Lakers/Clippers: Battle Of L.A. That Was Not Even A Battle

Rey Moralde —  November 2, 2012

Box Score: Lakers 95, Clippers 105

Well, that was, um, ugly.

I feel like we’re saying the same things we’ve been saying the last few days.

But it just NEVER felt like the Lakers were in this game. And they were basically without their prized acquisitions in the summer. Steve Nash was out because of his injury. Dwight Howard was in foul trouble the entire time. And at this point, I know Kobe Bryant doesn’t want to carry much of the burden on the offense but he had to because his weapons that were with him were just not… as effective.

Pau Gasol did have a double-double (10 points and 14 boards) but he only got to double digits in points because of garbage time. Dwight Howard did have 13 points in the game but, again, he was pretty limited because of foul trouble. You’d normally want Howard to play 35+ minutes but he only played 29 out there. He would’ve fouled out had they called a foul on Dwight when he got tangled up with Blake Griffin.

As for Kobe Bryant? He scored 40 points and, again, it was because he had to take over. He continues to be efficient and has been doing well under… well, is this even the Princeton offense anymore? They look like such a mess (20 turnovers) that I have no idea what they’re running anymore. Maybe they should make it simpler. Have a kindergarten offense or something because having a Princeton offense might be too difficult for these guys.

I’m not sure if Mike Brown’s going to continue to preach patience because, quite frankly, his seat is really smoking right now. Brown’s calling card is defense and, well, they haven’t shown they can even guard lampposts. Chris Paul was so good tonight that no fourth quarter takeover was needed. CP3 had 18 points and 15 assists. Caron Butler helped them get off to a good start in the first half (14 points total). And Jamal Crawford (their new sixth man) dropped 21 points on them. Blake Griffin didn’t even have a good game. That’s how bad the Lakers played today.

The Lakers… just look depressing on both sides of the ball. I don’t know how else to put it. Yeah, they shot well (50 percent) but if they keep losing possessions by being careless with the basketball, what good is it?

Go ahead. Fire away on the comments. I wanna be left alone with some Linkin Park and some… beverages.

Rey Moralde