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Darius Soriano —  October 23, 2012

From “Basketball Reasons”, Silver Screen & RollIs it time to panic? No wins, six losses, even with Dwight playing 33 minutes?! No, so go ahead and keep your Lakers flags flying on your cars. This is preseason, and the beginning of a very long journey for both the Lakers roster and the coaching staff. Through the first half of preseason Mike Brown was steadily playing lineups where Ronnie Aguilar and Reeves Nelson were featured players, so yes, there were many losses to be had. Quite frankly, the preseason is for the coaches and players to rediscover their identities, and this is a team that has plenty of searching to do with Steve Nash taking over as floor general, a widely new bench, and Dwight Howard having played only one game. Is it discouraging to not have a W in the left column yet? Yeah, sure. But there is good to be found in the Lakers preseason, and growth as a team is far more important than wins that mean nothing. 

From Mark Medina, LA Daily NewsA day removed from his first basketball game in six months, and Dwight Howard’s already focused on how to improve. Though he’s fully rehabbed from back surgery, Howard described his entire body as “pretty sore” and planned to receive treatment immediately following Monday’s practice at the team’s facility in El Segundo. “They said my back is going to ache,” Howard said of the team’s training staff. Following the Lakers’ 99-92 preseason loss Sunday to the Sacramento Kings, Howard graded himself a B after posting 19 points on 8-of-12 shooting, 12 rebounds and four blocks in 33 minutes. That’s because he committed five of the team’s 22 turnovers, shot 3 of 8 from the free-throw line and admitted rustiness.

From Dave McMenamin, ESPN Los AngelesDwight Howard had a big smile on his face a day after making his debut for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he still feels the sting of how things ended in Orlando when he thinks about his trophy shelf. Howard was recognized as the best defender in the league as well as the best interior defender when announced the results of its annual survey of the league’s 30 general managers Monday, but Howard still wants to know why he isn’t the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. “I thought I should have won it last year, to be honest with you,” Howard told reporters after practice Monday. “I was a little bit upset about that.”

From Kevin Ding, OC Register: Who is Jim Buss? Not the next Jerry Buss or Jerry West or Mitch Kupchak. He is his own man with his own ways – preferring to analyze his way through a life that outsiders might assume has been fed to him via purple and golden spoon, figuring out which can of food was the best deal per ounce before anyone ever stuck it on those supermarket price labels, contributing to the Lakers’ success with his statistical analysis that he summarizes with confidence: “I use a system that has proven to be right.” Buss, who turns 53 next month, sat down for an exclusive interview with The Register as the Lakers prepare for their latest run toward an NBA title. “I’ve felt the last two years, we had a chance to win the championship,” Buss said. “Adding two Hall of Famers, basically, to this squad? To me, you kind of erase that ‘we’re taking steps’ idea. We’re here. Do what we’re supposed to do.”

From Eric Pincus, Los Angeles TimesThe general managers have spoken. The results of the annual general managers survey were released by John Schuhmann of, and naturally the Lakers were heavily featured. Will the Lakers win the 2013 NBA Finals?  According to 70% of the general managers who responded, the answer was a resounding “no”  (they picked the Miami Heat). The Lakers did come in second, with 23.3%. The majority  (60%) agreed that the Lakers would return to the NBA Finals after a two-year absence.  The Oklahoma City Thunder received 36.7% of the vote.

From Janis Carr, OC RegisterDwight Howard was sore “all over” after playing his first game in 197 days Sunday, but he reported no lingering pain in his surgically repaired back. Steve Nash said his ankle, which he twisted Sunday, was pain free, too. That was the good news coming out of Monday’s Lakers practice, less than 24 hours after the team finally debuted its projected starting five. The downside? Kobe Bryant sat out practice because of a strained and bruised right foot, and Metta World Peace took part in noncontact drills only wearing a splint protecting the middle finger on his right hand. Both players suffered the injuries in Sunday’s exhibition loss to Sacramento.

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  1. We’re definitely seeing the impact of being a bit top-heavy and long in the tooth this preseason.

    One thing that is going to need to go right and that we’ll need a little luck with is the injury bug. We’re not a deep team that has a big ability to absorb injuries.


  2. Yeah, I think that 100%, spot on. Injuries to multiple starters would cripple this team. Let’s just hope they are healthy for the post season. Imagine the postseason minutes if this team is healthy. At least, for all four, 35 minutes for Nash, 38 for Pau and Dwight and 40 for kobe. That would be a scary team to face.


  3. Dwight plays 33 minutes in his first game in 6 months is sore. Pau plays 36 minutes in a meaningless preseason game. Kobe strained shoulder from dunking and his 2nd time having a sore right foot in a week. Nash rolled an ankle and Ron hurt his finger. Mike Brown has so many outs to not play the starters much if any (definitely not 30 minutes) these last few preseason games. We’ll see if he uses them.


  4. I don’t see the need to stop using his starters. I personally would like to see the starting unit build chemistry ASAP and the rotations become more solidified.


  5. Despite the 0-6 record, this pre-season became an unqualified success the moment Dwight Howard stepped on the court. During the period of angst that preceded the Lakers acquiring him, my heart of hearts told me that D12 would be a Laker and that he would be ready at the start of the regular season.

    However, at this point in time, I’m not as confident that my beloved Lakers will win this season’s title. I’ve watched Miami this pre-season and am very impressed with them. The additions of Lewis and Ray Allen add even more 3 pt. shooting to that squad. Miami is very capable of spreading the floor around their big 3. A team that can shoot the three is very hard to beat.

    The good news is that the Lakers have plenty of time to gel, improve and change my mind. I’m hoping that they will and eventually hoist this year’s trophy. Go Lakers!!


  6. Pincus writes for the Times now?


  7. well let’s hope injuries will not bother them all throughout the season so we can achive the 73-9 predicted by metta hehehe!!! go lakers!!!!


  8. Rusty Shackleford October 24, 2012 at 7:08 am

    Something I really, really want to see from the Lakers this season is for them to show up for the “Barometer Games”. I hate seeing them lay down against the Thunder & Heat in regular season matchups. I know it’s an 82-game season but please do not ruin my Christmas for a 3rd straight year. Who do they play on Christmas this year?


  9. Lakers game will be on Fox Prime Ticket tonight. Hope Directv gets a deal done very soon.


  10. Finally the team will be on a channel I can watch. And most likely Kobe and Dwight won’t be playing. Figures.

    This broadcast situation is grating my nerves.


  11. If you just payed all that money for the rights of the Lakers, would you:

    A) give the rights up right away to verizon and ATT (stronger companies)

    B) wait awhile to get more subscribers stuck on 2 year deals with your company, then 3 weeks into the season, all of the sudden, strike a deal with Verizon and ATT