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Dave Murphy —  July 13, 2012

The ink on Steve Nash’s contract has had time to dry, and talk has turned to systematic issues. Yesterday, Darius used a Henry Abbott article as an entry point in the conversation about Nash’s offensive modus operandi, and how to find the balance. The topic will be revisited many times, in many ways. We’re now officially into the Nash era, and if you missed his presser on Wednesday, take some time to watch. In a word, it was impressive.

Andy Kamenetzky at the Land O’Lakers, offers the purple and gold butterfly effect, a chronicling of the many twists and fortuitous turns that it took to put Nash in a Lakers uniform.

Yesterday, Kobe Bryant tossed out an off the cuff assertion that the 2012 USA Team, could pull out a win against the Dream Team. In its essence, it’s one of life’s most common observations, that one could beat another. Yet in this heightened snapshot age, the comment went instantly viral. Here’s a take from Dan Devine at Yahoo’s Fourth Place Medal, incorporating the one and only Barkley.

Alex Dewey at Gothic Ginobili, takes a hilarious look at a Mike Brown plan of action for newcomer Nash – the Circle Offense.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register, brings the Nash conversation back to earth, and the idea of reaching a point in life where priorities change and realities crystallize.

Mike Trudell at the Lakers blog, has an in-depth look at how Mitch Kupchak was able to bring Steve Nash into the fold.

The saga of Dwight continues, with Houston gaining momentum. Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo, has the story.

An AP report covers the U.S. Team’s win against the Dominican Republic, Durant’s 24 points, Blake Griffin’s injury, and a great, extended video of Kyrie Irving trash-talking Kobe.

On the subject of Kobe and the Olympics, this SB Nation article by Andrew Sharp, is well worth the read.

Apart from the home run sweepstakes, there’s still a lot of small pieces of the Lakers puzzle that need to be put together. Royce Young at Eye on Basketball writes about Grant Hill who turns 40 this year, and is looking at the Lakers, Thunder, and Heat.

Mark Medina at the L.A. Times Lakers Now, profiles Jordie Meeks, the 76ers free agent shooting guard.

Suki Thind at Lakers Nation asks if Antawn Jamison would be a good fit for the Lakers.

And finally, Tim Gossett from the terrific Eight Points, Nine Seconds blog, has an article about our old friend Brian Shaw, a leading candidate for head coaching positions in both Orlando and Portland.


Summers are often a slow time of the year. Not so this one – summer league is upon us and it’s time to get a look at rookies, hopefuls, and the eternal chasers of the dream. The Olympics are also around the corner, always a momentous occasion, filled with personal stories of triumph over adversity. From free agency to fall training camp, there’s a palpable energy in the air. And for Lakers fans, anticipation for a season and a team that promises to be very different, thanks to the arrival of a 38 year-old soccer enthuiast from British Columbia.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy


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  1. Anybody know how Johnson-Odom and Morris are looking at summer league????


  2. They haven’t played yet. 1st game is today. 5pm pacific time on NBA channel.


  3. “Nash’s offensive modus operandi, and how to find the balance.” That was a great piece, and obviously the key to whatever success the Lakers will have on the offensive end. Nash should make EVERYBODY more efficient. Bynum & Gasol can easily avg 20+ points per (last season they avg’d 18.7 & 17.4 respectively). Kobe doesn’t need to be a top three scorer in the league, he can still be quite effective averaging 24-25ppg. And no, I didn’t forget about Nash’s attemps.

    Last season he averaged 9.0 fga per (while Sessions w/ the Lakers avg’d 9.2) & 12.5 ppg on .532 fg% (Sessions: 12.7 on .479). Plus Nash averaged 10.7 apg, while Session avg’d 6.2 w/ superior talent.

    Now if the Lakers can add a good 3 point shooter…


  4. Enjoyed Alex Dewey’s on Mike Brown’s tri- errrrr.. Circle offense.

    USA team played well last night. Problems will arise when they see Ibaka, Pau, Marc front line. Not going to be a easy matchup.

    BigCitySid: Kobe will adapt just fine will take some time for everyone else too. When Kobe shoots 48% you’ll probably say he didn’t shoot 50%. lol


  5. Dallas has a nice frontcourt to at least be competitive with Dirk, Marion, Carter as the players on the roster next summer. Cp3 and Dwight are still in play there. Never a good thing for someone to have injuries but if Blake isn’t 100% the situation in Dallas would at least be appealing to Paul. I would really hate for Cuban to be so lucky.


  6. Thanks for info Michael!


  7. For once I actually agree with Kevin…. Kobe will adjust just fine as he is used to having passes headed in his direction… its Bynum and Pau that aren’t used to seeing the ball… that will be a change for them.


  8. Remember when the Lakers were supposed to get Rasheed Wallace?

    Really hoping Scola clears waivers. He’d fit nice with the 2nd unit.


  9. Although some of our best minds are already assessing the potential meshing of Kobe and Steve in Brown’s speculated “dream” Showtime offense, I’m not there yet. I’d like to have a clearer idea of the roster: starting 5 and bench–which leads to the other shoe, the possible fallout, falling dominoes, etc. The Lakers are well positioned spectators.

    It is possible that the Magic have never given up on retaining Dwight, regardless of the ongoing and potential future damage to the franchise. If so, the most recent series of negotiations, involving many teams and countless scenarios, were just a facade. Management was focused on destroying Dwight’s Brooklyn dream. Then, he would decide to spend the rest of his career in the Magic Kingdom.

    If that was new manager Hennie’s strategy, it apparently didn’t work. Welcome to your Dwightmare.

    Now Daryl Moray of the Houston Rockets is calling Hennie’s bluff: The Rockets are willing to trade for a Dwight Howard one year rental, offering in return a puu puu platter of alternatives that even the most discerning Hawaiian would have difficulty rejecting.

    If the Magic want young first round draft picks, Moray’s already selected quite a few to choose from. If it’s an expiring contract to make the deal work, Moray’s got a great one. If they want to give back toxic contracts, Moray’s got tons of cap space. Just in case there are any doubts that Moray is serious, he’s amnestied Luis Scola. If Hennie want to make his own draft picks, Moray’s offering to customize a package of future first round choices. If Hennie would prefer to trade for Bynum, Moray is willing to facilitate through a 3 way.

    The Lakers are loving it. If Hennie wants a simple trade for Bynum after all, just give Mitch a call. If he wants toxic unloads, add Moray and we’ll share. If he only wants OKC style players and picks, the Lakers stand ready to sign Luis-once he clears Amnesty.

    Who’d you rather be, Mitch or Hennie?


  10. the Lakers stand ready to sign Luis-once he clears Amnesty.


    Scola almost certainly won’t make it to the Lakers in Amnesty, just as Brand didn’t.

    As to the rest, the fact that Daryl Morey apparenly prefers to spend a year trying to talk Howard into staying and trying to somehow get Paul to having Bynum (assuming Bynum would sign an extension, as rumored) and that Rob Hennigan would apparently prefer picks and some low-ceiling youth to having Bynum should tell the people who “don’t want Diva12” etc. something about how two GMs, at least, perceive Bynum.


  11. @ #4, Kevin: “When Kobe shoots 48% you’ll probably say he didn’t shoot 50%. lol”

    If Kobe shoots 48%, it would be a career best (currently his best is .469%, in the 01-02 championship season as 2nd leading scorer after Shaq).

    I would be ecstatic if our career .453 fg% shooter maintains a .465% fg% next season. It would be a drastic turnaround. Kobe’s .430 fg% last season was the worst since he was a 19 year old 2nd year player.

    When I think of the possibilities of what the Lakers can look like on the offensive side of the ball, I get downright giddy, lol. Even the 5th starter will have enough opportunities to hit 3 or 4 three pointers per game.

    Can’t wait.