Excited For Kobe vs. LeBron Tonight?

Darius Soriano —  January 17, 2013

If not, watch the video above a time or fifteen and answer again. Tonight’s Lakers/Heat game should be a good one simply to watch these two all-timers go at it again. (h/t to @meir21 for the great work on this one)


Darius Soriano

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to Excited For Kobe vs. LeBron Tonight?

  1. I’m not excited. Neither will ever be as great as MJ so why bother. [end of sarcastic, non-truth rant]

    In other news….. I’m scared about tonight’s game (someone please hold me!). I’m hoping for an intense defensive game from the Lakers, but I’m concerned we’ll revert back to our old habits if we get behind on the scoreboard and waste the positive momentum we have been building the last few games. I want a win, but I will settle for a moral victory if we lose a good, hard fought game.


  2. I claim that you’re not an NBA fan if that clip doesn’t get you excited! I hope that this team really comes to play tonight…this would be a great win considering Lebron/Wade always get up for Kobe and the Lakers.


  3. This is not a redux of Wizards Jordan going against Kobe on a championship team. This is one great player on a championship team going against another great with continued championship aspirations. It’s going to be fun.

    If in 2006 you had told me that we would have as many highlights to peep of a Kobe wearing 24 as we had of him in 8, I would think you lie. Tonight should give us a some idea if this team, and #24 by extension, has a chance at matching the 3 chips for #8. I’m just hoping for sustained effort and the team working as a unit. Give that and I’ll take my chances well into June.

    There is no period in history more blessed then we are, as fans of the NBA. Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Durant, Westbrook, CP3, Garnett, Dwight, Kyrie, Curry, Duncan, Manu, Blake, Love… the list is so long, the styles so varied, the skills so exquisite, the athleticism so cutting edge, and the medicine so advanced from 10 years ago even. We are seeing the highest level of play sustained over much longer periods of time. Elgin Baylor lasted 13 seasons and in the last half of his career his athleticism was a shadow of what it had been before his knee injury. LeBron is in his 9th season and we fully expect the guy to keep getting better with little athletic slowdown for the next few seasons.

    So, I’m knocking on wood, spitting three times, tossing salt over my shoulder and rubbing a horse-shoe, as I don’t want to jinx any player on any team. As somebody that watched live as Kareem maned the middle at the Forum, I love this era, even if I did wish there were a few more big men around. So, speaking of big men… time to man up and dominate the middle Dwight. The Heat are vulnerable in rebounding and we’ll need some rim defense while the guys pressure the perimeter. Be nice to see a few highlights of Dwight turning LBJ back at the rim.


  4. Yeah, in a way it’s funny that this is a Kobe-LeBron video since it’s Wade he’s got the friction with.


  5. mannyp: disagree. no sg will ever be as good as mj but magic , kareem have a case as the greatest ever and lebron still has time to make his case. As eye popping as his stat sheet is any given night that’s become normal. Nothing other than rings matters for lebron. He’s 1-2, kobe is 5-2. LeBron’s got work to do. I will say the past few head to head matchups haven’t been competitive. Kobe changes that tonight.


  6. For the record this is Manny, not MannyP and I’m not scared. The Heat are a small team. Lakers should go inside a lot tonight. As long as there is one or two starters on the floor the entire game, the Lakers should tcb.


  7. KenOak, I agree 100%. If that video doesn’t get your energy up you are not a basketball fan. As much as I have complained about Stern, the owners, and the players over the years there is still nothing like NBA basketball.

    True hoops fans recognize greatness. Kobe and LeBron are two of the greatest ever. No qualifications or explanations needed.


  8. As long as Dwight does not get any bogus offensive foul calls we should dominate inside. Feed him early and let Kobe take over late. Here’s to a balance attack and ball hawking defense! Go Lakeshow!


  9. “We are seeing the highest level of play sustained over much longer periods of time.”

    I agree with you 100%. Some probably disagree. Still I think this is the best era since Magic and Bird’s heyday. The reason has to do with you brought up in your post. Due to better medical advances, nutrition, etc. the older generation is able to be effective longer.

    There used to be two tiers of effective players. There was the 30+ set who were winding down. And there was the mid to late 20’s group where were at their peaks. Now there seems to be three groups.

    There are the under 25 young guns like Westbrook, Durant, Griffin, and Rose who you can argue have not even reached their athletic peaks yet. Then there are guys who are at their peaks like LeBron, Howard, CP3, etc. And then there is the older set. They are well past their primes but still very effective. This includes players like Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, Kidd, etc.

    I enjoy watching all of them for different reasons. I love seeing the fundamental skill of Kobe and Tim. I love seeing the all around brilliance of CP3 and LeBron. Lastly, I am amazed at the sheer talent of Westbrook, Durant, and Griffin. It’s a great time to be a fan of NBA basketball.


  10. Earl Clark’s emergence gives the Lakers a better matchup with the Heat than they previously had.

    Dwight versus Bosh is a mismatch. Whatever else he is, MWP is one of the better LBJ defenders out there. If the Heat go with size, Pau can be used, but if Miami goes small (with Battier or Allen) that’s where Clark can come in–and after guarding Monta Ellis, Battier or Allen will seem like a breather. Kobe has Wade, and Nash’s deficiencies are somewhat hidden by guarding Mario Chalmers.

    So “big” Miami lineup or small, it seems like the Lakers have the matchups for them. This is a winnable game.


  11. It will be interesting to see how Pau responds coming off the bench rather than starting. Hopefully we will see a spark that keeps the offense flowing when the bulk of the first unit sits.