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Ryan Cole —  May 6, 2013

From Mark Heisler, Lakers Nation: So, how did you like the Lakers’ off-season? Not that it’s over ‘til it’s over… or before it starts July 1 when free agents are officially free. Nevertheless, Lakers Nation just tapped into the Lakers’ new plan, which is what we—and, I believe, they—thought it would be. Everyone expected the Lakers to try to secure Dwight Howard and tradePau Gasol for an athlete(s) who could shoot so Mike D’Antoni could run the offense they hired him for. Plan A now envisions keeping Pau and socking the ball inside to him and Dwight as they did in their 28-12 finish, even if that means getting another year older, slower and farther behind the Roadrunner Elite (Heat, Thunder, Spurs).

From Mike Bresnahan, LA Times: Poor Lakers. Even if Dwight Howard walks and Metta World Peace gets amnestied, they’re still too far over the salary cap to chase any big-name free agents. Silly NBA rules. Along those lines, a sad-looking quote stood out as players and staffers slogged through two days of end-of-season meetings last week — except Antawn Jamison, who skipped them as a final goodbye to the team and Mike D’Antoni.”The collective-bargaining agreement really limits how we can add to the team,” Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said. “We get a limited number of exceptions. Probably the most widely used exception would be the veteran’s minimum. It’s hard to find a young player that would do that because if it’s a younger player, he’s probably not going to take the veteran’s minimum. And if he did, he’s probably not good enough to play.”

From Michael C. Jones, Yahoo Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers have far more questions than answers as they prepare to embark upon an offseason that is sure to have as much drama as the regular season brought on. That says a lot about what’s set to take place over the summer. Because of the Lakers’ salary cap constraints — they’re already on the hook for $79.6 million, without Dwight Howard’s assumed max deal if he returns — and lack of a first-round draft pick, they’re limited in their ability to fix what are substantial personnel issues. With the season being a comedy of errors, Lakers fans hope they can somehow find a way to improve and retool for 2013-14. In order to do so, they’ll need to address these questions:

From TheGreatMambino, Silver Screen & Roll: There’s no doubt that the 2012-2013 campaign was disappointing–after all, the Lakers entered with championship expectations became mere playoff hopes. However, after all the locker room turmoil, coaching changes, front office blunders and possible long term cap ramifications because of this specific team, there’s reason to think that the season was far more than merely “disappointing”. In your estimation, was the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers campaign the worst season in franchise history (interpret the word “worst” how you will)?

From News Services, ESPN: Kobe Bryant is in a court battle to try to keep his mother from auctioning off mementos from his high school days in Pennsylvania and his early years with the Los Angeles Lakers. A New Jersey auction house filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Camden on Thursday for the right to sell the stuff after the NBA star’s lawyers wrote the firm telling it to cancel a planned June auction. The disagreement is a high-value, high-profile version of a question many families face: Can Mom get rid of the stuff a grown child left at home? Pamela Bryant intends to sell: the NBA star’s jerseys, practice gear and sweatsuits from Lower Merion High School; varsity letters; a trophy for being the outstanding player at the 1995 Adidas ABCD basketball camp; and a signed basketball from the 2000 NBA championship game.



Ryan Cole