Interview With Lakers Assistant Coach Chuck Person

Rey Moralde —  July 14, 2012

After the game between the Lakers’ summer league team and the Golden State Warriors (the Lakers looked like a disaster but, hey, it’s Summer League!), we talked to Lakers assistant and summer league coach Chuck Person about a few topics.

FORUM BLUE & GOLD: The key young guys like (Darius) Morris and (Andrew) Goudelock. What do you need for them to improve?

ASST. COACH CHUCK PERSON: They need to come out and slow down. Obviously, the summer league guys come out and they’re frantic with their breakneck pace. We need to have them slow down, see the game, make the right play, make the right pass, and then defend. The one thing that a Mike Brown team does is we defend so we need to make sure they do that first.

FB&G: Do you expect them to be contributors on the bench next year?

PERSON: Well, there’s an opportunity. We have a core group that we play with but there’s a chance for a guy like Goudelock to come in… Christian Eyenga… and Darius Morris to get some minutes. If they come out and do the right things and impress Mike and our staff, I think they have a chance to play.

FB&G: What was the biggest problem last season?

PERSON: Down the stretch, we didn’t score the ball like we thought we could. We only shot 42 percent in the playoffs and our defense struggled a little bit, at times. For the most part, we played okay. We just ran up against a tough Oklahoma City team.

FB&G: And, lastly, Steve Nash. You have to be excited for this one.

PERSON (smiles): Well, one of the greatest point guards of all-time. He knows how to run a team. He can facilitate very well and he can make threes. So we’re looking forward to having him our team and being able to get more guys involved in our offense.

We’d like to thank Coach Person for his time as well as Lakers’ PR John Black for letting us have access.

Rey Moralde


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  1. It is really funny how time changes our memory of how things appear. Steve Nash, for instance …

    Back around 2000 he was considered a below average PG, without speed/athleticism/defense.

    Now he is HOF with vision/shooting/IQ that is unmatched.

    Actually, both statements are still true, but he has had a chance to show off his better skills as a starter.


  2. Rey scores an interview with the Rifleman, nicely done!


  3. My post of a picture of Dwight in a Lakers hat got deleted. Don’t know why it wasn’t trade speculation.


  4. #3. I read the article you linked to. I’d disagree about your assertion of what was described there.


  5. @3 maybe the moderator is a Bynum supporter?


  6. Darius: We already know what’s been said on the Howard front. My focus was the picture of him in LA in a Lakers hat it was my first time seeing it. If there was a google link where it was just the picture I would’ve posted that didn’t find any.


  7. #5. I’m assuming that’s a joke.

    #6. You mean the picture in a hat no one can see the logo on? I see. Yes, that’s breaking news.


  8. @7 – Indeed.


  9. Darius: Didn’t know such a simple picture would get such a snark remark. You must be assuming the girl who he was standing with who wrote the caption is lieing. I’m not.


  10. Had another post deleted in moderation. Kind of a bit of a joke when fans of the same team can’t post such simple things. I get this site is a tight run ship but I wasn’t disrespectful to a singular person or the rules.


    1. A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.


  11. #9. This is last I’ll say on the subject, but that picture doesn’t matter. There are no new reports. Only speculation and fans wanting something to happen. That leads to statements like yours of “is Dwight trying to tell us something?” when in reality, if there was something to say, I’m sure there’d be a leak on what he’s presently thinking since we’ve gotten leaks *every single time* there’s a new development in this process. So, I deleted the comment with the link to the article that drummed up a bunch of speculation off a picture. That’s my prerogative as the guy who runs this site. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me. There’s a link in the right sidebar. I will reply.


  12. Does this one count as speculation?

    From Hoopshype – “Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore has learned Friday night through multiple sources that this past week has been nothing but multiple smoke screens concerning the Dwight Howard drama. According to Pingalore’s sources, this week is all about getting Dwight Howard to Los Angeles and on the Lakers roster. Sources close to the situation believe the “The Lakers will be the end game for the Magic center”. WKMG Local 6″


  13. I am so tired of the whole Howard thing. Bynum vs Howard, doesn’t matter too me. We can win either way. What I do know is we can not win without adding a little depth and shooting. and I am not really sure one of the young guys will step up.

    Unlike last year I think there is some value to be had with the mini but I am afraid we will miss out if this Howard saga continue to drag on.


  14. I think we can learn from recent past experience. The front office doesn’t really pay any attention to the idle chatterings of the fan class.

    They have work to do and a team to assemble.


  15. #12

    If you scroll down to the comments, there are a few locals there that say David Pingalore is never right about anything. Not holding my breath. We have all slipped into an alternative universe where Dwight speculation goes on for eternity.


  16. the magic need to re-establish the lakers as a viable trade partner so they can extract the best package the rockets have to offer. this is probably just a favor pingalore is doing for orlando’s front office/pr department. that’s my interpretation.


  17. I’m with darius on this. So sick of the bs media rumors and other spec stuff leading to another string of off topic chatter. If you want that go to lakers nation or This place should be for actual analysis and discussion like how our summer league team did lady night (i.e. Not well)


  18. In the video link on the right, Stein basically says the Lakers don’t have much of a shot at Howard unless they get a 3rd team involved, since Hennigan wants salary relief and picks.

    This makes sense to me; Hennigan is a new-breed guy, who was trained in OKC, a draft-built contender. Between Bynum’s knee and the fact that he has supposedly said we wouldn’t extend in ORL, I can see why, if Stein’s report is accurate, ORL wants to go another direction.


  19. The front office doesn’t really pay any attention to the idle chatterings of the fan class.

    No one here that I am aware of, other than you, has ever suggested that they do. And I think that we can safely put your lectures and apologia in the the class of idle fan chatter as well.

    The Lakers need to do a better job with the bottom half of the roster. That has been a problem during most of Kupchak’s time running the organization. Whatever happens with Howard and Bynum, the Lakers can’t miss on the mini-MLE (if they use it) and also need to get something useful out of a vet min signing. Kupchak usually gets the big things right, and the Nash deal, even if it doesn’t work, was the right move, athough costly. But if the Lakers are actually going to have any real shot to beat OKC, they can’t afford any more Blake/Ratliff/Kapono/Murphy type adds.

    It seems likely that Jordan Hill will leave, which means that they need another big, and perhaps Nash’s presence will help Josh McRoberts and he will be able to contribute.


  20. fifth_rune, nobody cares about the summer league team (jk) but i think a major facelift to the team is more of a topic to any laker fan


  21. In case anyone hasn’t seen this yet, Lakers fans welcome Nash to LA in style, on the freeway.


  22. From the guy who is host radio of ESPN in Houston, he said that Rocket fan want Bynum not Howard, they said why should we take Howard and bad contracts of other players? Last season i gave up on Howard because he called himself Super Man but he doesn’t have super brain. When Shaq came to LA he just go, he doesn’t ask who will be the coach or any players to come with him, that’s real Super Man. The GM of Orlando did the bad things to Howard, teams will be stupid to take Howard and bad contracts, Orlando wants Lakers to take Howard and bad contracts of other players, no way.


  23. Darko Milicic has cleared amnesty and is a UFA. The Lakers should make a call on him for a big off the bench IMO.


  24. Manna from Heaven is available but will he stay in the US or go to Europe? I hope to catch today’s Summer League game. It was a 30 point deficit by the time I popped on the tube and everyone looked dejected aside from Elonu.

    This year’s “give almost everyone a max deal” free agency makes me even more thrilled about the past year’s lockout since that obviously corrected all of these team’s infrastructure problems.


  25. Owners can blame the players greed all they want, but their stupidity is showing in the contract they negotiated with – forced down the throat of – the players.

    Ultimately there will be Donald Sterling and most of the rest of the owners will be paying him.



    Here’s that third team you spoke of RR.

    Don’t know if there’s any truth to it but it makes sense for LA and Cleveland, not sure about Orlando though


  27. any_one_mouse July 14, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Exactly what is Orlando getting from Cleveland? I don’t think it’s a better deal than what Houston is offering, from the Magic’s perspective.


  28. Sacre has some size and skill. Hope he makes the 15 man roster. Lakers have an eye for drafting bigs i.e Bynum, M. Gasol. Would be nice to see how he develops.


  29. rr: nice post at 19 – even though you have been picking on me recently : )

    Craig W: “They have work to do ” Yes they do. Even though I love the Nash deal – the current grade is “incomplete”. The current roster is not a true title threat, but I will reserve final judgment until November.


  30. Goudelock stroke has been way off again. I thought he did an ok (kind of) job at point – More like a dual point with Morris.
    Eyenga has gotten to the hole with ease and has blown so many gimmes. He still looks a bit spastic.
    Morris can penetrate but that shot is not money at all. Elonu with 10 fouls.
    Sacre was referred to as Michael Doleac possibilities. The Lakers would be lucky. His reactions are a bit slow but he’s tree trunk strong.
    Webb, Fox and Meyers spent more time talking about other team’s players which shows how thrilled they were with L.A.’s players.


  31. My thoughts on the two summer league games so far:

    – Darius Morris has no jumpshot, or shot outside 6ft PERIOD. Should have stayed in college young man.

    -Eyenga is a good defender, great athleticism, but same as Morris, cannot shoot from the outside even if it meant saving him from a firing squad.

    -Goudelock can stroke it from the outside, but shoots better off the dribble. He better work on his catch-and-shoot, spot up skills since that is how he can help the team.

    -Sacre will be a good 12th guy on the Laker bench. Great effort guy and loves to bang inside. good nose for the ball and really scrappy inside. keep him in the 15man roster and let him spend next season in the d-league. Marcin Gortat with lead weight in his shoes.

    G-lock and Morris share the same role/roster spot, and throw in DJO there as well. Lakers cannot keep the three as there are so few opportunities to develop them. They have to choose who they want to develop.

    Also, I wonder why the Lakers missed out on signing CJ Watson who signed for the vets minimum for the Nets (2nd yr player option). He would be the perfect backup to Nash, and can start if Nash misses time


  32. @#31…..Completely agree about CJ Watson. That would have been the kind of signing that could really upgrade the roster. He can play.

    Am a bit disappointed in the Lakers’ summer league crew. G-Lock and Morris do not seem to have improved at all since the beginning of last year. DJO doesn’t appear to be a late draft find. He doesn’t have superior quickness, but appears to be well schooled in the fundamentals.

    I love Eyenga’s athleticism but he’s as raw as uncooked meat. And Sacre seems like he could someday develop into a serviceable backup. Not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of.

    The Lakers have a great starting five, but the moves that they make in filling out their roster will ultimately determine how far they can go next season. The FO has some hard work ahead.


  33. Michael H @ 15 -“We have all slipped into an alternative universe where Dwight speculation goes on for eternity.”

    So true. Not much else to talk about. I guess many of us fans want more presents under the tree; Nash not being enough it seems.

    Karma demands that Diva stay in Orlando next year and hate every minute of it. He got the coach fired, right? Isn’t that enough?


  34. According to Jason lloyd the Cav’s beat writer, there is nothing to the Lakers, Cav’s magic rumors.


  35. the media is suggesting the knicks aren’t going to match houston’s offer sheet for jeremy lin now that they have traded for ray felton and jason kidd.

    i think jason kidd is going to be a back-up 2 guard. felton backs up lin.


  36. Great that LA has made one Nash move. Mean while most teams have made 3 or 4. We still have the WORST bench in the NBA, questions on coach offensive knowledge and haven’t had a single quality draft choice in 7 years.

    Might not be anyone left as this FO waits for Superman to fly in to save the world.


  37. 35:
    I agree. No way is Felton a better guard than Lin, and that’s not taking the market impact into account. And now that Houston is a ghost town, I don’t think Lin will want to play there either!


  38. Robert:

    Good points and good approach. Early rumors are that Brooklyn, Boston, and the Clippers have contacted Milicic’s agent. The Lakers need a backup wing who can play 2/3 and they need a backup big who can play 15-20 MPG and fill in for Gasol and Bynum without killing the team in case of injury. They have the mini-MLE and vet mins they can use, so we will see.


  39. Question: If you were Jordon Hill, which team would you choose: the Lakers, Thunder or Heat?

    Those are the three teams his agent is talking to. Hill’s numbers: 6’10, 235 lb, 25 year old, 3 year/ 3 team (Knicks, Rockets, Lakers) power forward w/ career averages of 5.3 ppg & 4.2 rpg in 14.6 mpg. Hill was a top 10 1st round pick (Knicks) in ’09.

    Most free agents when considering a team look at (in whatever order):

    -amount of money
    -length of contract (stability)
    -playing time
    -opportunity to win title
    -lifestyle city offers

    So if you were Mr Hill, where would you WANT to go? Miami appears to have veteran role players chasing titles knocking on their door to play for the minimum. The Lakers have the smallest window & the most questions pertaining to the ability to win a title in the next two years. Which leaves the Thunder.

    I’ll be surprised if Hill is not in OKC next season. After all, they did sign D-Fish.


  40. @39 re: Hill

    Thunder are out of roster spots, Heat have no money so would have to be a sign and trade. He will be back with the Lakers.


  41. How do you guys like Martell Webster as a player. He got cut from the T’Wolves.

    I know he has been injured, and that he came into the league branded as a shooter. But I lost track of him since.


  42. Hill is looking at Minnesota where he would team up with Derrick Williams his old teammate and possibly get more minutes now that darko is gone.

    Depending on what happens with batum that would be where he will be headed if not LA


  43. Jeremy Lin was the best thing that happened to NY last year business wise. Him along with Chandler on the court. They need guard depth with Shumpert hurt and Fields gone. A smart organization matches.

    I think G. Hill comes to LA off the Nash effect alone. And only a couple teams can sign Mayo without a S&T. McRoberts has been in rumors of a trade to Memphis for some time it’s unlikely but I hope Lakers can somehow get Mayo.


  44. Anybody who is young and have a role in the Lakers like Jordan Hill should grab this opportunity with LA. First, an opportunity to get a ring with Nash and three amigos; Second, a little sacrifice on pay but in three years time if one’s performance is excellent would be rewarded with handsome contract; Third, learn from other Lakers FAs in the past who opted for more money became a journeyman for teams who hardly make the playoffs.

    You got to build your name first and then your pay would follow.


  45. The other Grant Hill is OK as an addition. Chances are, he would be a mentor to the youth.

    Can the Lakers hunt for someone younger who could stop the younger opponents?


  46. Laker players in the Summer League cannot stand as a feared team IMO mostly composed of sloppy players.

    Here is my question, can Lakers sign foreign players that will shine in the Olympics outright? If they have an existing contract with other leagues, convince them to opt-out with buyout aid from the Lakers. I believe there are Lithuanians, Slovenians, Greeks or even South Americans who could help the Lakers in perimeter shooting. If Mitch would depend on NBA FA’s, Lakers would not be competitive due to little money they could offer.


  47. Missing out on this guy so late in the draft burns me:

    It’s plain to see Mitch has worked the top of our roster just fine. It’s the filler that’s lacking. Difficult to do when you’re drafting so late, and it’s easy to nitpick in hindsight, but a few more breaks in the draft could have gone a long way.


  48. It’s tough for the Lakers to get any solid play from the bench considered the fact that they have close to 100$ million devoted to five players. Their only hope is that the young people they acquire through the draft or rookie free agency will develop to be good enough for a championship run.


  49. Great video, snoopy. He looks very mature.


  50. Kyrie Irving challenges Kobe to a 1-on-1.
    Kyrie Irving breaks hand.

    Kobe System – “You’re welcome”



  51. aaron brooks is kind of stuck in limbo. i remember his quickness bothering the lakers a lot, but when you look at his numbers he doesn’t seem all that good.

    is that due to the rockets system? what kind of player would he be in the laker system?


  52. I’ve always been an Aaron Brooks fan, but maybe I’m placing too much emphasis on the way he used to tear us up. I think he’d be a great change-of-pace bench PG, provided he has complementary bench players to run with. At his best, he could play the role Farmar did during our Bench Mob year (only better), with Goudelock filling Sasha’s shooting role, Ebanks and Hill filling Ariza’s energy/cutting role, and Sacre clapping enthusiastically from the bench. It’s a long shot, but in my mind if you can get a speedy backup PG with the ability to break down the D off the PnR, you collectively raise the worth of role players like Goudelock and Ebanks. That’s something Blake just can’t provide.

    I’ll join the chorus about being disappointed about losing CJ Watson. I’m getting terrified we’re going to go into next year with Blake as our backup, and Brown will promptly run Nash into the ground. Not aware of Brooks situation, but highly doubtful he signs for the minimum. Watson would have been a fantastic get at that price.


  53. Caspar Ware is another draft pick that the Lakers could have claimed. Right now he looks better than Goudelock and Morris. Is he short, yes. Still he has a better understanding of the game than either of those two in their second year in the NBA.

    Last year I lobbied for the Lakers to draft Isaiah Thomas. Just like I lobbied for the Lakers to draft Caspar Ware this year.

    If Phil Jackson were still the Lakers coach I’d understand why they didn’t want to draft short pg’s. However, PJ is no longer the coach.

    Short pg’s are ideal in aiding you to wins during the regular season. But as are all rookies or 2nd year players they are unreliable in the playoffs.

    Darius Morris dribbles far too much after he passes half court. The Lakers summer league players do not have an offensive system, period. The guard comes down the floor, crosses half-court, dribbles 8-9 times then makes 1 pass and that player dribbles 1-2 times and then chucks up the shot.

    If per chance the ball actually gets to a 3rd player its due to a mistake.

    The Lakers do not play defense! If you can’t even coach your summer league players your defensive system, then….

    In the game last night the Lakers used a change of pace defensive tactic by trapping Sacramento. They had a modicum of success but did not return to it in the 3rd quarter when they were down by 10 points. The game proceeded to get away from them from that point and they never appeared to return to fighting to win the game.

    Defeatism in a basketball team starts with the coach.

    I still have neither observed a set play that is executed to fruition, nor a defensive set that results in a score during a crucial juncture in the game.

    Yes, this is summer league but Phil Jackson always used the summer league to teach the triangle to the new players.


  54. OJ Mayo, Randy Foye, Delonte West, Shannon Brown, Jodie Meeks, CJ Miles, Marco Bellineli, Michael Redd. Slow market for SG’s any of these players would be an upgrade.

    Ufa big men list isn’t as long.


  55. The Phoenix Suns have won the waiver auction on Luis Scola.


  56. suns amnesty josh childress, who has been a huge disappointment.

    i like what phoenix is doing. they’re using the denver model, putting together a deep team of quality players on reasonable/moveable contracts.


  57. Lakers backcourt fg% and pts combined last 5 years

    07-08 Kobe, Farmar, Fisher, Sasha- 57.9 pts – 44% fg

    08-09 Kobe, Farmar, Fisher, Sasha- 48.9 pts – 41% fg

    09-10 Kobe, Brown, Farmar, Fisher- 49.8 pts – 42% fg

    10-11 Kobe, Brown, Blake, Fisher- 44.8 pts – 40% fg

    11-12 Kobe, Blake, Sessions- 45.8 pts – 41% fg

    Next year: 38 yr old Nash, 34 yr old Kobe, 32yr old Blake. Lakers need a young stud scorer in the backcourt more than anything. Can’t ask Nash+Kobe to do the heavy lifting for 82+ games at that age.


  58. @44 – I agree 100%

    I think sometimes those players are listening too much to their agents.


  59. Funny but the Dodgers remind me of current Lakers. 3 or 4 really good players with a bunch of scrubs and utility players.

    Dodgers will not make playoffs and current Laker team will not get out of the West.

    All comes back to FO not seeing reality or excepting that reality in lieu of just selling tickets.

    Either way it’s painful for long time fans


  60. In absence of marquee players who are a little bit younger going to the Lakers, they should make it simple than trying to compete for the big time who are looking for more money. I’ll start with Jordan Hill, re-sign him, next an SG who has been a Laker and could add some perimeter prowess, that’s Shannon Brown. Having those two in the bench would support Blake and McRoberts plus Ebanks. G-lock, JDO, Morris and Sacre would be gravy if they can contribute as relievers.

    If they can sign Jodie Meeks so much the better. What was absurb was going for the big names like Brand, Grant Hill, Nick Young, Beasly and then you’d discover they have been snatched by the small markets who wanted to copy what Lakers are choosing?


  61. I think we’re good up to the 2nd round of Playoffs again… no way we can beat San Antonio and OKC for the West Finals


  62. Your right Edwin.

    I feel the problem with Jim is he keeps trying to win the trifecta instead of betting one race at a time.

    Lots of decent player are being signed and with the worst bench in the league and a old starting 5 you are betting on a perfect injury free season.

    Not gonna happen Jumbo.


  63. I agree that the Lakers priority is to improve the bench. Over DH trade, if you ask me. If we land DH, cool. But if not, Bynum is ok. But without a decent bench, it will be quite difficult to succeed.

    I believe our FO is the best in the league, so I’ll stay put. But missing on CJ Watson makes me scratch my head…

    Cortney Lee is still around. Meeks too. Jamison, like Jordan Hill, is probably waiting for the DH drama to be over.

    I’m just holding my breath while we’re waiting for news that we signed one of those role players.

    Dwight? Bynum? Whoever…(I’m up for DH, once none of them will sign an extension anyway…)


  64. I think the delay in rounding out the bench is completely due to the Howard saga. If the deal goes through we will probably be sending players and receiving others. I think the mini mle is being saved until the Howard situation is resolved and we know what we will need to round out the team. My biggest concern is the best guys will be gone before it is over.


  65. I really hope the delay in rounding out the bench is not due to Howard. It would be different if he was coming to replace Chris Mihm. But Bynum is the ultimate consolation prize in this Dwight drama. The Lakers are basically playing with house money in those negotiations.

    At some point the Lakers need to do like the Nets seem to be doing. Publicly call it quits and make other moves. What good is replacing Bynum with Howard when all the other good complimentary players have been snatched up. Like Aaron said, we’d simply be looking at another second round exit.


  66. I have a feeling both Jordan Hill and Jamison are waiting for the DH drama’s resolution.

    At least those 2.

    T.R. – ORL has our offer on their table; it’s up to them to accept or not. That does not prevent us to pursue other players, but the DH -factor is playing a huge role on other player’s decision.


  67. OK, waiting for headache drama Queen to decide, 1) once you sign him, the headache begins when will he play? 2) Once he plays, it will be near ASG and it’s time to start another drama in deciding whether to hold or trade him for some valuable pieces in return? 3) At the end of the season in April, the queen would again open the gates of free agency rumors in time with the start of the playoffs completely distracting Nash, Kobe and Gasol pursuit of the crown because the Queen will be seeking noise to gain attention just like what happened in Orlando.

    If he said that he would not re-sign nor extend his contract – it is time to believe him today to avoid further aggravation. Whatever super abilities he possessed, he lost his credibility, no one buys his changing stories. He’s no Superboy but the boy who cried “wolf” intermittently nobody minds him at all. Besides, why would a fan wants a superstar who hates to be a Laker!


  68. Haven’t heard anything on Matt Barnes lately. Is he coming back or not?


  69. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Barnes is going to be gone, but I have heard nothing about teams interested in him either, which is somewhat strange.


  70. Good catch on Barnes. I was thinking about that today; Barnes for one year at the vet min might be as good as other options there. If they do that, they need to sign a 2 as well.


    Like Darius said a couple of weeks ago, it’s pretty simple: Howard is better than Bynum. I would add that Howard provides some specific skills–mobility on D, P/R–that the Lakers need.

    Yes, there are questions about his back, and no, he may not want to play here. But he also might well mean the difference between losing to OKC and making it to the NBA Finals.


  71. The concerns about Howard are:

    1. Will he be a cancer in the locker room?
    2. Will he give his 100% knowing that he’ll leave?
    3. When will he be back from his back injury?
    4. Will he be the same player?
    5. Will he stay?

    I’m not sure how cancerous you could be in a roster that includes Kobe and Nash. Also not sure if he could create distractions that the Lakers aren’t used to.

    He’ll technically be in a contract year, so once he’s back, he’ll probably give 100%.

    As for when he’ll be back and whether he’ll be the same, I have no idea, but at least there’ll be an assessment so it won’t catch us completely off guard.

    Provided that he’s back in similar form and does his best to increase his value, I’m not sure that there’ll be a better roster he could join; even then it’ll probably be to his benefit to do a sign-and-trade (right?) so we won’t be losing him for nothing – though I’m not sure if there’s anyone we’d want to take back with that massive contract.

    Anyway, I’m excited enough about Nash that I’m willing to wait on Howard and instead work on the fringe pieces and see what it looks like to have Nash-Bryant-Gasol-Bynum offense going.


  72. i believe that whether we get Howard or not, we’re in good position to start the coming year, with full pre-season to practice the whole offense/defense scheme.
    i hope we will have quality bench guys that will compliment our fully loaded starters. a few bench tweaks will thrust our team to legit contenders again, though I can see us as #3 team now behind the obvious 2. bench guys wins us championships – remember our past champions and you will see quality backups.


  73. I wonder if they will run the circle offense haha.


  74. A little off-topic, but Jose Calderon still doesn’t have any good contract offers this offseason. What would people think of him as our backup point guard?


  75. rr,

    We all know the capabilities of Howard if he’s focused with the team, unfortunately the way I see it he’s not motivated at all to be traded with the Lakers. A player who is not sold to the idea of winning would also be half attentive in offense and defense because he’s just on a lease basis. Why would he sacrifice his body and might re-injure his back?

    Meanwhile, my main point here rr, Mitch could not offer the mini mle to players who are being amnestied. It appears that all his other moves and further trades are tied to the final outcome of the Howard deal. Orlando is just sitting this out and probably would suit Howard to Magic uniform for two reasons: 1) as a punishment to Howard’s petulant stubbornness; 2) Hennigan’s procrastination in making a decision and waiting for someone to produce a manna from heaven that will give them another young Center plus more 1st round draft picks.

    This waiting could drag on to preseason and Laker history might repeat itself. Like last season, CP3 fell through, Lakers filled the roster with rejects like: Kapono, Murphy and McRob. Hate to be pessimistic after getting a great PG but his support cast might produce a worse scenario wherein they will depend on the development of raw players who are now playing in the Summer League.


  76. Scratch my previous post. Calderon has a year left on his current deal.


  77. This starting lineup has the potential to be one of the worst in the league. PG-PF are on the downside of their primes and don’t possess great lateral quickness. Whoever is playing center has to be willing to clean up a lot of mistakes.


  78. Dwight Howard Open To Signing With Lakers Long-Term If Traded.