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Dave Murphy —  May 1, 2013

The 2013 playoffs are still in their infancy so to speak – the eventual champions won’t be crowned until the middle of June. For the Los Angeles Lakers however, a strange and painful season is in the books The end might have come early but not surprisingly so – five key members of the roster were physically unable to play and still more played hurt. The team exit interviews are over and 15 players begin their summer vacations, almost all with no certainty of where (or if) they will ply their trade in the fall.

Ramona Shelburne from ESPN reflects on a season that fell far below expectations.

Here’s a gem from Brian Kamenetzky via Sulia, re: Darius Morris, the big picture and lessons learned from Kobe.

Speaking of Kobe, he got his stitches out on Tuesday. As he tweeted #progress.

From Mark Heisler and Sheridan Hoops, the Lakers’ summertime’s ain’t so easy.

According to Marc J. Spears at Yahoo, Kobe wants Dwight back. Dwight meanwhile, needs some time and space to consider the future.

Listening to Steve Nash tell it, when Dwight does make his choice it should be to stay in Los Angeles. Via Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times.

At Real GM, Jarrod Rudolph argues Howard’s choice isn’t just about where he plays next year, but about how good he wants to be.

If you can handle 50 signs of the Lakers’ apocalyptic doom, Michael C. Jones for the Yahoo network has them to offer.

More fun with numbers: 23 questions facing the Lakers this off-season from BK at Land O’ Lakers.

Sticking with this theme, Kurt Helin at Pro Basketball Talk gives us 5 things the Lakers should do on their summer vacation. Kurt also brings us the news that Kobe’s mom is auctioning off a bunch of memorabilia from his days at Lower Merion.


The end of each NBA season is not necessarily finite – it varies according to organizations, standings and the finish line. It can be the afterglow of a championship or the stoic suffering of fans whose teams never quite get there. The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t have a real sense of continuity in recent years, at least not in the most typical of ways. The disappointment of the 2011 loss to the Mavericks in the second round quickly gave way to a league-wide obsession with the summer lockout. The loss to OKC in the 2012 second round was accompanied by a general sense of frustration, followed by understandable relief with the signing of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.

Yes, it has been chronicled endlessly – every calamitous and sorrowful bend of the road. There is a numbness that follows. There is also a roster of players, some with contracts and some without. And despite every injury, every event, every wrong move, there are ingredients that remain. Some will be kept, some will be tossed aside, some will be added. The cooks in the kitchen have the summer to plan and make their stew. We will have the summer to look over their shoulders.

Dave Murphy