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Dave Murphy —  July 27, 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony is tonight, with NBC kicking off coverage via various tape delay configurations, at 7:30 pm for both EST and PST, and 6:30 pm for CST. Plus a plethora of video updates, podcasts and the like from ESPN and Yahoo and others, as well as live streaming feeds for all events via NBC online, except for the opening and closing ceremonies. Are we all clear now? Or, to make things simpler, USA Men’s Basketball squares off against France, Sunday night.

In other news, the seismic chart representing Dwight Howard trade activity is currently registering at low levels, at random intervals. Which is fine by me, I’m fairly bored by it at this point. Which is not to say that I won’t avail us all of timely D-12 linkage until it, whatever “it” is, either bleeds out completely or becomes something real. Ready?

Brian Kamenetzky at the Land O’Lakers, reveals that Mitch Kupchak is still interested in activity that he can’t by rule actually discuss.

Ben Bolch at the L.A. Times takes a look at the newly released NBA schedule.

Janis Carr at the OC Register offers up Steve Nash’s latest video parody.

An editorial by C.A. Clark at Silver Screen and Roll, about Dwight and the possible winds of change.

Ramneet Singh at Lakers Nation rekindles the Jodie Meeks rumors.

Jordan Conn at Grantland, writes about the summer league and the last hopes of redemption.

Eric Freeman at Yahoo’s Fourth Place Medal reports on Kobe Bryant’s weight loss for the Olympics.

This is normally where I place the back end of the wraparound bumper, with some sort of pithy basketball commentary. I got nothing but a headache, and I’m hungry for lunch. Tonight though, the temperature will drop a bit, the TV will warm up, and I’ll watch the opening ceremonies. Once again, they’ll stretch on too long and once again, I’ll get caught up in the excitement and the rite of passage these games always seem to symbolize. Enjoy the weekend everyone, I know I will.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy


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  1. I keep seeing the name Jodie Meeks pop up frequently. Never seen him play when he was with Philly, is he a three point shooter or a defensive player.


  2. TheNCDon: More of the former hardly the latter. We already have a Meeks type in Goudelock he’s just undersized.

    I honestly don’t see Meeks as a significant upgrade.


  3. Rusty Shackleford July 27, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    I can’t believe Bynum is a max contract player – but then again ?Roy Hibbert?


  4. TheNCDon

    Meeks is a decent defender, much better then G-lock. I mean to even get on the floor for a Doug Collins team you have to be able to play some D. G-Lock was completely lost and a total liability on the defensive end. Meeks is also a very good 3 point shooter. He can also get to the rim and finish with either hand. He is a definite upgrade over anyone we have currently.


  5. Jodie Meeks was a below average player on mediocre teams, with PER falling the last two years. I’m sure he would help us a lot.


  6. dave m,
    Are you telling us pith off?


  7. If Lakers are set on winning by outscoring teams then Meeks may be the guy. I’d take Barbosa, Delfino over Meeks if they’re willing to take the minimum.

    Lakers still need to find someone to guard Miller, Ginobli and Harden. Meeks gets toasted on defense


  8. Kevin,

    Barbosa and Delfino are notoriously bad defenders. None of the remaining options are great but Meeks shoots as well or better then either of them, is only 24 with upside and can play a little d as well. This is why the rumor has been out there for a while and why Mitch is talking to him.


  9. MichaelH: this isn’t Meeks from Kentucky who was unstoppable. He lost his rotation spot in playoffs and hasn’t progressed since he’s got in the league.

    Meeks name comes up because he’s likely to get the minimum. If Barbosa, Delfino were willing to take the minimum Meeks would be option C.


  10. Just read that Bynum scheduled to go through the German knee procedure in September. Yet another testament to how lazy he is. Why doesn’t he do it earlier in the summer so he can start training camp fully healthy?


  11. We just need a capable backup for kobe so he can rest. Meeks may not be a superb talent but he’s able to hit the 3 and has some decent defense what more can u ask for?


  12. After watching G-Lock in the Summer League I don’t see how the Lakers keep him unless he is in the D League all season. Sacre is not going to to make the team either and nor should DJO. Let’s hope Mitch can pull Brandon Rush out of GS.

    PG – Nash, Blake, Morris
    SG – Kobe, Rush
    SF – MWP, Ebanks, Eyenga
    PF – Pau, Jamison, McRoberts
    C – Bynum, Hill

    That team is as good as we can hope unless………D12 comes and someone takes Blake off our hands.


  13. Meeks sounds decent as long as he can come in and give the bench some much needed offense. I dont worry as much about D on the second unit, if they could just hold the lead or keep it from getting away everything should be fine. Last year LA’s bench was horrible, MB had to play Kobe, Pau and Drew too many minutes.


  14. @ #3, Rusty: to be surprised Bynum is a max player is to state you just don’t understand how important height is in the NBA. Think about it, height alone can get an unknown a try out. Ben Wallace is still in the league & Kwame Brown just signed a new free agent contract…and it wasn’t for the vet minimum.

    So when you have legit young 7 footer with skills, some athleticism, & upside…you have a guy who will get a max contract. You mentioned Hibbert, you forgot Brook Lopez.

    And don’t mention health concerns. Doesn’t apply to 7 footers, don’t believe me, google Greg Oden. Trust me, no one would still be talking about this guy if he was 6’5.

    Translation: Andrew Bynum: max player!!!


  15. And speaking about height, I’d like that in a back-up off guard also. Roger Mason is 6’5, he plays “D”, is a disciplined teammate, can hit an open jumper, played for the vet minimum last year, and can spell Kobe for 15 minutes per game.