Kobe Bryant Continues to Make History

Darius Soriano —  March 31, 2013

In the last few seasons, it’s become a running theme for Kobe Bryant. He’s darted up the all-time scoring list and passed players whose names ring out as the best of the best to ever play the game. In Saturday’s much needed victory over the Kings it happened again, Kobe leapfrogging a literal giant, the Big Dipper, Wilt Chamberlain.

The feat itself came on a free throw line jumper, an area of the court Kobe has mastered through countless hours of practice and repetition. The stories of his late night workout sessions are legendary and no doubt set the foundation for what we see today. A combination of talent, skill, will, and determination that create the types of shots that seem routine even as they astound. The shot against the Kings, then, was just another in a long line of muscle-memory jumpers that he has been taking and making for years.

That’s really the only way something like this happens. Through insane practice habits, production, and longevity. I’ve said it before, but if you’d have told me that the high school kid the Lakers traded Vlade Divac for would end up being as great a player as he’s become or even hint that he would pass Wilt Chamberlain in all-time career points, I would not have believed you (and probably called you crazy). The fact that he’s done what he’s done is astonishing. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to see his career unfold before me; to watch his career grow and come of age playing on the team that I cheer for.

There’s no telling how much longer he’ll gift us with the types of plays that he’s given us for so many years. Last night when reflecting on his accomplishment, he again hinted that his career is winding down and that chasing Kareem’s all time mark is unlikely. Even at 34 years of age, while providing nightly reminders of how great he’s been throughout his career by throwing down a monster dunk or hitting a dagger jumper (or both), he knows the end is near. So enjoy him while you can, folks.

Darius Soriano

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to Kobe Bryant Continues to Make History

  1. God love him. It has been a blessing to watch Kobe these 17 season. To see him do it for our team, both the Lakers and Team USA, has defined a generation of Lakers fans and basketball fans around the planet. Given what this season is, Kobe has not been a disappointment. Fans of the Knicks still talk about Bernard King. Fans of Atlanta had Wilkins. There was once a man called Pistol Pete in Atlanta and New Orleans. There was Gervin and Dr. J. There was Iverson. A list of players that took your breath away… Charles, Drexler, Hakeem… Pippin, Jordan, Rodman… Yes, the Lepers have their unfair share. You give up the ghost watching what their soul expressed in bringing the ball through the hoop. For what we got to witness we are fine in letting it go. It is ballet with elbows, knees and hands slapping at them and the sphere in their charge. We have Kobe. A wealth of Kobe. A wealth of championships. A wealth of points. To think we had Kareem. We had Shaq. We had Magic, We had Wilt. We had West. We had Elgin. Not all of us old enough to have seen them all but we have had Kobe. We have had Kobe being this relevant for this long and other fans have had full basketball lives without the basketball asthma that it is to be a Kobe fan. Say what you will about this Lakers season, Kobe has been a Laker this year. We have some breath left for that.


  2. I am aware I left dozens of players out of my little paragraph… Sorry if I missed one of your favorites.


  3. Happy I was in cow town last night to watch Kobe pass WIlt. Not one of his best scoring games but it was an iron man performance with some superb passing. Lots of Bryant jerseys in the stands.


  4. Post from the last thread:

    Bulls without DRose, Celtcs without Rondo, Pacers without Granger, Spurs without Manu or Parker or Duncan.

    Where are all now?! Did they won rings?! Even the Spurs last year was expected to win the WCF. If one of your starter is out, chemistry, offense, defense, ball movement, communication and defense matters. Spurs won the championship back in mid 2000 without barring injuries in the playoffs, Lakers won despite an injured Bynum playing for 2 years. Dallas won in 2011 healthy and Miami won fully healthy with role players stepping up big.

    Now, tell me injuries is just a small part why this team is a mess right now. Where are all those teams with injuries?! All gone in the lottery teams, can’t beat the best team, Miami, in the playoffs.

    We’ve been a fan in the NBA for how many years and we should’ve known that winning a championship takes time. A full healthy squad, a good chemistry among players, coaches. Excellent communication on offense and defense and most especially PATIENCE for the entire season.

    Now, just tell me again, where are all those teams suffering major injuries right now?!

    Answer is, GONE!!! won nothing..


  5. Like to thank Robert and Michael for some excellent posts and comments in the last couple of threads. Really enjoyed reading them.

    Kobe is my all time favorite player. As a man of a certain age I’ve seen a lot of the all time greats in person and on TV. The Mamba can hold his own with any of them. During the exhibition season of his rookie year, I saw Kobe come down the middle and throw down a hellacious dunk on what seemed like five opponents. He’s had me ever since. The fact that he’s a Laker for life makes it even sweeter and adds to his legacy. Perfect? Not by a long shot, but compelling in a way few athletes in any sport have ever been. Was cleaning up today and came across my Kobe collection…articles and magazines celebrating and analyzing his impact. Re-read some and enjoyed looking back on a great career. And it’s not over yet!


  6. If only Del Harris freed Kobe in his rookie year he would be close to Karl Malone and The Captain for the all time scoring list. MJ would have been number four long before this season started.


  7. How time files!If only Kobe started in a Doug Collins type offense the first 3 years his numbers would be really astounding.Plus he lost many games from his 1-2 years of his peak self mired in certain court matters.Mind you he is still on top at least offensively and I believe he could play til 38 or so if he wanted.40K points-7K assists/rebs is very probable for him
    Still my favorite player has given me hours of esthetic highlights,difficult shots,complete full package of offense with footwork,a staunch defense most of the way.Had he not lost his ways with Stern he would have been even more successful now.
    Thanks Darius nice short piece.