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Dave Murphy —  January 9, 2013

The Laker’s 19th loss was at least interesting. At this point, I’d just as soon have the scrubs showing Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol that it’s more than words and excuses. Nobody seriously expects the 60th pick to come straight from a D-League game in Reno, Nevada and lead the Lakers to victory in Houston. Still, Robert Sacre earned his rookie minimum salary last night. There are moments in the darkness of a season gone wrong, when I’d willingly blow it up and trade a couple under-performing superstars for a platoon of young dudes that want to go out there and rip it up. It’s not a recipe for a championship of course. And neither is a .441 season.

Dave McMenamin at ESPN Lakers Index has the rapid reaction.

From Mike Bresnahan at the L.A. Times, Robert Sacre shows that he is relevant.

Steve Nash notches his 10,000th assist as the Lakers lose their fourth in a row. From Eric Freeman at Ball Don’t Lie.

Kurt Helin at ProBasketballTalk considers Nash’s view of the season.

Kevin Ding at the OC Register reports that Dwight Howard’s shoulder injury isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Drew Garrison at Silver Screen and Roll hands out grades for the Lakers free agent acquisitions.

Elizabeth Benson at Lakers Nation looks towards tonight’s game against the Spurs.

Racm at Pounding the Rock also takes a look at the Spurs/Lakers match-up.


Tonight’s game in San Antonio will be nationally televised on ESPN. It’s a game that would have been more highly anticipated before the Lakers hit the skids, and before their first three post options went missing due to injury. Or before some of them just went missing anyway. Then again, Coach Pop woudn’t see that as an excuse. He’ll sit his big three on purpose and still go for the win. Tonight could get a little chippy. And that’s not necessarily bad. We’re in the middle of a long sweeping bend right now and can’t quite see the other side. It’s getting closer though. One way or another.

Dave Murphy


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  1. Stages: I like it Warren. I do not feel that Acceptance is the only correct place to be. Rather about the only incorrect place to be, at this point, is Denial (we are well beyond that). However I think it is OK to hold out some hope like rr and Purple stated. It is also OK to be depressed. In my case, I have experienced all of those stages, but it usually comes back to Stage 2: Anger : ) In any case it is easier to be Angry when most others around you are in a similar or further state. What is no fun is being Angry when others are in Denial : )


  2. Dave’s comment about being willing to “trade a couple under-performing superstars for a platoon of young dudes that want to go out there and rip it up” pretty much says it all. I’m more forgiving of Pau’s lapses — not entirely forgiving, but more so — than I am of Howard’s, since Pau has at least won things in the past and is playing way out of his effective areas on the floor. Howard has no excuse, and I hope Mitch and the Buss team recognize that come July when he shows up asking for a max deal. The guy’s a cancer — let’s send him on his way sooner than later.

    And if Pau doesn’t wake up soon, maybe his days of SoCal fun should be ended, too. But at least he’d get a well-deserved “Thanks for three great seasons” on his way out the door. Howard hasn’t given the Lakers one good week.


  3. Dave – excellent!!! That’s exactly how I feel. Who cares about big names (with huge bloated contracts) if they are full of excuses and can’t win. I’d sooooo much rather watch a bunch of hungry young athletic guys trying their hardest. Even though they lost, watching the team try against the Rockets was more enjoyable. of course we want to win eventually, but I am totally for blowing up this old team and getting guys who want to really earn their money.

    We don’t need 4 old “superstars”.


  4. Chris & Jerry –

    I’m not usually a guy looking to take apart a team. I was genuinely excited when this current roster was put together, and I felt it would take some time for things to gel. At this point however, it’s getting increasingly obvious that it’s just not working. The record doesn’t lie. There’s still some time before trade deadline but I’m not at all sure about trying to sign Dwight to a massive long term deal. Right now, he represents an incredibly attractive expiring contract to teams out there, especially the Nets. I’m sorry – I know we’re not about trade speculation here and I’m not trying to stoke those flames. But on the one hand it’s frustrating to watch this season play out and yeah – it was great to see a renewed effort last night. Kobe and Ron are the kind of guys that really thrive on energy and commitment and Sacre in particular, brings that kind of no-BS mindset.


  5. Out of all the players that were available this summer, how did the Lakers manage to pick the one player that has fallen off the cliff. Jamison is worse than Michael Redd last year with Phoenix. He is worse than Grant Hill (whom has not played a game for the Clippers). He is worse than an out of shape Lamar Odom.

    The Lakers fortunes changed last season when they got rid of Fisher and Odom. It seems as though bad karma came with those two moves, of which the Lakers have yet to recover.

    Warren, I’m in the stage: It ain’t over till it’s over! Not until the fat lady sings.

    Additionally, I’m really sick of hearing how Pau is played out of position. No one cared when Lamar Odom was moved to power forward and in and out of the starting lineup. He needs to man up and play whatever position he is asked to play just as other players before him.

    I Like the Drew League’s motto: “NO EXCUSES, JUST PRODUCE!”


  6. Dave, ditto there. Honestly, I was happy like any other fan when mitch brought in d12 and nash – especially for the pieces that went out. But like you said – it’s obviously not working. Yes, things have to be given time to work out but it’s just one bad decision after another starting with the Mike Brown hiring. that is still a head scratcher. And it did make a difference that they kept him as they brought in more players based on his system. Then hiring mike d, man – that also didn’t seem to fit what the lakers had built.

    I don’t know about trades and contracts and cba stuff but if d12 can be traded away now i wouldn’t mind. he has failed to impress and may never fully recover. plus he does not seem to play well with kobe. who knows what’s really going on – but for d12 lakers could get some REAL good pieces for the future.

    they did what they could to get kobe another ring but it just didn’t work out. so build for the future. they keep putting these band aid fixes on when it might be better to rethink the entire plan and make major changes – even with the coaching staff.

    they need an identity a real vision and then make their trades.

    you may not agree with a lot i said, but basically i just think it’s time to rebuild.