Report: Lakers To Sign Antawn Jamison

Darius Soriano —  July 18, 2012

On Monday, Rick Bonnel of the Charlotte Observer tipped us off that this was coming. And today, Marc Spears of Yahoo! confirmed that earlier report. When Antawn Jamison returns from his trip to Italy, he will sign with the Lakers for one season at the league minimum.

First and foremost, at this price, Jamison is a fantastic bargain. The quality of player that is typically nabbed for a minimum salary contract is low. There’s normally little expectation that he’d be a rotation player, much less one that can be depended on to contribute nightly. The Lakers know this well from some of their recent acquisitions using this exception (Troy Murphy and Jason Kapono are examples from last season) and have suffered from depending on them to fill real needs.

With Jamison, though, the Lakers have grabbed a player that can come in and instantly bolster their bench production. This was a hole that needed filling and the Lakers addressed it by grabbing one of the more accomplished players still available at this stage of free agency. Jamison’s stats from last season – 17 points and 6 rebounds in 33 minutes – show he’s still quite capable of contributing at an above average level (as does his 16.1 PER) and he instantly becomes the Lakers best bench scorer.

And, make no mistake, this is exactly what he’s going to be asked to do. His reputation as a boost to any offense is well earned, evidenced by the fact that last season the Cavs were 11 points better per 100 possessions when Jamison was on the floor versus when he was on the bench. Though his overall field goal percentage was the lowest of his career, his three point percentage was right in line with his career average. Most important, though, he provided a stabilizing force for the Cavs as a player that could hit spot up jumpers and still create shots for himself with his nifty in-between game that’s been a staple of his arsenal his entire career.

These are the same strengths he’ll bring to the Lakers, though without the constant pressure of having to be a go to player. Jamison can now do what he does best – spot up, make smart cuts, and finish off the open looks his teammates create for him. Add him to lineups that feature any combination of Kobe, Nash, Pau, or Bynum and Jamison bolsters the offense instantly. He’ll give those guys more space to work by occupying defenders and can serve as a capable outlet that can be depended on to make the right play when they give up the ball to him. His turnover rate his historically low and he ranked first in the entire league in points off open jumpers last year.

Where there are concerns, however, are on defense. Just as Jamison helped prop up the Cavs offense, he helped drag down their defense. The Cavs were 8 points worse per 100 possessions when Jamison was on the floor and is ability to lose his man off the ball and get beat while guarding it was pretty bad. And while his rebounding isn’t quite at that same lowly level, he posted his lowest total rebound rate in a decade. As a comparison, he had a lower defensive rebounding rate than Matt Barnes, while playing almost all his minutes as a PF compared to Barnes playing mostly SF and SG. Considering the responsibility bigs have in Mike Brown’s defensive schemes, playing Jamison will come with its issues on that side of the ball.

There’s some hope here, though. When Jamison was paired with Anderson Varejao, his defensive rebounding rate and  defensive efficiency metrics all improved. The hope is that if Jamison can be paired in the front court with a very good defensive big, he can respond similarly to what he did by playing next to Varejao. In Bynum and Gasol, the Lakers should be able to provide Jamison that partner. And, with some encouragement from his coaches and higher nightly stakes in swapping the Cavs for the Lakers, maybe Jamison will put forth a bit more effort on that side of the ball and produce results that go from bottom of the league bad to simply below average. Of course, time will tell if this is wishful thinking or not but he will be put in an environment where success is more possible.

Regardless of how the defensive issues play out, the Lakers will get better because of this signing. They’ve added a true offensive threat to a bench that ranked dead last in scoring last season. They’ve added a player that aids in lineup versatility; a player that can work off the strengths of his more talented teammates seamlessly. With Jamison on board they’ve shored up a weakness and have effectively replaced one of their lesser performers with an above average talent. And they did it via a minimum contract. You rarely get this good a player for that price and for his offense alone, he’ll be more than worth it.

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210 responses to Report: Lakers To Sign Antawn Jamison

  1. Excellent pick up. Now if we can just re-sign Jordan Hill and Ebanks that’ll solidify the bench somewhat.

  2. I am fine with Jamison’s D if it isn’t worse than T.Murphy’s.

  3. With this signing I would be surprised if we took back Hedo in any and deal for Howard. 11 mil a year to warm the end of the bench would be pretty lame.

  4. Jamison allows Lakers to matchup with small ball lineups. Jamison at the 3, Ron at the 4.

    Another player that spreads the floor who can have a big game any given night.

    Ebanks hasn’t signed his tender. I’d seriously give thought to resigning Barnes. Barnes is the better player Ebanks has the potential. On a team full of veterans I’d go with Barnes.

  5. Looking at the Knicks, I would’ve been happy had our FO did not do anything major, but Nash and Jamison at their respective prices are just great deals despite all the risks they bring.

    I just hope that we get over the Bynum/Howard thing quick so we can focus on basketball talk instead of trade talk.


    this will help speed things along. if dwight does come to LA, we’re gonna hear some massive boos on the road.

  7. Howard wants to be a Laker, according to realgm’s jarrod rudolph and espn’s chris broussard.


  8. I can’t imagine what combination of voodoo it would take to get Brandon Rush. Hopefully Mitch does. While he’s at it, cook up a good concoction for Morris’s shooting stroke. Adam Morrison is slowly regaining his confidence while the Clippers sign the ghosts of Lakers past.

    Anyone have thoughts on available, low cost, 3-point shooters? Jamison and Roger Mason Jr. can’t be the only ones.

  9. Any chance we can amnesty Blake?

  10. Amnesty Blake to get who?

    It is to my understanding that we’re over the cap and while amnestying him will cut costs, it doesn’t mean that we can offer free agents anything we can’t offer now…

  11. I think the Bynum-Howard trade is worth the risk. I already think that Steve Nash will probably singlehandedly make the Lakers into a top 5 offense and I believe that Howard would have the same effect on the defensive end.

  12. Decent shooters who are still available: Carlos Delfino, Courtney Lee, Nate Robinson, Marco Belinelli, Leandro Barbosa…

  13. The amnesty deadline has passed for 2012.

  14. ESPNChrisPalmer chris palmer
    Bynum’s checklist: block trade, sign extension with Lakers, inherit kingdom in 2 years.

  15. If that repport from RealGM is true, then we might be looking at some action soon. But all Dwightmare is commiting to is that he would sign an extension next summer… is that enough for the FO? Just a promise from the guy who has so famously flipflopped this last year?

    Anyways, with or without Howard, Jamison is a great pickup.

  16. this is good news. i remember Jamison going head to head with Kobe for a scoring spree in back to back games, though that was years ago (too many years ago , hehe) he sure has a lot of game left, bet we can insert him at starting 3, but that will make our starters old and slow…- still another good pickup by FO.

    as for Howard, if the realGM site is correct then this D12 and Bynum thing will be over soon. i hope J.Hill will return in our lineup, and another good wingman.

  17. Anyone who knows what Atlanta are planning with Korver. Is he a piece they want, or did they mainly want the pick they got in the trade?

  18. Did the birdman clear amnesty waivers? Why are teams not fighting to sign him?

  19. If the lakers somehow pull off the Howard trade, AND get JRich for backup SG.. I will never again speak a bad word about their FO.

  20. Can Bynum be extended for a max deal and then be traded to Orlando or whoever?

  21. If we can get Dwight, resign Jordan Hill and possibly get Jodi Meeks, grown men will cry seeing this lineup:

    Dwight/Jordan Hill/Sacre

    Then all what’s left, is to let the rings pile up.

  22. Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison, w/ D-12 on the horizon. So far so good. Front office deserves a high 5.

  23. @ 21, BigCitySid

    Simply put, I 2nd that.

  24. Birdman is facing some serious child porn allegations (google for details) so I think teams are going to stay away.

  25. scottie pimpin July 19, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Jamison is like a rich man’s Cedric Ceballos. Oh the mid-90s lakers were one of my favorite teams even though they never one anything.

    If they get D12, I say then pick up Delonte West to back up Kobe for the minimum. The dude is crazy and he might sleep with yo momma but he’s played for MB in the past and we need someone to fill our tattoo quota now that Matt Barnes is gone.

    But seriously, Delonte can play both guard positions and he defends reasonably well.

  26. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 6:36 am


    Wasn’t there some issue between Richardson and Nash? Or was it Barbosa and Nash? I know there was a problem between Nash and one of them. Similar to the problem between Shannon and Pau.

  27. scottie pimpin July 19, 2012 at 6:44 am

    I heard J-Rich had an affair with Nash’s wife but I don’t know, let me check TMZ

  28. haushinka:

    The Birdman was investigated for child pornography and had his home searched last year. He has not been formally charged with anything yet, but I’m willing to wager that’s why nobody wants to touch him with a ten foot pole anymore.

    Besides, I’m not sure you want Artest and Anderson residing in the same locker room. Simmons may not get everything right, but I agree with his theory that you don’t want to give a crazy person a crazy buddy to hang out with. It amplifies the crazy of both guys.

  29. See we talked of Howard a couple of days ago, now we read change of attitude as indicated in realgm, did he read our blog? I don’t think so? Did radio sports talk takes cue from what is spoken by fans? It’s possible. Therefore, don’t just be a homer, expressed your independent views no matter how controversial they are somehow it affects the outcome of the discussion in totality.

    Mitch made great acquisitions Nash/Jamison, despite limited cap space and above luxury threshold. without doubt, he would admit that he made mistakes in the past just like any good GM. I believe he and Kobe could have worked around that contract giving the Lakers more room to work on their budget. Today, the moves in the past prevents this team in acquiring medium age and medium star players who are motivated by medium income. Magic J. negotiated his salaries in form of stocks which are option money that can be cashed later. As such, Lakers was able to get good players around Magic and Kareem.

  30. scottie pimpin July 19, 2012 at 8:23 am

    While I like Andrew Bynum, ultimately I feel that D12 is a major upgrade because he does the things that compliment the other players..namely rebound and defend. He’s arguably the best rebounder/defender since Dennis Rodman.

    Like Phil Jackson said, if Bynum ever decided to take up the mantle of Defensive stopper/rebound machine, he would truly be the Beast we hoped for. Unfortunately, he seems to lack the motivation to be that person whereas D12 built his career on being that type of player.

    Also, the post-kobe years look much brighter if we can lock up D12 to a long contract. I’m already looking at the free agents for 2015 to see what the next Dynasty will look like. Hopefully we can avoid a Randy Pfund-Del Harris dark ages again.

  31. Be careful what you wish for Lakers fans… SportsCenter just did a piece comparing the two Centers. The header? “Difference in Big Men?” Dwight’s and Drews per 48 min numbers were identical and that’s with Drew barley getting the ball from Kobe’s cold dead hands and sharing boards with Pau. Forget about after back surgery. They added that Drew is two years younger and two inches taller. This move might change the franchise forever.

  32. As MWP said last night on Mason and Ireland… “Mitch!!! Please listen to me!!! Don’t trade away the best Center in the NBA… Don’t do it!!!!”

  33. How about getting D’Antoni as offensive coordinator since Messina and Snyder are gone and Kuester just ain’t cutting it…

  34. Great get by the FO to acquire AJ. I just hope he’s spreading the floor for Howard instead of Bynum. I don’t dislike Drew, but I just feel that Dwight offers a huge defensive upgrade and would help put the Lakers over the top.

  35. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 8:52 am

    @30 Kswagger8 –

    That would be awesome. Have D’Antoni for O and Brown for D. Doubt if he comes though – he’s looking for his next head coaching job.

    I agree with the perception that Drew is the better offensive player. However, Howard is by far the better defender.

    What tilts the balance in DH12’s favor is his motor. Either Bynum does a real good job of concealing it, can’t go all out because of his injury history, or just doesn’t have it.

  36. Is it crazy to think Adam Morrison might be a good non-guaranteed minimum pick-up to shoot 3’s?

  37. KSwagger: espnla reported Lakers might switch to the princeton offense. Lot of moving bodies and ball movement. It could work with a lot of smart players on the Lakers.

  38. @DrewPauKobe

    That for sure is crazy, but i love the guy and hope he finds a home. I just don’t think he brings the defense the Lakers needs.

  39. what happened between shannon and Pau?

  40. Aaron:

    So you’re saying that Bynum didn’t benefit at all by having Kobe around to be the focus of every defense in the league?

    We saw in the playoffs what happens to Bynum when defenses are geared to stop him. He gets completely shut down.

    In Orlando, Dwight has had every defense in the league focused on stopping him with no other players even remotely close to Kobe and Pau’s caliber to take some of the attention away. He played injured and uninterested for half the year and still was one of the very best two-way players in the league, and a game changer on the defensive side of the floor. (Which Bynum is not…likely due to not giving a **** most of the time.) Though, to be fair, it might also have something to do with Bynum just not being as fast in lateral movement, likely due to his knees, and therefore awful at defending the pick and roll.

    Bynum, while younger, also has a FAR WORSE injury history than Howard does, which always gets ignored every time these conversations arise. Howard’s back is a concern, but clearly the Laker FO feels that they’ve done their due diligence and he will be fine and back to the player he was.

    If we can get Dwight Howard by giving up Bynum we should do it every single time.

  41. I will add that even if Howard’s back keeps him out a few games at the start of the season the Lakers will STILL be entertaining and probably more fun to watch without Bynum.

    Nash, Kobe and Pau plus Jordan Hill or Jamison at the 4 is a much more fluent offensive unit, although defensively they’d probably be middle of the league in terms of efficiency.

  42. Jim C.-

    Well put. Let Bynum go and spread his wings. I claim that he may have a good career somewhere else where he can be the man. Something has changed between him and the front office.

    Even if Dwight’s back is never the same he will most likely sell more jerseys and garner more attention from fans, media, sponsors than Bynum will going forward.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…it hasn’t happened yet and we may be “stuck” with the second best center in the league in Bynum. I still claim that he will walk after this year or demand a sign+trade.

  43. Jim C,
    Bynum was the only Laker getting double teamed for the majority of the season. Coaches and players alike admitted this. Pau was being left open from 18 feet consistently. Fisher, Sessions, Blake, Gasol, and MWP were all left open because of Bynum… Not the other way around. Did you watch last season or took the year off? Bynum was double teamed more than any player in the league outside of LeBron James. Howard is rarley double teamed in the low post because he isn’t a great low post player… He does get swarmed in PnRs though.

    Scottie Pimpin,
    This is a great question actually. Yes if healthy Dwight is a better PnR partner for Nash… On both sides of the ball;) But who is better for the Lakers offense? Teams need one on one offensive dominant players to win a championship. Basically guys that demand double teams to create shots for teammates and for themselves. Kobe no longer is that player. Howard has never been that player. Bynum currently is that player.

  44. Who has done more damage to Dwight’s reputation? Dwight, the media, Van Gundy or Orlando organization.

    Dwight asked to be traded before the season. Otis Smith had a deal in place before the DeVos pulled the plug. Dwight played hard given the circumstances and played well. This could’ve been over before it started.

    ESPN starts this never ending timeline discussing this topic every day for ratings. The media reports every single detail assuring fans he’ll be traded at the trade deadline. He wasn’t but Dwight gets blamed for signing his eto not the media for being wrong.

    Stan Van Gundy broke an unwritten rule in airing out dirty laundry in public. Trying to save his face Van Gundy said Dwight wanted him fired. But again Dwight gets blamed for wanting his coach fired when for decades we’ve seen high profile players want their coach fired. That was nothing new. But with this internet age everything is blown out of proportion.

    So Howard has his surgery during the season and has been quiet ever since. Journalists, agents and leaks are giving fans daily information that has no bearing on what is going to happen for almost a year now. Everyone is fatigued just wanting this to end but Orlando is holding out for a package their not going to get dragging this soap opera on.

    Dwight has blame in this but Orlando, Van Gundy, journalists really threw more wood to the fire. It’s Orlando’s job to end this not Dwight.

  45. THe biggest reason Bynum was double-teamed so frequently was because, in general, he didn’t handle it well.

    His relative tardiness in getting down court means that he often doesn’t get in a good position to start the possession. That makes double teams more effective. Secondly, when he does have the ball, he takes too long to decide what to do – if he’s not being doubled already, that gives the defense time to send help. If he’s already being doubled when he gets the ball, it gives the defense more time to more effectively cover the other players.

  46. Well, we know that Metta is a couple of eggs short of a dozen, so who cares what he says about Bynum? Metta had better worry about his own status on the Lakers.

  47. Some here are obsessed with Bynum and never make mention of how disappointing he was in this year’s playoffs. For an aspiring franchise player he came up awfully short. I would bet my bottom dollar that OKC & San Antonio would rather battle the Lakers with Bynum as opposed to a Laker team with Dwight Howard as its starting center.

  48. On a subject like this, the best clarity comes from opposing teams fans. Basically all other fans sound like they fear the Lakers getting Dwight for Andrew as they instinctually understand it makes the Lakers better. Lakers fans have to deal with allegiances, other teams fans can see it more clearly.

  49. Bynum is a solid offensive player who will probably get better. But he doesn’t possess IMPACT on the court in more ways than Dwight. Bynum’s impact is that he’s 7’1 250 that he’s the biggest guy on the court. Bynum is the most imposing player size wise since Shaq he doesn’t impact the game the way Shaq did and Dwight does.

    Both players are solid. One is good one is great. BIg difference.

  50. To be fair, Rick Carlise (sp?) was quoted saying he would not let Bynum beat his team. George Karl conceded that Bynum was the player he was most concerned about in the first round.

    Yes, Bynum was doubled because he is clumsy in dealing with double teams. He was also doubled because he is a real threat on the block in a one on one situations. It is not an either/or. Both conditions apply.

  51. are the majority of opposing fans expert talent evaluators? who cares what they think?

  52. I don’t know if I am more excited about Dwight potentially joining the Lakers, or about Bynum leaving.

    The Laker players have all made sacrifices to accomodate Bynum, and he returns the favor by refusing to join huddles, refusing to hustle, and being a poor and selfish teammate. Pau, coming off back to back rings as the main big man, was forced to become a spot up shooter to accommodate Bynum. Kobe’s post opportunities dwindled, driving lanes were closed, transistion buckets gone….to accommodate Bynum. Sessions’ forte, P&R and transition offense, became useless with Bynum on the floor, and he was forced to become a spot up shooter who couldn’t shoot.

    As good as Bynum is individually, he does not make his teammates better, he makes them worse. With Nash, Kobe, Pau and Dwight….we would have four starters who always hustle, have respect for the game and their teammates, and most importantly, make their teammates better. I can’t wait.

  53. Aaron, will you at least concede the point that apparently not a single GM in all of basketball shares your opinion that Bynum is better than Howard?

    How do you reconcile your view with the idea that Orlando would rather take a series of draft picks over “the best center in the NBA”? Why wasn’t New Jersey throwing every offer possible at the Lakers for Andrew Bynum?

    I was a big fan of Bynum, but last year was a turning point. As his game improved, his attitude worsened–and his effort followed his attitude. Whatever else Andrew Bynum might be, he is a slow guy who doesn’t play hard on both ends of the floor with any kind of consistency. For that reason alone, Howard is the better player, ESPN articles notwithstanding….

  54. If you can get DH12 for Bynum that is about as much of a no brainer as you can have. You dont need stats, PER or any nerd facts and figures to understand that DH12 is a WAY better player than Bynum. His presence with LA makes the Lakers the favorites to win the championship next year, because the Lakers would be a matchup nightmare for the Heat

  55. 44) Funky,
    Good post. Orlando would at least be offering “conditional draft picks + Howard” if they really thought Bynum was better.

  56. Aaron:

    They BOTH command consistent double teams. Bynum got double teamed a lot for two reasons:

    1. He was terrible at handling them. Partially because he often was late getting down the court and didn’t handle them well, but also partially because he had a tendency to not make fast decisions and cough the ball up.

    When he did pass it back out or make the correct read, we didn’t have a PG capable of getting a QUICK reentry or a quick swing to other side of the court, which often resulted in Kobe having to take tough shots against the clock with a set defense…which naturally resulted in a lower FG% for Kobe.

    We can assume that he will continue to get better with the decision making component, but the effort item is a major red flag. For someone who wants the ball and wants to get his shots and his stats, he should be racing to get good position and early entry feeds before the defense is set.

    2. The Lakers were awful at making other teams pay for doubling the post. Terrible three point shooting team.

    The latter point should improve with the additions of Nash and Jamison.

    Both players command constant double teams. Bynum is a bit more polished with his offensive game, but Dwight is far more explosive and a LOT better at handling double teams.

  57. @#44…

    Good points about the ways Drew’s teammates have tried to accommodate him. It’s a shame that Andrew doesn’t seem to have embraced the team concept and put winning as his priority.

  58. Prior to Andrew’s antics this year as a true Lakers fan that’s obsessed with drafting players and watching them turn into stars or great support players.

    I was off put by the things Andrew said this year and his actions. He actually played in the playoffs and said that he wasn’t that interested. The bottom line is this: “Winners win!” All of the Kobe shoots too much has little to do with the offense actually being ran for him. Mike Brown did everything to make him a success in the offense.

    Dwight Howard might actually work on an offensive game once he joins the Lakers. If Kareem could do wonders with Andrew, what might he be capable of doing with Howard.

    Bynum is going to learn the hard way about his desire to be the man. He’ll be on a team where the defense will aim at stopping him. He won’t have players like Kobe and Pau around that have to be factored into a defensive scheme. All eyes will be on Andrew!

    I wish Andrew could remain on the Lakers, but he’s going to have to leave home to find out just how unsettling it is to be the man on a sub-level team in the NBA.

    Either way the decision is in the hands of the owners of both teams. Either way I’ll be a Lakers fan and support either player, until their actions on court lead me to abandon them.

    Welcome Antoine Jamison wish that you could have joined the Lakers 5 years ago.

    Go Lakers!

  59. LT,

    I’d temper that excitement if I were you. The guy (possibly) leaving did everything you wrote. The thing is the guy coming has done his team even worse. They were a legit title contender just a year ago. Today they are in shambles with no head coach, and until recently, no GM. He flip flopped on his trade demands and even went as far to accuse the organization of blackmailing him.

    And it can’t be coincidental he’s now “open” to coming to the Lakers since most of his other options are off the table. Let’s keep things in perspective. Talking about Bynum’s immaturity does nothing to enhance Howard’s character.


    VERY interesting MWP article. I’ve said it before, but MWP is a sleeper. If April of last year represents the regular, normal performance that getting past the nerve injury and conditioning that was holding him back…

    …then suddenly we have a MAJOR upgrade at SF without doing a single thing. This would be huge for us completely independent of Dwight/Bynum considerations.

  61. What LA has needed from Bynum to be at their best was defense and rebounding. Offense was secondary, although Drew wanted to spread his wings on that end, it hampered his play on defense more if he was frustrated offensively. D. Howard brings what Drews lack on defense, but is less polished on offense. The team at this stage needs defense more than offense so I think a Howard move would complement other players on the roster.

    Question: If LA gets Howard, would it be better for him to play at the 4 on offense and let Pau play with his back to the basket?

  62. It is a shame how fans are ‘bagging’ on Andrew Bynum. Whatever else he may be, he is at least the 2nd best true center in the NBA – and the distance between him and #1 isn’t a chasm.

    Would I trade Andrew for Dwight – yes. Does that mean I need to expand on Andrew’s shortcomings – NO. We all have shortcomings. Kobe has shortcomings, but would we trade Kobe for Dwayne Wade? Not too many of us would, even at their current ages.

    There is really no need to try and expand on any differences to make ‘our guy’ seem that much better than the ‘other guy’.

  63. Funky @ #44. Great post. Even if Andrew & Dwight were dead even in terms of ability the fact that Bynum chooses to work hard only when he chooses to is the reason that he is an inferior leader, teammate and contributor compared to Kobe or Howard. Give me heart and defensive intensity every time.

  64. Craig W.:

    Chicken vs. Egg thing there. No doubt there’s some emotional posts with regards to Bynum and I’ve been as guilty as anyone else, but Bynum has brought a whole lot of it on himself.

    He’s openly mailed in multiple playoff games, not to mention tons of regular season games, showed disdain for the front office, his coach, and even his teammates, gotten himself disciplined by both the league and the Laker organization for his immaturity, etc.

    In other words, yeah, a lot of people are carping on Bynum when we should be grateful for having one of the better centers in the league, but a lot of people are doing so because Bynum effectively trolls an awful lot. He’s become a bit of a dick.

    Sure, a lot of folks will point out that Howard’s no saint either and he’s also been a destructive, immature person in the last year or so.

    But he also was in a dysfunctional organization without any other strong personalities like Kobe to keep him in line. He’s carried multiple teams a LOT further than they should have gone with the lousy supporting casts he’s been surrounded with. He’s been an All-NBA performer since basically the day he stepped into the league.

    In other words, he’s kind of earned the right to act out a little and express dissatisfaction with Orlando. Speaking just for me personally, I don’t think Bynum’s earned that latitude yet. I don’t think he’s ever shown that he can be the best player on a championship contending team by making every other player on the team better.

    There are legitimate questions with Howard, but every question about him also applies to Bynum and Bynum has far less accomplishments to his credit to make up for the questions.

  65. The two words that really worry me: Free Throws.

  66. My doubts about Howard center on his post surgery condition, and his FT shooting, especially in crunch time. Each has his +and -,and Howard is better with more room to impove his game in the future. But he`s not that much better than Bynum.

  67. People do realize that Orlando can’t take back Bynum because he has said (like Howard) he doesn’t want to be there. So Orlando would have to then try and trade Bynum. People do get that here right? And we can ignore advanced statistics as much as we want… But the advanced statistics won’t ignore you. I promise you that.

  68. I really like Andrew’s game, I’ve rooted for him and enjoyed watching him develop, and I was impressed by how he gutted through injuries to contribute the best he could at the time to two titles.

    I was very, very disappointed by his attitude last year. There were just too many incidents to ignore.

    Howard has always been a guy I’ve been leery of for many reasons – free throws, slightly goofy persona, and this last season was a fiasco – but I have to admit: when he went head to head with Bynum last year in Orlando, he took him to school.

  69. T Rogers,

    Dwight’s “selfish” behavior was never on the basketball court, and more related to the business side of basketball. Bynum’s selfish behavior, on the other hand, was entirely basketball related. As a life time basketball fan, I can overlook the former, not the latter.

  70. Aaron:

    If I could return your “Did you watch last season or took the year off?” trolling comment from above in response to your post at #59…

    …you do realize that most of the current deals that are being discussed don’t involve Bynum going to Orlando? You ARE paying attention to where your personal favorite big man might end up right?

    The deals being discussed involve Bynum going to a third team like the Cavs in return for the Cavs helping facilitate bringing Howard to LA.

    Bynum is, in my opinion, legitimately in this case exercising some leverage against being sent somewhere he doesn’t want to be, but most of the deals on the table involve Bynum going to a third destination that he WOULD be comfortable re-signing at.

    Kylie Irving + Andrew Bynum is a solid foundation to build around if you’re the Cavs, worth taking some bad contracts back and helping get Howard to LA.

  71. And rememener… I was on record last year before Dwight’s back surgery that although Bynum would likley be the better player next season I was in favor of getting Howard because he was never injured… Well that has changed. Not only was he injured he sustained an injury and subsequent surgery that has altered the careers of every basketball player besides Scottie Pippen. Why people ignore this is lost on me. One player has survived Dwight’s back surgery. One.

  72. For the longest time, I preferred AB over DH. AB has more potential than DH and could become both offensively and defensively the best center in the NBA. Last season, however, convinced me that AB does not have the heart to be the best. Although DH has shown immaturity in handling his desire to be traded, no one questions his effort on the court. In contrast, many of us wonder game-to-game which AB will show up. If AB consistently played to his potential, he would have secured his future with the Lakers long ago. But he does not, and I would rather have A level talent 100% of the time than A+ talent 50% of the time.

  73. Bynum is not a bad player. Not everyone can average 19 and 12 let alone get a triple double with 10 blocks. We’ve seen glimpses of sheer dominance from Bynum this past year. Making Deandre Jordan his rag doll, totally dominating the spurs frontline and showing the potential we’ve seen in him since day 1.

    What Bynum did on occassion this year Dwight has done since his second year in the league. 20-20 games, high block games, alley oops, controlling the paint. These are all a walk in the park for Dwight.

    And it can’t be overstated the luxury of playing for a HOF coach and a team full of above average talent your whole career. Dwight’s best player he’s played with is Hedo Turkoglu. We all thought LeBron was great in Cleveland once he got in a winning organization around winning talent and veterans who could teach hima thing or two. We saw the results of that. Dwight will have the same transformation if he joins the Lakers.

  74. Kobe has taken the role of Muhammad Ali in this Olympics and guaranteed gold medal or else revocation of citizenship. (Italy would be happy their little boy once upon a time will become italian citizen after the games.) He dissed out the Commish and called him the “S” word, how sweet. And at the beginning, he raved on his teammates as the best ever assembled and could beat the legends of ’92. Of course, the oldies got mad starting from Scottie but they couldn’t proved Kobe wrong at this state. Is Kobe now the no. 1 trash talker of the team?

    On another subject, who is better Bynum or Howard in the long run? Definitely, it’s Howard but if he’s just on a lease basis with the Lakers, I would place my investment with the mischievous young star. Indeed, It will be growing pains but our own garbage could also be recycled to a gem and grow up as a fine star someday.

    Lately, Howard changed his stance with the Lakers, hope it stays as it is. Drew is taking all these things in a stride who is more interested on his fishing expedition in Alaska.

  75. I wonder what the Lakers would have to give up and take to get Howard. I see not only Bynum, but Gasol heading out too with LA being forced to swallow Hedo’s crappy contract.

  76. JayCartyGoldenWheels July 19, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    I saw a clip of Adam Morrison playing with NJ’s summer league team, he was actually moving pretty good. Could he become a Steve Novak, he bounced around quite a bit before anybody thought he was worth a darn…

    Is Matt Barnes not coming back his choice, or are Lakers cutting ties, he can play…and get under somebody’s skin..

  77. Convenient way to ignore the question, Aaron. Orlando’s refusal to take Bynum is unrelated to Bynum’s willingness to commit to an extension. Many teams are willing to gamble on Howard without a promise of an extension; none have done so with Drew.

  78. If you love some Bynum,
    You gotta set him free

    I don’t think Bynum should be a Laker anymore. It’s not the best for him, nor for the team. I think he is a sympathetic dude, and he has given the team a lot, and the sky is still the limit for him… but it just seems that the Lakers and him need to go their separate ways.

  79. Scottie Pimpin July 19, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Bynum has good B-Ball talent but he doesn’t seem to know how to incorporate it into the context of an actual game. I’m not sure if it’s an attitude thing or just a low bball IQ. Most likely it’s a combination of both. I always thought what set the Jordan Bulls apart from the rest of league was how cerebral every member was on the court. The acquisition of Nash and hopefully D12 automatically boosts the intelligence of this Lakers team and greatly improves their chances for a title.

  80. Whatever happens needs to happen quickly before it sidelines our season or puts us through the same crap it put Orlando through last year. We still need a bench and signing someone like a Brandon Rush or Courtney Lee is imperative to that end.

  81. LT,

    His off court behavior killed the morale of the team and greatly affected their on court performance. Twenty games into last season Orlando had one of the best records in the league. They took a nose dive before Howard went out with injury. Plus, when you get your coach fired that clearly is affecting what happens on the court.

  82. Dell Demps was cerebal with the Chris Paul deal. Right after the veto he quickly got something done with Clippers. Hennigan is running out of options. Houston is going to sign Lin and Asik them taking all those bad contracts will not happen. They’ll be stuck in mediocre territory for an eternity. Hennigan may be overplaying his hand.

    I think I may stop watching ESPN until this is over.

  83. One thing I know for sure the Lakers will not make a bad deal. They have all of the leverage here because they can still win with Bynum. I also read that they want closure on this pretty quickly or they will move on.

  84. Look at Houston’s roster they have young talent at every position. If they sign Lin and Asik they can go the same route as the Thunder. Save their picks and continue the youth movement. They won’t be a championship team with the addition of Dwight and could possibly miss the playoffs. Morey isn’t crazy to sell the house for a possible one year rental. He’s been patient for some time and has a good thing going with Lin coming aboard.

  85. Exactly what leverage does Orlando have?

    The Lakers should tell them that if a decision is not made soon then they will resign Bynum and give him a no-trade clause for this year, killing any trade to Orlando or three team trade, because Orlando will unload Dwight before the trade deadline.

  86. Orlando has no leverage because they are drawing this thing out too long. One by one potential trade partners are taking themselves out of the equation. Orlando’s options will soon be a) trade Howard to the Lakers or b) keep Howard and try the whole thing again in six months. I really don’t know what they want at this point. The Lakers are playing with house money. The don’t have trade Bynum, but Orlando really has to trade Howard.

    The deal is on the table. It’s time for Orlando to put up or shut up.

  87. This young Orlando GM better be careful, there is such a thing as being too clever and out-smarting yourself.

  88. Aaron, once again stop reiterating the same thing. Just because you say the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it anymore accurate or right.

  89. #86 Yes! As Sam Amico recently tweeted:

    Source added: “It’s up to the Magic whether or not they want to lose (Howard) for nothing. They’re driving down their price.”

    Not sure if Rob Hennigan is driving this dilly dallying but if so, he is clearly in above his head.

  90. Just based on effort alone, Howard is better than Bynum.

  91. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Boston is getting Courtney Lee in a S/T for JaJuan Johnson (who?)


  92. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    I don’t care that much about Drew v/s Howard. I think we can win with both. But we cannot win without a bench. First Mayo, and now Lee – signing for peanuts.


  93. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 2:12 pm


    Oh! C’mon – there was no trade speculation in there!!!

  94. sT,

    Indeed, it is appropriate to describe the situation as “hangtime”. Nobody gets excited anymore with this story, in fact tired of hearing the prolonged climax. Why don’t we send Rob Hennigan a SoCal flavor of “In & Out burgers” to satisfy his appetite on 1st round draft picks. Is he reviewing who will be the possible draft picks years from now?

  95. We definately need a 3rd team, because I don’t think AB for D12 is on the table with the Magic. We gotta convince AB that playing in Cleveland is the way to go. If we can do that – then this get done. The deal makes way too much sense for everyone.

    Aaron, Call your client and tell him to pack his bags and go play with Kyrie Irving.

  96. IMO Bynum waiting until he is a FA to sign max deal is a bad move. If his body fails him again he will not get a max deal, better for him to sign extension and have some security. Everybody (besides Aaron) knows the chances of him getting through a full season (82 game, not 66) are slim to none (especially if he were to play hard).

  97. Michale H/any_one_mouse: “we can win with both”

    Please define “winning”. Does this mean over 500? Does it mean making the playoffs? If so, yes – I agree.

    Beating the Heat – No. That is why we need D12. And – yes – we also need a bench.

  98. are the majority of opposing fans expert talent evaluators? who cares what they think?


    No, but they are as smart collectively as we are, and on Lakers players other than one Kobe Bryant, probably more objective. And the point is true: literally every opposing fan I know does NOT want the Lakers to get Dwight Howard and I am comfortable guessing that is true of about 95% of NBA fans.

    As to Howard’s back, that is simply a case in which we have to trust the FO. They have access to information and expertise that we don’t about Howard’s medical situation.

    And I would echo Funky Chicken’s points about Aaron’s evaluation of Bynum. Nothing that Morey, King, Kupchak, or Hennigan is supposedly doing or has done indicates that the teams involved in this see Bynum as being as good as Howard. Zach Lowe, John Hollinger, and the K Bros also have flat-out said that while Bynum is very good, Howard is better.

  99. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    @97, Robert:

    With an actual bench, and a Steve Nash, we have the ability to win it all. Bynum isn’t the problem.

    Between DH12 and a Bench, I’d rather have the latter – if you’re forcing me to choose.

  100. Robert, I don’t think they’d have to sell Bynum on Cleveland; the whole reason Cleveland is involved is because it was one of three teams, along with Houston and Dallas, that Drew said he’d like to play for. That’s also why there was talk of a three way deal with Houston as well, rather than just direct talks between Orlando and Houston.–nets-emerge-again-as-strong-contender-to-land-dwight-howard.html

    About halfway down in that article. Why Cleveland? That’s beyond me, could be the nice weather, could be their championship pedigree.

  101. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    @100, sbdunks,

    Drew’s agent just came out to say he never mentioned Cleveland. That’s just scuttlebutt from someone’s fertile imagination.

  102. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    98 @Mojo

    In other words, the pu-pu platter

  103. Fair enough any_one_mouse, although I hadn’t read that conflicting report. I’ve found it now.

    For what its worth, I would trust David Lee for about as far as I can throw him, while Wojnarowski is one of the best.

    No matter what, I personally believe Drew will sign a max deal with whomever holds his bird rights. The NBA is a business venture for him, not a passion. He had better lock down as much money guaranteed as possible with those knees of his.

  104. Boston basically got Lee for d-leaguers. Too bad ours are disguised ymca players otherwise we’d have a shot at Brandon Rush. If they can’t get Landry they may want Hill it’s still a possibility.

    I think west could be signed already if he didn’t call Brown out in film sessions for giving LeBron a pass. Or a west vs ron fight which I could totally see happening.

    Does anyone know why Ebanks hasn’t signed yet? Hasn’t he seen what happened to Sessions, Farmar and Ariza.

  105. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    @103, sbdunks –

    Agreed. Though, why anyone would choose Cleveland baffles me. Aside from Irving, they don’t have much talent on that roster.

  106. sbdunks/any_one_mouse: So – then Mitch’s task is to convince AB and his agent that Cleveland is the way to go. I do wonder if everyone wishes that Jamison was still a FA. If he was, then Cleveland could have used him in this for a sign and trade, to help absorb some of Orlando’s garbage.

  107. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    @108, Robert,

    Houston too 🙂

  108. rr @101: Exactly. The rest of the league does not want this, which means we do ! Do people really think that if a Celtic fan reads: “Lakers get Dwight Howard”, – they are going to say: “Another bad move by LA”? Of course not. They are dreading us getting Howard and Cuban and others are probably lobbying Cleveland and Houston – not to help us.

  109. Bynum might well prefer to be on a young team on which he would be welcomed as a key piece, as opposed to being here because the Lakers couldn’t get Howard. Also, Bynum already has two championship rings, and I have seen no indications that he is especially attached to the LA lifestyle.

    I tend to agree with sbdunks: I think Bynum will sign a max deal anywhere, when it comes down to it.

  110. MICHAEL ZARABI aka ZERB July 19, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    someone please forward this link to dwight howard … Thanks

  111. If Bynum somehow is the reason a Dwight deal doesn’t go through I’ll be more than convinced he’ll do anything not to let Kobe get his 6th ring.

  112. It’s a lot easier to find a parking spot in Cleveland than it is in L.A.

  113. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 3:30 pm


    Ha! No more double-parking tickets 🙂

  114. Why wouldn’t Bynum want to team up with Irving? You guys realize that in the East, an Irving/Bynum team would be a couple of pieces and/or a couple of good drafts away from making the playoffs..? The Bucks almost snatched the 8th seed last season FFS, and they were on pace to grab it without a Bogut (injured)/Ellis (acquired for Bogut at the trade deadline).

    Having the best young point guard in the league, and probably the best young center in the league would be scary.

    And, also, as derived from the Dwight Howard scenario, star big men love to play with capable point guards.

    I think Cleveland deserves AB. We also deserve Howard, and a few more rings. 🙂

  115. Funky Chicken July 19, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Zerb, that’s a funny graphic, which actually proves rr’s point about fans’ objectivity or lack thereof.

    Maybe Florida fans would get it right if they were asked to rank each teams’ big 4 against each other, but then again, they might think Joel Anthony > Pau Gasol….

  116. WAIT A MINUTE…. DWIGHT HOWARD WANTS LEAVE ORLANDO??????????????? When did this happen?

  117. yup Dwight said, he will resign with the Lakers if he get traded here, it is on ESPN.

    But wow, Antawn Jamison for vet minimum….hohoho next year will be fabulous.

  118. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    @116, Funky Chicken:

    Don’t forget Ray Allen is now a Heatle(t)!

  119. any_one_mouse July 19, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Lee deal is not yet. But at 3M a year, isn’t that a steal? Please Mitch, swoop in!!!

  120. Boston has really had themselves a great offseason. Hate to admit it but they’ve made some great moves, plus by getting healthier (Avery Bradley and Jeff Green back) and they should be a legit threat to Miami.

  121. if Howard joins our team will we have the most talented starting lineup in nba history?

  122. LBC – No.

  123. #124.

    That would be the Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Karl Malone, Shaquille O’Neal lineup. That lineup healthy would wreck shop on this one even with Howard included.

    Rick Fox notwithstanding, that’s 4 1st ballot HOF’ers on the starting five. If Malone hadn’t been injured, they would have beaten the Pistons, even with Kobe’s less than stellar finals performance.

  124. BTW, i don’t know if it’s been discussed here, but the new Laker Antawn Jamison while having had a pretty good NBA career is really best known for this

  125. For the basketball nerds. With a possible change to the Princeton offense here are a few plays.

    A lot of moving parts but it’s a read and react offense. Jamison ran this in the Wizards time of relevance.

  126. If this goes thru, Laker nation should thank Bynum’s cooperation. Cav’s are willing to build their team with Bynum provided he agrees to extend & in exchange of their future draft picks to Magic. Shucks, there are too many decisions linked with this deal.

  127. @126: pretty sure devean george was the 5th starter.

  128. Gotta trust the FO on evaluating Dwight’s back.

    Simple as that.

    Aaron’s points are valid, but if health is not a concern (which, at this point, is) DH > Bynum in every way imaginable. FT’s won’t matter much because we’ll have Nash and Kobe handling enough of the ball come crunch time.

  129. nino dela cruz July 19, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    we need Dwight..its simple as that..a true next big thing aftr Shaq..we need athleticism, heart and guts,,not a child like Bynum to win Kobe’s 6th ring…
    its a deadly inside/outside combo, next potent as kobe/shaq combo..

  130. Cleveland plain dealer is reporting that there really isn’t anything in the works for Bynum. Andrew agent says he hasn’t even been contacted about any deal. It was also reported in the article that the Magic’s GM seems reluctant to trade Howard to the Lakers.

  131. honestly, DH > AB anytime of the day.
    even with DH playing injured, he’s still dominating on the glass/defense. this does not mean that DH will be better next year than AB, but its leaning towards that.

    and i agree with people here that we are disappointed with AB play in the postseason. at his age and experience, he should have played his heart out and not make stupid statements on how he’s not prep for a game. he’s a champion now and yet he has not shown how to rise to important games.

    anyways, i believe that this year’s title run will not depend on AB or DH, it will rely on KB, Pau and Nash, and the rest of the bench. This is what the FO is trying to do at the C position, finding someone who can play D every given night.

  132. Stop this madness!

    Bynam us not going to Cleveland!

    Never! Bad owner. Bad team. Bad weather. No playboy mansion. Home boy James flushed the city.

    Not happening. New York, Florida even Texas but never Cleveland. Hot girls and hot nightlife yes. Cleveland Never. AB and his 8 classic cars aren’t driving the back roads of Ohio.

    Bank on it!

  133. Even if Cleveland isn’t the third team involved Houston will gladly step to the plate. Bynum is a nice consolation price for facilitating this trade for LA.

  134. StepUp: I agree. Lee, Terry replacements for Ray is an upgrade imo. Plus all those bigs they drafted they definitely got better.

    Lakers seriously need another 2 guard.

    After my relentless attacks on Jim Buss I have to say he’s made me a believer. More accessable to the fans with radio interviews and a couple at summer league. Swinging for the fences when it comes to roster upgrades. And actually getting Jamison at a bargain. I’m a believer. Who can still critisize. : )

  135. I think our best center option is Gasol. I’d like to see Bynum shipped out for a PF with maybe picks or a decent bench guy. Double centers just clogs up the paint. With the guys we are going to have Gasol just makes a lot more sense in the middle.

  136. Good news: I did not like the fact that he was willing to sign – gave the Magic extra bargaining power.

  137. Robert,

    I don’t think so. Orlando would only have “more bargaining power” if they had more teams willing to roll the dice on Howard or if Howard were willing to consider staying. I think given how bad you want Howard, anything that makes Buss less likely to pull the trigger is bad news for you.

  138. There was never any doubt that Dwight won’t extend. It makes absolutely no sense to leave that much money on the table. The latest development was simply Dwight reassuring the lakers (whatever that’s worth at this point) that he’d re-sign after the year is up. But that’s an illegal under-the-table agreement, so the agent had to come out and clean things up.

  139. The problem here isn’t where Bynum or Howard will play, it is all about what the Magic want. The talks have not even progressed far enough to even speak to the agents. The Magic are holding out for a deal that just isn’t there. The Lakers will not wait forever. They need to address their bench. I know we would take Richardson back in a trade but if there isn’t a trade soon the Lakers will walk away like the Nets did.

  140. rr: I see your point. However, AB has not indicated a willingness to sign anywhere either so it is even. We have already said we will do the deal even without the signing. And you et al were correct that both of these guys are signing max and that means D12 re-ups with us if he comes here. Further, Jim knows I want D12, he reads FB&G, and he wants his ring kissed : )

  141. So, while I am just guessing, I don’t think that Howard wanting to sign or not sign moves the needle that much–unless it affects how Buss sees the situation. Either way, from the Lakers POV this will come down to:

    a) Bynum being willing to extend with the third team
    b) the third team being willing to give Hennigan what he wants
    c) The Lakers being willing to take the tax hit from taking on one of ORL’s bad contracts.

  142. Michale H: Yes the hold up is the Magic. The really do not want to give D12 to the Lakers, because it is a league wide PR nightmare. However, they also can’t accept a blatantly inferior deal from someone else, so they are in a quandry. Since the Magic are not negotiating fairly – MK should leak our 3 way offer through a credible source. That way it is on record what the Magic “could have had”. If they refuse – and then later get an inferior offer from let’s say Houston, it is the humilation they deserve after this

  143. rr: Educate me. We no longer have a TPE, so how do we end up with Hedu or Anderson? Are we throwing Pau in? MWP? I am now thinking that the third team gets the bad contracts. The Magic are bringing D12 to the table, we are bringing AB, the third team brings picks and cap space for the garbage.

  144. Dan Fegan’s agency resides in LA. Re-signing Howard won’t be a problem. This is just a nasty PR battle between Dwight’s camp and Orlando Magic. There has to be more to this because every single superstar has left on bad terms. Shaq, McGrady, Hill now Dwight.

    Orlando brass just refuses to trade Dwight. Kobe phonecall aside I think Dwight was so set on going to Brooklyn that when they threatened to trade him to LA he caved. Orlando seems to be doing everything in their power to keep him. If that’s the case I hope he leaves them high and dry next summer.

    If the Lakers drop out that leaves Houston. Why in the heck would Morey trade the farm for Dwight when he has cap space to sign him in the summer. And Morey wouldn’t be competing with Brooklyn or LA. Orlando is stalling for something their never going to get.

    Orlando may wind up keeping Dwight in that case Lakers may have just alienated another player on their roster.

  145. Nash doesn’t want to play with JRich. He messed around with Nash’s wife. That is the reason he was shipped out. And that is also why Nash divorced his wife.

  146. Great, let’s move on.

    I think after this, DH12 will probably consult both LeBron and Kobe to learn how they rebuilt their brand and image.

    Kinda sad since his image was pristine coming out of the draft…

  147. Robert

    I suspect we would send McBob and Ebanks, both expiring. That is why the Lakers asked Ebanks not to sign yet. If he signs now he couldn’t be part of a trade until I think December. That may also be why Jordan Hill hasn’t signed as well. That would be enough salary to take on J Rich.

  148. ESPN is a joke reporting useless information. NBC SportsTalk is more entertaining than SportsCenter and doesn’t report what everyone already knows. Somebody really needs to call them out on reporting some much nonsense.

  149. Robert,

    You mean Richardson–Ryan Anderson is already in New Orleans.

    Taking on Turkoglu would be tough since he makes over 11M a year. They could take on Richardson by doing something like Boston is doing to get Courtney Lee. The logical guy to go is McRoberts, since he only has one year on his deal. Richardson and Davis both have three years to go on their deals, so Hennigan would like to move them, even though they are not all that expensive.

  150. Michael H beat me to it. Also, since Varejao is supposedly going to Orlando and Jamison has left now, Cleveland could use another body at the 4, so McRoberts might actually be a decent rotation option to help them get through the season.

  151. rr: Yes – I got richardson and anderson mixed up. In any case, we would have to throw in more garbage with McR just for JR. If they want to ditch Hedu – he would have to go to the 3rd team. Too bad I don’t own the team and you aren’t the GM. I would give you the check book, my proxy, and I would say “get er done”. Of course if you failed – you would be fired : )

  152. just woke up. dreamed lakers signed kenyon martin.

  153. Michael H: I like that idea. Are you coming over to the dark side? : )

  154. I thought we’re so near but this articles states we are still far away from conclusion.

    Here we go again the roller coaster with the divas:

  155. Let’s give up by wednesday next week.

    ORL GM is a rookie.

    Enough is enough.

  156. In any case, we would have to throw in more garbage with McR just for JR

    If you run the trade with McRoberts and Eyenga (as a proxy for Ebanks) on the trade machine, it works and Ebanks and Eyenga make about the same amount of money. You can also come within 325K of doing it with Glen Davis, which means you could probably do that.

    Hennigan doesn’t want players–by all reports, he doesn’t. Hennigan wants cap space, young bodies, and draft picks and is only taking any players who make more than a million bucks or so to make the money work. McRoberts and Ebanks would be going to Cleveland in all likelihood, not to Orlando.

  157. Robert,

    For me trading Pau AND Andrew was the dark side 😉 I have said all along that Howard is better then Bynum, because of his D. My point has been that he is not THAT much better. I wouldn’t give away the franchise for him. I believe we can win with either. But If we can get him and J Rich for a couple of bench warmers with expiring deals, i am o.k with that. But also I don’t want this to drag out much longer. The bench still needs work. Unlike like last year there are guys that can help at the mini and vet min. The worst case would be no trade AND the remaining bargains being snapped up. In my eyes Howard is not good enough to risk that either.

  158. Lakers could possibly alienate 3 players in 2 years. This deal has to happen.

  159. As a Laker fan, we need to move on from this diva and his diva agent. DH doesn’t deserve to wear our uniform after this mess. His agent is doing what he can to keep his own name in the papers as long as he can for his own selfish reasons because Howard is going to get paid the same regardless of where he goes and as a result his agent will also. He is trying to shire his muscle as an agent to draw other clients. He knows DH can’t go on turret record because of the backlash he would get so the agent is single handedly screwing everybody else in the process

  160. @#4 Kevin,

    Re-sign Matt Barnes? Are you kidding? Matt was terrible in the playoffs. He avg 3.5pts, shot 27% and a paltry 16% from 3pt. He had nearly as many turnovers (15) as baskets (16). By the end of the OKC series it was so bad that he got a DNPCD in the final game. He was also bad in the playoffs last year, but was injured so we gave him a pass. But this year…it was so bad that he lost all confidence.

  161. It says a lot about Howard that he is willing to waste another year of his career playing on a lame duck team rather than going to a franchise where he can start winning right away.

  162. How long can they drag this Dwight Howard BS on?

    what a joke, why didn’t he just opt-out of his deal last year? what a moron….

  163. lol now Dwight said he didn’t say he will sign an extention, god……

  164. I think Eyenga, Morris, Ebanks stay with the club and get their contract monies next year. Sacre and DJO get camp invites and have a very good chance to make the club. I also think Reeves gets an invite, but probably doesn’t make the club.

    What do others think of Goudelock’s chances of being on the club next year? I don’t like them much – based off his showing late in the year and summer league.

  165. Of course DH won’t sign an extension. He can only get a 4 year contract if he signs an extension, if he signs a new contract he can get 5 years. He was never going to sign an extension with any team.

  166. Hi guys, head over to, it really helps you calm down and stop hitting F5 on this forum in hope of news about Dwight Howad.

    Anonymous Dwightaholics – check it out.

  167. Funky Chicken July 20, 2012 at 7:37 am

    Ryan, that’s exactly right, and the same goes for Bynum. Neither guy will sign an extension. CP3 didn’t sign an extension.

    Hardly anyone signs extensions any more, but they all end up staying with their current team. It is always about the money, and that’s why fears that a DH trade will fall apart over his or Bynum’s refusal to sign an extension are totally overblown.

    Unless they do what no other player has done, both Drew and Dwight will go to free agency and then re-sign with whatever team they end next season on.

  168. Funky Chicken July 20, 2012 at 7:53 am

    One clarification: I could see DH choosing not to re-sign with Orlando if that amateur GM tries to hang on to him through the end of the season.

    One thing appears to be clear, Dwight Howard is not being well-served by his agent. At this point, to make a statement that Dwight won’t sign an extension with the Lakers, is just absurd, and makes his client look (even more) like a flip flopping diva. There is no “news” with this. No current player will sign an extension and give up a guaranteed 5th year.

    What is holding up this deal is Orlando’s GM. What “better deal” he is waiting for is beyond me. Teams have and will continue to move on, and in doing so there will be fewer not more trade partners with Orlando. I don’t criticize what Orlando has done up until this point, but from here it is a game of chicken with virtually no upside for them and a heck of a lot of downside risk…..

  169. While Robert is so excited with his dream player coming to LA, I read a lot fantasizing with the trades, with Championship in the horizon, with MK chess moves with Rob Hennigan but the truth of the matter it all boils down on one thing – relentless greed and absolute greed. We can never satisfy everyone’s greed, somehow all parties have to be realistic with their wants within a certain time. The world will never wait thinking that you are indispensable.

    Let’s start with Agent Fegan who thinks like an insurance salesman. He’s interested on his 10% for 5 year deal than just extension of 1 year. Whatever he can sweep in a short span time will be his ultimate choice because he’s not sure of the future. Dwight could change agents when he lands in the LA la land after talking to Kobe and Nash.

    Then, we have this Rob Hennigan he’s sitting on the negotiation table without any objective but just to distract and bid time. He has all the time in wheeling and dealing and expect all team to solve Orlando’s mess through Howard’s deal. He wants fresh roster, he wants to clean up all bad contracts and presumably, he dreams of Championship too with a fresh roster competing against OKC.

    Houston and Cleveland teams, this is their time too. Small market Gilbert wants to ride on Lakers fortune from day one he lost Lebron. He has been shadowing every Laker moves from CP3 and now wants Bynum too. Rockets don’t know what to do with their roster ever since Yao Ming retired, they thought it can be revived by Lin or amnestying Scola and trading Lee for nobodies. Rockets are out of their mind in clearing their cap space in order to deal with Fegan’s 10% 5 year deal next season.

    Finally, we have our own version of greed Kupchak/Buss. We already have Bynum but we wanted more so we wait…..ride on the fantasies of fans like us that Howard is Laker written in heaven. You just have to wait and keep everybody hanging on the notion that Andrew will not disappear, Howard and his agent will get tired with their pulley tactics and Rob Hennigan would lose his credibility. Meanwhile, the side shows FA’s are also waiting because they are not starring cast but their 10% agents are also worried that their commissions are in jeopardy for waiting Lakers to make final decision.

    End of my own fantasy.

  170. From everything that I’ve read, there are two things holding up this deal:

    1. The Magic want the Lakers to take back Hedo’s contract. Lakers are refusing, but expressing a willingness to take Jason Richardson’s contract.

    2. The Cavs want permission to speak to Bynum about his interest in staying there, but the Lakers won’t grant that permission until the particulars of the deal are agreed upon in principle by all teams involved in the trade.

    Personally, I’m envisioning this as our lineup and salivating.

    PG: Nash, Blake, Morris
    SG: Kobe, JRich, Goudelock or Ebanks
    SF: MWP, Antawn Jamison, Ebanks
    PF: Pau, Antawn Jamison, McRoberts
    C: Dwight Howard, Jordan Hill

    Taking Richardson back would be a bit pricey, but it solves our backup shooting guard problem quite nicely. I look at that roster and see one that can win a title.

    In fact, I look at that roster and think we’d be the favorites to win. Don’t know if we’d keep all of the pieces there or might have to send out some folks like Ebanks, McRoberts and Goudelock to make the salaries work.

    But we’d have great two-deep depth at every position and the best starting lineup in the league.

    It would also have a lot of flexibility. For example, if the Lakers wanted to they could field a great “small ball” lineup by moving Kobe to the SF position and playing Richardson at SG, then bring in Jamison at PF to put four shooters around Dwight Howard.

  171. Jim C.

    That depth chart above is impressive. Im hoping that Blake’s name will not be on that list, but if it is I quess you couldnt complain considering what other names are in the fold.I hate to rag on dude because if he was at my local Y he would probably tear it up. Against NBA talent he is no bueno at this stage of his career. Too timid, not decisive, inconsistent, man the list goes on and on for a veteran thats been in the league as long as him is inexcuseable. I would rather LA sign a D-Leaguer or let Morris follow Nash around and put Blake in a glass case with a sign that reads ” Break glass only in emergency”.

  172. This morning Colin Cowherd made the point that you can tell a lot about an NBA franchise by looking at the owner and their best player. As an example, he compared the Knicks to the Lakers.

  173. Anyone who is basking Dwight because of all this is silly. How is any of this Dwight’s fault? God forbid he wants to change teams. Unfortunately there is no free agency as Dwight is an indentured servant so he needs to demand a trade. Blame the owners earthlings… Not the players. Or blame the players for not fighting harder for a better CBA.

  174. TheNCDon:

    A very good point. I would not at all be against having Morris be second on the PG depth chart and take advantage of the next three years of having Nash on the team to mentor him and groom him to take over after Nash moves on.

    Morris has played very well in the Summer League the last two games.

    I agree with everything in your post #177. Well said.

  175. Good article projecting how the Lakers would improve after doing a Bynum for Howard trade on ESPN Insider.

  176. I can count the number of times that I have agreed with Aaron on one hand, but this is definitely one of them @177. Howard has put in his time in Orlando and carried his team to the finals once. He deserves to land somewhere else.

  177. 173, @JimC,

    You should read the latest Simmons article on Grantland that talks about the Lakers giving up Blake and McRoberts to take on Turkoglu’s contract.

    Would mean we need a back-up PG.

  178. How do people feel about this issue of using jersey space for advertising?

    I hate the idea, myself. I see the rationale, of course, but as a fan, I hate it. Soccer players look like walking billboards to me, just gaudy and conspicuous. This is the first step towards heading in that direction.

  179. According to the announcers, Eyenga’s been doing 2-a-days and he’s shown improvement throughout Summer league. His outside shot being so bad keeps Ebanks ahead of him on the depth chart but if they retain both I’d be interested in seeing the experiment of running them both in some non-garbage time moments. Eyenga’s slashing could make up for Barnes’ but any shot outside of 8 feet is like playing the lottery.

    Morris was able to string 2 good offensive games in a row and suffered slightly less dribble-itis. His decision making is still collegiate. Person or someone needs to fix that kid’s shot though. Maybe he could ask Nash to adopt him. I’d like to see he’s defensive awareness tuned up.

    If Goudelock makes the team it will have to be at camp because he’s hanging by one twig on a ledge. Last game, that 6’10” Australian dude was popping his open 3s as well as Morrison being effective. GLock said in the post game interview that he learned a lot (point guard skills, defensive rotations) during camp. W/O the point skills and trickier D, energy, better shape, he is only going to make the squad if makes it rain 3s.

    Sacre and DJO should get camp invites but they are presently displaying D-League level skill.

  180. Mouse:

    With Nash here to mentor him over the next three years, I’d be okay giving Morris a try as our backup PG and giving him 15 minutes or so a game of burn.

  181. @181 – Morris

  182. I’m sick of this talk. Let’s do this trade now or move on. Enough already.

  183. I’m willing to wager that we’re ALL sick of this talk.

    But I’m willing to be patient and wait. If we get the right pieces back in this deal, we could really set ourselves up well for the last couple of years of Kobe’s career.

    Soon our long national Dwightmare will be over.

  184. @JimC, @Magic Phil,

    I’d be okay with that if Nash plays 33 minutes a night for 82 games, and the playoffs. But we have to factor for injury time. We need a capable backup. We could have had Jerryd Bayless or OJ Mayo…

  185. My worry is that all the details of a possible Howard trade are preventing an upgrade of the bench. I hope Hill will soon make his decision, and signings will then pick up for a SG and possible PF/C if Hill doesn`t come back. Give Orlando a deadline,and then move on,or they`ll string this out looking for a better deal.

  186. @187, Ed –

    Exactly! We missed out on Lee, Mayo, Bayless, Randolph – all of whom could have helped us – immensely!

  187. 175) TheNCDonput Blake in a glass case with a sign that reads ” Break glass only in emergency”.


    177) Aaron-Exactly.

    It’s okay when a team unceremoniously drops a player (see Scola) but goodness forbid if a player decides they no longer want to play for a team (see Lebron and Howard).

  188. #191. Mayo signed for more than the Lakers could offer from what I understand. Lee was S&T’d to the C’s for non-guaranteed contracts that help Houston wiggle more underneath the cap in their pursuit of putting together more attractive trades. Anthony Randolph has not shown to be a good player at this point in his career.

    Bayless is the only player the Lakers could have reasonably signed but LA is already paying Blake more than what Bayless signed for to be the back up PG. Fans may not like it, but LA isn’t going to invest over 7 million on back up PG’s.

  189. @Ed, @mouse:

    I don’t think we missed out on those guys. The FO has been showing a willingness to add surrounding pieces even while pursuing other deals.

    After all, they did sign Antawn Jamison who was a great pickup.

    I think we missed out on the other guys being mentioned more because of our cap situation and what money we can put on the table in an offer to them than because we were too busy going after Howard.

  190. Lee ended up being out of our price range as well.

    @johnhollinger Update: Lee apparently starts at an even 5M with 225k annual raises

    It seems like we’re in limbo because of the Dwightmare. As the old saying goes, Orlando needs to crap or get off the pot.

  191. What did he say exhelodrvr?

  192. Mojo

    Only because he didnt want to look like the bad guy. If I remember correctly Orlando had just demolished the Heat and maybe he thought that the team actually had a chance of competing for a title. He just let his emotions get the best of him at the moment. All in all I think dude is a genuine guy that just got caught up on the business side of things.

  193. Given the very public nature of Bynum in the “store display window” as he is getting shopped and the need to resolve this situation so that other dominos can fall it seems reasonable that the Lakers FO will likely set a deadline. I would be surprised if the “put up or shut up” date extends past Tuesday of next week. But who knows? in the end this may be just one more log to throw on the conjecture fire…

  194. Hale: Knowing Brown prefers defense Eyenga has surpassed Goudelock in the rotation. Summer league ball doesn’t give us a fair indication how he’d perform in 18 minutes with the 2nd unit against the likes of Harden, Ginobli, Bledsoe, Miller. He did put on a show yesterday.

    Lakers still need someone on the perimeter who can create their own shot w/ Blake and Jamison on the floor. Foye and West can space the floor and take their man off the dribble. Likely to get the minimum too.

  195. 163, LRob: Barnes is a perfect glue guy who just like Ron played their best ball in April headed to playoffs. But both suffered setbacks. Ebanks range is limited beyond 15 ft and hasn’t signed his tender. Lakers are going for it next 2 years the better option would be Barnes because of his known production. But with his past 2 postseasons I could see reason for concern.

  196. Kevin

    That is the only reason I am in favor of J. ONeal signing, if McHops(he isnt going to play with Jamison on board) and any youngster,other than Morris, could be shipped for such a player. It seems like teams this year are signing legitimate second tier players for scraps.

  197. D-William and Steve Nash are smart. D-William said he grew up in Dallas and want to return there,…, he got max contract with the Nets. Nash said i don’t think that i will wear Lakers uniform,…, he got 24 mill in 3 years. D-Howard, the super man did not know what to do, the Nets have money for him, but because he re-signed with Orlando for one year, they signed Johnson, Wallace, Lopez.

  198. I hope that the lack of new posts by Darius and Co. means that, due to some “inside” knowledge, they are holding on for a special announcement….. Otherwise, can we get a new post please? I’m having withdrawals.

  199. Now, the Nets controls the situation, if everything goes well, forget Howard, if not they can talk to Orlando later. Lakers FO should be smart too, we got Bynum, Orlando should do the fair trade or nothing will happen.

  200. While the Lakers fiddle with Dwight, Boston just makes another killer move by signing Courtney Lee to a 4 year $21 million contract. This my friends, is a new team to beat for now and the forseeable future. Damn D12. We need a bench. Sign Jordan Hill and Ebanks and add someone before they are all gone.

  201. My personal opinion is to give DH12 exactly what he wants. Do not trade for him, as he has not expressed any loyalty to the team that acquires him. Let him waste another lame duck year with Orlando. Let him miss the playoffs, again. And then let him decide where he wants to go after that.

  202. Manny,
    We’ll have a new post up soon. Dave will post a Friday Forum. From my end, I’m a bit caught up today so I haven’t been near a computer that often.

    As an aside, there are several things up in the air with the team right now. Of course there’s the Howard situation. But apparently Jordan Hill will decide soon between the Lakers and his other options (Minnesota is the other likely destination) and I still believe the Lakers will target another wing. However, that last acquisition may really be tied to whether something happens with Howard or not. I’ve read reports that say Ebanks not yet signing is both related to the bone bruise he has on his knee AND the fact that remaining unsigned keeps him out of trade scenarios while also keeping a roster spot open should the Lakers take on an additional player in a trade.

    Basically, there are a lot of moving parts right now and until some of them are resolved, there’s really not much to say. I’ll likely post some Summer League thoughts late tonight when I get some time but those won’t be too different than some of the thoughts I posted the other day.

  203. Totally agree with everyone that the bench still needs work especially with everyone falling off.

    Most recent news has Shannon resigning in phoenix amd with lee going to Boston there are really only a few guys that would actually help with my preferred being pietrus or foye

    Also – Boston has had a really nice offseason – anyone else hoping for a celtics-lakers finals trimatch?

    Anyone else on the list for backup shooting guards – hearing Bellini is going to the clippers

  204. Because of next year’s incremental (super) tax system, any incoming salary will have to be offset as much as possible. That is why Hedo is a deal breaker, as the only offset is Blake. JRich is closer in salary to Blake, but still more, which translates to a lot more when adding in the tax. Plus, there is the Nash/JRich rumor that makes it hard for me to believe that JRich is coming. Even if not true, or only somewhat true, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to potentially alienate Nash.

  205. The Ebanks injury report must be tied in some way to the Howard trade. He was set to sign and play in Vegas,then Howard heated up again. I`ve learned over the years not to put too much import on SL play,but wait for Oct.; did notice that Morris has turned into a hulk SG,who still can`t shoot .

  206. @Darius, @JimC –

    Per hoopshype, none of the contracts moved by Boston were non-guaranteed. Houston in fact waived some of them. Regardsless, I don’t understand how an S/T of Lee – a player they effectively relinquished could lower their payroll. The only benefit they got out of it was a second round pick.