A Great Video Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Darius Soriano —  May 5, 2013

I don’t know about you, but it just got a little dusty in here. Hold on, I have something in my eye. Okay, I’m better now.

A few days after Kobe was injured, Nike put out an ad listing many of the things he “showed us” throughout his career. At the end, Nike implores Kobe to show us again. Through the glory of youtube, the video above puts clips of Kobe’s career to Nike’s words and the result is fantastic.

No one knows when Kobe will return or what type of player he will be when he does. But, based off what we know of Kobe, he’ll want to prove to everyone he can be the player he was before and “show us again”.

Darius Soriano

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24 responses to A Great Video Tribute to Kobe Bryant

  1. Funky Chicken May 5, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Beautiful. Where natural ability meets an unparalleled will to compete, that’s where you’ll find Kobe Bryant.

    I know it isn’t reasonable to expect everyone to share his competitive fire, but it would be nice to see Kobe go out surrounded by teammates and coaches who are at least half as dedicated as he is.

    To your good health, Bean.

  2. Kobe set a new standard of excellence for all professional athletes. Just amazing! And we Lakers fans are so privileged to have him on our side for 17 years. Just one more year! I know all good things have to come to an end, but we just want to have a perfect ending.

  3. Impossible for me to watch this without tearing up. Incredible. Hoping Kobe recovers and this setback incents him to stay longer then just next season. I am thinking that if he recovers to 90% (and that is no given), then he will stay for multiple years. Next year is going to be tough for many reasons, and Kobe will want more (health permitting).

  4. it’s really been a blessing having Kobe on the Lakers. we’ve been quite fortunate to see it. i hope it continues a few more years…

  5. His face during the FTs seem to say it all…

  6. This ad is a reminder of what it means to play for the Lakers…nothing but the best. I am still not ready to think extensively about Bryant’s future (maybe still I’m still on that island, Denial). I will have to learn to let it go at some point, but now is not the time.

    My wish is for Kobe to come back strong, not just hold on!

  7. Great video. It felt like an epitaph, especially the Golden State free throw portion. Let’s hope there’s more to be written in what’s been an amazing story for so many years.

  8. Mamba, Mamba, Mamba…. When you think of the highlights they didn’t fit into that video… Mamba, Mamba, Mamba…. When you think of the greatness he has inspired in the current crop… Mamba, Mamba, Mamba…. When you think of what may be going on in his mind, right now… Mamba, Mamba, Mamba…. I imagine him sitting on the bench, upright posture, feet at hips width, hands resting between his lap, the look in his eyes that nothing can escape them….
    Mamba, Mamba, Mamba… Calm, coiled, gathering strength…
    Mamba, Mamba, Mamba… Like the words that make Beetle-Juice return…

  9. @P.Ami, YES!

  10. We will never see the likes of Kobe Bryant again. Until he returns.

  11. Watching him shoot those free throws was almost too much handle. What a powerful and emotional video…and the Inception music was perfect.

    Forget all this talk about cap space and the Lakers several years from now. It’s all about now, and building a contender for next season to maximize Kobe’s final few years. Kobe has given everything to this team. Now it’s on the front office to go all out, like Kobe has done for this team, to ensure Kobe finishes his career on a contending team.

  12. Thanks so much for posting this video, Darius. What a beautiful tribute! By the time it ended, I was crying like a kid who’d been told he would have to move away from his best friend. Don’t know how I’ll be able to handle Kobe’s final exit.

  13. Hard to sum up a career in 4 minutes but this video comes close. Powerful expression of the unique combination of talent and will that comprises the incomparable Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant. I pray that this summation is as yet incomplete. To your recovery and resurgence.

  14. darius: perfect, just perfect. just when our thoughts were everything orlando howard, you pull this nike tribute out of a hat. it doesn’t bring us back down to earth but to a higher plane as if we were there with every moment, experiencing those same feelings in time and space yet what seems like just yesterday, incredible how seventeen years just slip through our lifetime like water cupped in the palms of our hands. he will always be that young brash, young pup, young self confident man. the bookened to michael jordan i like to call him, that is kobe bryant to me.

    thank you darius for bringing back that feeling.

    Go Lakers

  15. I didn’t watch it because I don’t want to cry this early on a Monday morning. What I can offer everyone here is sone pretty good insider info. I have it on good authority the Lakers won’t be making any trades that adds another contract on the books besides Dwight’s for LeBron’s FA summer. The Lakers will use the stretch provision on Nash and hope Wade keeps breaking down forcing James to look for another superstar teammate in an awesome city. So keep fingers crossed.

  16. Not adding anything beyond 14 (other than DH) is smart all the way around. What we do not want to do is to trade Pau for vagabond bad contracts that extend beyond 14. When you look at Pau’s salary, there are very few ways to make a deal work other than to do that so we keep him. That leaves us with DH (hopefully), Kobe (hopefully after signing extension at reduced salary), and Nash (unfortunately at that price) heading into 15.

  17. By the way – for rr’s amusement: A vagabond is a player who is in the middle to end of his career; Has played for multiple teams; Either never made the all star team, or possibly once-twice – but likely never again; and makes in $6 -$11 range. Under the new CBA, these guys are difficult to make work. Yes I know there are still examples of ones that do, but they are the icing you put on the cake at the end. You build your team by signing a couple of stars, you hope to get lucky with a draft pick or a “Youngster” from the D league, and then you fill in with vagabonds at the end to complete the team. We do not need them now. MWP was a very good example of an effective use of a vagabond. MWP also happened to be a “Problem Child” (he did work out – thanks to Phil) and that is another thing we do not want to add to the roster.

  18. Mamba, Mamba, Mamba…d**n straight!
    re: last thread:
    I´m with those who feel DH should continue to be a Laker, next season will be a whole other ball of wax from what transpired this horrendous season and he should be coming out of the gate with a full head of defensive steam and stable offensive numbers –
    Hate to see Pau go, but if if he does I´d welcome youth, size & speed –

  19. What we do not want to do is to trade Pau for vagabond bad contracts that extend beyond 14.

    I mostly agree with that, but if the Lakers can get a couple of youngish guys that can play D/are useful and have fairly short contracts, they should consider it, because:

    a) Like I said, they will be buying guys like that anyway.
    b) Summer 2014 is not Tomorrowland. Having cap space for once will be nice, but it guarantees nothing except having cap space.

    As far as the general utility of adding players on the margins who have 1 or 2 useful skills, Kobe thinks they need to do it as well. He mentioned adding athleticism at his exit interview.

  20. darius: off subject but is it possible to run some kind of poll here on your site to see what number of bloggers would like dwight howard, pau gasol, metta world peace, etc back next year in an attempt to get a small and random sampling to pass on to laker front office (as if someone from the laker front office actually pays attention to his humble yet astute blog).

    just a thought to pass along.

    Go Lakers

  21. Rusty Shackleford May 6, 2013 at 9:58 am

    One issue that really isn’t being brought up is the need the Lakers will likely have for scoring. I’d love to believe that Kobe is going to come back and be able to average 27 a game but I think, realistically, the Lakers would be fortunate to get 20 from him. Even if he miraculously can come back and play with the same efficiency he did this season D’ANTONI BETTER NOT PLAY HIM 42 MINUTES COMING OFF A MAJOR INJURY!!!

  22. While it’s great to talk about. One thing I don’t get about 2014 and LeBron is what incentive does he have to come to the Lakers? The same situation for Dwight will be the same for LeBron. In probably his last huge deal he would leave money and an extra year on the table in free tax Miami to take a year less to come to Lakers who will have nobody on their roster. He will be leaving all he’s ever known (the eastern conference a easier shot at rings), Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade. Riley has a say in this and free agents want to go to Miami. It’s more like a smokescreen than anything. He has a chance to be the best Heat player and Cavs player ever. He’ll never reach those levels in Lakerland. I just don’t see the match but it’s fun to talk about.

  23. Dont believe your lying eyes

    -henry abbott

  24. KOBE .. Honestly, nothing more needs to be said.