Preseason Preview & Chat: The Utah Jazz

Darius Soriano —  October 16, 2012

The Lakers take the floor for their 4th preseason game and 2nd against the Jazz in the last few days.

With the opponent the same as the last outing, you can look to our last preview for specifics about the Jazz and other notes on the Lakers. The goals for the preseason remain the same for the Lakers — to get extended looks at their role players, start to find and refine the roles of players expected to be in the rotation, and to continue to install their schemes on both sides of the ball.

And, ultimately, that’s what we’ll be looking closely at tonight. After this game the Lakers will be halfway home in their preseason. So we should start to have a better idea — and soon — on what the rotations may shape up to be and who has a good chance of making the team.

Of course these things will be influenced very much by the Lakers that won’t play (that Dwight Howard guy is pretty important, just as Jordan Hill is). There’s a trickle down from having those guys available that the Lakers can’t yet benefit from. However, that too should be rectified soon.

So, tonight, sit back and enjoy the game (hopefully you get to watch it) for what it is and tell me what you think in the comments. The games that really matter will be back soon. I promise.



Darius Soriano

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