Preview & Chat: The Golden State Warriors

Darius Soriano —  November 9, 2012

Oh, that’s right. There’s a game today.

In the wake of Mike Brown’s firing, there have been bigger things on the minds of everyone but the Lakers do resume game action tonight with a contest against the Dubs. Bernie Bickerstaff will coach in Mike Brown’s stead tonight and, as Mitch Kupchak intimated, he’s likely to throw a more simplified game plan against the wall and see what sticks.

What that means for the Lakers remains to be seen. Remember, the team still doesn’t have Steve Nash so simply saying “run a bunch of P&R’s” isn’t necessarily the best plan of action on offense. Sure, Kobe can facilitate in those types of actions but he’s been shooting well over 50% on the season using the actions of the Princeton to get into good positions to score. So, in that respect, it will be interesting to see what the Lakers do on offense tonight.

I can be sure that Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol should be featured in the post against the Warriors big men. Andrew Bogut is the Dubs’ best defensive big but he’s sidelined for 7-10 days with soreness in his surgically repaired ankle. That leaves David Lee, Carl Landry, Andris Biedrins and Festus Ezeli as the primary bigs left to guard the post. All are capable (some more than others) in providing solid D but they should be attacked nonetheless to make them defend the paint and protect the rim.

Moving away from offense, where the Lakers really need to show some life is on the defensive side of the ball. The Warriors offer a slew of quality wings and several high quality shooters that will need to be slowed down. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Harrison Barnes are all capable of knocking down shots and the Warriors will look to free them on the wing via cross screens, pin downs, and off ball actions of all varieties. The Lakers need to be prepared to work off the ball defensively and run at shooters to make them put the ball on the floor and attack the paint against the team’s superior size.

The battle of the benches will also be huge tonight. Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry anchor a Warriors reserve unit that shows no fear even when matched up against opposing team’s starters. Both will need to be accounted for throughout the game and don’t be surprised if both close this game out should the game be somewhat close down the stretch.

All that said, as much as it’s the Warriors on the other side of the floor tonight this game is much more about what the Lakers bring to the table this evening. Their coach has been fired. In situations like this, teams typically rally around each other and put forth a big effort to try and get a win. The schemes will matter but even more so is the effort they play with on both sides of the floor. Will they defend with energy? Will they push the ball and try to punish their opponent in the half court the way they’re capable of?

The answers to these questions will determine who wins this game. The Lakers, at this point, need this one. Here’s hoping they do what’s needed.

Darius Soriano

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102 responses to Preview & Chat: The Golden State Warriors

  1. So whats the preferred method of um, ahem, “sourcing” the game online these days? Help a brother out. DirecTv and Comcast have not signed. I’ve got both. I’m a sad clown.

  2. Kobe Alert: KB went by H Grant to move into 35th in all time games; he also moved by Cliff Robinson for 15th on the all time minutes list – next up on that list is Oscar; He went ahead of Bob Lanier in the Def Rebs category for 72nd in that category. Counting interims, but only counting Phil once, Bernie will be the 8th head coach that KB has played for. I am counting on the number remaining the same this year : )

  3. Thanks Ryan- Is the “HD app” they offer on that site malarky or worthwhile? My apologies if this sort of talk is verboten, but desperate times and all that…

  4. I don’t even know what to expect tonight. But it’ll be comedy either way.

  5. Sharkey – try or, both sites provide multiple streaming links to eiher espn/fox/nba feeds. Quality ranges from pixlated to hd so may have to try a bunch of diff links but for viewing on pc or laptop there is usually a good feed and the occassional hd feed to put on tv if you’re able via hdmi.

    HD apps that most offer are crap so don’t bother clicking on those as they usually try to trick you into downloading some sort of mal or adware.

  6. Wow – things are moving quickly – looks like either Phil or D’Antoni. Those are the two I wanted – now let’s see if it is the one we all want : )

  7. Jerke- You’re a lifesaver. A thousand thanks.

  8. So guys there are no more excuses! Can’t blame it on strike. Short preseason. Injuries or Mike Brown.

    It’s time to man up and show the world what being a Laker means!

  9. Looks like we will see minutes of Meeks today.

  10. yeah im using firstrow too. it kinda sucks, but it’s better than nothing…

    desperate times

  11. Anyone got a livestream that doesn’t require a million plugins? lol

  12. Can we fire Steve Blake?

  13. Hope the new coach stops Metta and Blake from ever shooting.

  14. If only we had signed a 3 point specialist in the off season…I say MEEKly

  15. Too.




  16. Better energy so far! Now if only Blake and Metta could hit a shot. So, what are the odds of Phil coming back?

  17. JoeM: Got the same problem over here. For a momment I thought I was the only one having the “missing plugin problem”.

  18. Morris is pretty much lost on defense. 🙁

  19. artest is another guy that needs to be future-endeavoured.


    I didn’t mind the missing plug in thing, the stream just goes on.

  21. Yea, sites seem fishy to me. Don’t want to install something I don’t trust.

  22. Our first Meeks sighting.

  23. If only the Lakers could transfuse Kobe’s will and Hill’s hustle to the rest of these guys.

  24. Wonder how long Buss will continue this Metta baloney. You can’t shoot 36% and start anywhere in the NBA.

  25. Vhanz: Link worked great. Thanks for the headsup!

  26. Not even mad about the Steph Curry circus shot – that was just a great play

  27. Everyone is obviously hustling tonight. The team’s energy looks good.

  28. Apparently Brown got fired because the players were complaining he wouldn’t let them shoot enough threes.

    The defensive effort is about three notches higher tonight though.

    And a 17-4 advantage in bench scoring? What’s next?

  29. If Jamison and Metta played horse they would never get to H.

  30. Why are we doubling Dwight’s guy, who is a foot shorter than he is.

  31. Hire D’Antoni keep Person and Clifford for defense and trade Blake and Pau for pieces. A wing who can run and shooters. Go all the way showtime looking ti run and out gun people and hope Dwight becomes the defensive player he’s been as the year wears on.

  32. Has Metta hit a 3 this year?

  33. Kevin

    Agree with Blake but this team has to have a SF that can make a basket. Look at Metta’s numbers. He is terrible.

  34. One game into the the post Mike Brown era, and at least in the first two quarters, the bench scoring is on par with that of the starters. Go figure.

  35. It is time for Staples to start yelling NO again every time MWP looks like he will shoot. He thinks he is Ray Allen or something the way he jacks 3’s. At least use your size and drive it (yeah I know he is a terrible ball handler).

  36. FYI Metta counting today is shooting 35% from field and 29% from 3 and clearly is not smart enough to know how bad he is. Worst stats of any starter in NBA.

  37. Ko: I agree about Metta play him at pf or bring him off the bench as a pf give him jamison’s minutes. Put a lethal shooter where Metta stands on the weakside every play. Learning curve would be short with D’Antoni but that’s just one option of many.

  38. 17 bench points at the HALF, just one of those nights I guess.

  39. In spite of the 0 for the world from Metta this looks like a new team that actually cares. Amazing how one simple move can change everything. Sure players excited about not having to hear that 15 minute run in sentence at half time.

    Bury these guys and bench Metta.

  40. Starters on track to play 40 mins. Meeks gets 4 mins and 1 shot. It’s like this is rocket science. In a game we are up why not try and rest Kobe just a little more.

  41. And with 0-4 tonight, Metta is now down probably around 20 percent for 3’s. Pathetic.

  42. Kobe would have thrived in any offense, for any coach, in any era.

  43. Why are all the Lakers fans so enamored with D’Antoni? The only time he was successful was when he had an in-his-prime Nash running the show flanked by a bunch of young athletic bodies who could actually thrive in the SSOL system. Our squad has an old broken Nash, no quality players on the bench, and all starters not named Dwight are too old for an up-tempo style.

  44. Agreed Avidon, plus the Lakers ave no sharp shooters, that is needed in the D’Antoni system. I don’t think he is the coach we need. Our best hope is Phil.

  45. Much better effort by the Lakers and taking care of the ball in the first half.

  46. Sweet galloping Zeus will someone on the Lakers make a shot? Kobe’s spoonfeeding everyone, serving up wide open shots on a silver platter.

  47. Avidon: PJ would run a similar read and react system with these same bad role players. If you could somehow get shooters D’Antoni would be the guy. PJ won’t heal Dwight faster or cure the team’s age problem. The coach wasn’t the only problem with the team. Have you seen the role players?

  48. Metta just dosen’t get it. You stink. Please bench him he refuses to stop shooting. Lakers would be up 15 if he wasn’t playing.

  49. Wow, does MWP stand for Many Wasted Possessions?

  50. Fans chanting We Want Phil

  51. “We Want Phil”

    Wow.. way to class it up Lakers fans.

  52. Did they mean PHIL Jackson or Chick-a-FIL? If its the latter, Mike Brown has some apparently.

  53. Mettanike 0 for 10 shooting 30% on the year.daaaaaaaa

  54. That Kobe guy is one bad man! Dayum!

  55. Ron Artest splash

  56. Did Metta just make a 3?

  57. Did Jamison just block a shot? Be afraid.

  58. Mark my words. Lakers will go 6 and 0 on this home stand, which of course will guarantee Brown will never work as a coach in the NBA again. Videographer maybe.

    It’s like night and a bright new day,

  59. One thing is for sure, the Princeton-less offence turns the ball over way less, which means more actual shots (we have 69 to this point) and less transition baskets for the other team. Many writers today said that although Brown was fired for the offence, it was the defence that was losing games. What they failed to mention was that it was the offence that was causing many of the defensive problems.

  60. Warriors are missing some good looks and we’ve allowed too many of those open looks from beyond the arc. Also our inability to make any shot easy is irritating. But the energy and activity we’re showing are encouraging.

  61. Jamison does look more comfortable as a PF not better but comfortable. And the freedom on offense is refreshing to see. Not much thinking going on just guys playing.

  62. Lakers as a team playing with so much more energy and passion. They look like they’re enjoying themselves so much more.

    I know we sometimes mock guys like Bill Simmons and his obsession with body language, but you can see the difference tonight.

  63. Man, Gasol is playing heavy HEAVY minutes right now.

  64. In my next life will someone pay me $11 million dollars to fail.

  65. Kevin_ November 9, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    “PJ won’t heal Dwight faster or cure the team’s age problem. The coach wasn’t the only problem with the team. Have you seen the role players?”

    True, however the coach problem is fixable and about to be fixed.

  66. vhanz–

    I agree about Pau’s minutes, but you know what the funny thing is—he actually loooks like he’s enjoying himself tonight—for the first time in forever….he looks like a completely different player…

    Time to pull the starters now, though, Bernie….don’t be the panic master like your old boss.

  67. Why is Kobe in right now?

  68. Time to pull the starters Bernie.

  69. Poor Brown, Lakers actually play defense when he is gone………..

  70. Watch…. this Mike Brown thing will be like Mike Singletary and the 49ers. The next coach comes in and by virtue of performance with the same talent will render his coaching predecessor a mockery.

  71. Where is Dwight? Is he hurt?

  72. I hope none of us will buy this fool’s gold win. Lakers played off pure adrenaline. Still a ways to go and things to be sorted out. Plus Warriors are Pistons level bad.

  73. Joe- Everybody should read your post one more time. All of the writers talking about how the offense was not a problem just weren’t watching games and were watching box scores and stats.

    “What they failed to mention was that it was the offence that was causing many of the defensive problems.” – joe


  74. I think the bench is applauding the fact that Meeks is actually on the floor, making shots is just frosting on the cake.

  75. Listening to Billy Mac I get the feeling the Lakers insiders already know there is a coach in place.

    Phil is back. Book it.

  76. Kevin.

    Think you are wrong. The passion, the demeanor and the freedom is niw back. Sure Blake and Metta still stink but the Warriors are not that bad. This is like a bunch of guys who were yelled at my their mom for 18 years and finally left home and feel free.

    Aaron can relate.

  77. We critic very well here at FB&G and this is the 2nd straight subpar game from Dwight. And 3 of the last 4. He isn’t healthy just pointing that out as we do others on the roster.

    1/2decaf: this game was off pure adrenaline and against a bad team. Let’s be honest.

  78. Where IS Howard?

  79. Howard was in foul trouble much of the game guys and then wasn’t put back in during a blowout. Nothing to see here.

  80. Nice blowout game. Utah was just the lowest. I’m glad they wasted no time and fired Brown. Hurray for some time on Meeks. Surprising play from Morris.

  81. Well if it was Bynum he would’nt be in foul trouble..

  82. Some of this game was Golden State shooting poorly. But this is the same team that came in 3-2, and beat the Clippers. Give the Lakers credit, they played with more energy, got back on D (we still turned the ball over 18 times but unlike with the PO, teams weren’t shoving it down our throat) and looked more comfortable playing in their natural positions (except MWP who stunk up the joint and should just refrain from shooting unless it is game 7 of the finals).

    Pau’s plummeting shooting percentage continues to worry me.

    Where would this team be without Kobe? That guy can never retire.

  83. Lakers shot 40%, 28% from 3, 75% from the line and 16 TO’s vs the lowly Warriors.

    Dwight, Metta, Pau combined 11 – 38. Not a well played game.

  84. If it was Bynum he’d also be on the bench… just in a suit.

  85. Some things to take away from the game

    – Simple play with elite talent = wins …. it was pretty obvious that we were going simple PnR and Iso’s with Dwight, Kobe and Gasol and it worked perfectly as shots opened up on the outside – albeit missed int he 1st half – but they were still there and available and our stars just overcame them and this is still a team that beat the clippers a few days ago so its not all bad.

    – Better Rotations made a difference – outside of gasol none of our starters were overplayed – well done Bernie – Meeks,Morris, Jamison were placed in positions to be effective and were

    – Morris is much better than Blake at the backup 1 – Can blake space the floor … yes, can he do anything else …. no – can morris drive … yes, can he shoot 3s … apparently yes …. can he contain/play aggressive defense on his man …. big yes – and this is the biggest thing here I found his defence and activity to be so much better along with his length and foot speed

    Also Loved the we want Phil chant, just seeing all the pictures and video of him coaching the team brings back good memories and I am sure that we all already feel like we are going in a better direction than ever since the mike brown era started.

    Very bright days ahead indeed

  86. Crowd knows what’s up:

    Regarding Phil, it was suggested to me that “his mouth’s watering” at the idea of coaching these Lakers.

  87. “Weekend with Bernie” was better than I expected. Props to Jim Buss for pulling the quick trigger. That dude is gangsta.

    Oh and that Kobe guy, looks like he wants that “best player in the NBA” title back he lent to Lebron.

  88. “Well if it was Bynum he would’nt be in foul trouble..”


    Probably true, because he wouldn’t have put in enough effort to actually commit any fouls.

  89. Like Captain Hastings( Agatha Christie’s character) used to say: “I say…”

    I feel so sorry for MB, nice guy, but didn’t see the obvious. If I was hired as the head coach, I’d obviously try the conservative approach, i.e., play those guys on their original position. Then I’d go from there. Tonight we saw Barry B doing just that. I understand why Jamison played some 3 due to Ebanks absence, but other than that, the rotation was WAY better than previous games.

    Looks like Phil is coming back from retirement. I have a feeling we’ll see a much different Phil. No triangle and very little on-court adjustments. He’ll just let the guys play. Pratice like the ’92 Dream Team; Kobe’s team against Blake’s team. That’s what this team needs.

    What a difference a day makes.


  90. Just for the records:

    I tip my hat to Jim Buss.

  91. I like Bernie, always have. Mike Brown is a nice guy, maybe I can bum a buck or 2. Adios MB.

  92. Phil

    Word is that Jerry stepped in and demanded Brown by fired and the Prince offense be scrapped. Not Jim’s decision.

  93. Ko, that is nice to hear

  94. Word is that Jerry stepped in and demanded Brown by fired and the Prince offense be scrapped. Not Jim’s decision.

    “Demanded” and “decided” make all the difference between “unanimous” and “unilateral”, Ko. Don’t assume Jim or Mitch had no say in it just because Papa Buss might have voiced his concerns more loudly than them.

  95. Magic Phil,

    I was in the game today, we won, we won with Common Sense offense of read and react by Kobe and Pau, sometimes a little triangle where Morris got some breaks. For the first time, he played a bravado PG and on NBA level. As you said, Mike Brown is nice and nice guys finish last. It was a mistake hire by Jim and good thing that he recognizes the mistakes. Kudos for all the good moves lately.

    At the game tonight, I don’t know if you heard on TV, every time somebody gets to the FT line, the chant begins – “We Want Phil” “We Want Phil”….indeed, the third time is a charm. Phil will come back like a victorious emperor of Laker Championships from a grateful megopolis who needs a Coach who is visionary, a guy with championship pedigree, and adored by players and fans. Why would you go for an outsider when the best guy is just there in Manhattan Beach, In fact, if Phil didn’t quit, Lakers could have made it to WCF last season with Kobe, Pau and Bynum in ’11. Well, mistakes were made in believing a snake-oil salesman who sold Jim of his defense package, offense package and at a bargain. I also salute and appreciate what Jim Buss did in rectifying that mistake. Anyway, we are now in post Brown era, nightmare is over so let us move on. Go Lakers by 24 sweet and easy.

  96. With Nash …Kobe will just follow and prosper. If there’s one thing Kobe knows, it’s how to play
    the game. Superman’s chemistry with these two will take practice but will come naturally. Pau Gasol maybe should ‘bank’ his midrange jumper, it’s a tuff shot for anyone. Whoever tells Ronron (Mr Worldpeace) to go to the corner @ 3pt line, hasn’t seen his jumper from there. Ronron should be bruisin down low always. What a relief watching a game w/o stress. Great move by the front office cutting their loses. Bring Petro back to call the games, let him call football sometimes. Bernie was a good coach is Seattle, wasn’t he ? Whomever coaches next,
    just let Nash dribble the ball and have cutters all the time via Amare…. Pau • Dwight • Kobe •, with Ronron crashing the boards with vigor and definitely cover nash’s arse on D. Princeton offense, the Triangle, whatever….basketball is all about moving w/o the ball and with Nash @ QB and no MB, Kobe will be free to play the game he knows how to play. my 2¢.

  97. Sky you are right I used the wrong word. I wasn’t in the room. Either way it was the right move at a time Lakers needed it p.

  98. Darius,
    I didn’t make that Bynum comment. Please stop people from posing as me if you can.

    The real Aaron