Saturday Morning Espresso

Dave Murphy —  November 10, 2012

I was partway through writing the Friday links post when I heard about Mike Brown’s firing. I contacted Darius and we agreed to shelve the links – events were moving quickly and they continued to gather momentum. Mitch Kupchak’s carefully worded press conference suggested due diligence and an examination of the various replacement candidates out there. Instead, the growing realization that management might be willing to sing Kumbaya to Phil Jackson became the front and center story. By gametime last night, the crowd was chanting and afterward, players were offering endorsements. This isn’t to say that it’s a done deal. Mike D’Antoni is very much in the discussion and there’s always that which we simply don’t know yet. Regardless, it’s Saturday morning, there was a nice win last night, and it’s not a bad time to offer up some links to go with everyone’s coffee.

Over at ProBasketballTalk, our own Darius writes about the timing of the Mike Brown firing, asking if it was overreaction or a matter of inevitability.

Kurt Helin at ProBasketballTalk says that Steve Nash is still at least a week away from returning to the Lakers lineup. He also has this intriguing offering, about what it might take to bring the zen-master back.

Brian Pollakoff at ProBasketballTalk reports on Byron Scott’s non-interest in the Lakers job.

Sam Amick at USA Today writes about why Kobe wants Phil back.

Janice Carr at the OC Register also writes about Kobe wanting redemption for Phil.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register takes a look at the Jerry Buss imprint and decision time.

Arash Markazi for ESPN Lakers Report wrote about Mike’s picture and Phil’s chair last night.

Michael Wallace for ESPN GO relayed LeBron James’ feeling that the guy he once steamrolled didn’t get a fair shake.

Mark Travis at Silver Screen and Roll tells how the Lakers found their footing last night by dumbing down.

Mark Medina at the Daily News fills us in on a topic that managed to go by the side of the road, Devin Ebanks getting popped for a DUI.

Over at the LA Times, Mike Bresnahan points out an overlooked item – if the Lakers want Phil back they may have to give him his old office… currently occupied by one Jim Buss.

Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie wrote a nice piece about Kobe Bryant’s brilliance last night.


There are plenty more articles of course – they’re popping up as fast as I can hyperlink them and the old laptop is making its protests known. There will undoubtedly be more to report this weekend and we’ll all keep on it – just as we know you will. And last and certainly least, I was listening to the Who’s old anthem, ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ yesterday and music sometimes gets the fingers tapping away as the shotgun sings the song.

Dave Murphy