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Dave Murphy —  August 3, 2012

We’re at that place where apart from any theoretical home run, the roster is pretty full, the money’s been spent, and the eternal quest for “niche” is simmering nicely. We could obviously use some perimeter help, but personally, I think being a bench shooter for the Lakers is the NBA kiss of death. Your number gets called every fifth game for a couple minutes, you fail miserably, and end up playing in smoke-filled arenas in Moldova. I’m not getting remotely excited about anyone unless Medvedenko reappears mysteriously at the age of 33. Here’s some links for a Friday:

The Kamenetzky Bros at the Land O’Lakers offer a podcast with invitee Antawn Jamison.

Andy Kamenetzky at the LOL has some thoughts on the law firm of Meeks & Miles (update: Miles is rumored to be joining the Cavs).

Kurt Helin at ProBasketballTalk brings up the Leandro Barbosa rumor.

Mark Medina at the L.A. Times has a free agent profile on former Laker Maurice Evans. Not exactly sure why, Mo’s primary ambition these days seems to be lusting after Derek Fisher’s union job.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register suggests that Dwight Howard could take a page from Kobe Bryant.

Ryan Ward at Lakers Nation writes about Magic Johnson’s view of the Lakers and what it will take to get them to the finals.

Kelly Dwyer for Yahoo’s Fourth Place Medal, reports on Team USA’s jaw-dropping beat-down of Nigeria.

Some of the Hardwood Paroxysm guys have a roundtable discussion about Lamar Odom.


It should be a good weekend for Olympics viewing, Team USA plays Lithuania Saturday morning and there’s plenty of other action as well. If y’all hear anything about Jodie Meeks or that guy from Orlando signing, please leave it in the thread.

– Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy


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  1. Jan. 25 – Mar. 14 From Blake injury to Sessions trade

    Goudelock: 12.2 min 5.9 pts 40% fg (59-146) 39% 3pt (23-58). I thought Goudelock played well when he was in the set rotation. When Brown started to give him spot minutes is when he started chucking up shots before being subbed.

    Apr.7 – Apr. 26 Time Kobe was out

    Ebanks: 24.1 min 6.5 pts 43% fg 0-7 3pt. I’m not sure Ebanks is the answer backing up Ron. Limited range too many times was caught sleeping on defense. One game vs Durant ( who actually missed about 8 open shots that game) doesn’t prove much.

    S. Brown 9-19 24 pts, M. Bellineli 7-15 20 pts, D. Green 7-11 22 pts, A. Afflalo 7-15 18 pts, D. West 9-15 20 pts, D. Green 4-5 11 pts, K. Thomphson 7-22 17 pts, T. Outlaw 4-10 11 pts.

    17.8 pts 54-112 48% fg 17-37 3pt 45%. Those numbers are from Ebanks main assignments. He wasn’t guarding them the whole game but those number sindicate some of what we saw. Him giving up open looks, getting sucked into the paint leaving players open for all those 3s and subpar defense. I have more faith in Goudelock than Ebanks if both saw minutes next season.


  2. Unfortunately, Devin Ebanks is NOT Trevor Ariza. Lakers need a legitimate swing-man off the bench, and the fact is, Ebanks is probably our best bet.

    The guy I personally like is Terrence Williams, but his attitude is questionable, and he lacks playoff experience.