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Dave Murphy —  April 24, 2013

Game day once again, the second of the first round series against the Spurs, once again in San Antonio. The first game showed a few things – that the Lakers possessed some defensive will, that Kobe’s instant offense was sorely missed and that Steve Nash in his first game back was not in particularly good shape. In some obvious ways, the game presented the ghosts of the Lakers’ past, present and future. The team is old and injured and many of the players who wear the uniform now won’t be wearing it in years to come. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a pathway to a steal on the road, however narrow. Can the Lakers find an effective way to redistribute Kobe’s minutes and responsibilities? Can Steve Blake thrive alongside Nash? Just how far can Gasol and Howard take the team?

Dave McMenamin from ESPN Los Angeles details Lakers adjustments going into game two – more ball movement to compliment the inside-out game.

Mike Trudell for the Lakers Blog, reporting on Tuesday’s practice.

Mike Bresnahan for the LATimes writes that the Lakers need more offense, instantly.

Drew Garrison for Silver Screen and Roll on the Spurs’ gamble and payoff in game one.

Ben Rosales for Silver Screen and Roll takes on the matter of offense in a Beast or Burden post.

The Kamenetzky brothers’ latest podcast covers a lot of ground, including Devin Ebanks’ burial.

In case you missed this one, Phillip Barnett stopped by to talk with Matthew Tynan at 48 Minuted of Hell on the eve of the Lakers/Spurs series.

Fran Blinebury for Hang Time Blog writes about a hobbled Steve Nash.

Arielle Moyal for Lakers Nation on Steve Nash and other Lakers news and rumors.

Adrian Wojnarowski for Yahoo Sports reports on Mike Brown’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Substitute for generic Kobe Bryant social media article: Kobe tweeted. Then he didn’t.


It’s not unheard of for an 8th seed to beat the top team in either the eastern or western divisions. The Nuggets did it against the SuperSonics in ’94, the Knicks defeated the Heat in ’99, the Warriors beat the Mavericks in ’07. Grizzlies took down the Spurs in 2011 and the 76ers upset the Bulls just last season. As for the real pot of gold, New York might have had a real shot when they made it to the finals in ’99 against San Antonio, were it not for Patrick Ewing’s torn Achilles.

The Lakers survived a horrendous season through increased determination, just barely outlasting their own diminishing stockpile of live bodies, inching agonizingly closer to a playoff berth but not guaranteed one until the very last day of the regular season. Our eyes and sense of logic informs us that a miracle upset like the ones listed above, simply isn’t in the cards. Still, tonight represents one of those rare, true tipping points, where one game can turn a series. Win this one and head back to Staples Center and a three-game home stand.


Dave Murphy


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  1. Looks like Jordan Hill may play tonight
    Wow. If he can play effective, but limited, minutes that could be beneficial. On the other hand, Nash admitted Monday that he is going to play through pain and is “not 100%.” Nevertheless he is expected to start tonight. Would prefer that Blake start and Nash come off the bench but regardless MDA needs to be willing to pull Nash & Meeks if they are not contributing on offense.


  2. hey dave m: a miracle upset not in the cards? but isn’t that why we play and to a larger degree, plays into the hands of the nba so for no other reason than to drive up the interest, the drama and the sheer madness, lakers need to take back a win tonite vs the spurs in san antonio. and like you say, there are three home games to be had with lakers winning in 6.

    the injury bug already started with the loss of center, david lee of the golden state warriors…laker’s next possible foe provided we get that miracle upset over san antonio.

    was not home last sunday to take the dog for a walk during the laker telecast. tonite, when dog goes scratching, it’s laker time.

    Go Lakers


  3. was not home last sunday to take the dog for a walk during the laker telecast. tonite, when dog goes scratching, it’s laker time.
    hahaha, whatever works!

    It´ll be great to have J. Hill back, finally! Even if for limited minutes –
    & I hope Goudelock gets some burn to have the chance to shoot (and hopefully make) perimeter looks –


  4. Tonights game comes down to one thing for LA, OUTSIDE SHOOTING, if they dont hit em the outcome will be the same as Sunday. Hit em and they will be in the game with a chance to win on the road. Pop is going to pack the paint again so shooters have to make them pay. Hopefully shooting is all the guards did while they were off since the weekend.