extremely lucky.
    2. Brandon Rush – Via trade.
    3. Kyle Korver – If the Bulls let him walk, via exception.
    4. Rudy Fernandez – Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he’s an UFA? If so and everything’s a go with his back, definitely worth a look via exception.


  135. Magic Phil: it might not happen but that has to be a consideration as $54M over two years is significant (to anyone other than NYK and BRK). The JRich Scenario is better because it reduces overall salary by about $5M per year, but the tax consequences will still be large.

    Plan9FOS: indeed the Lakers have time to shed salary before the tax is ultimately calculated, but with no draft picks to speak of, it will be difficult to move guys into other team’s cap space. The tax bill in 2013-14 is the big one that has the FO’s attention I have to believe.


  136. Warren Wee Lim July 8, 2012 at 9:10 am

    If your idea is merely to “save” then its almost safe to assume that MWP gets amnestied.

    Except… he could very well sign with OKC and we would lose him on a year where we have _________________________ at SF. Yep none. Of course we can always bring Matt Barnes and Devin Ebanks on shared time. I dunno.


  137. Rudy signed in spain


  138. Re: tviper 129

    Something worth remembering when thinking about the Bynum/Howard situation.

    Bynum’s in-line for a max dollar extension. The decision we need to make isn’t whether or not we want to pay and extend Howard for max-money. Or rather, it isn’t sole about that.

    Both Howard and Bynum are in their last year. They’re both going to command a max-dollar contract extension. So, ultimately, their impact on the luxury tax hit is going to be a wash. Trade Bynum or don’t trade him, in the end whichever Center we have under roster is going to cost us the same amount of money.


  139. I just have to say one thing. MWP is a very important player in the Lakers because of his defense. He’s slow, inconsistent on the perimeter but he’s still the cog who could slow Durant and other SF’s. Kobe is now choosy in D, most of the time active only in the closing minutes when game is on the line. Our two bigs and also the new Laker are more of offensive players than defensive. You can’t win playoffs without D, proven in the last concluded Championship. OKC was purely offensive and could not stop James and the perimeter shooters.

    Therefore, let the contract of the defensive scissor-liked left hand expire than cut it short via trade.


  140. Another ideal situation, Bynum or Howard the longest contract extension should be only three years, or with team option on the 3rd year. if they ask for more let them go and exchange them for a couple of PF’s and SG’s. Why? One has a history of buckled knees while the other just had a back surgery. Five years is too long to harbor a potential disabled player.


  141. Jim C.: I wasn’t referencing Bynum v. Howard. I was talking about other players on the roster and overall roster flexibility due to luxury tax issues when the incremental tax hits in the 13-14 season.