Preview & Chat: The Los Angeles Clippers

Darius Soriano —  November 2, 2012

It seems that whatever type of discussion you want to have about the Lakers, it’s going to begin with what’s wrong with them. Everyone has a theory (me included) and that’s going to shape the dialogue about this team until they start to win games.

There’s a point of emphasis here: the Lakers are now in the midst of playing actual games. This complicates things. The discussion can drift back to what the Lakers have to do to make themselves better — which is the number one goal — but this conversation must also take place within the context of the opposing team and the challenges they pose.

For the Lakers, at least on this night, that means looking at their issues through the prism of what the Clippers will try to do to beat them. Out of the gate, one key variable changes the equation as Steve Nash is unlikely to play after suffering a contusion to his shin against the Blazers. This was mostly expected after Nash said he was hopeful he could play, rather than confident he would after that game.

This leaves Steve Blake manning the point guard spot and while this isn’t ideal, it’s also not the worst thing that could happen. Much of the angst surrounding this team right now is getting Steve Nash to fit into what the Lakers are doing on offense. Tonight, that’s not a problem. Blake will run the offense as he sees fit and no one will be questioning why he’s not running fifty pick and rolls to try and take advantage of his special skill set. I’d rather have Nash playing than not, but him sitting out offers the dual benefits of letting him rest up and ceasing the questions about that part of the offense for at least one night.

It won’t stop all the questions, though. Not about the offense and certainly not about the defense. Those questions will need to be answered with better play and the only way to do that is to slow down a Clipper team that is well suited to attack the Lakers — especially in the half court.

We don’t need to sing the praises of the top Clipper players as we’re all familiar with how good Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are. The Lakers — namely Blake and Pau Gasol — are going to see plenty of this duo as they try to run the P&R to death to exploit what has still been a weakness in the Lakers’ D. Paul will probe for the slightest crease in space and try to occupy then shake free from defenders to either create shots for himself or teammates. The Lakers D will need to be much more organized than it has been to slow this action down, especially in their rotations to the rim and then the secondary rotations to help the helper so that open jumpers and offensive rebounds aren’t the norm.

The individual match ups offer intrigue too. After feasting on the Blazers’ young and undersized center tandem on Wednesday, Dwight will square off against DeAndre Jordan tonight. Jordan offers size and athleticism that a Howard at 100% would find a challenge so the fact that he’s not quite to that point yet will mean he’ll need to use all his tricks to be at a high level. I already touched on Griffn but his individual match up with Pau is one that’s always worth watching. Griffin’s continued refinement of his mid-range jumper is, in some ways, directly related to the issues he can have vs. long defenders like the Spaniard. Tonight will give him the chance to show he can knock that shot down which would then give him the step he needs to attack the rim.

At this point I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention Kobe. Because it’s come in two losses we haven’t given this much attention but Kobe is playing fantastic on offense so far. He’s shooting over 60% from the field and 44% from three point country while averaging 26 points a night. He’s getting to his spots to make his jumper easier and is slithering to the rim through a combination of savvy and body control. Tonight he’ll likely see a healthy dose of Caron Butler, Matt Barnes, and Eric Bledsoe and we’ll see if he can keep up some semblance of the efficiency he’s shown so far this year against a trio of defenders that offer a full spectrum of skill on that end of the floor.

The other key battles will come between the reserves. The story of the night will likely be that the Clippers have some and the Lakers don’t. That, though, is putting it too simply. Yes, the Clippers are the deeper team and they possess some real talent outside their starting lineup. Jamal Crawford and Eric Bledsoe are a dynamic backcourt combo while Lamar Odom and Matt Barnes can shift games in their team’s favor simply by playing to their respective skill sets.

The Lakers will need to counter what these reserves do but it will take more of a team effort because, as individuals, they don’t match up well. This is where I’ll again be monitoring Mike Brown’s rotations to see what he offers up to try and slow the other team’s potent bench. Will he play Gasol and Howard less together in order to maximize their size against the various lineups Vinny Del Negro will put out there? Will he stick with Jamison at SF? Will it be Meeks or Ebanks backing up Kobe? Will Ron get the early hook if his offense continues to sputter?

These are all questions that I have no clue how to answer and that, in part, fuels my biggest worries about Brown. Lineup issues can take time to sort out but it’s not helping him that his team is walking down the same path that hurt his team last season. Patience is still there but so is the skepticism. It’d be nice to start to not have to feel the latter via decision making that didn’t seem so arbitrary.

Ultimately, I can’t tell you what this game means beyond it would be the first time the Lakers start 0-3 in a season since the Jimmy Carter administration. I was asked on twitter what the timetable is for when concern turns to panic. I answered that I don’t know but it’s fine line between the two and one day I’ll just feel different. I can tell you I’m not panicking yet and can say that unless something outrageous happens I won’t be after this game either, win or lose.

But it sure would be nice to win and start to shift the narrative of this team. You figure they have to win a game at some point and, from where I sit, no better time to start than the present.

Darius Soriano

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116 responses to Preview & Chat: The Los Angeles Clippers

  1. I read somewhere today that the 91 Bulls team, under Phil Jackson, started 0-3. Not that I expect the team to lose, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing – as long as we are making +ve strides vis-a-vis the O and the D.

  2. Knicks offense looks really good, even with all those new players.


  3. Darius,
    Always love your posts and your level headedness about this laker team. Wish I could be so calm.

    Lakers might win today because I feel that they are going to get run off the floor by this younger deeper clipper team. (and I’m almost always wrong) Plus to the Lakers it’s another game – to the clippers it will mean much more to get the W.

    One thing that i am concerned about is dhoward’s health. ok – so he is cleared to play but how long can someone get hacked and bruised and thumped on and that not screw up your back even more. Then mb playing him so many minutes – his long term health is at risk.

    Since we’re hoping he is the lakers franchise player once kobe retires it seems that it would be better to limit his minutes. Of course he has to be integrated into real playing time but since the games haven’t even been close might have been better to just rest him.

    I’ll refrain from all the other thoughts since it’s just the same as what a lot of others have already posted.

    I know you’re giving mb time – but how many games will you give him to prove that he is on track to take this team to the promised land? Do you think the FO would really fire him and hire another coach in the middle of the season? Obviously no one knows for sure but Jim Buss but wanted your opinion on the coaching staff.

  4. We badly need a win. An emotional win would partially right our ship. Another dismal loss would be hard to take and the media will be relentless (and so will we).
    There is much discussion about the offense, the defense, etc. I personally do not like Princeton. I also do not like our defensive rotations and we do not control tempo very well. Beyond all of this however, my major issue so far is with urgency and effort. This is of course the players, but the coach must lead in this area. When the team is listless it falls on the coach and that is MB. We need to match the Clips energy tonight.

    I still think we have the best team. Root hard tonight – this game is crucial.

  5. The thought of Paul and Bladsoe against Blake is frighting. Need 40 from Kobe tonight. I can’t handle another Brown post game excusacon.

  6. I hope Mike Brown can manage minutes better. Over the last 2 losses, Dwight and Pau played almost 40 minutes each, Kobe Bryant played 38 min each, and Steve Nash played 34 in the first game. None of that should be happening even if they were to win. I’d rather they play less and lose a couple more games than have them all burnt out by the time post season comes.

  7. The Clippers are salivating at a chance to beat the Lakers. The Clippers
    are definitely worthy of consideration for the WCF. They have a mixture
    of older vets, mid-way in their career players, and young prime players.
    The Clippers are very emotional and will feed off that energy early. If the
    Lakers come out as though this game does not matter to them, they will be
    down by 10 at the end of the first quarter.

    This is Lakers country so here’s to hoping the Lakers play that way so the
    Clippers never forget that!

    This is a bad game for Kobe to play injured he will definitely look to match
    the Clippers point for point.

    Let’s go Lakers!!

  8. Mitch said if we lose 3 straight, all hell will break lose.

    How about a monster being unleashed: James Harden just dropped a career high 45pts against the Hawks. The dude should have been paid. Sucks to be Sam Presti these days. He just gave away a top 10 NBA player.

  9. Ko-“Knicks offense looks really good, even with all those new players.”

    That’s because their old players are running the same offensive system they ran last year. All they did was integrate the new players.

    Meanwhile, the Lakers have ran three different offensive systems during the past three seasons.
    It is difficult for any team to gain continuity when they had PJ and the triangle three years ago;
    MB and his offensive system, (I’m thinking…crickets?); and now MB and the Princeton offense. The Lakers in effect have had three coaches and three offensive schemes. Add to that, three defensive systems and new players and you have an 0-11 system dating back to the pre-season.

    Los Angeles should have come into camp working on shooting, blocking out playing defense, setting screens, and finishing around the rim. Instead, the Lakers are spending all of their time
    in camp learning the Princeton offense.

    The aforementioned reasons are why Mike Brown was a poor candidate as coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    But, as long as he is Los Angeles’ coach I am pulling for him to be successful as he is the Lakers coach.

  10. “What the timetable is for when concern turns to panic”.

    If lakers have a losing record after December 1. That would be grounds for firing MB. In a piece Ding did Jim said we was expecting wins had to remember it was preseason. I think he has the galls to make such a move.

    For this game if Lakers have more than 15 turnovers they’ll lose if it’s over 20 it could get ugly. Guards have to help Dwight with the boards and give Paul the jumper no need to be demoralized by lobs all game.

  11. Knicks just crushing the Heat. Amazing what happens in the NBA.

  12. Kobe with a steal and is now the all-time Lakers leader in steals.

  13. Metta might lead league in TO’s and bad defense

  14. MWP getting worked by Butler.

  15. That flop by CP3 that was called an offensive foul on Dwight looks big now. This is why players flop, refs reward it.

  16. horrid transition defense by artest. it’s nice that his cardio is great, but he hasn’t gotten any faster.

  17. Kobe realizes he needs to score 50 and forget Brown exists.

    Thank you!

  18. Not really seeing any semblance of an offensive system so far. Mass confusion. Ebanks was made for cutting but everyone looks so confused he doesn’t seem to know where to go, just floating around the perimeter.

    That was a fantastic shootout in the earlier game tonight. I saw more made threes than the Lakers made all season last year. With the usual sample size disclaimer, Rashard Lewis is looking like a great value pickup.

  19. Ko,

    I second the motion. Kobe’s on full mamba mode tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if drops 50 tonight.

  20. This is looking like the Laker team last year now, minus Bynum, yea, it is going to be Kobe going into warrior mode tonight

  21. Pau has been worthless tonight. Letting Bledsoe score a layup over him. Pathetic.

    Speaking of which, Clips bring in Bledsoe, we bring in Morris. Wow.

  22. Every second Metta is on tge court is a lost minute. He is worse this year. Should have dumped him.

  23. Darius Morris – this moment in MB idiotic subs brought to you by Jim Buss.

  24. @ Joe–Not to be snotty….but Nash is out….Blake can’t play 48….

  25. Duhonis at least a pro. Morris a D leaguer. Rather have a head case in West then a D leaguer.

  26. Get garbage Morris out before down by 20. Clueless Brown.

  27. aaaand jordan hill is holding his back.

  28. Lakers bench is garbage. Gotta make a move won’t those guys are horrible. Lakers were really counting on Jamison to score.

  29. Pau and Metta have been pretty terrible on the defensive end so far this season and in the preseason.

    Pau and Metta have to do a much better job in the pick and roll and contesting shot when in one on one.

    I’m really getting tired of the Princeton offense. The lakers are passing up open shots to do handoffs. Matt Barnes is playing 5 feet off Jamison and he won’t shoot.

    13 games so far and they look like they’ve never played basketball

  30. Hill looks to have aggravated that back—-tell Sacre to warm up…..I’m predicting another 40+ min night for Pau again (although I was already anyway)….

  31. @mindcrime as others have said, put in Duhon, he has his issues, but Morris is like a lost child out there.

  32. Can you fire a coach at half time!

  33. Hill aggravates his back injury. This is going down hill fast.

  34. @ Joe–We’ll see what happens next sub pattern–But one thing is for sure–now that Blake is back, there is no defense for leaving Morris in the game—why isn’t Meeks playing?

  35. I have never in my 25+ years of watching the Lakers seen a team that’s looked so utterly lost as this one. They make bad players look like stars, get run off the floor by anyone with speed, and play the worst defense I can recall in years. To say “It’s just two games in” may sound like an attempt at being reasonable, but when have we seen this squad put together even one good quarter of effort? And what’s most exasperating is there really doesn’t seem to be a good explanation as to why they play so lousily.

  36. Same story tonight. Laker defense is just to slow

  37. why is morris playing bledsoe for the shot instead of the drive?

  38. Dwight has 3 fouls, all of them very iffy calls.

  39. darius: at this rate the criticism coach brown is amassing through much fault of his own and the hole he is slowly digging for himself should put him in the middle of china next tuesday, give or take a day or two. this is not the kind of progress we were hoping for.

    cantonese, mandarin anyone?

    with three you get eggroll.

    Go Lakers

  40. It looks like tonight’s variation of the Princeton offense is to wait until there’s 5 seconds on the shot clock to get into your offense. Unbelievable.

  41. All three of the games have been officiated very unevenly–not unfairly–just weirdly—some ticky-tack stuff incessantly—then muggings are just let go….both ways

  42. Just a great quote: Rasheed Wallace on his role w/NYK: “I accept my Brian Scalabrine role. I’m cool with it.

  43. I think Mike Brown sucks, but he is not the reason this team can’t play defense. This team can’t play defense because none of its players can stay in front of their man in transition or the half court. It’s not too early to say that this team isn’t going to be very good defensively. They just don’t have the athleticism to be good defensively.

  44. Crawford’s move was so pretty refs ignored the fact that he brutally carried the ball.

  45. Clippers are a better team. Better bench. Even better coach. Pains me to say it as a 40 year Laker fan but Lakers are a 4th seed this year. No way Brown makes it to Xmas.

  46. Clippers may be the ONLY team with a worse coach than Lakers. So talented that they tend to overcome it.

  47. Ebanks with the corner 3

  48. That last play was either a travel by Paul or a jump ball, how can you take a two footed hop while carrying the ball, not shoot because you were tied up and pass? These refs are brutal.

  49. Grasping at straws – maybe Hill’s injury will finally get Brown to realize that Jamison is better off at PF. Baby steps…

  50. I thought Blake tied Paul up so that 3 shouldn’t have counted. Kobe started playmaking toward the end of the half. Lakers need more of that.

  51. Stop turning it over!!!!! Geez!!

  52. This team looks like they just met this morning. WHY?

  53. Lakers have that 3rd game in 4 nights look to them. Not much energy or body movement.

  54. Where would we be without Kobe

  55. what is hubie talking about?

  56. Green should get his flop cheque book out.

  57. I have got to say this, Blake is actually having a great game

  58. The one thing I’ve noticed tonight is that as uncomfortable as Nash has looked so far, at least he always gets us into our offense with more than 5 seconds on the clock.

  59. Metta is just terrible.

  60. We are getting into orlando territory where we just completely go away from howard – Orlando always lost when their guards just didnt give him the ball – thats why Rafer Alston was so important to them in 09 – he just gave dwight the ball

  61. Steve Blake is playing a very good game, hopefully this will carryover to when he comes off the bench. Still don’t see enough fire in players other than Kobe and DHo, it is just weird that the Lakers entire team plays without passion.

  62. The calls are really not going our way

  63. Lakers aren’t in sync after a off season, camp and 8 preseason games they should at least be in sync. I don’t even know what there running. The play that was posted yesterday I haven’t seen run once today. Saddening start to the season after such high expectations.

  64. Lakers have not actually had a lead in any game after the 1st Q this year. That is scary.

  65. Why do they keep talking about our offense, it is our lack of D that is killing us.

  66. I am not one to complain about the refs too much, but that call on Blake was absolutely rediculous

  67. Kobe might as well be playing with Smush and Kwame out there and now genius Brown gets a T. This is turning into a embarrassment for the 11th time. Not even sure if this team and this coach makes the playoffs.

  68. This ref crew is brutally incompetent. Is this what happened to the replacement NFL refs?

  69. Don’t worry. It’s only game 3. Be patient. Yeah, whatever…

    Oh, and another great 3rd qtr.

  70. MWP has to go.

  71. do we still own a protected 1st round draft pick?

  72. If I’m Mitch, Phil Jackson is on speed dial right now. If he doesn’t pick up, I’m calling D’ Antoni.

  73. It’s gonna be 0-3 for the first time in 20+ years, 1-15 streak, 15+ point leads for the other team in all 3 games this season

  74. I have watched this team for about 12 years now. I have never been so frustrated as a fan of this team. I am really starting to believe that Mike Brown is a big part of this teams problem.

  75. Metta and Jamison are jokes. Wonder if Time Warner wants their money backs.

  76. Down 15 Kobe, Dwight and Metta are in the game. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    How much energy is Brown going to ask Kobe to expend to try and save his ass this game?

  77. I’ll admit it. Metta had me fooled in preseason. Badly fooled.

  78. Wonder if Time Warner wants their money backs.

  79. True fact — You can go to the Lakers website right now and purchase tickets on Ticket Exchange for below face value. I have four seats to the Pacers game later this month that I wanted to sell, since I’d rather kick myself in the balls for five hours than watch this season’s effort. But apparently others are already of the same mindset, and tickets in the same section as those I hold are going for less than their printed cost from the team.

    When has that ever happened? The Buss family will love that detail — a team half the fan base can’t watch on TV, but is so awful that’s actually a mixed blessing. And people are eating money to get rid of their tickets. Awesome.

    And best of all, they’ve traded every first round pick from here ’til God knows when, so there’s no hope for improvement anytime soon.

  80. Kobe needs to stop this cross court passes

  81. If MB is gonna keep Kobe in this game, nobody but him should be shooting right now. Especially not worthless Metta!

  82. Our starting forward Metta and Pau have 14 points and Metta is 3 for 10. Nice.

  83. On what planet should MWP have more shots than Pau or Dwight?

  84. The planet were Brown is king.

  85. We can’t even throw a simple post entry pass.

  86. LA Clippers are just on top these days. Great performance is what they’re showing. I’m just so proud with this team. They are victorious over Lakers. All Clippers Tickets I purchased are just worth it!

  87. With about 5 minutes to go in the 4th the Clips have attempted 77 shots to the Lakers 58 shots.

    Yes, the offense is part of the problem.

  88. Game blouses.

  89. Nothing has changed from last year. It takes every ounce of effort from the starters just to stay within striking distance of the opponent, all while the opponent’s starters rest and save energy for their closing push. Then, what looked like a manageable deficit turns into a blowout. 4th seed might be pushing it.

  90. Lakers transition defense is terrible. Turnovers continue to plague this team.

  91. Really at a loss right now. We’re not even bothered by teams that are just too good. Seems like any team with any semblance of speed is too much. The 2 best players for the clippers aren’t even playing well.

  92. Agree with those that think the forwards needed the ball more – we fell into orlando territory where our guards openly decided not to give them the ball multiple times in the post only to pas around the whole court to get to the same or worse position on the other side

  93. 0 and 3
    0 and 11
    Pre season dosen’t matter.

    With Brown as coach and zero’s like Metta and Jamison this is a mid level 4th to 6th seed team.

    Wonder why they picked up guys like Meeks so Brown can bury him.

  94. Blake doesn’t even want to shoot the ball. Kobe is passing the ball and no one is shooting it.

  95. Kobe had to play almost the whole game just so we could lose by not as much as we otherwise would have.

  96. 0-3. Is Brown done? I would accept this system if he had a decent rotations or make sensible lineups but this is really just chaos. I’m not sure, I’ve ever seen a Laker team this badly coached.

  97. But thats a very efficient 58 shots – MB trotted out a stat sheet to show reporters that the Lakers are shooting well – so hey – what does it matter that the other team takes 15-20 more shots more than us and wins. We’ll slow it down and shoot ans score at a high percentage – screw actually coaching for a w. At one point does someone point out to MB that the princeton hasn’t won anybody anything.

  98. Does Mike Brown really think he can play the starters these minutes the whole year? What’s he doing?

  99. Why are the starters still in the game?

  100. Lakers need Delonte West.

  101. Blake played almost 40 mins and had 2 assists.

  102. I want to follow up my point about the offense. I know someone will read that and say its the turnovers leading to more shots for the Clips. True. But the turnovers are happening in many cases because the Lakers don’t know what they want to do on offense. There were sequences where the Lakers actually ran the floor on offense. They beat the Clippers down the floor only to have a player pass up on a good shot to run the sets. That is insane.

    One thing big difference I see from the PO and Triangle is the spacing. Now, maybe the Lakers aren’t running it right. But there is too much congesting at the high posts. There will often be a ball handler standing there with multiple players trying to come off the ball screen for a hand off. It just seems to be too many players in close proximity. Every time the ball is handed off there is a risk of a turnover because there are two to three defenders in close proximity. In contrast the Triangle spaces players out and keeps most of the movement away from the ball. That keeps defenders away from the ball.

    There is a reason most teams in the league have gone to an open floor game.

  103. Lakers are not even close in these games, between turning the ball over almost 20 times a game and being unable to make multiple stops this is probably the most concerned I have been since 2005 about a Lakers team.

  104. Frustrating loss. CP3 & Vinnie del Negro both dominated their man…

  105. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

    It’s time for a team meeting and call for accountability. Kobe is not going to be nice in his post game comments.

  106. I can see this board lighting up on the players and coach, fine. The one issue I have are the starters minutes (too much), and they should have been pulled earlier than they were, heck didn’t they play until a losing game’s end. The Clippers are a very good team though, and we were without our starting PG.

  107. We lose turnovers 20-12 and our bench loses 46-16. We are seeking new lows in these categories, and these two lead directly to losses.

  108. I’m seriously starting to think that being so top heavy is not a recipe for success. I think I would rather have 3 good role/bench players for one of our starters, like Pau. We have no chance if we continue to get outscored 46-16 by the opposing team’s bench.

    And the turnovers. Ugh.

  109. Kobe mins. 35, 38 41. Capable backup in Meeks.

    Pau mins. 40, 40, 37. Capable backup in Hill. Or Clark.

    He constantly said last year if he had practice the starters wouldn’t have to play them so many minutes. And here we are again. After he blew out Kobe’s shins and gassed out Pau and Bynum. The guy can’t read his players or in game situations. The past 2 games have been blowouts after 3 but he makes them expend energy trying to comeback. Same thing as last year.

  110. @Jerke,
    The first thing I heard from MB in his postgame presser was, “we shot 50% from the floor”. Haha unbelievable.

    Listening to this guy talk, he’s totally a used car salesman.

  111. I’m less concerned about this loss because of no Nash, a real opponent this time (unlike the last two), and my diminishing expectations of this team. I understand that the team is new so they have turnover problems, etc but seriously how long does it take for a team with 4 All Stars to put together a win? I don’t recall the 2004 team having problems out the gate like this.

    The REAL concern is Dwight is still free to walk after the season if he wants to. Can’t imagine he’s impressed by what he’s seen so far.

  112. Might as well fire Mike Brown now instead of 15-20 games down the road. What’s the friggin difference anyway. He’s going to get fired anyway. Might as well do it now while it’s still early.

  113. I am really worried on Hill’s back right now. Damn, it is really frustrated right now but I’m keeping my composure and trying to keep my mouth shut for the mean time.

  114. T. Rogers, here is what I observed of the PO, Laker ball handlers spent so much time in passing crowding each other and not looking for any opening. Gasol becomes a passer and a passive defender. On the other picture, Clippers are all good shooters so they go on simple pick and roll or their PG’s dissed inside then pass the ball outside either to Butler, Crawford or Bledshoe himself. It seems that Lakers are having a hard time to get into their offense while Clippers know what they are doing with the ball, very confident in shooting or challenging Howard. Our Coach saw the problem but he can’t solve the problem against the Mavs, Blazers and now Clippers. Will the stupid fans continue extending their patience? Oh yeah, we don’t earn millions and hardly spent a lot just to see every game.

    Call them stupid, idiots but truth really hurts?

  115. I got this from twitter:

    ESPNChrisPalmer chris palmer
    Kobe on his foot: “It feels like it’s about to fall off.”

  116. Turnovers and putrid defense. Only saw a little of the third quarter on TV. One play that drove mr crazy was when Blake G. drove past Pau for an And 1. Pau was close enough to deliver a good, hard foul but didn’t. I don’t think I’ve seen Pau deliver a hard foul in his time as a Laker. It may not be part of his nature, but delivering a clean foul is an important part of basketball…especially against a player like Blake who shoots free throws so poorly.

    There are two things to hang my hat on… Kobe and Dwight. Kobe, despite an ailing foot, is still Kobe. And Dwight tantalized with flashes of his brilliance. Steve Nash will come around when he’s recovered from his injury. Those three are a good place to start.

    Can someone tell me if Kobe’s total of 6 turnovers were due to carelessness or players on the Lakers not being in sync? And let’s give Metta a call and let him know that the season has started.

    Those high numbers of minutes for the starters are a huge concern. If the Lakers can’t get quality performances from their bench, this season will be in the crapper PDQ.