Friday Forum

Dave Murphy —  November 16, 2012

Mike D’Antoni hobbled into his introductory presser and sat ever so slowly down. The way he moved he could have been Phil Jackson – but he isn’t. D’Antoni was in a perfectly affable mood, if admittedly fried on painkillers. He had a knee replaced just two weeks ago. The new Lakers coach had a lot of good and reasonable things to say and talked more about Jodie Meeks and Steve Blake than he did Kobe Bryant. This is as it should be. Kobe doesn’t need to be stroked. Meeks on the other hand signed with the team as a free agent and was consigned to non-existence under Mike Brown. It’s refreshing to hear that he’ll finally have a chance to bomb away at will.

The matter of Jackson would have started to die down if it weren’t for Magic Johnson deciding to extend the news cycle. I’m a huge Phil Jackson fan myself but it’s over and done. He, Jimmy and Mitch put on their big boy pants when they climbed back into the ring. Phil zigged and they zagged. Meanwhile, the Lakers have a game to play tonight – hosting the Phoenix Suns of all teams. Bernie Bickerstaff will most likely take the lead chair once again, with D’Antoni looking toward Sunday or Tuesday for his Lakers coaching debut.

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Today is Friday – one week to the day after the stunning news of Mike Brown’s firing. The morning’s news led into a memorable 48-hour period which in turn extended to a full week of debate and commentary. And for all that has happened, the team has barely begun their on-court season. They possess a record of three and five, good for 14th place in the west. That will change. In truth, it would have changed under former coach Mike Brown, a hardworking guy who wasn’t as bad as his team’s record indicated or as good as he needed to be in the world that is the Los Angeles Lakers. One of Phil Jackson’s favorite zen sayings is “Unceasing change turns the circle of life, and so reality is shown in all its many forms.” We’re about to see a new reality under Mike D’Antoni. I suspect it will be fun and the fodder for much writing and discussion.

Dave Murphy