Preview and Chat: The Dallas Mavericks

Darius Soriano —  February 23, 2013

Records: Lakers 27-29 (9th in the West), Mavericks 25-29 (10th in the West)
Offensive ratings: Lakers 105.1 (8th in the NBA), Mavericks 102.9 (13th in the NBA)
Defensive ratings: Lakers 103.3 (15th in the NBA), Mavericks 103.9 (19th in the NBA)
Projected Starting Lineups: Lakers: Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Earl Clark, Dwight Howard
Mavericks: Darren Collison, O.J. Mayo, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Bernard James
Injuries: Lakers: Pau Gasol (out), Jordan Hill (out for the season); Mavericks: Chris Kaman (out)

Lakers Coming in: The Lakers are openly talking about how every game in front of them is treated like a playoff game. Their preparation is greater, their focus is singular, and they’re trying to bring a level of effort that mimics that of the second season. Using this model, they’ve won 7 of their last 10 games and look good on both sides of the ball. So, on the collective front, things are looking up.

On an individual level, there are things to be happy about as well. Dwight Howard is looking as good as he has all season. He’s moving well, is more active on both ends of the floor, and seems mentally engaged. And while he’s admitted that he’s still not in the type of shape he’d like to be in, it’s telling that the conversation has shifted from where he’s at from a health standpoint to where he’s at from a conditioning one. The latter can be managed through minutes and substitution patterns while the latter was always a variable that seemed completely out of anyone’s control. If his biggest issue for the remainder of the season is finding his wind, the Lakers will be much better down the stretch than they have been at any point this year.

But while Dwight’s health is seemingly starting to improve, Steve Nash has suffered a bit of a setback with his. Against Portland, Nash tweaked his back early in the game and it affected him the rest of the contest (if you’re looking for a reason why all those jumpers were short, there you go). He was limited in Saturday’s practice, but does expect to play against the Mavs. That said, it will be interesting to see if he’s fully over this issue. Nash has dealt with back issues for several years now and through minutes and treatments has always found a way to manage. The hope is that that trend continues now as the Lakers can ill afford to have him hampered going into these final twenty-some odd games.

Mavericks Coming in: Like the Lakers, the Mavs are trying to make a push to get back to the post-season. They currently sit only a game back of the Lakers and are even in the loss column. And, like the Lakers, the Mavs are playing some good ball lately in their own attempt to climb out of the hole they’ve dug throughout the season. They’ve won 3 in a row and 5 of their last 6, with three of those wins coming by blowout.

In that stretch they’re getting very good contributions from multiple players and have been showing off their balance. Five players are scoring in double figures in this stretch, led by Dirk’s 18.2 points per game and as a team they’re shooting the ball very well from the field (46.9%) and from behind the arc (43.1%). Combine that with good ball movement (26 assists per game) and few turnovers (10.7), and the Mavs have been performing very well on offense and really making teams defend the entire floor.

All of that said, the Mavs haven’t played the stiffest competition lately and it remains to be seen if this recent stretch is their new norm or simply their schedule lightening up right when they need it to. Of course, you can only play the teams in front of you (it’s not like the Lakers have been knocking off the league’s elite lately) and the Mavs deserve credit for getting those wins. However, down the stretch of the season, they’ll need to keep up this level of play even when the opponents get tougher (just as the Lakers will).

Mavericks Blogs: Check out The Two Man Game and Mavs Moneyball for great insight on Mark Cuban’s team.

Keys to the game: This game will be the rubber match between these two teams and it will be interesting to see how things shake out in a game that likely won’t resemble the others simply due to the personnel on the floor. Due to injuries, Nash and Steve Blake both missed the last game between these two, Chris Kaman won’t play tonight, and Dirk will play in his first game of the three in this contest.

Dirk’s presence is key, of course, as he’s the key to the Mavs attack as a floor spacer and offensive centerpiece. When he’s on the floor, the Mavs must be defended differently and it will be up to the Lakers to find a match up that suits them to try and slow down the future hall of famer. My bet is that Ron starts out on Dirk to see if Ron’s physical style and quick hands can disrupt what the big German likes to do on offense. If Ron can force Dirk into tough shots while not fouling, the Lakers will likely stick with that match up though I wouldn’t doubt we also see Earl Clark get a turn or two as well. Whoever guards Dirk, though, must try to force him to his left hand and then play him for his pull up jumper all while funneling him towards help. Dirk is a notoriously low turnover player so you can’t expect him to make mistakes with the ball, but you can make his life difficult by moving him into spots where his reads aren’t as easy.

With Nash back in the fold, look for the Lakers to continue to try and run the P&R to good effectiveness and put the Mavs in position to try and defend both he and Dwight when synched up. Dwight’s hard rolls to the hoop mixed with Nash’s ability to make the right read has the chance to frustrate a Mavs team that isn’t exactly loaded with top end defenders. Key to running this action will be how well rookie Bernard James deals with his hedge and recover responsibilities. James has had some impressive defensive outings this year (he blocked 7 shots against the Hornets in the Mavs’ last game), but protecting the rim is quite a different task than slowing confronting Nash as he turns the corner and then recovering back to the paint to tussle with Dwight Howard. If James is exposed, look for Elton Brand and Brandan Wright to come in and try to do better (and both have against the Lakers this year), but whoever is playing C for the Mavs will have to contend with this action over and over again — or at least until they prove they can slow it down.

The other offensive key is Kobe. To put it bluntly, there are few players Kobe loves to try and attack more than O.J. Mayo. I’m sure since the Mayo’s days as a Trojan at USC, Kobe has liked to try and punish him whenever they’ve shared the floor and it will be interesting to see if, after scoring 40 points just two days ago, Kobe is aggressive again today. Whether he’s looking to shoot or pass isn’t necessarily as important as where Kobe on the floor Kobe operates. Kobe has a size advantage against Mayo and should be able to do damage if isolated there. If Kobe is on the weak side when Nash and Dwight run the P&R, we’ll see if the Mavs decide to help off him to break up Dwight’s dive or if they help off the strong side wings (Clark and Ron) to disrupt the action. If they help off Kobe, look for him to get good looks when the ball rotates his way. If they help off Clark/Ron, they’ll get the good looks and they must be patient in making the right read — either a shot for themselves or a quick entry to Dwight after he turns his dive into a post up.

Defensively, due the Mavs’ balance, the Lakers must really be on top of their game and be ready to rotate all over the floor. I’ve already mentioned Dirk, but Mayo, Collison, Marion, and Vince Carter are all playing very well on offense and it will take a team effort to ensure that they all don’t continue their recent solid stretches. Collison and Marion must be kept out of the open court and not allowed to get easy baskets in transition. Both are more than happy to run after misses and makes and both must be guarded early in possessions to ensure they don’t get those looks. Mayo, meanwhile, is having his best offensive season and is a real threat. In a way, the Mavs treat him as a guard version of Dirk, running him off screens and isolating him all over the floor. Kobe will need to have his head on a swivel as he’ll be run off picks before and after Mayo has the ball and will need to defend with purpose. Carter is the wild card here and the Laker reserves can’t let him go off for a big number today. He’s more than capable of hitting the three ball and then using the threat of that shot to get into the lane and finish. His man must be ready to run him off the three point line with the rest of the team ready to help on his drives.

This is an early game for the Lakers but they can’t let the start time throw them off. They must bring energy and focus from the outset and then carry it through the end of the contest. Both teams see this as a must win and you better believe the Mavs will be ready on their home court. The Lakers need to be as well.

Where you can watch: 10:00am start time on ABC. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710AM.

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108 responses to Preview and Chat: The Dallas Mavericks

  1. This is one game we need to win. Hard work guys. Forget about everything else, seeding, etc… treat this like its your last.

    Oh and what are the odds of me posting the very 1st post? My 7-0 record is on the line.

  2. Can’t let the fact that it’s an early start affect us. Last I checked, it’s an early tip off for the Mavericks also. No excuses. Every game left should be considered a must win, especially if you take into consideration that the Nuggets, in their building, is up next.

  3. while nash has “managed”, these late season back injuries, have affected the quality of his play, particularly his willingness and the effectiveness of his shooting…the key here is that there are only 2 games on the sched after Monday, till the following Tuesday..So I would expect he tries to gut it out today, but Monday could be another issue. Hopefully he will be more back at or near 100% by next Sunday. So these next 3 are the tough ones.

  4. Looking forward to the newest “Big Game” the Lakers are about to play. Our guys need every win they can get just to make the post-season. That said, a number of sub-plots also exist:

    -Dallas needs to leap frog the Lakers to make the play-offs
    -Cuban’s comments on Kobe & amnesty
    -Cuban’s obvious interest in Dwight as an off-season free agent acquisition
    -Are Kobe, Dwight, D’Antoni, & company finally on the same page?

    As any true Laker fan knows, our team has only experienced success with one “super star” very early in the franchise’s history. In the late ’40’s – early ’50’s George Mikan lead the Lakers to five titles. Sure Pollard, Martin, & others were instrumental but the Lakers success was due to George.

    Since that time, the Lakers have only had success with two or more “super stars”. Baylor & West, although never winning a title together, led the Lakers to six NBA Finals in the ’60’s. West & Chamberlain won one in the ’70’s. Magic, Kareem & later w/ Worthy, bought home five titles. Shaq & Kobe: three, Kobe & Gasol: two.

    The formula is pretty clear, hopefully everyone is now on the same page…according to history, it’s the only way.

  5. Kobe Alert: Props to NxRammer for the attempt to get the Kobe Alert in spot #1 against Portland. Good effort, but you were trumped by an even better first post (JB). Hey Warren – Let’s get it straight – is it Warren or “For Warren”? : ) KB scored 40 points or more for the 117th time in his career against the Blazers. He is third all time behind only Wilt and MJ. It was his 406th game of 30 or more which is 5th. He needs 23 more 30 point games to catch Kareem for 4th. Kobe finally hit a 3 pointer and still needs three to become the 12th man to hit 1600. He needs 2 steals to become the 15th man to get 1800 steals. Kobes needs just 11 points to become the 5th man to get 31,000 for his career. He is 430 points behind Wilt.

  6. I am still sticking to my prediction that the Lakers will be tied for 7th by March 22nd. This is a game we should win.

  7. BigCity: Good post – Exactly. Mutiple super stars is the formula, and it has worked for the Lakers. Now of course the question is: Are KB and DH the right super stars? I think they are. For those that don’t, an alternative is rquired. Building around guys like Earl Clark and a bunch of picks is something that the Wizards have done for years : )

  8. Earl Clark does what he does and I love him, but he won’t be doing that stuff if not for Kobe and Dwight. (And Pau and Nash)

  9. Unless Kobe dropped fourteen swear words in two seconds that is an indefensible “T” call. We’ve all had to endure multiple games watching various players pump fists, run away to the opposite end of the floor, and generally show up refs, yet Kobe gets a “T” for a single fist pump for the second time in three games

    Actually, pretty much indefensible officiating so far in this game. LA has come out with much better energy than they normally do in early Sunday “Roadies” but unfortunately, this crew has counteracted that

  10. Watching Nash these days is sad, that could literally be almost any point guard out there.

  11. How long can they start Metta to shoot 30% bricks. It’s been 20 games of his bad shooting and getting beat on defense. One good defensive play a game dosen’t makeup him for his obvious lack of ability on offense.

    Again looks like Kobe and Clark only ones who came to play today.

  12. Total chaos on offense and no identity whatsoever. D’Antoni needs to structure some kind of base offense for this team. Too much of nothing every game.

  13. Sweet Kobe. Sweet!

  14. resounding negativity again for a game they are actually winning on the road, against a decent team. Interesting, whole team sucks, and of course, coach is a joke, of course….good analysis.

  15. For me, Dallas and OKC are our main rivals in the West right now, because they have defeated us in the last playoff meeting. So, this victory will be a special one no matter what.

  16. Kevin: It is what it is. If you gathered 5 guys on playground and told them to play with each other, the first game would be a little awkward, and then 30-40 games later the flow would be a little better and people would know each other’s tendencies. That is the extent of our development. If you are looking for something more dynamic, I think you already now that it just isn’t there : )

  17. Layup drill for Dallas so far.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we miss more WIDE open 3’s than any team in the league. SMH.

  18. Considering another 0 for 3 from Metta The Brick and getting nothing from the point guards(2 more Nash TO) and zip from Dwight, still not bad.

    Tuff to win games when 60% of your starters gave you 4 points.

    Think it time to start Jamison at SF.

  19. Eleven three point attempts already in just barely over a quarter–way too many for a team that doesn’t shoot threes well.

  20. getting done with mirrors a bit here…Dallas looks like better team early, but Lakers hanging in..

  21. The defense looks pretty good right now with Dwight in the game. Guys are giving a lot of effort out there.

  22. Lakers may be better with Blake out there. Another TO and missed layup for Nash. Don’t think FO solved PG problems for the next few years.


  23. Steve Nash is killing us. Crappy on defense and making bad passes on offense.

  24. What’s up with this new rotation keeping Kobe out until late in the second quarter. Dantoni did this against Portland. Kobe had it going in the first quarter and didnt even get a shot attempt in the and instead of getting separation Portland took the lead going into the half.

  25. 31k and 1600 threes on that last one

  26. Metta is just useless. Worst starting SF in NBA,

  27. Nash moving ok…he’s not a 100%, you can tell, but he’s getting by.

    Lakers better with Dwight on the floor..good that they are surviving with him in foul trouble. Hopefully, they can keep a decent lead of some kind into the half, and get a rested DH with a bit more foul room back for the 2nd half.

  28. Normally I try to see positives on a “player by player” basis, rather than hollering for guys to find the pine, but this might be MWP’s worst performance of the year from a “both ends” standpoint. His shot selection has been poor, he isn’t finishing on layups, and he’s letting old-man VC eat his lunch to help keep DAL in the game.

  29. Still can’t believe Jamison had that many DNP’s & Earl Clark DNP many games as well. Do the coaches really know how to put the best players out on floor?

  30. Robert: I tried my best! Couldn’t do it today, was playing music for my church when the post went up. Haha Go Lakers! I really believe try are comin together. They have been playing better as a whole but I truly believe they are starting to gut out effort consistently now. Here’s hopin it stays that way!

  31. Kobe took 3 awful shots at the end of that half and missed them all. He was playing near perfect ball up to that point for my liking.

  32. Two 9th place teams playing like 9th place teams 🙁 Wish we had 1 more guy who was a fighter, a shooter, had heart, could defend, play hard & believe. (The Bell has rung-Raja).

  33. Mind

    Zero points from your starting SF? go back and look at his history in early Sunday games. Probably went right from the club to the arena.

    This is the guy who should be amnesty. Hard playing 4 on 5 game after game.

  34. @ken I like Jamison coming off the bench now given the injuries to Hill and Pau. I wouldnt mind seeing Meeks getting more burn at the 2 with Kobe sliding to the 3….even Ebanks has to better than MWP has been playing if you wanna go down that road.

  35. KobeMoney: Good point. And when AJ and EC were glued to the pine, Jordan Hill was in the dog house. So I guess the guys we had on the floor were really good : ) Go figure.

  36. MWP is getting burn over Meeks and Jamison because of his size/strength….they have him defending bigger guys especially with Pau out..So even if he isn’t defending really well, he will get some minutes till they have another big they can count on, imho.

  37. Considering the fact that Dwight has been forced to the bench do to foul issues, I’ll take the halftime tie. Good production from all 3 of our bench players. Ron has to give us something. Since he’s shooting blanks offensively, he has to give us something defensively.

  38. @ Ken—

    Now, to play devil’s advocate, this has kind of been MWP’s MO for longer than he has been in LA. Ron stunk up the first half, kind of like he stunk up the first two third of the POR game. But, just like he did for a stretch of the Blazers game, it wouldn’t shock me to see MWP show up in the third, score nine points in five minutes, grab three steals, and generally create chaos on both ends of the floor for DAL.

  39. OK guys. Just hard to grasp in this offense the SF get open shots. Brick is averaging more shots the last month then Dwight. Shooting under 30% during that time. His bricks result in FB points and he is last guy down court lately.

    Amazing FO couldn’t find on SF before deadline. 6 SFs were traded!

  40. @harvey m
    Good point but would rather see them go big with Sacre if MWP is going to play this poorly

  41. Again, the Lakers are allowing the other guys to shoot 51% from the floor. It all comes back to defense, game after game, no matter what other things people complain about.

    Some of the many 3s the Lakers usually take are falling today and the Jamison/Meeks/Blake bench is having the type of game offensively that Kupchak envisioned when he put the roster together. But the Lakers just can’t get enough stops.

  42. There we go, Nashty!

  43. “The greatest shooter to ever play the game.”

    Strong opinion from JVG.

  44. 2nd half started rather rough, but Kobe and Nash calm it down. Back up by 5. Howard is having a difficult shooting day, but he’s sticking with the good play on defense and still giving effort on screening for his teammates.

  45. Other than the collective brain fart at the beginning of the half, we’re looking pretty good so far this half. Nash doesn’t look 100%, but he’s been lights out so far this half on offense

  46. Loving Earls D on Dirk right now. Dirk 0 for 3 with Earl in his face. Dirks only made shot was a 3 on a switch.

  47. I actually agree with Ken here. I have been saying since November that the Lakers need to pick up a wing with some mobility, even if the guy is a DLeaguer, not so much because of MWP’s shooting issues, but more because of the need for foot speed and lateral movement on the perimeter.

  48. Glad Nash is playing better. MWP, well smh.

  49. Nice block by Kobe.

  50. rr: your points about defense are correct, however, if we were playing like this earlier in the year, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Yes we would still need defense among other things to get to the Finals, but we should have been able to get the playoffs with only 4 of 8 cylinders firing. Unfortunately we had only 2-3 for much of the year. Not arguing with you, because you have made it clear that you are not part of the Jim Buss – “it is all due to injuries” camp : )

  51. Garbage coaching plan – every single time Howard is out of the game we allow like 3 attempts per possession for Dallas – Play Sacre and have a traditional big rather then your stupid never won anything small ball

  52. so sad to watch Nash these days…what a joke of a player.

  53. Howard is +15…that kind of says it all, when he is there to defend, even with any offensive inefficiency from him…they are money.

  54. It´s a see-saw game but it seems to me that we´re in control heading into the 4th –
    Hope keeping KB on the bench doesn´t backfire

  55. I like this Mike D with fire!! Get those lying official Mike. LOL

  56. 12th moving screen this year by Howard. Leads NBA. Looking poor on offense today also.

  57. @ Ken–Take it easy on Dwight—that was a lousy call. If that’s a moving screen, then Garnett should foul out of every game.

  58. Why can’t Ebanks get in the game?

  59. Kobe as usual the only player prepared to face adversity. Could at least one other player join him?

    Fake defense and fake hustle by too many!

  60. Smart coaching by Carlisle in putting james on nash – nash cant dribble against him and cant guard him leaving the rest our defense useless

  61. Howard & Earl need to step up. MWP must do SOMETHING as well.

  62. Ok Mind, clearly Dwight is not a refs fav.

    Only guy not gagging out there is Kobe. Clark not on and Metta still zero points, hard to win 1 on 5!

  63. other players need to touch the ball to join him…what Kobe is doing is great…but…they have really ramped up the D…need to try to move the ball, to get some holes for others.

  64. Is Howard going to become a go to guy? Does he have this will to improve and become deadly weapon? Right now he is an offensive hole, like Rodman.

  65. The youngin is playing excellent D on Kobe. Just an example of Good D, Better O. Someone else is going to have to step up for us.

  66. Too many kobe isos but still issue is defense. 5 or 6 consecutive buckets by Mavs?

  67. So it takes our superstar, Kobe, to score 3 straight buckets for us, but yet we let a 90-yr old Vince Carter and scrub Mike James light us up. As rr always points out, that is why we are where we are today. Terrible defense.

  68. Awesome Howard hitting 3-4 of freethrows in crunchtime.

    This game will do wonders for the Lakers confidence as a whole.

    Let’s go Lakers, get this Win!

    Kobe frickin Bryant!

    Come on coach bring back Earl!

    Good pass better shot to Nash!

    Let’s go!

  69. Jeebus, these refs are atrocious — one of those games where you may as well flip a coin for better results. I think the Lakers have got the better of it today.

  70. Nash with a huge 3

  71. Mamba and Nashty!!

    And then Metta kills all of it… SMH

  72. I literally started whimpering when that pass went to MWP for the wide open 3. Knew he would brick it. Great pass by Kobe to Nash for the 3!

  73. MWP with a “meh” game overall—but has made some gritty plays here and there down the stretch–including tipping the ball loose right before that timeout to prevent another DAL offensive rebound.

    Tell me you weren’t like me before that Nash three, thinking Kobe would take another contested long “two….?” Great decision–great shot by Nash

  74. Still need another stop.

  75. Kobe with the fake and drills it for 2.

  76. For such a smart player, I can’t believe Nash gave the ball to Metta twice down the stretch. This better not come back to haunt us!

  77. Hopefully this game teaches Howard why Kobe is the leader if this team until he retires! It takes all of this to be a true go-to-guy!!

  78. 0 for 7 zero points yet he is still in the floor.

    Oh excuse me 1 point. Why did Nash pass that ball to brick with 16 left on clock?

  79. YES !!! I can’t believe the Lakers’ streak in close games. Seems like they’ve won about 8 straight 50-50 games. Almost miraculous.

  80. Kobe Bryant .. The Legend Continues

  81. Big win. Kept fighting til the end. And again, Kobe was brilliant. Or for Kobe standards, just another game.

    Now let’s rest up and get ready for a big game in Denver tomorrow.

  82. Amnesty that!!

  83. 38-12-7 truly a vintage game – anyone who does not feel he is still a franchise player – just watch the replay. This game could have been one of the best individual performances in the NBA this year.

  84. Huge win for the Lakers, Kobe was incredible in the 4th quarter.

  85. Does anybody believe Kobe when he says they will be ready tomorrow night? 2nd night of a back-to-back in Denver is essentially a “scheduled loss.”

  86. After the last game I wrote that Kobe doesn’t have many more of these gems left in his proverbial tank. Well…it looks like he has as many as he wants. That was just, flat out, an amazing performance from #24. Does anyone doubt that, if Kobe were amnestied, Mark Cuban would come-a-callin?

  87. huge win…evening up some of those early season tough losses.

    re Howard…think this is all you can expect from DH this season …meaning offensively inconsistent, but still pretty great D. He was good offensively with some rest, coming out of the all star break, today not so much..but still ok from the line..Against a desperate team they really ramped up the D on him, and you can see, he and Nash, while better on the PNR are a bit hesitant to run it especially down the stretch..

    Think Nash answered the doubters a bit there. talking to you Ken….Didn’t love the pass to MWP, but on the other hand that is Nash…he rewards MWP for a good cut, and maybe gets him going at least a bit, by showing confidence in him down the stretch.

  88. Zirk – So true. Get the ice on and rest up for the game against Denver.

    Great win to follow up that messy W over Portland.

  89. Great game from Kobe, especially in the fourth (Cuban needs to chew on that game–ha)—but LA held DAL scoreless for four minutes (from about 6:30 to about 2:30) to turn a three point hole into a four-point lead, and then hung on. Another close win that was won on the defensive end late.

  90. Wow – Kobe bean Bryant – its going to hurt when he finally hangs them up but right now it is so satisfying to have watched a legend – arguably the greatest ever to play his entire career for the lakers – To be playing as arguably the best player in the league in your 17th year – when only 5 players in your draft class are in the NBA and with maybe the exception being Nash – all of them are complete shades of themselves and he has just kept it up

    With all the Jordan talk with his 50th birthday happening they showed a clip of him scoring 40 pts in a wizards game when he was playing when he was 40 – is there really any way that Kobe would not simply keep doing this for another 6-7 years – he could totally top the scoring record with his regiment …. the only question will be if his wife will allow him to keep playing that long

  91. Thanks you Kobe!

    Off to Oscar party. Lil OAU I know your in biz if you are in area post party at Andraz Hotel on Sunset. Ask for Ken Ochetti. Lots if sports stars and ex-Lakers.

  92. Great team win Kobe being the guy willing Lakers to victory on both ends. Crazy to think Heat fans see these games almost every night not a slight just a compliment to Lebron. Tough one tomorrow in altitiude. Lake Show.

  93. Warren Wee Lim February 24, 2013 at 5:50 am

    “This is one game we need to win. Hard work guys. Forget about everything else, seeding, etc… treat this like its your last.

    Oh and what are the odds of me posting the very 1st post? My 7-0 record is on the line.”

    Lakers within one game of .500 and Warren goes to 8-0 !

  94. Great win and important one before the “scheduled loss” tomorrow.

  95. Recap will be up later today, folks.

  96. Kobe was sending a Cuban a little message today, I think.

  97. Kobe is just awesome…he is what basketball is about and is the true definition of a superstar….he is the only player that can talk the talk and walk the walk, his will and determination is still unmatched by anyone playing today…he is the most disrespected and un appreciated superstar in the league and we will miss him when he’s gone. With that said, great gritty win by the squad for some reason Denver doesn’t impress me, I think we rise to the occasion and take care of business.

  98. Tweets All / No replies
    38 secs Kobe Bryant ?@kobebryant
    Amnesty THAT

  99. I be waiting for the recap im hooked Darius especially since i missed this game , but everytime Cuban’s big crap spewing mouth get shut up for him it makes my day, i still get a chuckle out of his whinning last year after it looked like the Lakers got Paul and that he thought he was outsmarting the Lakers in the Odom trade. Everybody that follow the Lakers for a while knew that Odom was going to have a horrible year since he got his little feelings hurt he is still not over it, Mavs fans were criying that Odom was an undercover agent lol. Genius by the FO there lol.

  100. GSW came from behind to get a 100-99 victory at the T’Wolves’ building. Drat!

  101. Thats ok Kenny GS is bot on our inmediate sights, im really mad i missed this Mamba masterpiece but it could not be helped,amnesty THAT indeed!!! The most impressive thing about Bean is that he back ups what he says. I believe he will take this team to the playoffs, kicking and screaming if necesary

  102. IMO, we´ll need to play a plodding, half-court game tomorrrow at Denver for a chance at a back to back victory – (essentially I´m hoping the team doesn´t get 3-point happy up in the thin air and give the Nuggets extra possessions & quick run-outs; yes, I know MD´A´s penchant for open shots from deep)
    `Amnesty that!´
    It´s always great to see Cuban eat his words

  103. See that Kobe tweeted “Amnesty That”!

    I love it!

  104. too bad about GSW…couldn’t secure a defensive reb to save there life and suddenly its Jarred Jack for MVP…and there’s something about Carl Landry who has just just been a thorn in the side of the various teams I have followed.

    I still think GSW is the most vulnerable, because we play them twice, so that was disappointing…they have a bunch of losable road games coming up…I better not watch too closely as I suspect many will be like this.

  105. the other Stephen February 24, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    this is rather unfortunate:

    harvey M February 24, 2013 at 11:42 am
    so sad to watch Nash these days…what a joke of a player.

    harvey M February 24, 2013 at 12:34 pm
    Think Nash answered the doubters a bit there. talking to you Ken….

  106. Lol stephen i read that.

  107. the other stephen and fern,
    I’m pretty sure Harvey was sarcastically talking about Nash since his struggles were highlighted by several commenters last game (and even early in this game before he started to hit shots).