Sunday Morning Video: Kobe Lights Up Philadelphia

Darius Soriano —  December 30, 2012

I can watch videos like this all day. The super slo-mo allows you to see the all the little things that you never get during a live broadcast. The anguish on a player’s face when he’s rushing to close out. The big man thinking he has a play bottled up only to realize his defense was futile. The crowd reactions to seeing one of the all time greats ply his craft.

Before the 76er game, Kobe spoke about how he may not have many trips to his hometown left as his career is much closer to the end than we may all realize. Lucky for us, he keeps giving us clips like the one above to satiate our thirst for seeing him do what he does best. The man was born to play this game, I’m glad I’ve been able to watch him do it.

Darius Soriano

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28 responses to Sunday Morning Video: Kobe Lights Up Philadelphia

  1. Andrew Carnegie ruthlessly built an empire and it was only later that his philanthropy came into evidence. I don’t know where Kobe is going – I hope it is not the same direction as Michael Jordan – but he has ruthlessly built an empire.

    Hate him or love him, you have to watch him. That is the end-all-beat-all in the world of entertainment. And we have seen him for all of his 17 years. Be thankful he was here and not somewhere else – all hail to Jerry West.

  2. Been a Laker fan since Baylor, West, Kareem and Magic. All were the best at their time. Some like Jerry worked harder then others to get better.

    No one in my time has ever worked harder or longer to improve, add and perfect his game then Kobe. If more players worked as hard as this guy to improve the sport would be better off.

  3. Also, Kobe is a big motivation to constantly learn and improve at your profession, it’s not only about basketball. Yes, it’s not a generally good thing to be a workaholic as you better spent some quality time with your family, but if you do something at work, you should try to do it good and better every day.

  4. True indeed Ken. To add on to your point, one of the things that has me upset about this season thus far is that Kobe is having a phenomenal campaign, but because of the teams overall record, it’s as if Kobe’s stellar play is being brushed under the rug and dismissed by the Mainstream Media. While it may be true that they would just find a way to diminish his performance anyway (haters hate), I still feel that they’re being let off the hook. His name doesn’t hold weight when MVP Candidates are mentioned, even though his numbers across the board are better or definitely comparable to ‘Bron, Durant, Paul and Melo’s. I know that this isn’t the 1st time that this has taken place in regards to him being over looked for MVP because of the overall team performance, but when you take into account the fact that this is his 17th season AND all of the extra mileage on his legs due to his teams success in the post-season, it stings a lil’ bit more.

  5. Exactly. Kobe is a big motivation for me. I personally tend to slack off and I rarely give 100% efforts. But Kobe reminds me that hard work can outweigh natural skill and is the major factor that determines success. I see a lot of other athletes, the so called ‘gifted’ ones. But because of lack of work ethic and competitiveness, they fade and disappear. There are so many examples.
    But when I know it’s enough of it for me, and when I know I gotta do something no matter what, I say I’m in ‘Kobe’ mode now, better watch out. Kobe is the MVP of my generation of NBA players. Salute to my man’s drive.

  6. Philly has been home to many great basketball players (Chamberlain & Monroe most notably), but Kobe may go down as the greatest. That’s how impressive his body of work has become; you can make a legitimate argument that he’s already had a greater career than WILT CHAMBERLAIN.

  7. Tra

    Further on the subject, I own a alcohol beverage company. If I had a dollar for every time current and past Lakers were reported by my sales guys to be out late at night before or after games I could retire. Without getting specific three are current Lakers and two current Clippers.

    Seldom are there Kobe sightings and I live a mile away. Point is, while others play during the season and are seen on TMZ, Kobe is working out or in a gym somewhere. That is why I will always be a Kobe fan.

    Dedication to and respect of the sport.

  8. I’ve been a fan of NBA basketball for many years. Kobe is my all time favorite player. Why? I guess it’s because his game is just pretty. Watching Kobe is a treat to the eyes. His moves are precise, his body control is unparalleled. His jump shot is a work of art. And his game has evolved throughout his time in the league. As he’s slowed down a bit in recent years, he’s developed a floater and even the hook shot featured in the video. The man is a basketball genius. And he’s tough as nails to boot. Mentally and physically.

    Perfect? No, far from it. But he has kept us entertained. Just a great, great player. Things won’t be the same when Kobe hangs up his low cut Nikes for the last time.

  9. Very nice video Darius,thanks and happy new year all.
    As for Kobe he is for me poetry in motion.

  10. hindi listen to cheif keef “kobe” when you get into kobe mode

  11. Great post Darius, thanks –
    Everyone here has already said enough to cover all the details, so I´ll just add my two cents: LOVE YOU MAMBA!! I´LL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL!! & let´s make it two (that´s 2) more rings !!

  12. Hindi,

    Agree with you wholeheartedly about Kobe being a big motivating factor. One of my favorite quotes: “You have to develop and maintain the right habits” – Kobe

  13. Jamison controvesy dieing down – multiple tweets from Mcten and Breshnahan w both Jamison and MDA saying things are okay – Jamison just letting off some steam. MDA reached out and things are gonna be ok. Jamisons a good guy.
    “@mcten: Antawn Jamison said he would not demand a trade or “rock the boat” because of his lack of playing time. He’s in it for the long haul.”

    “@Mike_Bresnahan: Lakers’ Jamison apologizes for complainig about playing time, says he’s “disappointed” he “expressed my frustration the way I did.””

    “@mcten: D’Antoni on any Jamison controversy: “There is nothing there.” Mike D joked that he was upset Antawn didn’t get him a Christmas gift though”

  14. Why Matt Barnes didn’t wait around to resign w Lakers:

    “@hoopshype: Matt Barnes: Playing with the Lakers I was told when not to shoot.

  15. 0:25 the triple clutch shot.

  16. Jerke…

    Matt Barnes is having a good year and is probably playing better than at any point in his career. Good for him. He seems like he has a desire to rub salt in old wounds, judging from some of his recent comments.

    Matt and the Clips are rolling right now, but it’s a long season. Lots can happen. You don’t hear the other ex-Lakers on the Clips talking stuff. Matt should move on. The Lakers have.


    Good guys on this team now – at least when guys like Howard/Jamison are frustrated, they apologize and refocus on team goals. Jamison will get his chance – good to see MDA being understanding/ treating his guys w respect and not sewering them.

  18. @kenny – I don’t disagree, was just throwing up the link as Barnes not getting resigned was a bit of a two way st – he wouldn’t have wanted to come bcak anyways even if the Lakers made an offer if Mike B was still coaching. Now if MDA had been hired at the start of the summer its prob a diff story. MDA even made remarks today that he wouldve made more input on the FO’s free agent signings -and alluded to the fact that he’s sorta having to play bigger than he would necessarily prefer, and Jamison doesn’t really fit as well as Jordan Hill. Odd man out – but w Kobe, Nash, Jamison providing leadership and sacrifice – provided there are no further major injuries things should keep stabilizing around the Lakers.

  19. After 17 years, a gazillion plus minutes and countless number of injuries, Kobe still amazes me. How he continues to defy age and reinvent his game is beyond amazing. I find it baffling how many people hate on someone whose only goal is to become the g.o.a.t.

    He may not have been blessed with Lebron’s physical gifts or MJ’s big hands, but his work ethic and fire made him an all time great.

    Can you imagine how great Kobe would be if he was blessed with Lebron’s or MJ’s athletic abilities?

  20. Jayz,
    Big hands and athleticism would of been nice. but I would of preferred Kobe got the love the nba and espn gave MJ throughout his career and the love Lebron gets now.

  21. Kobe was no athletic slouch, although we’re so used to seeing him past his prime that we forget this. The standard of course is higher now than it was during the Jordan days, and I don’t think Kobe at his prime could’ve dunked from the free throw line, but he is seriously athletic still.

    That said, I feel somewhat cheated that we didn’t get to see a fusion of Shaq’s body and Kobe’s mind…

  22. I think it’s good Kobe happened to have a guard’s body because guards last longer in the NBA and Kobe has done a great job of both keeping in shape and learning new skills to accommodate his aging body. This had allowed him to absorb 17 seasons and still perform at a high level, something less likely had he had a Shaq or Dwight-type body. The will and training would still be there, but it seems like a bigger body simply breaks down quicker due to sheer physics.

    Kareem was the exception of course but then Kareem’s the very definition of exceptional…

  23. Manny,

    Maybe the better question was how many scoring records would Kobe have broken had he been the NBA’s poster boy. Part of why MJ was so great was because he got a lot love from the officials. If you so much breathe on MJ it would be an automatic foul.

  24. Vintage Kobe at his best, one of the best basketball player in history of basketball,
    happy new year to FB&G, nice blog for laker fanatics, keep up the good work

  25. Mad respect for Kobe’s work ethic, competitive fire and of course his game. For a variety of reasons the media (and the refs) do not accord him the degree of accomplishment he deserves. If he retired today he is in the G.O.A.T. Top 5…the only active player in the group. LeBron may get there but I am only considering actual records not potential future performance.

    Happy New Year’s to all and may 2013 unfold in a way that leaves all of us Lakers fans smiling!

  26. Manny,
    There are several reasons Kobe is not accorded Michael Jordan status.

    Jordan was ESPN’s vehicle into our basketball psyche – both Bird and Magic preceded ESPN and, therefore, could not be an ESPN creation – they had essentially saved the NBA game and were thus also bigger than a simple TV station.

    Kobe dared to follow Jordan, and at his same position. Think of all the great baseball players and the hurdle they have to overcome to be considered better than Babe Ruth – and some of them clearly are greater.

    Kobe’s personality was so focused on his craft that there was really no time for ‘silly’ media people who couldn’t get beyond ‘dumb’ questions and prejudiced misconceptions. Sportswriters vote on the H.O.F. and they are often as biased as they are good – see Henry Abbott and the Lakers. They also take offense to slights and this can color a career of comments, or non-comments…see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Kobe also played with a player having an ego the equal of his – Shaq – and one with much more focused media skills. Michael never had this issue.

    Finally, Kobe played for the Lakers and there is a segment of the public who dislikes anything with the Laker name, especially when they specialize in ‘killing’ your team at the end of games and are ‘must see’ theater. See Reggie Miller for a comparison here.

  27. Thanks for the video. Amazing to see the shot agaist Hanes, Kobewent up first looks like a dunk that would have been swatted away and Alas Kobe double pumped and next thing we see is Hanes is already down on the floor and Kobe still in the air to make the shot. Cant believe he is already 34 and an still play at High Level like that. Hope he wins one or two more titles and catch up The Captain in the all time scoring list.

    Happy New Year to all!