The Lakers Still Have Holes To Fill

Darius Soriano —  July 16, 2012 — 191 Comments

I have no complaints as to how the Lakers’ off-season has progressed.

Steve Nash has been acquired. The Lakers summer league team – though oh-fer through their first two contests – is showing some positive returns with their young players. Devin Ebanks’ return isn’t yet official, but reports say he’ll sign his qualifying offer soon to return for his third campaign with the team. And while there’s no other big move to report, the Lakers are, reportedly, actively exploring all their options to hit another homerun this summer. There’s no reason to feel bad at this point in the process.

There is still work to be done, however. In several recent interviews, Mitch Kupchak has mentioned that the Lakers must improve their bench and I couldn’t agree more. While getting Ebanks in the fold should provide a capable player on the wing, there’s still a need to find another player who can play behind Kobe and/or Ron to help give the Lakers proper depth. The same can be said of finding more help behind Pau and Andrew to help give the front court the bodies they need to keep everyone fresh next season. Because while rookie Robert Sacre has shown to be a banger in Las Vegas, he looks more like a 5th big man rather than one that can step in and fill any sort of meaningful role next year.

That leaves the Lakers wanting at least one wing and one big man to help fill out the roster going into next year. Who would be good fits, though? Let’s look at some options and gauge how realistic they may be.

  • OJ Mayo/Courtney Lee: I’m grouping these two together because they represent the types of players fans should realistically forget about. After Eric Gordon’s contract is resolved (after signing an offer sheet with the Suns, the Hornets have said they will match), these two players represent the best names on the SG market. They will command more money than the Lakers can pay and it’s really that simple. Coming off their rookie contracts, these two would both be wise to find contracts that can maximize their earnings on teams that are competitive. The Lakers offer the latter, but can’t pony up the dollars.
  • Grant Hill: Hill is said to be deciding between several teams or simply retiring. As a minimum contract player, he’s certainly in the Lakers’ price range and his familiarity/friendship with Steve Nash could help the Lakers snag him. Hill could be a good reserve SF in 15-20 minutes a game – playing defense, hitting mid range jumpers, and filling the lane on the break. He’s old, but doesn’t have as much mileage on his legs due to the multiple injuries that robbed him of his prime years. I’d think the Lakers have a realistic shot of signing him if he decides he wants to play next year.
  • Mickael Pietrus: I’ve read that there’s mutual interest for him to return to the Celtics so his inclusion here may be all for naught. However, last year Pietrus played for the league minimum and may fall into that category again next year. Even at a little bit more than that (say $2 million), he’s a good value as a defensive wing that can shoot the three pointer fairly well (35.7% career average). He has playoff experience, has shown is not scared of big moments, and by all accounts is a good teammate. If he wiggles loose from the C’s, I wouldn’t mind looking at him closely.
  • Brandon Rush: Rush is a restricted free agent so signing him away from the Warriors seems unlikely. Stealing a RFA from a team typically means overpaying and the Lakers have no such luxuries. That said, seeing what it would take to get him would be worth while. He’s one of the best three point shooters in the league (41% career average, 45% last season), has good size, and can play either wing position. His defense isn’t especially strong but he has the physical  tools to at least be passable on that end of the floor & will be held accountable to do so on the Lakers. Again, it seems unlikely the Lakers could sign him outright and his price tag may end up being too high even if they could. However, he’s the type of player that could really help the team and if there’s not a lot of interest for him on the open market (combined with the glut of wings the Warriors have on their roster), exploring trying to secure him would be nice.
  • Other names that fit the guard/forward profile are Carlos Delfino, Martell Webster, and CJ Miles. If any of them could be signed for the minimum, I’d be okay with any of this trio. They’re all capable pros that offer solid skill sets that can help the team. I’d prefer the guys mentioned earlier over them, but I’m not so picky that I’d turn any of these guys down.
  • UPDATE: In the comments, Jodie Meeks and Ronnie Brewer were mentioned so I’ll touch on them here. I’d be happy with Meeks, though he’s a SG prospect only and isn’t that strong a defender. His shooting ability would definitely help the Lakers  and I’d welcome the floor spacing his presence could add. As for Brewer, he’s an intriguing defender because he can swing between SG and SF on that end of the floor, guarding the other team’s primary threat. He’s not a floor spacer at all but his slashing and ability to make smart cuts would help an offense – especially one with one on one threats that occupy the D like the Lakers have. If either could be had for the minimum, I’d welcome either with open arms as both could help – though in different ways.
  • As for Big men, the pickings aren’t nearly as deep (which, in itself, is saying something), especially when you consider the Lakers are likely looking only at minimum salaried players. Recent reports have the Lakers interested in Antawn Jamison and Jermaine O’Neal. The former could provide a nice offensive boost to a reserve unit that sorely lacked punch. Jamison can still score and still has some range on his jumper (though his efficiency has decreased steadily in recent years). What Jamison doesn’t do is guard anyone and considering the level of responsibility big men have in Mike Brown’s defensive schemes that would be a problem. Jermaine O’Neal does play defense, but he’s perpetually injured. He’d help the Lakers if their quest is to acquire more players from the 1996 draft to go with Kobe and Nash, but beyond that I’d question how dependable he’d be. The Lakers need dependable bodies to back up their bigs (remember Theo Ratliff?) and O’Neal has more questions than answers when analyzing if he could do so. If I had to choose between these two, I’d choose Jamison for his shooting and scoring pop and hope that the Lakers’ D wouldn’t suffer so much since he’d likely be flanked by either Pau or Bynum at all times. Even he has his risks, though.
  • The player the Lakers would likely be best off getting to fill the role as the additional big man would be their own free agent Jordan Hill. He’s as known a commodity the Lakers can realistically get at this point and has already proven he can play next to either Bynum or Gasol as the third big man in the rotation. When you add him to Josh McRoberts (who I haven’t given up on at all), the Lakers could have a decent duo of back ups that offer a nice cross-section of skills teamed with high activity. If the only big man the Lakers signed this summer were Hill, it wouldn’t be all that exciting but it would be useful.

The market has slowed down and it seems that all teams have taken a step back to reexamine needs while trying to best sort out player values. This may ultimately be to the Lakers’ benefit as players and their agents find that the money they seek isn’t there for them. If you recall, this happened two years ago with Matt Barnes and the Lakers ended up with a solid contributor for a very good price. If they same thing shakes out this year, the Lakers could find themselves with two (or more) contributors added to their roster for minimum (or slightly more) value contracts who end up being rotation players.

Considering the payroll issues the Lakers face and the fact that they may not want to use their mini-MLE this year, spending little but getting viable contributors is the best case scenario. That said, getting those contributors isn’t an option. The Lakers must find some in order to be on comfortable footing with the other top teams (namely Miami and OKC) next year.

Darius Soriano

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191 responses to The Lakers Still Have Holes To Fill

  1. Darius, how about Ronnie Brewer? Can’t shoot but is an athletic wing defender who an be used on guys like Harden, Westbrook.

  2. What about Jodie Meeks, haven’t the Lakers shown interest in him?

  3. The Lakers need an athletic big to balance Bynum and Gasol so Jordan Hill is a must. Grant Hill does not help the athleticism void but would still be an upgrade to what the Lakers have been getting out of the SF position.

    The most important player the Lakers need to get back is Bynum. Whatever was going with him last season has to stop and he needs to get on the same page as Brown.

  4. looks like grant hill is leaning towards the lakers. if he signs and the lakers somehow get Jamison as well, will they still try and sign Jordan? or they just going to keep sacre as a backup big man?

  5. I’ve added short blurbs on Meeks and Brewer in the post.

  6. The FO cannot swing and miss this year acquiring talent to fill out the roster. Last year they missed badly, the year before was really no better except for Barnes. Too many players with matching skill set and needing others to help them get off their shots(Steve Nash will help in this department but he cant play 48 mins a game).

    The only way for LA to get better is to trade one of the Big2, all FA that could really change the dynamic of this team are out of this teams current price range. Players that are in range are not going to have the impact that this team needs to beat the best in the league. The reason this team had such a wide margin of error during the 2008-2011 season was because of bench play.

  7. Darius,

    The holes are slots, and the slots need to be flled by dominoes–the dominoes that will fall when the Dwight Howard decision does (or doesn’t) shake out.

    One would hope that the Lakers have their dominoes in a row, and competitors wouldn’t knock them another way–and we think we know some of the dominoes: the two Hills, Devin Ebanks, and the rumor mill.

    I applaud the FO for their posture and patience–and I’m willing to be surprised.

  8. Regardless of what happens from here on out I think the FO gets a passing grade with the Nash coup. I certainly hope they can upgrade more. I also haven’t given up on McRoberts he’s the type of player, like our other mediocre roster players that may just flourish playing with Nash. Is Matt Barnes still available? His talents could also be maximized by our new point guard…

  9. Belinelli has a pretty good stroke, but the Lakers likely need someone with a little more ability on D.

    As to bigs, the pickings are slim if J. Hill leaves. Milicic is probably the best out there. One name to think about is Shelden Williams who I think is still available. He is very, very limited but tough and strong. Jamison can still score and would work well with Nash but would be another older player with issues on D.

    But the key point is, as Darius says here and as I and others have said: the Lakers can’t miss on these moves; they need to get at least one guy who helps the team and one more guy who doesn’t hurt it.

  10. I don’t understand the issue with Hill – isn’t 3.6M the maximum we can offer him? I’d argue he’s worth that, given what we saw of him last year. His agent says the two sides are far apart. Is it based on number of years?

    On a related note, what is the maximum we can offer Barnes? I read everywhere that he is most prolly a goner, yet I haven’t read anything about another team offering him a contract. What gives?

  11. If MWP is amnestied do the Lakers get their mid level exception back?

    Lakers have an unbalanced roster. 4 PG’s, 1 combo guard, 1 SG, 1 SF, 2 Centers. And no one in the current rotation is an athlete. Still think the Lakers need to try and make a move to get a perimeter athlete.

  12. Grant Hill would be a good get – as a backup guard. Put him with Blake, with roles switching between O and D – Blake should play off the ball on O, but stick to guarding PGs.

  13. I’d be worried if we got G.Hill and Jamison, makes us very old. Would like us to get Jamison and J.Hill plus a younger wing who can play SF/SG and can shoot, that needs to be our priority. We have WP so don’t need another really experienced wing player.

  14. What about Barbosa? He’s athletic, shoots the 3 well, and has played with Nash before.

  15. Kobe’s most brutally honest interview to date.

    KB talking about the Kobe-Shaq feud, Tex, Phil, MJ, 63pts at 8 years old, Colorado and his retirement in 2 years?(NO!!!Don’t go Kob!! ) Link below.

    Part 1 Shaq-Kobe Feud

    Part 2 Retirement

    Part 3 MJ’s advice to Kobe

    If you want to watch more clips of the interview, go to the link and scroll down to find the other clips.

  16. Awesome KB24 interview here:

  17. Since they going after all of these old guys i would give AI a call he good for 12 to 14 points off the bench better then any players they had last year plus u can get him cheap

  18. If Mitch could swing on J. Hill, Jamison and Meeks…we’re done and a good team.

    Combine this with Blake, McRob. In fact, Jamison could be the starter in place of Peace in the 2nd unit.

    Sacre, JDO and Morris could act a short relievers especially when Lakers are leading by a huge margin in 3rdQ.

    I hope Mbrown would not abuse in playing Nash and Kobe with heavy minutes.

  19. Thanks for mentioning pietrus – barbosa would also be a great get, athletic, shoots the 3 and played with Nash – I also agree – why not bring back Matt – no one has mentioned him and money is drying up plus he played with Nash and Dwight if that happens

    I even think we might be able to get someone like Randy foye if money keeps drying up.

    Any chance we amnesty Blake?

  20. Rushing into moves in a chess match is a sure way to lose. The Lakers FO must have contingency plans after the D12 situation is resolved. There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of what happens with Dwight (whether he lands on the Lakers or another team) we have moves planned out to upgrade the roster right after.

  21. You never know how good a young player is when there in a toxic situation. A guy like Donte Greene will probably come cheap trying to reestablish his name in the league. Good size 6’11 226 24 years old and can learn from Lakers bigs. Some athleticism if Jordan Hill chooses elsewhere. Maybe give a look at a veteran big like Nazr Mohammed if Jamison doesn’t work out. Bynum, Pau, Greene, Nazr would be a nice frontline.

  22. 16. any_one_mouse – Great link, thanks.

  23. @ #3, Baylor Fan: Personally I think the whole Bynum issue from last year will be a non-factor next season. Bynum had issues not getting enough touches in his “sweet spots” while watching shots getting jacked up from the outside. Nash will make sure to spread the wealth so his teammates get the ball where they will be most effective.

    I’m hoping Jordan Hill stays with the Lakers. I previously read he & his agent were interested in Miami, the Lakers, & OKC. Well, who wouldn’t be? No idea what the Lakers think is a fair deal, but I don’t see Hill signing for less than $3.25 mill per for four years (he just finished a 3 year rookie contract which paid $8 million). Hill can be an effective player on a title contender, but on a team like the T-Wolves or Warriors, not so much.

    So the real question comes down to this, will a title contender pay Jordan Hill $3+ mill per for 20 – 24 minutes per game?

    The Lakers should. After all they’re paying Josh McRoberts $3.1mill.

  24. I think Mitch is waiting on Jord. Hill. If he doesn`t sign, then another big is the priority instead of a SG. The vet ex. to Grant Hill.

  25. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Never understood the fascination with Rashard Lewis. We had a better version of him last year – Troy Murphy (42% on 3s last year). He rebounds better, and didn’t seem to cause any issues in the locker room. Why not get him back?

  26. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Rush says LA is in “negotiations” – don’t know how close that is to a deal being signed.

  27. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    I don’t understand the brouhaha over Lin. Sure his contract has been structured creatively. But this is the Rockets we are talking about here, not Isiah Thomas. And if Morey thinks Lin is worth 8M a year, I’m inclined to agree.

    I can’t imagine the Knicks are actually considering starting Felton! Even Sessions is better.

  28. Aaron Brooks going to sign w/ Kings per Sam Amick

  29. how can lakers be in negotiations with rush when they can’t offer more then the mini mle? his qualifying offer from the warriors is at 4 mil.

  30. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    @29, Anonymous:

    Don’t know. Got that off Perhaps a s/t?

  31. Aaron Brooks signed for 3.3 million – we can definitely get an impact player for the mle

  32. At the Bleacherreport they claim/suggest/hope that the Lakers are negotiaing with Rush:

  33. warriors will certainly match whatever offer we give to rush.

  34. jamison to the lakers according to source, says bobcats beat reporter rick bonnell. there’s our new stretch 4.

  35. Jordan Hill, I think, is waiting if the Wolves can give a better offer than us. Else, he would have signed already. Wc means we wait until Batum issue is settled.

    I hope we S&T for Rush but that might mean McRoberts. Can’t do that unless we have a sure big coming in.

    I’d like Martell Webster.

  36. “The Lakers Still Have holes to Fill”:
    Yes – exactly – We need more + at present our off season grade is incomplete.

    “The Lakers must find some in order to be on comfortable footing with the other top teams (namely Miami and OKC) next year.”
    Yes – we need to find a few significant things, else we are miles behind the “Inferno” and we are still behind (albeit closer to) the Thunder.

    “No reason to feel bad”
    Agreed. I also support the FO waiting for the D12 situation to be resolved. I see D12 as our most viable way to a title. If we do not hit any more home runs, we sign a vagabond or two with the MLE + VM, then we are in the 3-5 range, the projected results of which you can consult the history of the Spurs of the 80’s, the Jazz of the “90’s”, or the Kings of the early 2000’s.

    We need more !

  37. One hole less:

    Lakers sign Jamison. A great move.

  38. Reports are that Jamison has signed. Shoud provide better scoring off the bench.

  39. Thrilled with the Jamison signing. He has his shortcomings, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, but as a third big man behind Gasol and Bynum I don’t think the Lakers could really ask for much more.

    I’m assuming we got him for the vet minimum, but even if it is a little more than that, he definitely shores up a position of need and helps out a lot.

  40. Jamison a good piece and even better fit with the signing of Nash and emergence of Bynum in the middle.

  41. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Does this mean Jordan Hill is out of the picture?

  42. @40 – good question…

  43. We own partial bird rights on Hill which means we can go over the cap to resign him. He is limited on what he can be paid I believe though because his rookie option was declined by the New York Bricks. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  44. I would like to see us go after Hasan Whiteside from sacramento. He would be a get for the minimum and would shut down the paint defensively. Check out his college stats on blocked shots!

  45. mouse:

    I guess it depends a bit on how much Jamison is costing us. I’d really love to bring back Hill as well.

    Jamison can backup Pau, which means that Pau can spend some time at Center, but I don’t think he can be a backup C.

    I think Hill can backup both positions and is much more of a defender/rebounder/shot blocker player than Jamison is.

    Having both off the bench would give the Lakers a lot more options based on what is needed at any given time.

  46. Also….Washington may amnesty Andray Blatche and his 4 year commitment makes it unlikely he’s claimed. He’s a headcase, but is young and has been productive in the past.

  47. Watching USA Basketball Kobe looks every bit of 33. I hope Ron comes back real spry because I am fearful of Nash-Kobe-Ron backcourt effectiveness on defense going up against young guards.

    Hate to say it but I really hope Westbrook or Harden take his minutes. All Of Them.

  48. jamison is supposed to be a very good locker-room guy.

  49. Oh we got Antawn? Sweet. We’ll forget what a fast break looks like by mid-season with all these dinosaurs on the squad.

  50. If confirmed – I also favor the Jamison move, however yes – this gives us 7 guys on the roster north of 32 ! Let’s complete this aging process and sign D12. AB clearly is not a good fit for this group : )

  51. Funky Chicken July 16, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Well, if true, the Jamison signing is a huge deal. This guy has averaged 16, 18, and 17 ppg the last 3 years. Even accounting for the fact that he’s been on a terrible team, he is radically better than the best guy off the Lakers’ bench from last year.

  52. I had a snarky post about Jamison all typed out, took a 3 hour nap, and woke up to his actual (reported) signing so I guess I’ll delete it. I just hope his efficiency improves with a better surrounding supporting cast. If the Jamison signing takes Hill out of the picture, I don’t like it. If we can have both Hill and Jamison on the bench, I can live with that.

    Would have loved to see Brooks sign with us for the mini-MLE. That’s disappointing, but not surprising. I remember him wanting more PT in Houston, so why would he want to back up Nash?

  53. Jamison awaiting for Tuesday the “final” offer so he’s almost a Laker hanging on a cliff.

    That is a good addition with career stats of 17+ ppg but another 36 yrs. old., Grant Hill is also about to become a Laker…. keep the reunion intact.

    Lakers new acquisitions are either too experienced or too raw in Sacre or Ervin Johnson Odom. I want to hear on Jodie Meeks and Brandon Rush.

  54. Is it just me, or are the Clippers generally rumoured to be looking at the same guys as the Lakers?

  55. Jamison is an okay addition if he only plays when we want a stretch four on the floor. He can’t play SF anymore and has lost most of his athletisism.

  56. This is from a tweet around 6:35 PM by Dave McMenamin@mcten

    Just talked to Mitch Kupchak about Antawn Jamison. He acknowledged interest but said: “We’re not about to do anything. I would know.”

    Lakers are keeping quiet on the issue.

  57. Since the Clippers have lost their GM due to generalized cheapness, their best bet is to listen for reports of who other teams are interested in, and then try to chase down these players. I have visions of Andy Roesner eavesdropping outside of Mitch’s office door in Staples, while Sterling counts all the money he’s saving.

  58. Man Kobe looking not so good out there on offense. James is by miles the best player. Kobe bad passes and 30% shooting aganist guys he used to kill.


  59. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    @55 – Yep, that’s what I read as well. Jamison has yet to receive his offer.

    @JimC – Exactly! Jamison will be good as a PF backup, but we really need someone adequate to back up Drew as well. Like you, I’m hoping that is Hill 🙂

    What that means for McBob and his expiring contract is anyone’s guess…

  60. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    @47, Kevin_

    For Kobe, this is an early conditioning camp. I’d be very surprised if he operates at anything more than 60% at this point. Wait till the Olympics, and possibly the medal rounds to see him crank it up a notch.

  61. any_one_mouse: you’re right he turned it on after I posted that. He won’t be able to play as physical with the Lakers and won’t have athletic wings flanking him but I have no doubt in how great Kobe will be next season.

    Glove: If that’s the case our bench will be as bad as last year. Unless solid contributors take far less for a shot at a ring.

    I think Nash, Kobe, Ron, Pau minutes need to average 30-31 minutes for them to be effective 82+ games. That means 18 backup minutes for a PG, SG, SF, PF.

    Who do the Lakers have on the bench currently that you are sure can contribute? As of today from what we’ve seen they all are liabilities. Two of the big 4 will likely be on the floor at all times but that will mean minutes will be in the 35 range. That would be counter productive.

    I feel Lakers FO feels that keeping the championship core together gives us continuity and a better chance to win. but we already lost our championship core when we lost Phil, Lamar, Fisher, Luke, Brown. Kobe, Pau, Bynum aren’t enough to offset all those losses. Keeping the core 3 intact will be the downfall.

    Lakers FO has done a great job this offseason. Getting Jamison would be a big time get for the bench.

  62. Another Summer League blow out. 26 points for the first half.

    Offensively, aside from slashing from Eyenga and Elonu, it’s chicken scatter. It’s like these kids have never played organized ball.
    Morris 4/17 dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble
    Eyenga 3/12 hustled; played hard all game
    I’d reward Elonu’s hustle with an invite with full knowledge that he’s going back overseas after the final cut. He’d foul out before he made it to the practice court.
    GLock is going to have to room with Caracter by the end of Summer league if he doesn’t suddenly show more shooting acumen and court awareness.

    The disorganization is mind boggling. No amount of timeouts seemed to sink any thought process into these player’s heads.

  63. If Jamison has anything left in the tank, it’s gotta be an upgrade. Can’t wait to see Nash dish off to Kobe for a Slammmmmm Dunk.

  64. hmm for the summer league

    G. Somogyi is having a nice +/- or it is just me haha.

  65. Is Chris Palmer’s tweet trustworthy? He is saying OJ Mayo is signing with Dallas.

  66. 62) The Lakers went on to lose by 50 points to the Heat. There are no players on this summer team that can help the Lakers chances at even getting to the playoffs. Goudelock looks horrid as a pg and as a sg, you know he can’t play defense and is to short and physically unimposing to bother anyone even Cole.

    I knew this summer league team was awful after the 1st quarter in the 1st game. They’ve done nothing to change that point of view.

    Basketball people that are in Las Vegas say that the Lakers team is a joke to everyone there.

    But, hey the Lakers don’t need scouts.

    The only player I liked today was Nelson Reeves, at least he loos like he knows how to play. He doesn’t look like he’s in basketball shape, though. Honestly, I only watched the game between commercials for the Olympic team.

    Ebanks is missing out on another opportunity in the summer to make an impression and work on his game.

    Another one lost: Mark Cuban just tweeted that OJ is signing with Dallas!

    When did we get to a time in basketball history when no one wants to be a Laker.

  67. So apparently it wasn’t such a dumb move by Brown to not play these guys more last regular season.

  68. Ex, burning out the old legs for the opportunity to be King of the Pacific division was dumb. Miami’s Norris Cole and his flashback flat top looked confident. Maybe he was always a better player than Morris. Maybe it came from the confidence of playing time through the year.

  69. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Mitch is saying we won’t use the mini-MLE this year 🙁
    Means we are stuck with GHill, Jamison and other veterans

  70. #56

    Here is what Mitch said in preferring the Vet. Min to fill out the roster –

    Kupchak: “That’s the only way we can fill out our roster. With the new collective bargaining rules, it restricts what we can do. Right now, I don’t think we’ll use the mini mid-level exception. But other than that, all we have is the minimums. And with five high-salaried players, there’s only so much you can expect the owner to do, whether the rules permitted or not. I think we’ve demonstrated that this organization wants to win with the Steve Nash signing, but you can’t just go out there and sign the world.”

    ~~ I said Jamison signing is still hanging on the cliff. There could be hard bargaining going on between V.M. vs. mini mle. We lost Lewis to Heat; Brand to Mavs; Beasly to Suns perhaps because of low offer. Nash cannot carry the Lakers towards Finals whether WCF or NBA Finals without any help. Will he past it to a “brick” shooting? True, Lakers are over extended and overpaid but it is also true without the help of the bench and perimeter shooting, we’re back on the doldrums of 2nd round playoffs only. The Summer League players cannot stand on their on, they have miles and miles to go before they can pan out in NBA. I wish we could sign Olympic players from other countries.

  71. JayCartyGoldenWheels July 16, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    The only player on this summer roster who I like at all is Morris, there is still something about him. Yes he dribbles too much, but what are they running anyway?

    Goudelock, for as good as he could look in flashes last season, looks very ordinary. Hearing the announcer talk up Sacre was laughable-“he’s loooong..”. Not really. DJO looks out of his league, but he would lead the club in broad shoulders. Don’t think he would help at all.

    I’m all for an influx of youth, but not from these guys. Perhaps our only young legs will be Ebanks and Morris.

    None of them look as good as Derek Caracter did a few summers ago, and he was skilled but undersized. Had a few moments, but that’s all.

    All Miami was doing was swinging the ball around, think the Lakers FO is kind of mailing this summer league in. Not much to gain, really…

  72. any_one_mouse July 16, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Mayo to Dallas…for 4M??

    That can’t be true, can it?

  73. Glock was surprisingly bad today–poor decision making and poor court awareness. Morris showed flashes, but where was any kind of offensive flow with this group? Second rounders for a reason? Everyone is trying too hard to hit a homerun or too nervous to do the simple thing in rhythm. Lots of missed shots and missed assignments. Little communication it seems (can’t hear them).
    Still hoping for the two Hills AND Barnes.

  74. Here’s the link to the Kupchak interview:

    No MLE – means no Rush, Meeks, Barbosa

  75. Kupchak confirmed an earlier report by that the team did not plan on using its mini mid-level exception, starting at $3 million a year, to fill out its bench, and would likely only offer veteran minimum contracts to prospective free agents.


    Kupchak saying that they are not using the MLE and the state of the summer league roster are not good signs for the organization.

  76. @71 & 72 – My bet is that Mitch is bluffing.

    Not using the MLE, when you’re on winning-now mode?

    No way.

  77. Mavs are salvaging their off-season.

  78. no mini mle means saving 6 mil a year.

  79. Minus well call Mark Cuban Stephen Trantel with all these heists he’s pulling off. You can see his plan is for next summer. Some superstar/s are going to see how clever he is getting players and his track record of 50+ wins every year and go to Dallas. He’s not going to leave next summer empty handed.

    Great for Lakers to see many role players get 1 and 2 year deals. Jordan Hill may just come back for 1 year at the QO. I’m all for developing players but West, Delfino, Miles, Foye are still out there. One of them is going to fall to Lakers.

  80. Wasn’t Goudelock the dude the Lakers were “hiding”?

    They should have kept him there. These guys are scrubs.

  81. I hope that Kupchak is indeed “bluffing.”

    As to Dallas, they will try to get Paul and Howard in July of 2013 if both are still FAs

  82. I read the Kupchak interview too but he’s just never going to give anything away. I love that about him. Jamison is a very solid move. Not at all thrilled that Lakers are working out J. O’Neal tomorrow, he’s got nothing left but experience. Sometimes a player’s body’s just too gone. Seems to me that we’re getting real close to a full roster, especially if J. Hill comes back and G. Hill signs. It’ll be tough for the rooks to find slots.

  83. Jermaine O’Neal will have a private workout with the Lakers according to a report. If they add Jamison, O’Neal, and possibly Grant Hill, they will have the oldest bench in NBA history! I can just imagine who practices for the team after a back-to-back set next season… not Kobe, Nash, Bynum, Gasol, O’Neal, Hill, Jamison. Leaves the team with Ebanks, Artest, Morris, Goudelock, Sacre, and Blake. 3-on-3 practices! Truly emphasizes the WIN NOW strategy

  84. FO has done a great job thus summer? Really Kevin?

    One move Nash. Teams like Miami, Dallas etc get better and we make one move. Right now we throw away 2 1st rounders for 2 guys who were free agents.

    Our summer team could be the worst in Laker history and coaching look like Brown JR. Out there.

    No back up for Kobe, crap Blake, no back up center, below avarage Artest, worst bench in league and good players keep getting signs.

    This organization is not about winning it all just teasing fans to overpay for seats. Stop living in denial people. This is a 3rd or 4th seed and one major injury away from being a 8th seed.

    Been fan way to long to pretend this 4 man, older team with a questionable coach can go anywhere next year.

    Nash is nice but 38 and look at his numbers the last month of the season. There is no fountain of youth.

  85. Go team AARP!

  86. ko, if you’re wrong can you please stop posting your negative comments. go to espn or Yahoo for that garbage

  87. Let’s put it this way, Jimbo is trying to minimize paying huge luxury taxes since Lakers have the highest payroll. Mitch is trying to balance the roster with pay and talent, the problem is, only the oldies are biting for low pay with opportunities of getting a ring. Aside from that, they are still waiting what the diva would decide, so you have to allocate some kind of allowance for diva’s dramatic entrance of which a lot of people here are so enthralled that he would really help the Lakers. Is this the sins of the past that we neglected to foresee this happening in the future and future is today?

    If you were the GM how would you really bridge the gap at this time? We need a good salesman out there like Pat Riley who would motivate a free agent or Phil Jackson who would use his zen power in believing the triangle will transform everyone to a NBA ring.

  88. Ko: They did a great job changing fans mindset from thinking their penny pinchers to being about winning. Already in the tax having 3 players who makes $15+ mil to add Nash at all costs for the goal to win is impressive. I definitely thought Jim was going to be the Dolan of the West making bad decision after bad decision.

    Filling out the roster is a different story. Still need a elite athlete imo. But if Lakers are 10 deep with veterans can’t ask for more.

  89. Which annon should I respond to the one that says AARP or feels long time fan is to negative?

    If you only want positive news then watch Sponge Bob it always ends happy.

    Someone put that bench together last year. Just hoping it better this year. Another Kapono, Murphy, Blake, McRoberts, Morris group would be hard to be positive about.

  90. ko, you probably don’t remember much of the lakers during the early 90s huh cuz you’re probably one of those bandwagon fans that only watch them when they’re winning.

  91. ko long time fan, rather ko = hard to please fan.

  92. I am not sure how this is supposed to work out, but a local media seems to know that Rush is indeed about to sign for the Lakers:

    “I always thought that Rush would accept the qualifying offer that’s on the table for him, but it looks like there’s a strong possibility he will sign with the Lakers.”

  93. kehntangibles July 17, 2012 at 4:58 am

    Ken/ko – sometime ago, in a typical hissy fit, you vowed to stop posting here.

    Please, please, for the good of us all, recommit to that vow because it’s beyond redundant at this point.

  94. Oh, just wanted to share this sweet little thing about Nash sending “sorry-I-ditched-you” present to a preschooler who was heartbroken when he left for the Lakers:

  95. Warren Wee Lim July 17, 2012 at 7:31 am

    KO, until we sign Lebron James for the minimum (and for max number of years) will you be happy.

  96. Funky Chicken July 17, 2012 at 7:33 am

    With a team that was massively over the salary cap and without any draft picks, what on earth did you expect them to do this offseason? Their only tools to improve we’re the vet minimum, the mini-MLE, and trades.

    With that limited arsenal, the front office has added Steve Nash and, reportedly, Antawn Jamison–without using two of their “tools” (meaning that they can still use the mini-MLE and can still make a trade. These tools keep them in the game for a younger player to back up Kobe, and to acquire Dwight Howard.

    There are a lot of people here who claim to be longtime fans but who seem to have no grasp of the reality of salary caps and free agency….

  97. Ooops, Grant Hill is wavering based on this news account:
    “The Clippers also made contact with free-agent forward Grant Hill, who appeared less likely to join the Lakers despite conversations with Kobe Bryant and Coach Mike Brown.”

    ~~I hope somebody could preach Grant the importance of becoming a Laker before he hangs his jersey for good. He could be a HOF candidate if he wins a ring with the Lakers. He may be old but he would be a good mentor for the young Lakers on how to cope up with injuries and maintained professionalism as well.

  98. Fellas Ken/Ko makes some valid points. I dont agree with everything, but the cyber bullying is just as bad. I have to concur that with only three players left from a championship era the FO has kept the three players who skills overlap the most currently. Leaving no room for improvement othe than the NBA making the lane 3 feet wider.

  99. It is not that they don’t have valid observations — it is that they make the same observations repeatedly, whenever they post.

    We hear them, we understand them. Now how about comments on other aspects of the Laker situation.

  100. I am on the fence as to whether we should have rebuilt or went after it the next two years. We have the talent to compete but only if our starters get the breathers they need during the game. If our bench stinks again, we would have been better off gutting the roster and following the Houston model with draft picks and no salary cap pressures. We will always be a free agent draw so I have no doubt we could have been back quickly in a competitive manner.we are wasting years and money though if we are only going to lose at end of games because our bench gives us nothing.

  101. For the record, I like the Nash signing, and would be in favor of bringing in Jamison and some of the other vets being discussed. If the front office isn’t willing to make these moves to bolster the bench though, then everything else we have done doesn’t make sense. It is pretty apparent from watching the summer league games we are going to get little to no relief from those guys. I like Morris and goudelocke, but it looks like they have regressed from last year.

  102. With the possible signing of Jamison coming closer to reality and reports surfacing that we’ll be working out J. O’Neal, it seems as if our front office can see the writing on the wall in regards to Jordan Hill moving on for ‘Greener Pastures.’

    I also still believe that if the right player/opportunity presents itself, they’ll use the M-MLE. In situations such as this, we can never take Mitch @ face value.

  103. Warren Wee Lim July 17, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Free agent Grant Hill has reached agreement on a deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources tells Y!

    ^^ that coupled with the Lakers pushing for Dwight still.

  104. 36 year old Jamison joining Lakers. Will this make the Lakers the oldest team in the league? It’s very obvious the FO is attempting to win at least one more title with short term vets around Kobe. As of right now, only Eyenga (and it’s only a qualifying offer) is on the books after Kobe’s whopping $30+ million per comes off the books in two years.

    Full rebuilding around Bynum or Howard starts in the 2014-2015 season. Until then can anyone say “the Over the Hill Gang” rides again? This time in L. A.

  105. I’m tired of hearing about Howard. The Lakers have two centers on their roster right now who would start for any other team in the league. I’m so over Dwight. Seeing guys like Mayo, Watson, possibly our own Hill get picked up hurts. Seeing LA’s summer league team get owned hurts.

    Meanwhile, the Lakers are “pushing hard” for Dwight.

  106. The Lakers appear to me like a giant hawk, swooping down, prey in sight, stuck in suspended animation.

  107. Glad the Lakers didn’t cave and try to give Grant Hill more than the minimum. I like his game even at this stage, but he’s not worth the mini-MLE for such a high-payroll team. If we can’t swing something for Brandon Rush, I bet Mitch will have to go talk to Matt Barnes at some point. He’s had disappointing postseasons but he’s played his role well in the regular season.

  108. Grant Hill chooses the Clippers proves money > winning for most players. Nash took less for his family and a chance to win. Hill is deciding to play in the same building but not with Nash a teammate for last 5 years for a few million more.

    Not losing sleep over the possible loss of J. Hill either. Jamison and O’Neal together will come at the price of Hill alone.

  109. I know I’m not up on the latest dance crazes, but what is this one called? The Godzilla?

  110. If Hill signs with the Clippers, seems to me the Lakers should be talking to Barnes. I expect he would come back for a year at the vet min and I am not sure there are better options.

    Still need backup big and a backup 2, but I think the “They are waiting until the Howard situation is resolved” is correct.

  111. I’m a little baffled by Grant Hill going to the Clippers. I have to wonder if maybe the Lakers decided that they wanted to go a different direction.

    Grant’s made his money. Clippers aren’t anywhere close to winning a title. Nash plays on the Lakers now. Be a backup 3 AND backup 2 would get plenty of minutes. It would seem a perfect fit.

  112. The Lakers didn’t want Grant Hill as a back up Sf as he can’t and doesn’t shoot threes. The Lakers know they need three point threats at every spot on the floor around Bynum (hence the Jamison signing).

  113. rr: Would love to get Barnes back in the backup role. I think Delfino at this point in FA would be a steal. 36% from 3 and solid defense.

  114. Seems like the wolves and clippers have signed 20 players each this off season.

  115. I followed the Suns as my second team (because I have been a big fan of Steve Nash for years), and a lot of people felt like Grant Hill had lost a big step last season. He was no longer able to play the same defense and had trouble creating his own shot, even that pet-midrange jumper of his.

    I think B.Rush would be way better for the Lakers, but maybe it is just a dream. Barnes might be better too, more energy and hustle.

  116. “I’m tired of hearing about Howard. The Lakers have two centers on their roster right now who would start for any other team in the league. ”

    That statement is so true in context, but reality is if you were seven foot you could start for half the teams in the league or at least sit on the bench based on height alone. I dont think Pau is a top 5 PF in the league with his role on offense as it is now, that could change with Nash, but dont bet on it with the paint as crowded as it is. David Lee could put up numbers that compares to Pau’s at this juncture.

    The question to be answered with the DWIGHTATHON relates to the game of Drew and Drew only. Is he a game changer, must see TV, does he have what it takes to be the man, can he mature, can he stay healthy. Some questions apply for both, but the FO is looking at the big picture. Ticket sales, jerseys, butts in the seats, and marketability. And that my friends is where Dwight wins hands down no questions asked.

  117. After watching 3 summer league games, I wonder if the Lakers will pick up Glock’s option – if they have, then I wonder if he will get off the bench. He dribbled too much, dribbled into traffic, couldn’t defend, and couldn’t shoot much. The shooting may come around, but at his height I just don’t see a place for him. Morris, at 6’5″ and a better defender would be used at PG ahead of him.

    I also don’t see DJO being much more than the 14th man on the bench – or in the D League most of the year.

    Robert Sacre looks like the only real keeper from the summer league – I think he picks up the #12 slot on the roster. Maybe Darius Morris at #13.

  118. Wow – it the Lakers need to surround Bynum with three-point shooters to make him effective on offense, that says a lot about his limitations.

  119. If they keep signing these older players, the Lakers will have to hire a Geriatric physician to manage their players!
    When was the last time that signing an old player at the end of their career paid off for the Lakers? I certainly can’t remember, can anybody else?
    I can see the rational behind getting Nash as he is still very productive, but Jamison (career low FG%, O’Neil (perpetually injured)?
    It is time to add some youth and athleticism!

  120. We need 2 bring back Shannon brown. Matt barnse

  121. It is being reported that the Lakers are pushing hard today for Howard. I think the Lakers are having their Sh*# or get off the pot talk with Howard and the Magic. If Howard doesn’t agree long term with the Lakers I think they move on.

  122. TheNCDon,

    I get all of that. It makes sense. The Lakers see Howard as their next franchise player. Get him now and the team won’t see much of a drop off when Kobe finally does hang it up. It all makes sense. Except the guy doesn’t want to be here. This entire fiasco comes down to the Lakers waiting for Dwight to change his mind. As each potentional trade parter is taken off the table they are hoping he chooses LA by default because there are no other options. In the meantime any potential bench player who could make a true impact on the team is being taken off the market.

    With all that said, I can’t remember a Laker franchise player who didn’t want to come here. I’m not talking Kobe’s trade demands from 2007. I’m talking a franchise player who flat out made it plain that he didn’t want to come to this team. That just rubs me the wrong way. This is the same guy who got his coach AND GM fired.

    I have a hard time believing he can be the kind of franchise player the FO is hoping for. But hey, maybe none of these things are bad omens. Maybe it will all be forgotten once he is (forced) to pick the Lakers.

  123. the knicks will not match lin’s offer sheet, according to howard beck of the new york times. that’s too bad. would have made for a lot of drama and generated a lot of interest in the knicks.

    grant hill to the clips? there go my dreams of the Nash-Kobe-O’Neal-Hill-Jamison lineup, aka Dino Unit.

  124. any_one_mouse July 17, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I still don’t know how the Mavs got Mayo? How much was his deal for?

  125. #126, i read the mavs had about $4M in capspace, so the assumption is that it’s about 2yrs/$8M with a player option.

  126. The Lakers have pursued Dwight for so long has as much to do with money than the O’Brien trophy. Dwight is one of only a handful of players that fill every arena in the league(LeBron, Kobe, Dwight, Griffin, Rose, Durant). Season Tickets would instantly sell out, merchandise, tv ratings go up, etc. He’s a one man army when it comes to creating revenue. The same effect Blake had on the Clippers Dwight would have on the Lakers. Bynum may be close to Dwight in basketball skills. But he doesn’t create revenue something the Buss’ need with this new cba.

    I love the fact Jim Buss thinks big. cp3, nash, dwight. He knows this a superstar league and is trying to do everything he can to get them to LA. There’s still quality players on the market Lakers should be fine.

  127. @ 123, Michael H

    I agree and hope that’s the case. Spending too much time and effort chasing someone who, granted, is the best center in the ..A if healthy, but hasn’t given any indication that he would be committed to us long term.

    Mind you, while I would love to attain him (if he’s committed), it’s not as if he’s an ABSOLUTE need for the team, IMO. While not the biggest fan of Bynum, he’s definitely the next best thing to Howard. Some (not myself) would argue even better. One would also have to take into account how alienated Bynum is feeling right about now. We understand that this a ‘Business’ and that trades (even speculative) are part of the ‘Business’, but these players have feelings and if we think Bynum was a problem last year with his immaturity, imagine him this coming season (of course, if he’s retained) after having his name dangled about in trade scenarios for so long. He’ll more than likely feel unappreciated and disrespected by the organization. If this turns out to be the case, I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the FO. Especially @ this particular time when he’ll have all the LEVERAGE.

    In a nutshell, IMO, we need some type of closure to the the Dwight Howard Issue. The sooner, the better.

  128. any_one_mouse July 17, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    126, @chibi,

    That’s what I thought – till I read this:

    If they still have “room” to get West, after signing Mayo, either he signed for peanuts, or there was some other loop hole that Cuban and co exploited

  129. any_one_mouse July 17, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    @128, Kevin_

    I don’t know that Dwight’s brand hasn’t been impacted by all this hullaboo. Even when Shaq left Orlando, he didn’t create a soap opera out of it. And there was reason to fault Orlando for not giving him a wow-tastic offer up front. This is different. Not only is he blowing up the bridge, he’s napalming the entire village while doing so.

    On the bright side, it might motivate him to play even harder on court. After nothing shortens people’s memories like a ‘ship, right?

  130. I really hope we don’t sign j.o.Neal so that we don’t pay j.hill – Neal is pretty terrible now – always injured, can’t shoot, won’t drive when covered and can’t dunk

    On defense hopefully he still has some ability to protect the net but i think his old legs will be very suspect in p-n-r D

    We need both – and some news on a pterosaur official signing would be great

  131. any_one_mouse: I don’t necessarily think Dwight damaged his brand. I think social media damaged Dwight’s brand more than anything. Dwight said before the 2011-2012 season started he wanted to be traded. But the Magic organization decided to bend over backwards to please him and wound up creating this whole mess. Dwight’s been pretty consistent he loves Orlando the city but wants to play for a better team.

    You’re right winning cures everything. Jordan, Kobe, LeBron and Shaq are prime examples.

  132. any_one_mouse July 17, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    133 @Kevin_:

    Fair enough, but I think we agree that his brand has been damaged. Hopefully salvageable, but in the short-term, it gives people another reason to hate the Lakers 🙂

  133. Dwight is doing the best thing that he has done in the last year and a half, being quiet. Silence is golden, maybe he is open to LA now and has learned from the Brooklyn fiasco that it is best to let the thing play out first behind the scene before being heard.

  134. we need DELFINO!

  135. Not as sexy as Dwight Howard talk, but what do people think of Josh Childress? He just cleared waivers and is unrestricted…

  136. Going after Dwight really has little to do with suring up the bench and getting a back up wing. The Lakers are trying to do those things while talking to the Magic anyways. They can do more than one thing at a time people. The only problem with trading for Dwight is he most likley won’t be as good anymore. It’s scary to me that people get paid to cover pro basketball and they don’t mention that Rubioi will never be the same player again, that Rose will never be the same player again and that Dwight Howard won’t be the same player again.

  137. clippers’ bench is starting to come to shape with the addition of lamar, crawford and now hill while we have blake, mcroberts, eyenga and morris. our best bench player didn’t even sign the QO yet. yikes…we need some major help. adding jamison and o’neal wont help much either.

  138. At this point – we absolutely must get D12. It could be our only hope at a title. I said it all last year – and I am still saying it. Now that we have a solid PG, we need to upgrade defensively. D12 can make up for the plethora of blow bys that will occur past our guards next year. He will also run the floor better than AB making up partially for our lack of speed. Without a D12 deal, this roster is going to be tough to improve and improve we must. This will be especially true if we really do not use the MLE (that would not be a good decision if true). I am willing to take the chance with regard to the back and the unwillingness to sign. I am still all in on this and I am hoping that I will need to kiss the ring.

  139. we definitely need consistent instant offense off the bench. who that person is who is willing to take min wage? i have no idea…

  140. Looking at our bench, I wish we would have made a run for Lamar Odom, sigh…. Younger and less costly than any of the players the Lakers are looking at. He’d have given the Lakers instant chemistry and may even revert to the 6th man of the year.

    Crying over spilled beans.

  141. I hope we retain Jordan Hill but I guess we already have 3 million committed to McRoberts. I suppose I can’t complain with the massive upgrade from Troy Murphy to Antawn Jamison

    And on the perimeter how about Delonte West? Rugged defender, excellent shooter, good teammate.

    I think there’d be a comfort level with Mike Brown and if nothing else, he can do mental health awareness stuff with Metta

  142. how about Shannon brown? would he be willing to sign for the min?

  143. RoP:

    Good teammate really depends on whether or not you believe the rumor that Lebron went South because his mother went West.

  144. JayCartyGoldenWheels July 17, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Come back Sasha, all is forgiven. The Machine would be pretty good coming off of this bench..

    Definitely need Barnes, one of the few who slashes to the hoop and moves without the ball.

  145. Shaq and Kobe 99-04 DOMINANT

    Kobe: 452 games 41.1 mins 26.3 pts 5.7 reb 5.1 ast 1.6 stl

    Shaq: 446 games 39.8 mins 27.2 pts 13.1 reb 3.1 ast 2.5 blk

  146. Pau and Kobe 08-12

    Kobe: 466 games 38.6 mins 27.6 pts 5.2 reb 4.8 ast 1.4 stl

    Pau: 409 games 37.5 mins 17.2 pts 9.8 reb 3.4 ast 1.7 blk

    Crazy how consistently good Kobe has been. Also Shaq was one of a kind.

  147. any_one_mouse July 17, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    146, @JimC –


  148. Robert – Great link. You know, hearing Jalen’s rationale really has made me think about why this particular speculated trade has not happened.

    I am now of the belief that the problem is not DH (despite the rumors). The problem is probably that the Magic want too much for Howard (rather than a straight swap).

    My guess is that if nothing happens by the end of the week, the Lakers will move on with filling their needs and wait for the trade deadline.

  149. LeBron 08-12

    LBJ: 455 games 40.5 mins 28.8 pts 8.2 reb 7 ast 1.7 stl

    Was just looking at 5 yr stretches for players/ championship teams and surveying Miami’s chances for the next few years. More times than not they flame out after the 5th year. Shaq/Kobe did, Kobe/Pau, Jordan’s Bulls, Boston’s big 3. 80s Lakers, Celtics and 00s Spurs stretched it about 8 years. I think the consequences of such a heavy burden for such a long time will show next year for LeBron. It’s happened to just about everyone else.

  150. Dwight coming here, of course, would be a godsend. In the mean time, what does everyone think about Blatche? He was just amnestied, and on a veteran team with 3 or 4 HoF players, his antics would likely be drowned out. I think he would be a great get if he clears the wires, for the mini or the vet min. I mean, he’s paid no matter what, so he’ll probably sign for little. Who are his other possible suitors?

  151. At last, an effort out of the Lakers in the summer league. Darius Morris looked much more comfortable on offense.

    I still like Reeves Nelson.

  152. Kareem:

    Blatche is a talented knucklehead. If his agent is smart he’ll get him to a solid team that can give him the support/structure he needs. He is still young enough to get another nice contract – provided he grows up.

    The Blatche of 2010/2011 was a really nice player: 17 pts and 8 Rbs. If we can be assured of that guy showing up I am all for it.

  153. Best late career signings over the past 15 season for the lakers:
    1. Horace grant
    2. AC Green the second time
    3.Brian Shaw
    4. Ron Harper
    5. Karl Malone

    anyone else have any thoughts? Did I miss anyone

  154. Hello Laker fans.

    I’m a long-time (long-suffering) Knicks fan who is jumping ship because of this Jeremy Lin thing. Well, it’s not just because of Jeremy Lin, it’s because… well, you all know what a horrible organization the Knicks are. I can’t root for that bunch of losers anymore… It’s an abusive relationship.

    I’m a transplanted New Yorker and have been living in Los Angeles since 1998. I love it here; I love Los Angeles more than any city in the world. I’m proud to say I’m converting to Laker fandom. I look forward to getting to know you all and to falling in love with the Purple and Gold!

  155. Off topic, Lin is to be let go.

    Way to go New York.

    Have to say, there are worse franchises to be a fan of than the Lakers, and the Knicks just proved that they’re happy to be where they’re at and not seriously compete for the championship (not that they could with Lin, but it would’ve been a step in the right direction).

  156. JK47 – welcome to the fold! What took you so long? :0)

  157. JK47,

    Be forewarned: there are those here who think rooting for Jim Buss and Mike Brown is an “abusive relationship” as well. 😉

  158. 155

    That version of Blatche was also a knucklehead, he just had more shots and touches than usual because the Wizards were so awful. I would avoid this clown at all costs.

  159. The Knicks make me laugh. They’ll be forced into tough decisions as long as Dolan views Carmelo Anthony as a championship-level franchise player, and the Knicks are paying both Anthony and Stoudemire like franchise players.

    Welcome to FB&G, JK47.

    Minnesota reportedly targeting Stiemsma. If that goes through, that may take 1 team out of the running for Jordan Hill, at least.

  160. Robert,

    I hear you and agree to an extent. I still see the odds as being pretty heavily against it, though. For it to work, I think there would need to be a third team that

    a) Will give Hennigan what he wants.
    b) Wants Bynum, because I don’t think Hennigan does.

    Also, I think getting Lin will further motivate Morey to get Howard to Houston, and I can’t see Buss signing off on it unless Howard will sign an extension, and I don’t think he will.

  161. OK – for all you FO accountants watching the bottom line (and you rr): The FO declined to use the amnesty clause again this year. Much talk was about MWP, however they also could have used it on SB. That said – why didn’t they use it? Why would you choose not to use the amnesty and then save money instead by not using the MLE? Odd – right? Well – I think that this is more evidence that everything revolves around D12. We may need contracts to throw around to make a Magic deal or a three way work. Hence we keep all of our baggage. Can anyone come up with a better theory as to why you would spend $4 per plus the taxes (the amnesty allows us to avoid the taxes) on Blake, and then be hesitant to spend less than that on the MLE?

  162. Robert,

    One word: Nash. Even if Howard ends up in Houston or winds up staying in Orlando, Buss and Kupchak see this team as a title contender due to Nash’s being on it. And on that title contender, MWP is currently the starting 3, and Blake is the backup 1. If they amnestied either of them, they would have to pay them and replace them, although they would save the tax hit on the salaries themselves.

    Also, everything Buss has said publicly about MWP indicates that he thinks MWP is still a pretty valuable player, due to his D. My guess on Blake is they think he is about as good as anyone else they could get for the minimum to backup Nash.

  163. rr/Robert: Only way Lakers get Howard is if Bynum agrees to sign long term. He can and will veto any deal.

    The hold up isn’t Howard agreeing to sign long term it’s Bynum’s willingness to sign wherever he landed.

  164. JK47,
    Be warned – this is the home of unrealistic expectations.

  165. He can and will veto any deal.

    The hold up isn’t Howard agreeing to sign long term it’s Bynum’s willingness to sign wherever he landed.

    Do you have any sources to back any of this up?


    Denver has just amnestied Chris Andersen.

  166. I guess the FO is at least confident that the back injury will not have any lasting effects (or that even with some lingering effects, Howard’s defensive prowess will remain the same).

  167. The Knicks are an interesting case. They seem to do their best to negate the advantages of their huge market.

    Yet for all their ineptitude aren’t the Knicks the most valuable NBA franchise or possibly runner up to our beloved Lakers?

  168. Welcome JK47, this is an interesting time to become a Laker fan.

  169. Clippers amnesty Ryan Gomes.

  170. Thanks for all the welcomes. I’m excited about what this Laker team is capable of. Nash makes the Lakers into a top 5 offense– the Suns were #9 in the NBA in offensive efficiency last season and they had very little talent surrounding Nash.

    The Lakers, however, were a middling defensive team last year– 13th in defensive efficiency, and Nash does not help them there. So I would think the team would want to bring in some defensive specialists as they round out the roster.

  171. I have a source from summer league (no seriously, I do!) who’s telling me that J.O. is going to talk with Buss and Mike Brown and there’s a good chance we’ll sign him

    Please look at the advanced stats of J.O. over the last two years and compare them to Jordan Hill, and despair.

  172. robert horry 5 July 17, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    lakers are done for good job with the old man ball in the back court but you just forgot someting DEFENSE whos going to guard westbrook parker rondo hell chalmers.when magic johnson says yer slow and old yer slow and old being the best offensive in the leauge wins games defense wins championships

  173. What’s taking Jordan Hill so long to decide whether to sign with us? The max we could offer him is $3,632,527 this year right and I’m sure Mitch has put it on the table. Is it the number of years? Definitely want Jordan over JO…JO’s advanced stats are ugly compared to Jordan’s

  174. Lakers chasing Howard again is definitely holding up the signings. Probably why grant decided to go w/ the clips and why jordan hasn’t signed yet. Mitch probably telling FA’s we’re interested, but keeping them on hold. So, until this DH trade possibility is resolved, we ain’t signing anybody….

  175. Really nobody think Josh Childress would be a decent bench player for the Lakers. Back up 3 and spot minutes possible at the 2?

  176. What so wrong about Jermaine O’neal, he is a good defensive backup C. Jordan Hill is a back up PF so it doesn’t change much. Then again Boston was a good defensive team so that might have boost his stats up.

    Josh Childress doesn’t really fix our 3pt shooting problem….

  177. Have you guys seen the great interview with Kobe on Yahoo. Really good stuff. One of those rare interviews where Kobe really opens up and speaks openly.

    Nothing super new in there, but still a very honest and close-up.

  178. j oneal is washed up. he is unable to stay healthy and couldnt play significant mins for the celtics, who have no center…. .

  179. Anthony Randolph signed 3 years $6M with denver, thats the kind of dice roll we should’ve made… Getting really sad. Watching all these solid role players and high potential guys signing elsewhere for cheap is killing me

  180. Day 82 of the Dwight Howard – Los Angeles Lakers Hostage crisis is here with no end in sight…

  181. Im actually loving this offseason considerng there was nothing to talk about(LA wise) during the playoffs because of an early exit. The lull between the end of basketball season and football begins is bone chilling cold. So I am enjoying myself, after all this is just for my entermainment, so why not indulge. The drama will continue until D. Howard finds a new home, whether thats LA, Houston, or any other team.

  182. The fact that the Lakers have not signed any backup PF or Center tells me that there may be some truth to this drama. However, the Lakers must have a walk away day – and that day must be quickly approaching.

  183. Warren Wee Lim July 18, 2012 at 7:41 am

    Scrapping through the FA list and I found some very interesting names that can help us.

    Josh Howard – could be an excellent energy guy, he has the defensive quickness to bother guys at the 2/3 range, something we have a need for. J-How offers a versatile array of offense and defense and can be had for the minimum.

    Lou Amundson – an energy guy. He has no offense to show for outside of putbacks and slick passes from the PG, something we do have now that Nash is on board. I prefer him over the very raw Sacre and the uncertainty of Jordan Hill.

    Nate Robinson – offense from the bench you say? Lil Nate can pretty much score 20 on limited minutes.

    Ronny Turiaf – an old favorite of mine, Ronny will give you unlimited energy and heart while fouling most of the guys he guards.

    Roger Mason Jr – a 3pt specialist and could be a boost off the bench. His need is minimal if we develop Goudelock into the rotation but chances are we’re gonna need a 3-pt shooter very soon and he fits the bill.

  184. Darius Morris showed signs of having a pulse last night. 24 points on 9 for 9 from the field and chipped in 4 assists.

  185. We should start a Bring Back Turiaf campaign!
    We need a cheerleader. Loved that guy!

  186. Didn’t Amundson start his career with Nash? I remember him being a high energy guy on that team that finished around the rim off passes from Nash.

    Any continuity that the Lakers can create with Nash will aid him in the system.

    The Lakers need some defensive minded players for the bench. Let’s hope Ebanks returns as he could learn to play better defense by getting significant minutes. After all, isn’t that the reason the Lakers drafted him?

    Matt Barnes played his role the past two years, I don’t see why the Lakers aren’t bringing him back. Barnes is not a 3pt shooter though he is a slasher that can hit an occasional 3.

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