Around The World (Wide Web): Lakers-Dallas, Kobe-Cuban, Dr. Buss, Playoffs

Ryan Cole —  February 25, 2013

From Sam Amick, USA Today: The moral of the latest story coming out of Laker Land: only Kobe Bryant can, or should, do a Kobe Bryant impersonation. The future Hall of Famer who has been imitated by his lighthearted Lakers teammate, Dwight Howard, so many times since they teamed up in the summer did a fine rendition of himself on Sunday in Dallas, scoring 38 points with 12 rebounds and seven assists in a 103-99 win vs. the host Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center.The Lakers have 11 wins in their last 15 games and are within 2½ games of a playoff spot. They haven’t lost since Bryant guaranteed the team would make the playoffs last week.

From Serena Winters, Lakers Nation:  Words may never be able to accurately describe the greatness that is Dr. Jerry Buss. For those that were able to watch Thursday’s enlightening memorial ceremony, hopefully you were able to appreciate the countless ways in which his life positively impacted so many others. Between the tears, memories and uplifting stories, the love and emotion that filled Nokia Theater was also transcending to audiences watching worldwide. I had the privilege of attending the memorial. Sitting in a room of greatness, watching our Laker legends hold back tears, and learning all over again, what makes this Lakers organization so great. As I sat there, listening to story after story, each memory adding yet another layer of impeccable brilliance to the man that is Dr. Jerry Buss, I realized that there was another emotion encompassing that room. A feeling that surpassed the sadness and exceeded admiration – that feeling was inspiration.

From Kevin Ding, OC Register: Kobe Bryant won the game — and social media. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban floated the idea on the radio about the Lakers using their amnesty, cost-cutting provision to cut Kobe Bryant this summer. Purely hypothetical, and actually a logical example of the sort of business decision there is to be made in the new NBA economic climate, but the Lakers sure aren’t doing it — and Bryant sure didn’t appreciate it. “Amnesty THAT,” Bryant offered via his @kobebryant Twitter account after delivering 38 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists in the Lakers’ 103-99 victory over the Mavericks on Sunday. Bryant also made a mention of it in his postgame interviews in the locker room, expressing respect for longtime Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki (and his 30-point game Sunday) and calling him “one of my all-time favorites.” “I’m sure if he wants to amnesty Dirk, that’s something that we’ll entertain,” Bryant said.

From Mike Bresnahan, LA Times: Maybe the old legs of the Lakers were cracking and burning with the early tipoff. Maybe Dwight Howard’s self-acknowledged lack of conditioning cost him another game at the offensive end. But maybe the Lakers still have that familiar burst of offense from the one guy who can throw them all on his shoulders when needed. Kobe Bryant turned back the calendar with a impressively efficient 38-point effort in a 103-99 victory Sunday over theDallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center. He had 14 points in the fourth quarter, drilling shot after shot, all five he took, sticking it to rookie Jae Crowder, veteran Vince Carter, whomever the Mavericks threw at him.

From Drew Garrison, Silver Screen & Roll:  Wake up, make coffee, take warm shower, iron shirt: Sunday was just another day in Corinth, Texas starting up in rhythm with my usual morning routine aside from putting too much cream in my coffee. No time for breakfast, I figured, I have to be there early to soak it all in. I jumped into my car and drove towards the heart of Dallas, ready to take a bite into a marble cheesecake I had been chasing for so long. A rich dessert I often daydreamed of after tossing up 1500 word breakdowns with play charts, or something as simple as a run-down of the top Tweets regarding the Los Angeles Lakers the prior night. I was headed to American Airlines Center to catch a huge game between the Dallas Mavericks and Lakers, and the fine Dallas public relations folks granted media credentials to me to go to the game representing SB Nation and Silver Screen and Roll.

Ryan Cole


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  1. As per ESPN stats & info: “One of two things happens tonight for the Lakers in Denver: Win and get to .500 (29-29), which will be the first time this calendar year that they haven’t had a losing record (last time Lakers were .500 was 15-15 on Dec. 28). OR Lose their 30th game of the season, the first time in the Kobe Bryant era (since 1996-97) that they will have reached 30 losses before March. It would also be the first time in the Kobe era that the Lakers had a losing record at the time of their 30th loss.
    W-L (at time of 30th loss)
    2005-06 March 6 31-30
    2006-07 March 9 33-30
    2004-05 March 14 32-30
    2002-03 March 23 39-30
    * 28-29 entering game Monday at Denver”

    Needless to say this is the latest of the Lakers “BIG GAMES”. Playing Denver in Denver, never an easy task, to reach the .500 mark. Kobe was magnificent last night, and Nash & D-12 were significant in last night’s win. But that was against Dallas. A very productive game from Dwight is needed tonight with questions of availability & effectiveness of Nash. Will also be interesting to see what’s happening with Kobe on this back to back night.

    Expecting the bench to be a little longer tonight. Someone (or a few someones) is (are) going to have to step up big time if the Lakers are to reach .500 tonight.


  2. Really Neil? Hating on Kobe after that epic performance is just trolling.


  3. I seem to remember Riley taking a huge issue with Barkley when he called LBJ’s move to Miami a “punk move.” I can’t remember specifics, but I think he told Barkley to pound sand (or something like it)…… yeah…. so is that the type of restraint you mention Neil?

    What about the countless interviews Lebron gave where he said he wanted to win a ring in part to silence critics of his move to MIami? How is that any different than yesterday?

    What a troll.


  4. @Anonymous agreed, but I heard someone on BSPN radio this morning (I think his name was Colon Swineherd or something) doing just that. He actually said “Nash has been completely shut out of the offense”, proving that he didn’t even watch the game, or glance at the box score, before spouting off.

    I mean, I know BSPN can’t risk any brand dilution that might come from hiring anyone who’s not an ignorant dickhead, but sheesh …


  5. We actually have been playing some of these best ball win/loss wise in the NBA over the last few weeks outside of Miami and San Antonio…We are playing alot better. @ Neil I’m sure the exact reason why Kobe scored 38 was due to Mark Cuban (sacarsm) I guess the Ravens have issues considering they rode bulletin board material all that way to the super bowl..smh


  6. If you need a Cuban comment to motivate you then you have issues….Trying to make the playoffs should be motivation enough. Plus Cuban was just using the Lakers to make a point….Lakers should worry more about themselves then outside distractions….Riley was great about dealing with the outside noise…

    If you need to bag on Kobe after a 38/12/7, then you have issues. Trying to talk about the Lakers with other Lakers fans should be motivation enough. Plus Kobe was just using Twitter to make a point. Neil should worry more about himself than about Kobe-based distractions…FBG is great about dealing with outside noise…


  7. ESPN and the “talking heads” – ever has it been thus.

    It is we who listen to them and read them who are the dolts.


  8. What a bummer the first two comments on this thread are. We get it …you guys don’t like Kobe.