More Dwight Howard Rumors Surface

Darius Soriano —  August 9, 2012 — 137 Comments

It’s been a while since a juicy Dwight Howard trade rumor was floated in the press. So, if you were starving for one, here’s your fix via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

There are other players involved in these fluid talks, but a framework of the possible deal includes Howard and Denver forward Al Harrington going to the Lakers, Philadelphia guard Andre Iguodala going to the Nuggets, Los Angeles center Andrew Bynum moving to the 76ers, and Los Angeles forward Pau Gasol and Denver guard Arron Affalo going to the Magic, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The report also states that “a deal is not considered imminent” and it’s that part of the report that we should probably be focussing on most.

First of all, four team trades are difficult to execute. There are a lot of parties to appease and all it takes is one GM not getting exactly what he wants to kill the entire deal. We saw this with the proposed three team deal the Brooklyn Nets were trying to manufacture earlier this summer in trying to acquire Howard. And that was only 3 teams, not the rumored 4 team deal presented above.

Second, while there are exceptions to the rule, Mitch Kupchak has rarely executed a deal that was leaked. Mitch typically works in silence and seeing reports of talks have normally equated to a deal withering on the vine. For every deal like Sessions or Steve Nash where there was rumored interest or leaks of the Lakers jumping into the fray, there are countless deals like ones for Michael Beasley or Chris Paul (sorry to bring it up) that never came to fruition for whatever reason.

Third, the details of this deal seem a bit off. The Lakers have consistently positioned themselves as not wanting to give up both Gasol and Bynum in a trade for Howard. Of course, you can look at this trade as two separate deals: Bynum for Howard and Pau for Al Harrington. However, the Lakers have also been very hesitant to give up Pau for lesser talent with reports for more than a year stating that the Lakers are asking for too much in any deal in which they surrender the Spaniard.

Of course there are financial concerns as well. Al Harrington makes much less money than Gasol and the combined salaries of Howard and Harrington would be less than what Pau and Bynum make. However, the other side of that equation is that Harrington’s contract runs into the year that the repeater tax would kick in and any deal that lasts that long limits the Lakers’ financial flexibility in a year they’ll need to be under the tax. I’m not yet convinced the Lakers want any money on the books that year beyond Nash’s salary and what either Bynum or Howard (should he be acquired and re-signed) make that year. Harrington would muck that up.

Ultimately, there’s a chance that this deal could happen (or a version of it). But history – both in terms of how the Lakers operate and the stance they have taken in regards to a Gasol trade – have me beyond skeptical.

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137 responses to More Dwight Howard Rumors Surface

  1. I think this is all a waste of time. First of all Mitch said publically that most if not all these rumors have been just rumors nothing more. Secondly what do the Lakers have to gain other than possible money concerns. The Lakers chemistry is being bandied about. Pau has handled this and now Bynum has getting his trade rumor legs. If the Lakers bring in Howard and Harrington a whole new chemistry dynamic comes into play. Furthermore they haven’t addressed the bench problem from the backcourt.

  2. Thanks Darius for giving us an arena for us to vent. This trade proposal makes absolutely no sense for the Lakers or the Magic.

  3. These days whenever the Lakers are named in a proposed deal I see it as some player, agent, or GM trying to manipulate the marketplace for their interests. Often is has nothing to do with the Lakers.

    Maybe Orlando’s GM is trying to prime the pump for some kind of blockbuster that would net them a treasure chest for Howard. It is clear all parties who have interest have made their offers. Orlando doesn’t like those offers. Now, it seems they are trying to create some kind of feeding frenzy that just isn’t there.

  4. Amazingly, the Buke (video) seems to have this one analyzed quite well: LA is still interested, and Orlando may be considering most any multi team option to make a trade work.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Howard, Harrington + (Chandler, Turner, Redick, Brewer) and I’d do it. Would be tough to give up Pau but to maximize Nash’ potential with the team we need floor spreaders. Remember we were horrid from 3 last year and lookinng at the current roster it woud be more of the same.

    This shows the desperation on Lakers part trying to get Howard because of the revenue he creates more so than getting the best Center. imo

    You just don’t see Bynum jerseys in LA and Kobe’s star power is fading bringing in Dwight would help LA in that department.

  6. I would suspect either the Philly front office or Iggy’s agent as being the source of this latest rumor. Those are the two big winners in this deal.

  7. I just hope that all these rumors don’t alienate Bynum and drive Pau back into his depression. I still feel the Lakers need to get their team together and begin making plans for the upcoming season. They may not be able to practice as a team, but it would be nice to know what team you’re going into the season with.

  8. Um, no!

    I think we have one more year of Gasol. His performance in the Olympics gets the momentum going and Nash’s influance on the O takes his value up to the levels they rightfully occupy. I’m not saying we’ll get equal value in a trade, but I think any move has to get the Lakers closer to the tax line and bring in some young talent. The Lakers need to find a way to get Kobe time on the bench. This coming season, if we have Dwight (or Bynum bringing it every night), I’d say large leads accomplish that. After that, with Pau gone, it’ll be the development of good talent at the swing positions.

  9. The deal makes sense for Denver they’d be way over the cap, after signing McGee, if they sign Lawson with Afflalo, Harrington possibly Chandler on the books. Philly is obviously going in a different direction than Iggy having to sign Holiday long term. Orlando has to move Howard and Lakers are desperate to get him. As is I wouldn’t do it but throw in a slighty above average SG and I’m sold.

  10. Gasol for Harrington is a terrible deal for L.A and Mitch is better then that. There would have to be at least another quality piece involved or I can’t see Mitch doing it.

  11. Who would be the Laker power forward if this deal went down? Not Harrington! It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    if Denver throws in Gallo along with Harrington….then I can see this going down…

  12. Harrington? Unbelievable. I hope this is just a USA ploy to mess up Pau’s state of mind for the gold medal game. Don’t do it. Give the Nash-Gasol pick and roll a chance.

  13. Just say no!

    Harrington is basically an unefficient volume scorer. We have already one such player. So thanks, but no, thanks.

    Should we end up with Howard and Iguodala – another story.

  14. This report isn’t worth time discussing. It’s that ridiculous.

  15. Count me out as well. This is the Magic GM leaking VERY preliminary trade talks to drive the Rockets offer up.

  16. Finally getting some Pau trade talks, I knew it was coming, been too quiet on his end this summer. Im liking the Drew for Dwight part, but the Pau trade needs another piece or pieces too make me content. Dwight wouldnt need an all world PF beside him to make him great, just a healthy body( Jamison and Harington would scare me because they are injury prone) who can stretch the floor and rebound. Add a SG and LA would have to think about this trade.

    “His performance in the Olympics gets the momentum going” P. AMI

    Pau played well for Spain last year, Im becoming numb to thinking that he will come around regardless what he does outside of LA.

  17. I’ll play Devil’s Advocate for acquiring Harrington.

    How did Ibaka become so ineffective vs Miami? He was asked to guard the spot up shooter on Miami. Ibaka can’t constantly guard the paint if his man makes him pay with open threes.

  18. I caught the rumour on sports radio and nearly drove off the road. I thought that Jim Buss and Mitch had lost thier minds. As described, this would be a horrible trade for the Lakers. I am glad that so many of you are dismissing it as nonsense.

    My prediction: I think Howard goes to Houston as they can absorb most of the bad contracts Orlando has on their books in addition to offering young talent back. Howard then forces a mid year deal to the Lakers as the Rocket’s realize that he will bolt at the end of the year.

  19. Not going to waste too much Time or Energy on this Garbage Report.

    @ 10, Michael H:

    Simply put: You hit the nail directly on its head.

  20. No to trading Pau…and more importantly no to Al Harrington! At this point, the Lakers might as well hold onto Pau and let his contract go off the books with Kobe. The window to trade Pau was lost in the Chris Paul trade.

    Shore up the bench and let’s go!

  21. I also don’t buy the Lakers’ fo is interested in this, but you never know. Magic get the short end of the stick in this one, but I guess it makes sense because someone mentioned on this forum that the elder Magic owner wants to stay competitive in hopes of a championship. Maybe he caught a glimpse of Pau in the olympics and liked what he saw.

  22. This deal will happen but there are other names not disclosed. The Lakers need a stretch 4 to play with Nash so I don’t mind Harrington. I am glad we are getting rid of Pau and Bynum.

  23. Gasol & Bynum > Harrington & Howard

    Simple as that. I highly doubt the FO will pull the trigger on this deal unless there is another significant piece coming back to LA.

  24. Aren’t Harrington and Jamison essentially the same player?

  25. My opinion: Pau’s position with the Lakers is solidified, he is the insurance policy for either Bynum or Howard.

    If either of these guys went down whom would you rather have play that position, Pau or Jordan? Yes, Pau is outplayed by some players in this league as a center. But, not many.

    An injury to Bynum or Howard must be factored in considering that both have major bodily concerns.

  26. joe atlanta – I agree I will be happy if Pau and Bynum are traded.

    pau and bynum are not hungry anymore.

    Harrington-Howard-Nash-Kobe-Jamison are ALL hungry for a Ring.

  27. Pincus now saying this deal could conceivably go down without Gasol:

    UPDATE: HOOPSWORLD has learned there are variations of the rumored deal being discussed that does not include Gasol but have a similar structure with Bynum to Philadelphia, Iguodala to Denver, Howard to Los Angeles and Afflalo to Orlando. It’s unclear if Harrington is in that scenario. Additionally the Lakers are said to have Josh McRoberts and Devin Ebanks (via sign and trade) as outgoing salary for a Howard deal.

    I assume ORL also gets Den’s TPE. This trade at least makes sense for 3 teams – unlike the previous one with Pau that only made sense for PHL – but what is possibly in this for Denver? Why would they give up their TPE for a marginal upgrade from Affalo to Iggy? Maybe they get change or picks from the Lakers?

  28. Trade or not, Howard and an athletic PF who can shoot are the best pairing for Nash. Gasol and Bynum both want to set up on the block and catch entry passes. That doesn’t fit as cleanly with Nash’s game.

    From the nixed Chris Paul trade it is clear the Lakers want to move to an open floor, high screen and roll offense. I’m honestly starting to think the whole Princeton talk is smoke and mirrors. There is no way you bring in Steve Nash to run the Princeton offense. The players this trade would net for the Lakers actually make sense for Nash. Plus, if Steve is to “make Kobe’s life easier” as we keep hearing then he needs to have all the tools that would allow him to flourish.

    As much as people talk about Pau’s IQ its floor spacing and athleticism that works best with Nash. Harrington could work. He is no Pau Gasol. But it seems the Lakers are going in a direction that doesn’t put a high priority on Gasol’s strengths.

  29. They might be hungry. But Harringtin is worse basketball player than Gasol – and it’s not even close. I take better player over hungry player every time.

  30. This deal is just like the other Howard trade rumors… They are just rumors. It’s quit possible that every Howard trade rumor had little merit and there have been multiple potential trades that have been very close that have never been reported. We just don’t know. This trade of course seams silly for both the Magic and the Lakers.

  31. It it was Ric Bucher who leaked the report I’d say hogwash. (his credibility is in the same ballpark as Aaron)

    But if it’s the Woj guy from Yahoo who is leaking the report, then talks maybe serious.

    The trade between Pau & Harrington is awful. It’s like trading in an Aston Martin for a Toyota. If the trade were to go down, then Kenyon Martin will surely be sporting a laker uniform next season.

  32. In Busscakes I trust.

  33. Stay focused !!

    It is destiny !!

  34. +1 T. Rogers

    Players of Pau status will never bring face value, LA just has to cover the holes that they have with whom they recieve in return. If Pau cant get the majority of his touches in the post because of Bynum or Howard, he basically is a role player.

  35. Wow-
    Any deal that gives up both Pau and Drew scares me because of Howard’s back injury. If Howard had never been injured, then you pull that trigger I think. I love having Pau as insurance against Drew’s knees or Howard’s back. Harrington as a stretch 4 is a nice thought though.

  36. The trade news is all over the place and it came from A.W. of Yahoo.

    Initial reaction, who would be the Laker Center while Dwight is in rehab till January. Will it be Harrington? That’s awful or J.O., equally worse.

    I said in my post in the other thread, we have to understand the nature of this trade, you have to give up some to acquire your ultimate objective. That is how Kareem got to LA in exchange of 4 players. Teams are asking for our two 7-footers to acquire Howard plus the fact Lakers avoid absorbing those junk contracts from Magic.

    Supposing there is no trade of Bynum and Pau, I think JimBuzz and Mitch would dump Pau’s 19M contract which is a little bit hefty on luxury taxes or find a suitable replacement for Bynum who would be asking for large contract as well. In the end, only one is affordable when the new CBA takes into effect. Harrington may not be equal in ability with Pau, but he hits two birds with one stone on the cost problem. The benefit part has to be solved by the combination of Nash/Kobe/Howard/Artest/Jamison or Harrington. To make the deal palatable, the 2nd unit must be improved “tremendously” by acquisition of great shooters and another PG like Patrick Beverley.

    I’m neutral on this rumor, my position is not on the players but on this Coach with another new offense and formerly a good defense (?)

  37. Al Harrington? I have absolutely no interest in that guy. He would challenge Kobe to “worst shot taken” each and every game. Mitch, Buss just say no to this one.

  38. Read a few more tweets on Hoopsworld that Pau is not involved in the trade talks.

  39. Some folks over at SSR were saying that Harrington’s knees are worse than Bynum’s. Kind of scary. So, we could potentially have no starting center or power forward. If Pau were not included, then do this thing…I don’t like it as constructed though.

  40. Do whatever it takes to get dwight.

    We know that bynum is overrated and Pau becomes hesitant and somewhat lazy when he is not the primary post option. Harrington can space the floor as well as pau.

  41. I must agree with many of you here about the Harrington deal. That deal for Pau is just unbelievable. He is the same player as Jamison but less efficient.

    In cases of injury to Howard, we will have no backup center.

    I think, Lakers will hang on to Pau. If there is a trade out there that the FO is considering, it is Bynum’s ass.

  42. Now sounds like Pau is to be excluded… but what is a version of how this works with those teams WITHOUT Pau?

  43. I don’t think you can realistically have a better trade than the hou-lal-orl trade offer, without pau

    Guys? If this rumor is true, What is the Orland Magic FO thinking?

  44. I also struggle to believe ORL will move Howard without also shedding themselves at least one (if not 2) of JRich, Turk, Big Baby. This seems so much worse for ORL than Howard/JRich to LA, Hou/Cle’s pieces to ORL, Bynum to Hou/Cle.


  46. I’m praying Howard spends next season in Orlando. They deserve each other.

  47. Mark Stein saying deal is done and will be submitted to the league office tom’w. But is Pau included or not?!

  48. i think if its from yahoo sports..i think it is for real guys..if it will come down to howars plus fillers for pau/andrew…maybe a like to revise that a little bit, imho, pau stay, howard in, andrew, josh, ebanks, out…it make sense at all…in just my opinion, though.\

  49. According to Marc Stein on twitter, the submitted trade DOES NOT include Pau.

  50. Lil Pau, Gasol won’t be traded.

  51. ESPNSteinLine Marc Stein
    Other names likely to emerge. Example: Just heard Harkless to Orlando. But deal that’s being submitted for league approval indeed Pau-less

  52. Reports are that LA surrenders protected first round pick (think about how far down the road that must be) and maybe something else instead of pau–still skeptical

  53. If Pau is not traded, I’ll say good job…

    I’m really praying right now…

  54. Good, Pau is retained in LA, if that was indeed the plan submitted to the league.

    I was also rationalizing if Orlando was trying to rebuild, why would they go for Pau’s 19M contract? What I read is that they’d get Affalo, Harrington, Vucevic and one future round draft pick. Who will get Jason Richardson’s contract? Lakers, Nuggets or Sixers?

    The drama goes on…..Robert seems to be elated by the news while Aaron is in doldrums. lol!

  55. i hope pau stays..and we hope that the deal will not be stop by the comish david stern..maybe another “nixed trade for basketball reasons”

  56. to stern: no basketball reason!

  57. HOLY $###!!!!!!

    And we only gave up Bynum.

    Mitch has done it again. Never anymore doubt again.

    I love the Lakers!!!!

  58. We all must now pray that Howard joins Pippen as the two players to fully review from back surgery. And that Bynum breaks his knee in the preseason 😉

  59. Unbelievable! Wow just stunned. Will miss bynum a lot Lakers have done it again

  60. lol, we get rid of bynum, and aaron, for howard!

  61. Bring it ON, Training Camp

  62. remember when jimbo/mitch are quiet about making th chris paul trade…so many owners are jealous about the trade..we can imagine that this one is almost the same scenario…paul is one of the top five pg, while dwight is the best big man today…hopefully, stern will approve this mega blockbuster 4 team trade..and the nba will earn more if they have a lakers/heat finals…

  63. Essentially a Bynum for Howard trade, with other teams doing the dirty work.

    How interesting.

    Denver just got much better defensively as well.

    But why are the Orlando magic taking this trade?

  64. Warren Wee Lim August 9, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Can we please fire Mitch Kupchak and demote Jim Buss?

    Ok from the trade standpoint, I don’t think ANY other GM in any universe has the chops that Mitch/Jimbo had to do these deals. These are not only pipe dreams but impossibilities and improbabilities.

  65. because only mitch/jim are the only one that can do that trade…lakers fan..

  66. sounds like the deal is done, keeping Pau here.
    *does happy dance*

  67. Mitch strikes again. Unbelievable.

  68. I haven’t been this excited about Lakers’ future since Gasol trade!

    I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but who finishes games? Is it a given that Pau finishes games or does Jamison (assuming he has a solid season) finish to space the floor?

  69. Wow.

    When I read the 4 team rumours this morning (Australian time), I thought “this is not happening, no way we give up Pau for Harrington. If it was just Drew and Dwight as far as LA was concerned, then maybe.”

    And lo and behold, I get back from lunch, and what do I see.

    Can we award Executive of the Year BEFORE the season starts?

  70. 61 Warren- You make a valid point, but I think maybe this is the move that validates Jim Jim/Kupchak. In some ways this reminds me of the Marc Gasol for Pau Gasol trade. Although Marc was unproven at the time (actually I don’t think he was even in the NBA yet), eventually Marc made a name for himself; and well, we know that Pau was a huge part of 2 banners hanging in staples center. Let’s hope this move brings ‘ships to LA.

  71. By the way, am I missing something? Is this really all the Magic held out for?

  72. Nash and Howard pick n rolls all day, going to be fun to watch Showtime again. Mitch isnt done yet, got to get Kobe a backup.

  73. From Marc Stein:

    ESPN source says Dwight definitely NOT doing extension with Lakers. Will test drive Lakerland for season and go to free agency in July 2013

  74. I’m stunned. Mitch should get a GOLD MEDAL if it’s true he got D12 for just Drew & a 2017 1st round pick.

  75. This whole “Dwight won’t sign an extension” is not an issue really is it? I mean, even if he wants to leave, his best bet money-wise is a sign-and-trade, so LA gets return anyhow. And that would’ve been the same situation with Drew.

    Or am I mistaken? Would he walk for less money to play with the Mavs?

  76. Crying tears of joy

  77. watched drew come up. i feel like somebody just kidnapped my baby, who also happens to be the uncrowned best center in the nba.

  78. Great get, fantastic work by the execs. Dwight not doing an extension does’t matter, he’ll play out the season and then re-sign with the Lakers. It only makes business sense to do this way. Otherwise he’d be leaving $26 million on the table, he won’t do it, nor would he find a roster more stacked then the one he’s now the centerpiece of.

  79. oh my GOD!!!! Dwight to lakers….

  80. Wow, Dwight Howard on his way to the Lakers and Pau Gasol is staying if the deal if approved tomorrow. Great gamble with no guarantee that Howard will sign an extension. Great move by the Lakers front office and what an off-season for the Lakers.

  81. preview of the 2012-2013 nba finals..
    heat: wade/allen/miller/james/bosh vs. nash/kobe/artest/gasol/howard. just incredible to watch..

  82. Bynum for Dwight is a far trade considering that he is younger, more polished on the offensive end, and will be bigger than anybody on the court. Philly will definitely be intriguing too watch next year, add to list of must see Laker games.

    Maybe Meeks will be included in a sign and trade to LA to make the money right. *Crosses fingers*

  83. Aaron,

    Just rumors? Wrong again. Your track record is embarrassing

    Philly cannot sign and trade Meeks, they renounced his rights

  84. this is just ridiculous…


    lakers now have a 2k12 lineup…

    crazy, just crazy~!

    credit to jim and mitch…

    arent we glad that we are lakers fan!

  85. its great to see..if you have the best point guard of Canadian basketball history..the second best shooting guard of all time…the best power forward of all time for Spain…the number one center of today…did u smell showtime lakers???

  86. Really quite quite speechless, I’m still amazed Mitch pulled it off but I have to say these past quiet two weeks I had a gut feeling something was going on behind the scenes since that’s how he likes to operate

  87. who are the other players coming to Lakers with Dwight?

  88. I love it! Howard, Gasol, Kobe, Nash! The Lakers have arguably the best starting lineup in the league now.

  89. Wade can’t lose a step in anyway. Chalmers, Battier, Allen will have to be money. And garganutan efforts will still be needed from LeBron. And they still don’t have a dominant center presence unless Pittman turns into Shaq overnight.

    Boston has Rondo, Terry, Lee, Bradley that they can throw at Wade and Chalmers. Got more size and fouls. It’s not a sure thing Miami makes it out the East.

  90. Chris DUhon and Earl Clark, I guess McRoberts will be on that trade since his contract ends after next season.

  91. btw, there are handicapped parkings in every city, and forums for every NBA team, aaron!

  92. Is this nightmare finally over?

    Tomorrow it will be

  93. This has just been an absolutely incredible offseason.

    Bynum and a Protected 1st Round pick for Dwight Howard?

    No need to take back a bunch of ugly contracts?

    The ability to still pick up a decent SG backup for Kobe (Barbosa?) to round out the rotation?

    Antawn Jamison and Jordan Hill already in the fold to shore up the front court rotation?

    Steve Nash to make it all work together seamlessly out on the court?


  94. If I was Phill I would be on a flight to LA tonight!

  95. Was that really worth dragging it out, Rob Hennigan? For shame. You could have gotten solid and bit players and some draft picks from Houston months ago. Probably better draft picks than these. Not sure what the supposed wunderkind from SA/OKC is doing here. I get the idea (tank and build through the draft) but what are the protections on these draft picks? Houston’s picks seems to me like they’d have more value. Not entirely sure why Hennigan pulled the trigger on this after holding out so long, but I’m not complaining.

  96. is the DH trade complete? are we really going to have the best starters next year?
    Mitch is really genius.

  97. Amazing, unbelievable. Mitch is the king of GMs, long live the king. What a savvy, all-star, amazing lineup. Bill Simmons said DH makes the Lakers a very tough defensive team. Plenty of guys for the offense. We love it!

  98. 95,

    Darth Stern will still be there to evaluate this deal, he could declare that this is not good for the future of basketball in Mars.

    Heard also of Duhon and Clark to the Lakers. I prefer Ebanks, Meeks and Beverley. Hey, we can’t get all the good news in one day.

  99. Does adding Dwight Howard help Pau Gasol moving back to the pain? Pau wasn’t effective because Bynum and Kobe was taking too much space in the paint. If Howard is the same, would we be able to utilize Pau better?

  100. Wow. Kevin and Robert must be smiling from ear to eat.

  101. Let’s not get carried away. All we’ve done this offseason is trade Sessions for Nash, Barnes for Jamison, and Bynum for Howard.

  102. Long Time Laker Fan August 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm


    Stern can’t nix this deal b/c the NBA doesn’t own any of the teams involved.

  103. Wa Wa Wee Wa

    Amazing – imagine if Bynum played hard every game … we now have that with Dwight. Throughout everything last year he still killed it and had multiple 20-20 games and now he is a Laker.

    If we could get Q-Rich instead of Duhon it would be awesome if that part is in fact true as part of the deal – he could spell Kobe or play the 3 – shoots 3s and plays good D

    Now who else do we add – I say Barbosa and McGrady – It would be awesome to see a completely retarded bench after last years efforts.

  104. I’ll take Clark (I’ve wanted him for two years, he is long and mobile. We just need to get his head out of his arse), but I don’t get Duhon. He is trash, we will waive him. I hope that means we aren’t losing Ebanks for him. That would mean we would still need a back-up 1, 2 & 3. Where is everyone getting the Duhon and Clark rumours?

  105. @101 – Howard actually sets picks instead of fake hedging and rolling to the rim and crying abut not getting the ball.

    an inside pass to Gasol by Nash after a Howard pick with Gasol alley-ooping it to Howard will be unstopable this season


  106. Who else are we giving up besides Bynum? If we get Duhon and Clark, don’t the salaries we’re sending out have to match what we’re getting back?

  107. Ebanks is staying with the team and will sign after the trade is complete – Alex Kennedy is saying that we will be getting Duhon and Clark.

    If we do get Duhon and Clark and eBanks stays than we have a full roster unless we unload DJ – Odom or G-Lock/Sacre which means we cant get any of the available free agents left on the market.

    I will assume that they waive someone

  108. The funny thing to me is this.

    Bynum is easily the second best center in the league and when you take into consideration that Howard is coming off of this terrible injury, that Aaron likes to talk about so much. Then, I claim that the Lakers wanted to move Bynum because of his attitude. Otherwise, why take the chance if he is *really as good as Aaron thinks that he is.

    If Howard can be even 85 percent of what he was last year, then this was a good trade because he will bring defense every single night.

  109. Allow me to go left by stating:

    All Eyes Are Now On You Mike Brown.

  110. @107 – the difference between Howard and Bynums salary with howard making more is 3 million so this would allow for both duhon and clark to be included in this but we could be sending out McRoberts as another piece

  111. Dwight will get his post touches but he is the best along with K. Love at getting junk points. Think of the hustle, O. rebounds, blocks, steals, lobs and a player who can finally finish and 1s. The dynamic of this Lakers team has changed drastically with a simple swap.

    Lets not sleep on the Nuggets getting Igoudala. They are long and athletic with superior transition talent. They got better top 4 team in West with Karl.

    A Jrue-Turner (if he can progress into a better player)- Bynum core is nice too. They still have Kwame, Hawes, Lavoy. Size is something you need to win.

  112. Mike Brown had better not look over his shoulder because Phil Jackson is there.

  113. Now if only we could find a way to flip Pau for Dirk… Just kidding. Awesome news, this offseason couldn’t have gone any better. Stay healthy Kobe and Pau, and get well soon D12.

  114. Could it be that we will be the only NBA team since the Celtics in the 60s to feature a starting 5 comprised entirely of future hall of famers? (ok, artest may not be a hall of famer but still – the other 4 are)

  115. howard’s salary is almost the full 115% of bynum’s. to take duhon and clark’s 5 million salary, we’d have to send out more than 4 million. that’s either blake (pipe dream) or mcbobs + ebanks.

  116. Repeat after me everybody…




  117. One word:


  118. alex kennedy says ebanks is staying and eyenga is going. that’s not enough outgoing salary even with mcbobs. perhaps morris or goudelock are heading out to be waived.

  119. where does it say we get clark and duhon? haven’t seen any report say that yet.

  120. the only downside of this trade is that DH still not signing a long-term deal. he’s just a 1-year rent for us, though i believe with our game/culture, he’ll likely extend for us. there’s no other market as big as LA. or as championship worthy as the Lakers.

  121. Mark Cuban looms

  122. This is what I will always remember Bynum for. Look how quick and athletic he was! That was also the fastest that I have ever seen him run down court. 😛

  123. My optimism is tempered with what I said last year:

    Don’t think I’m inferring that Bynum is a whole lot better on the body language/attitude front. The Dwight circus for the past year-plus has been disheartening, knowing it’s inevitable. Hopefully the solid veteran core can help keep him playing–and acting–professionally.

    I wish Andrew the best of luck in Philly, or wherever he lands after the season. And we’ll always have this:

  124. sorry, please ignore my comments about salaries. it’s 25%+100k not 15%. it’s perfectly possible to trade bynum + eyenga + mcbobs for howard + duhon + clark. (or substitute mcbobs with anyone making over 1.62m.)

  125. Lakers & Heat hosting the NBA Finals in June 2013. What a great assignment for any sportswriter…L.A. & Miami.

  126. Great move by Mitch, etc…

    But…er…Mike Brown, can you just…er…go get a drink or something? Let Nash run the thing.

    Just don’t mess up this thing, please.


  127. 111) There have always been questions about Bynum’s long-term health, and his desire. It could have been either one, or both, that led to this.

  128. Eyenga is heading out as well.
    To Orlando.

  129. 117- Regarding Hall of Famers: the 85-86 Celtics had 5–> Parish, McHale, Bird, Walton and Dennis Johnson. Pretty sure the Laker HOF foursome (assuming Howard and Pau make it) will be the first of its kind since the 96-97 Bulls that featured Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and a 43 year old Parish.

  130. Jim Buss five-step success plan:

    Step 1: Trade junk for Steve Nash.

    Step 2: Trade Bynum, and a lottery-protected first round pick, which could be lottery, for the best big man in the league in Dwight Howard. Keep Gasol in the process.

    Step 3: Win a championship(s) with four future HOF’ers. Keep Kobe happy, make Dwight stay, allow the spotlight to be off Gasol.

    Step 4: Nab someone in the lottery in 014, Kobe, Gasol, Metta contracts expire, Nash retires, ~60 mil off the books.

    Step 5: Sign LeBron James in 2014 to pair with a prime Dwight Howard.

    LeBron and Dwight’s legacies are cemented in NBA History. Magic/Kareem v2.0. 5 more championships.

    STATUS: Jim Buss – Legend

  131. The other part of this is we made Philly interesting.

    We got more roadblocks (or roadkills) for Miami now.

  132. Can i just say, Orlando just got the poo poo platter of poo poo platters.

    What was Hennigan thinking. He didn’t even get the 2nd best player (Bynum) or the 3rd best player(Iggy) in the trade.

  133. Now a Philly/Lakers finals next year would be fun.

    Hey, I can hope, can’t I?

  134. Mitch Kupchack is a Genius. Silent Operator working at his best! A Shooting Guard combo Small Forward will complete the lineup! Handicap groups are surely rejoicing now!

  135. With neither Bynum or Howard signing extensions, 2013/14 should be very interesting with Brooklyn and Dallas going after either. I can easily see Bynum leaving Phily, with Howard a big ? As for this year,the phys. condition of both will determine what happens in 13/14.

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